Here are some bios on some early people in the county, chosen because they have children or grandchildren who moved west.


ALLEN,Elisha born: 5 Sept 1786 at Princeton, Mass. ( father a sheriff murdered on duty at P rinceton) marriage: spring 1812 - Juliet HOLLBROOK b Starbridge, Mass 6 June 1790. Chautauqua County: 1815- bought property retrned VT spring 1816 came back in 1 817. Occupation: had a Tavern and hotel and kept a store in same. died 30 Sep 1830 at Jamestown, NY aged 44yrs. Children: Augustus F. b 13 Sept 1813 Wardsboro, VT d 1874 Jamestown, NY wife and 1 son Alfred D. and 1 daughter Charlotte md Mr. BLACK. Col./ NY Militia Dascum b 5 Sep 1814 Wardsboro VT d 17 Apr 1872 Jamestown. NY md 14 Nov 1839 Susan DARLING d Apr 7 1886 Jamestown children: Horace F., Mary d.y. , Florence md Charles W. GRANT and Frank H. Occupation: continued hotel with brother Augustus and had lumber business. Lt Col/NY Militia Adaline b Dec 1817 d Dec 1851 Jamestown, NY Abner H. b 1823 d 1848/49 Jamestown, NY he in business with brothers.

ALLEN, Horace born: Lebanon, New Hampshire d. 3 Oct 1863 - age 73 at Jamestown, NY marriage: bfr 1815 - Fannie FENTON d Jan 1873 age 81 at Jamestown, NY Chautauqua Co. in 1815 from Otsego Co., NY - with wife and infant son. Occupation: owned Sawmill. Later sold lots on his Merrill Purchase. Service: Capt/162d Inf, 1823 Col/162d, 1846 Gen./43d Brgd, 1832 discharged. Children: 3 sons Dana H. came to CC with parents Dwight removed to Califonia Albert removed to Debuque, Iowa

JOHNSON, Samuel (First Swedish family in Jamestown) born: Sweden marriage: Chautauqua County: from Sweden in abt 1837 Occupation: a tanner and worked for R.W. ARNOLD. Children: (only known) Katie md Capt. Conrad HULT.

BOSWORTH, Henry f. Samuel Bosworth born: 11 April 1794 - Westfield, Mass marriage: 27 Oct 1820 to Mary Love D. SNOW f Samuel m Love D. died: 3 May 1853 - Fredonia, NY Chautauqua County: 1817 settled in Fredonia- Town of Pomfret Occupation: jewelry and watch- repair business First of this bussiness in cou nty. Other: superintendent of poor in 1838&39

BALDWIN, Levi son of Isaac and Parthena Baldwin born: 26 Jan 1802 - Pawlet, VT. marriage: 23 Oct 1831 to Eliza Ann PUTNAM d 10 Nov 1863 marriage: 2d 26 March 1866 to Mrs Eleanor B. Phelps Chautauqua County: (with parents) in 1812 to Sheridan. after 1st marriage to Arkwright lot 55. Occupation: Farmer Other: Supervisor of Town; J.P. and superintendent of schools. Children: 3 sons by 1st wife Oliver T. - went to S.F., Calif. md there Nancy WRIGHT L. Courtney md Amoret SAUNDERS. Orville D. md Eglantine DAWLEY- was druggist in Fredonia.

BROOKS, Jesse born: Windham, Co., CT. marriage: died: Chautauqua County: 1824 from Madison Co., NY to Mayville. Occupation: merchantile Other: J.P. -20yrs. Postmaster. Children: 5 sons 2 daughters Asahel Lyon - removed to Illinois Walter Rollin Charles - removed to Canada Ogden - removed to Wisc. Merrett - removed to Buffalo, NY Adalaide md Morse SMITH , a lawyer in Danbury, CT. Emeline md Daniel Garnsey see bio of Daniel Gransey below.

CHENEY, Jonathan Born: 10 March 1769, CT Married Amy COLE at Pittstown, Rensselaer Co., NY Died: Chautauqua Co.- 1807 to lot 13 tp 3 r 13 in Harmony Children: 4 sons - 5 daughters Nathan md Mary STONEMAN- had 5 sons, Elijah, Garland, James and 2 others. Betsey - md John BROADHEAD of Busti (see bio above) Clarissa - md Alfred WHIPPLE Calvin md Lydia BLY Amy- md Hazeltine MITCHELL Daniel - md Amanda PARKHURST Alfred- md Rachel BURCH Eunice - md James GREEN Polly - died at age 20 yrs.

CLEVELAND, Gardner Sr. Born: 25 Sep 1763 at Pomfret, CT. Married: Mary HOLMES who d 1830 in Clymer Died: 1851 in Clymer Chautauqua Co.: from Jefferson Co., NY to Clymer in 1820 Occupation: Farmer Other: Rev. War Veteran Children: John b 1790 md Eunice FITCH - had 12 ch - Hartley to Ill; Susan; Don Carlos to Ill; John to NYCity; Mary; Wm. R.; Erastus; Eunice E.; Roxa A.; Deming S. Marenus R; and 1 d.y. Gardner Jr. - b 1790 md Lydia PARKHURST - 9 ch Nathan P.; Edwin; Gilbert C.; Lydia A.; Cordelia; Roxa B. Gardner H.; and twins who d.y. Roxanna - b 1793 d 1848- md Wm. F. BROWN - 11 ch. Mary md Hercules RICE; Samuel E.; Frederic T.; Wm W.; Lydia md John B. TYLER; Betsey md Leonard FREEMAN; Gradner C.; Dorcas; Jenetta md 1st John CHAPPEL and 2d Fernando C. BROWN.

COCHRAN, Alexander Born: Northern Ireland - Protestant Irish. Marriage: Died: Chautauqua County: in 1804 to Ripley, NY Occupation: Farmer Other: 1st settler in Ripley; and 1st in county to take deed to land. Children: 13 - 10 sons 3 daughters John - md Mary SHIPBOY, had 11 ch of whom 3 d.y. Nancy - md Wm. A. ROBINSON, 8 ch Rosina md David McCORD; Alexander md Catherine FAY to Pittsburgh, PA; Na ncy md Dr. A. Cochran (see below); Thomas H. presbyterian minister,res Harrison, PA in 1880's; David, unmd; William, unmd- civil war was prisoner at both Libby and Andersonville to Pittsburgh, PA. ; Samuel, unmd. Hugh - md had 6 children. Alexander - unmd removed to Chicago, ILL Robert - md 1st Catherine DENSMORE 2nd Julia BERNARD Presbyterian minister- in Austinburg, Ohio 1880's William- md had 9 ch ; Avery a teacher at deaf & dumb asylum Sheldon, Neb. Samuel - died age 17 years. Margaret - md Jediah LOOMIS James - md Nancy JOHNSON - 9 ch. Martin - md Helen GATES Andrew - md Catherine MOORE- Presbyterian minister @ Durhamville, Oneida Co, NY in 1880's. David - died in childhood - fell into tub of hot water. Eleanor - md Samuel C. DICKSON - removed to Independence, Iowa

COCHRAN, Robert - a brother of Alexander (above) Born: Ireland Marriage: 1st Nancy NEIL, in Ire. md 2d Mary Jane STRAIN in Ire. she d Aug 18 72 Died: Oct 1854 - age 74 yrs. Chautauqua County: 1815 to Ripley resided Buffalo and Erie Road. Occupation: Farmer Children: 1 daughter by 1st wife the other 12 by 2d wife Jane - b. Ire. - md as his 2d wife Philip STEPHENS. Nancy - md as his 2d wife John SIGGINS. Isaac - md Julia MONTGOMERY Rachel- md as his 2d wife Alpheus MOORE. Hugh - died young about 1826. Margaret - unmd Alexander- md 1 Ellen HOWARD- 2 ch Emma & George.- md 2d his first cousin Rachel- daughter of Hugh COCHRAN (see below). Robert - died at age 5 years. Hannah - md Nathan SMITH of Buffalo, NY Elizabeth - md John THOMPSON of Buffalo, NY Harriet - md George L. FAYFIELD of Buffalo, NY Sarah - died in infancy. David - unmd - res on home farm.

COCHRAN, Hugh - brother of Alexander and Robert above. Born: Ireland Married: Sarah NESBIT in Ireland. Died: ealry in 1854 at home in Ripley. Occupation: Farmer Children: 4 sons- 4 daughters Nancy - md John STRAIN - removed to Minn. James - died abt age 20 yrs. Sarah - md David JOHNSON John - died abt age 18 yrs. Alexander - died when age 23 yrs. William - md Nancy JOHNSON - 3 ch Alexander, David and Wm. Rachel - md as his 2d wife Alexander COCHRAN (see above) Eliza - died about age 16 yrs.

COCHRAN, Robert 2d - if related to above not established Born: 22 Oct 1786 in Ireland Married: in Ireland Jane LAW. Died: 6 May 1870 Chautauqua County: 1813 to Westfield. Occupation: FArmer Other: assessor of Town- 14 yrs. - supervisor in 1834-35 Children: 6 sons - 5 daughters Mary - md John CROSSGROVE Jane- unmd John - md Thomas l. - died age 21 yrs. Hugh B. - removed to Beaver Dam, Wisc. md & ch Robert - removed to Westfield, Wisc. - md James - md Hannah - unmarried - removed to Waupun, Wisc. Rachel - unmd- removed to Waupun, Wisc. William W. - unmd Harriet - died in infancy

COLVILL, William Born: Scotland married: in Scotland died: Chautauqua Co: in 1820 with family- settled in Forestville Occupation: operated a Grist Mill Children: Margery - md Albert H. CAMP William Jr. - b 1797 d 9 Aug 1874 md Mary LOVE- had merchantile with brother-in-law called Camp & Colvill. 5 ch ildren: Jane md John D. WHEAT to Minn.; Elizabeth md William P. TANNER to Minn; MAry md Daniel SHERMAN (see bio); William - was Col. in Civil War - wounded and disabled - went to Red Wing, Minn; George - remained in F orestville. Daniel G. - a physician at Forestville George- md Hannah TUBBS Jane - md Ernest MULLET Margaret - md Augustus F. COREY to Elmira, NY.

CROSS, Palmer Born: Vermont Married: 1) Naomi BLACKMER at Jefferson Co., NY 2) Julia HURLBUT at Harmony, Chat. Co., NY and 3) Mrs. Sarah LEACH Died: at age 83 Chautauqua Co: from Jefferson Co., NY in 1827 settled near Panama in Harmony Occupation: Minister - was 2d pastor of Baptist Church at Panama for 10 years . Children: by first wife - 2 sons 3 daughters Palmer - md had 2 sons 1 daughter Eber - no info Harriet A. - md Daniel G. POWERS Julia md Humphrey RICHARDSON - 2 sons Palmer and Humphrey Polly - md 1) Alonzo MANLEY - 4 ch md 2) Clark ROBINSON.

DAVIS, Ebenezer Born: Wardsboro, VT Married: Lydia HALL dau of Wm. Died: 9 Jan 1846 aged 66 yrs. Chautauqua County: came 1812 with several other siblings. settled Stillwater (Kiatone) Occupation: Farmer Other: 1st Town Clerk of Ellicott; was 1st person baptised in Stillwater at a revival in 1818. the DAVIS family well noted for their musical talent. Brot hers- Emri; Adams here 1815 removed to Flemington, NJ 1857- teacher at academy there; Elisha died in Ellicott unmd. Sisters: Mrs. Samuel HALL of Busti ; Mrs. Joseph Mrs. Joseph WAITE of JAmestown and Mrs. Eli HOSKINS of Jamestown. Children: had large family- known Samuel Shepard Paul - a minister

DORMAN, Dearing/Deering Born: 20 Dec 1797 in New Haven, CT. Married: 1st Huldah PERKINS d 1866 md 2d Mary (HORTON) ELDERKIN, widow of Addison ELDERKIN. Chautauqua County: 1st to Batavia 1804 and then to CC in 1823 settled at Sher man. Other: 1st settler in Town of Sherman Children: 14 - 7 sons 5 daughters Amasa - md Mary Ann WOOD- removed to Union, PA Archibald - 1st child born in Sherman. md Jane STODDARD. photo Luzerne - md Mrs. Mary HUNTLEY Albert - md Susan HORTON Elvira - md Gabriel ODELL Walter - md Mary ANDERSON Eliza - Simeon BRUMAGHIM Emiline - md Calvin MESSENGER Betsy - md George MESSENGER Dearing - md & removed to PA Huldah - md Andrew PERKINS removed to Ohio Riley - md Hannah HASKINS- removed to Allegany Co., NY 2 children who died young.

EATON, David (parents Benjamin and Mary Eaton) Born: 2 Feb 1782 -Farmington, Mass. (5th of 10 ch) Married: 1) Elizabeth HORNE 10 Apr. 1806 - she d New HArtford 1806 on trip to Chaut. Co. 2) Mrs. Mercy Groves FAY w/o NAthan FAY. Died: 7 Oct 1872 aged 90 yrs 8 months Chautauqua County: 1806 with Nathan FAY; Mary EATON (mother) and a sister. Occupation: Shoemaker Other: assessor Town of Chaut 1809; clerk for board of spervisors 1820-27 Supervisor for 6 yrs.; chairman of borad of sup. 1815; J.P. many years Service: War of 1812 at Blackrock. Children: 4 sons 1 daughter Edwin - md Caroline P. BALDRIGE - res. Frewsburg Emily - md Josiah WHEELER of Frewsburg. Alfred - md Hannah CLARK - removed to Wisc. then returned. Oscar - md Hannah A. KENNEDY of Steben Co. to Michigan and then to Forest Grove, Oregon. Darwin G. - graduate & then tchr @ Normal Sch Albany, NY then to Packer Inst. in Brooklyn. Porf. of Math & Natural Sciences. md Ann J. COLLINS of Stuben Co. 2 Oct 1850.

ELLSWORTH, Waterman son of Stukley Ellsworth, a state senator. Born: 14 Dec 1797 at Hartwick, Otsego Co., NY Married: 1826 Rosina LYON d 1832 - sister of Mary LYON founder of Holyoke. Died: 6 Jan 1849 Chaut.Co: About 1822 - some say 1824. Occupation: Physician Other: Supervisor Town of Stockton; 1839 member state assembly. Children: 5 sons Stukley - b Stockton 18 Dec 1826; Grad Yale 1847; studied Law. admitted Supreme Court 1855 - res. Eugene and L aGrande, OR md 1856 May C. STEVENS of Coldwater Mich. 5 ch . Harriet Rosina; John Waterman; Sarah Louise; Georgia Alice; and Mark Adams. Hazelius - b Stktn 14 Nov 1828 - to Eugene, OR 1863 - druggist - unmd. Franklin - b 14 Aug 1830 removed in 1852 to San Francisco, CA. - md 1865 Miss McLANE - 1 son. Henry Martyn - b Stockton - to Oregon 1854- md 11 Oct 1865 at LaGrande Marietta PIERCE dau of James PIRECE o f Stockton, NY 2 daughters- Ella and Henrietta; Mrs . Marietta P. Ellsworth died in S.F., CA 22 Apr 1875. Henry removed to Kelton, Utah was mechant and agent for Wells Fargo. Clay W. P. - no info

ELKINS, Abial Born: Peacham, VT. Married: wife died at Kennedy, Chat Co, NY 1868 (?) Died: Removed to Pittsburgh, PA 1844 - never heard from again - supposed mur dered. Chaut Co: came from Canada to Ellicott then to Kennedy in Town of Poland. Occupation: mill worker Other: Justice of Peace several years. Children: 11 including 3 sets of twins Edward (twin) remained in CC. Edwin (twin of Edw.) removed to Wisc. Civil war Vet. William A. - Civil War died of desease Harvey S. - res. Kennedy - Supervisor 4 yrs. Maria - md Seth HAIGHT Ruby A. - md Eli SHULTZ removed to Mitchell Co., Iowa No info on other children

FARMAN, John F. Born: Married: May DAY daughter of Ira DAY Died: Ch. Co.: 1827 from Augusta, NY to Ellington Occupation: Mercantile business until 1860 Other: board of supervisors for 10 yrs. Children: 2 sons 2 daughters Ira - md Addie GRIFFITH - farmer Erie - removed to PArker City, PA md Mary Martha

FRENCH, Samuel Born: Married: Died: MArch 1861 Ch. Co: 1825 from Ontario Co., NY to lot 11 in Franch Creek Occ: Farmer Children: 5 sons 2 daughters Samuel H. - removed to Wisc. md Hiram A. - killed by falling into a well when age 16 years. William R. - res. on home farm Edward P. - removed to Wisc. Fredus Franklin - owned home farm Cornelia - md Columbus SESSIONS - had 3 sons Samantha to Wisc and md

FROST, George H. Born: Married: Died: in 1873 Chaut Co: from Renssalaer Co to Cherry Creek 1823 Occupation: kept first tavern; later a store and in later life was a farmer. Other: Town Supervisor. Children: 3 sons 8 daughters George N. - was town supervisor 4 years Charles - to Titusville, PA Isbun - to Titusville, PA Selina - md Charles A. SPENCER Fedelia md Judson SHEFFIELD Eliza - md Chandler JOHNSON - removed to Corry, PA Mary - md William MOUNT to Corry, PA. Emeline - md William O. EDWARDS Lillis- md Alonzo EDWARDS Isadore - md Walter GRISWOLD Helen - md Cyru MOUNT

MARTIN, William son of Aaron Martin Born: 7 Nov 1789 @ Claverack, Columbia Co., NY Married: in Busti, 1815 to Roxa PIER daughter of Levi PIER Ch. Co: (with father) in 1811 bought part of lot 23 tp 1 r 11 ( now Kiatone) Occ: Farmer Other: War of 1812 an Ensign captured and held at Montreal for 4 months. Children: Isaac - md Fanny RAWSON - 6 sons 2 daughters 3 sons Edgar, Emery, & Albert served in Civil War. other sons Lorenzo, Homer, Jesse Daus: Lazetta & E lvira Abraham - md Mary E. BURNHAM ch Ellis; Willis ; George Lorenzo - md Mercy JENKINS res Busti- ch: Melissa; Alice; Hannah; Ophelia; and Dewey. Alonzo D. - md Clarissa JONES she died he removed to New Zealand where he married and had family. Sally Ann - md Lyman NORTHRUP of Sugar Grove, PA Davis - died at age 10 yrs. Adaline George L. - md Jane SMILEY res Jamestown Annette - died as infant

MORIAN, Jacob Born: Germany 22 March 1782 Married: at Lackawanna, PA Lydia VAN SCHOTER she d 4 Apr 1869 Died: 7 Dec 1862 in Town of Pomfret Ch. Co: 1826 to HAnover- Sheridan- Dunkirk then Pomfret 1830 Occ: Farmer Other: War of 1812 while res. of Dansville, Stuben Co., NY Children: 6 sons 3 daughters William - died at age 5 years Katherine - b 1807 res Dunkirk - unmd Anthony - b 1809 md 1) Julia Ann BECKER 1831 in Dansville- 11 ch Wm md Marilla BRONSON - 3 daus; Katherine md Henry SLAYTON of Berlin, Wisc; Nancy md 1) Charles FROST 2) Albert KNAPP- her dau JAne md Frank WINCHE STER; Martha md George A.S. KENT- 3 sons; Thomas H. md Harriet WARNER; Charles A. md Hannah GOODRICH- res Plum Creek, Neb-3ch; Lydia md John H. WHEELER- res Schuyler, Neb- 1 son; Ann md John BROWN - res Neb. 2 ch; Julia A. - no info. Anthony md 2) in 1868 Margaret H. KETCHUM Margaret - unmd removed to Kansas Alexander - md 1st Mariett McINTYRE ch Dana md Lena SIMMONS; James d age 6; Miranda md Fred KOCH of Dun kirk; Benj md Addie WIDENER- res Buffalo- conductor o n LakeShore RR; Alexander T.; Kitty M; Caroline who d .y Alexander md 2d Mrs R.E. WIDENER Thomas V.S. - md Clarenda WOOD res. Enterprise, PA ch Carlo C md Marian GELSON- 1 son; Elbridge O.; He rbert T md Josephine COFFIN- 1 son; Eva unmd; Ma rgaret d age 8. Lydia - md Asa WHITNEY of Kansas- 1 son William who md. Jacob - died in Pomfret unmd at age 23 in March 1849.

TAYLOR, Aaron Born: 19 Nov 1789 in Jefferson, NY Married: Marinda STAPLES on 13 May 1817 dau of Isaac STAPLES. Died: 9 July 1864 age 74 buried with Masonic Honors. CH. Co: from Marcellus, NY in 1815 to Carroll then to Jamestown 1820's Occ: taextiles- established a mill Children: Benjamin Franklin - md had son Ralph Waldo; Mariah; Bravity; Warner ; Eveline; Aaron S.; Winston R.; Mervin J.; Marinda A.; Ester J.; George and 1 who died in infancy.

SOURCE: Donna Mills, Fredonia, NY