Brackel Church Cemetery

Brackel Church Cemetery


The Brackel Church Cemetery is located in Pitcher on the East side of Irv Phillips Road, between Brackel Creek and County Road 23.. It is a Cemetery of roughly rectangular shape, approximately 148x105 feet. The burial ground was in use between 1825 and 1928. It should be noted that the Church is no longer there but the Cemetery is still intact.

The data presented for this cemetery is extracted from the booklet Gone But Not Forgotten, by Thomas Lloyd and used with the kind permission of the City of Norwich, which had authorized the work. The survey was published in 1981. Since the survey was that of markers and stones only, Lloyd did not attempt to verify or research the burials. Hence, is 1 burial he recorded as "unknown" where the headstone was missing or unreadable.

In the data given below, a column is included that is headed by "location". This is a reference to the authors system of gridlines, which is used to identify a unique 20 X 20 foot square area within the cemetery. These locations are included to give the researcher an idea of where the grave is placed in relation to others. A family, for instance, will usually be buried in a small area, whereas others with a similar surname will probably be some distance away. In a similar vein, a husband and wife may share a "double headstone", families may be listed on monuments, etc.

Name Location Age Date of Death Marker Type Comments
Burdick, Joseph F. N1E2 39 31 Dec 1875 Marble
Carpenter, Nathon N2W3
Jan 1863 Marble
Corning, Adella M. N1W3 4 11 Aug 1872 Marble
Craft, Elgina L. N1E1 39 26 Oct 1888 Marble Monument
Craft, L. E. W. N1E1 40 1888 Marble
Crandall, Caleb S2W4 66 10 Feb 1875 Marble
Crandall, Phianna S2W2 64 1 Jan 1876 Marble
Cuming, Martha N2E1 62 25 April 1885 Marble
Doyle, Leander B. N3W3 27 3 Dec 1864 Marble
Dye, Berrah S1W2 68 15 July 1886 Marble
Dye, Electa A. N1W2 50 23 Mar 1871 Marble
Dye, Jennie E. N3W1 77 1917 Marble Double Stone
Dye, Joshua N2W2 73 24 June 1861 Marble
Dye, Martha N3W2 87 20 Aug 1882 Marble
Dye, Tabitha N2W2 57 21 Mar 1873 Marble
Dye, William N3W1 76 1904 Marble Double Stone
Eaton, Julia S4W3 15 mo 5 Nov 1888 Marble Double Stone
Eaton, Ruby S4W3 1 wk 28 Aug 1889 Marble Double Stone
Harvey, Elmer G. N3W3 8 6 April 1867 Marble
Kenyon, Jonathan S2W1 38 24 Jan 1867 Marble Monument
Kenyon, Jonathan (Jr.) S1E1 46 5 Oct 1828 Marble Double Stone
Kenyon, Lavia Ann S2W3 72 1 Dec 1882 Marble
Kenyon, Sarah M. S2E1 46 25 Apr 1871 Marble
Kenyon, Solomon S2W3 72 13 Mar 1877 Marble
Kenyon, Susan S1E1 75 21 May 1864 Marble Double Stone
Kenyon, Thomas J. S2W1 22 20 May 1866 Marble Monument
Lord, Anna S1E1 70 19 Jan 1874 Marble
Lord, Babel S1E1 1 1827 Marble Triple Stone
Lord, Elizabeth S1E1 42 18 Nov 1831 Marble Triple Stone
Lord, Isaiah S2E1 87 18 Aug 1869 Marble
Lord, Isiah S1E1 2 1825 Marble Triple Stone
Newton, Estella A. S1E1 41 4 Apr 1870 Marble
Newton, John T. S1E1 67 24 Sep 1893 Marble
Peck, Andrew N2E1 20 18 Oct 1863 Marble Monument
Peck, Clara N1E2 1 mo 27 Oct 1867 Marble
Peck, Cordelia C. N1E2 2 2 Feb 1868 Marble
Peck, Dorcas N2W3
18 May !885 Marble
Peck, Jennie N1E2 2 21 Jan 1864 Marble
Peck, Luther H.(Rev) N1W1 87 25 Feb 1881 Marble Double Stone
Peck Mary N1W1 39 28 May 1865 Marble Double Stone
Peck, Thomas N2E1 18 25 Sep 1863 Marble Monument
Phillips, Betsy N2W2 74 1915 Marble Double Stone
Phillips, Charles N2W2

Phillips, Clayton Wesley S2W2 27 d 28 May 1910 Marble Double Stone
Phillips, Dayton Leslie N2W2 10 d 11-May-10 Marble Double Stone
Phillips, Eugene N1W2 23 1886 Marble
Phillips, Graver N2W2

Phillips, J. W. N2W2 76 1909 Marble Double Stone
Season, Mary E. S2W1 22 29 May 1854 Marble
Smith, J. Luther S4E4 82 1907 Marble Single Stone
Smith, James S4W4 66 1928 Marble Single Stone
Smith, Nellie S4W4 29 1891 Marble Single Stone
Smith, Polly S4W4 73 1896 Marble Single Stone
West, Elizabeth N1E1 94 7 June 1899 Marble Monument
West, John D. N1E1 25 14 June 1863 Marble Monument
Civil War Vet.
West, Joseph P. N1E1 72 4 Jun 1874 Marble Monument
Wight, Martha S1W1 76 1891 Marble Monument
Wight, N. L. S1W1 52 1862 Marble Monument

Unknown N2W2


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