Guy Cemetery


Located in the Town of Afton, Chenango County, New York on the east side of the main road (Route 7) between the village of Afton and the village of Nineveh in Broome County on the west side of the Susquehanna River.

Markers copied March 1990 by J. Kelsey Jones.

This a very old burial ground with many plain markers of native stone bearing no inscriptions. There would appear to be about thirty five native field stones placed as markers. The oldest dated marker bears the date of 1798 for Abigail Bridgman.

There are four rows of markers. Row one begins on the south edge of the cemetery and the markers are copied from west (road side) to east. Anything in parenthesis is added information by the compiler for clarification. Single spacing of type indicates names appearing on one marker or monument. Several footmarkers have been removed from their original location and placed in the same row as the headstones which they belong to. Spellings are as they appear.

Anything in brackets [ ] is added information by Internet poster for clarification.

Row 1:

D. T.
three plain fieldstones
W. T. M. (perhaps footmarker for William T. Myers)
Minor monument:
Wm. D. Minor d. Mar. 15, 1860 In his 55 year Not dead but sleepeth
Amanda [Minor] wife of Wm. D. Minor d. June 12, 1857 In her 47 year
H. D. Minor d. June 10, 1859 In his 27 year He died in the hope of a glorious resurrection
Wm. L. Minor d. Mar. 8, 1867 Agd 28 Yrs the last of the famle gone

four plain fieldstones
H. S. (fieldstone - perhaps footmarker for Hannah Stowel)
two plain fieldstones
In Memory of Hannah M. [Stowel] wife of Abishai Stowel who died Sept 25 1818 Aet 34 years Calvin her sun was buried by hur south side Aet 8m
Clark Stowel Died Nov. 30 1836 AE 33 yrs
Thomas Stowell DIED Sept 10 1839 Aged 19 years
plain fieldstone
Abijah Clemons d. May 13, 1842 in the 46 year of his age
_________________ 182_ AE 4 years (broken marker and top portion missing)
___________ daughter of Abijah & Martha Clemons d. Jan 28 1841 aged 2 years
plain fieldstone
L. H. C.
?. S. (broken footmarker)

The following are misplaced markers lying on south edge of cemetery:
John [Shaw] son of Farnun D. & Elsie Shaw, d. Feb. 25, 1844; Aged 3 y's & 7 d's (read Farnun but his name was Varnum)
An(n) Eliza [Nickerson] an infant daughter of Eliphaz & M. Eliza Nickerson d. April 9 1833 aged 2 years & 9 months
A. E. N. (footmarker for above marker)

Row 2:

Seneca Reed d. Aug 27 1875 Aged 63 y'rs & 3 mo's
Phineas Reed d. Dec. 22, 1852; Agd 71 Years
P. R. (same shape as above marker and perhaps footmarker for above, but would have been removed from original location)

Jacob Crook Died Aug. 11 1834, AE 63 yrs
Beneath this stone an honorable parent lies
Death will not stay for Pleading childrens cries
No fond companion can afford one breath
When fastened in the arms O Death

plain fieldstone
Seymour [Talmadge] son of Luther & Irene Talmage d. June 22 1846 AE 4 yr's 8 ms & 20ds
Loray? June 11 or 14 1846 AE 1 yr 8? m 2? ds
plain fieldstone
A. S. (footmarker for Azor Smith)
H. S. (footmarker for Hepzibah Smith)
Azor Smith d. Nov. 10, 1853; Aged 73 y'rs 2 mo's & 10 d's
Hepzibah [Smith] wife of Azor Smith d. June 7, 1862; Aged 80 Y'rs
eight plain fieldstones

Abigail [Bridgman] wife of Reuben Bridgman Died by the fall of a well seep June 28 1798 AE 34 yrs
Reuben Bridgman died July 9 1834 Aet 70 y-s.
Abigail B. (footmarker for Abigail Bridgman removed from original location)

Our father & mother
Reuben Bridgman d. July 9 1834 Agd 70 Yrs
Abigail Bridgman d. June 28 1798 Agd 34 Yrs
Anna d. Dec. 29, 1850, Agd. 79 Yrs

two plain fieldstones
Mrs. Paulina wife of ______zer Sto______ d. May 7 1834 Aged 23 years (broken marker - the name of the husband is a name with several letters and perhaps the last name is Stowell)
T. S. (perhaps footmarker for Thomas Stowell)
plain fieldstone

son & daughter of Aaron & Aurelia Myers
Henry L. [Myers] d. Apr 8 1828 AE 1 year 6 mo & 2 ds
Susan A. [Myers] d. Mar 8 1834 AE 14 days

Anna M. [Myers] daugther of Aaron & Aurelia Myers d. July 23 1836 Aged 4 years 4 mo & 25 ds
William T. [Myers] son of Aaron & Aurelia Myers d. Feb. 18, 1841 aged 11 years & 3 months
Asa D. [Myers] son of Aaron & Aurelia Myers b. Oct 27, 1837, d. June 11, 1850, Aged 12 years 7 m's & 15 d's

Row 3:

Hannah [Pratt] wife of Robt Pratt d. April 18, 1828 AE 31 years
Death oft destroys
The husbands joys

seven plain fieldstones
R. B. (perhaps footmarker for Reuben Bridgman)
plain fieldstones
A. B. (perhaps footmarker for Abigail or Anna Bridgman)
A. B. (perhaps footmarker for Abigail or Anna Bridgman)
Albert H. [Searles] son of Harry G. & Hannah H. Searles d. July 4 1837 AE 11 ms.
Charles B. [Searles], son of Harry G, Hannah H. Searles, Died, Jan, 31, 1839, AE 15 yrs & 4 ms.
Hannah M. [Shiffer] wife of Josiah Shiffer d. Oct 22 1832 or 1852 (broken marker) Aged 24 years
P. S. (perhaps footmarker for Paulina Sto_____)
Ruth A. [Jay] wife of Henry Jay, d. Mar 14, 1857 in the 81 year of her age
plain small white marker
A. D. M. (probably footmarker for Asa D. Myers)

Row 4:

Abram H. [Searles] son of Harry G & Hannah H. Searles d. Nov 14 1856 Aged 30 y'rs 9 m's & 16 d's
plain fieldstone
R. A. J. (footmarker for Ruth A. Jay)
A. H. S. (footmarker for Abram H. Searles)
two plain fieldstones

Index of names:

Bridgman, Abigail
Bridgman, Anna
Bridgman, Reuben
C., L. H.
Clemons, Abijah
Clemons, Martha
Crook, Jacob
Jay, Henry
Jay, Ruth
Minor, Amanda
Minor, H. D.
Minor, William
Myers, Aaron
Myers, Anna
Myers, Asa
Myers, Aurelia
Myers, Henry
Myers, Susan
Myers, William
Nickerson, Ann
Pratt, Hannah
Pratt, Robert
Reed, Phineas
Reed, Seneca
Searles, Abram
Searles, Albert
Searles, Charles
Searles, Hannah
Searles, Harry
Shaw, Elsie
Shaw, John
Shaw, Varnum
Shiffer, Hannah
Shiffer, Josiah
Smith, Azor
Smith, Hannah
Stowel, Abishai
Stowel, Calvin
Stowel, Clark
Stowel, Hannah
Stowell, Paulina
Stowell, Thomas
T., D.
Talmage, Irene
Talmage, Luther
Talmage, Seymour

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