Account Book of James and Charles Mark


James Mark came to Fredonia (Canadaway) from Deleware County in 1808. He assisted in clearing the village commons. After serving in the War of 1812 he began making pot and pearl ashes at a location on the corner of Temple Street and Central Ave. In 1836 he removed to Hamlet (then called Omar) where he made ashes and engaged in the merchantile business, which pursuits he followed until his death in 1855. His son Charles, continued to operate the merchantile business for a few years and then moved to Fredonia. It was Charles Mark who gave $1000 to the Library and presented the village of Fredonia with two fountains, costing $2,200. The fountains were erected in the village commons (parks). The following names are listed in the account book of James and Charles Mark, starting on June 2, 1827. The names have been transcribed into alphabetical order.

Abell, T.G.
Abell, Thomas
Albro, I. I.
Allen, T.
Andrews, -----
Anson, Bob
Arbor, John
Aton, I. I.
Atwater and Williams
Balcom, V.V.
Baldwin, Jeremiah
Banard, -----
Barber, F ot T W.
Barbers and Co.
Barker, Hezekiah
Barker, J.
Barker, L.
Barker, Samuel
Barlow, C.W.
Barmon and Hunting
Barnaby, A.
Barnes, I.
Beardsley, L.
Beists, Charles
Benjamin, -----
Bennett, K.
Bennett, Levi
Bissell, -----
Black, L.
Blanchard, Jane
Blodgett, S.
Bosworth, H.
Bowen, David
Brown, I.B.
Buffalo, -----
Bumper, B.
Burch, William
Burnett, G.
Burret, C.
Camp and Colville
Charles, King
Child, Saxton
Cogwell, Mr. S.
Cole, William
Colville, I.
Coney, John R.
Congdon, Ichabod
Cooley, Reuben
Corbit, Arra
Cornwall, Benj.
Covington, J.A.
Cox amd Mount
Crane, J.
Crosby, Elder
Crosby, G.S.
Crosby, Nathaniel
Crosby, Solomon
Crouch, David
Cushing, I.L.
Cushing, Zattu
Davis, Samuel
Derby, E.
Dibble, I.C.
Dofendish, H.H.
Douglas, S.W.
Douglass, Joshua
Drake, Elia
Dunker, Deacon
Durkey, Deacon
Eastwood, Giles S.
Eastwood, Martin
Edson, J. D. and Co.
Elliott, David
Essex, John
Farrington, Versel
Fenton, R.
Fields, -----
Fifford, B.
Fisher, -----
Fox, William S.
Frisby, -----
Gardinier, Joseph
Garney, Daniel G.
Gelett and Palmer
Gibbs, Mrs.
Gifford, Berry
Gilbert, Barnabas
Gillis, Thomas
Godfrey, Isaac
Gould, James
Griffin, William
Guild, L.
Hall, D.
Hall, James
Hamlin, John
Hamsted, -----
Harmon, Martin
Harrington, Abel
Harris, Daniel
Hart, Joseph
Hart, William
Heaverling, Joseph
Herring, J.
Herrington, Justus
Hews, E. H.
Hines, William
Hoisington, S.
Horace, -----
Howard, Edward
Huick, Azriah and wife
Hutchinson, Enoch
Johnson, A.B.
Johnson, Cabner
Johnson, James
Knowlton, William and wife
Krais, Charles
Kronon, Jas. S.
Kupel, Mrs.
Laymen, Joshua
Logan, R.
Main, O.B.S.
Main, Thomas
Malfor, N.
Mark, Charles
Mark, Joseph
Mark, Joseph I.
Mark, Santer
Marsh, Samuel
Matteson, C.
Mattison, David I.
Mattison, David J.
May, Stephen
McCleur and Walker
Miller, J.
Mixer, E.G.
Moon, Joseph
Moreau, Anthony
Mortin, T.
Mulford, E.
Mulford, Saxton
Mulletts, Martin
Nicholes, -----
Nickels, Ira
Norton and Howard
Norton, J.
Oliver, -----
Orsbonn, -----
Orton, Abram
Patterson, -----
Pebble, R.
Persons, I.
Phelps, Luke
Phillips, E.
Phillips, Elijah
Phillips, James
Picor, D.
Pound, -----
Price, Joseph
Prouty, Daniel
Randel, Benjamin
Randell, David
Randell, Susan
Ricor, Daniel
Risley, Horace
Robbins, Jane
Rood, John
Rood, Levi
Rook, S.
Ross, -----
Rundell, David Jr.
Russell, Arnold
Sanders, H.
Sanborn, Gorg
Sanford, E.
Sawin, S.
Saxton, child
Saxton, I.G.
Saxton, J.L.
Saxton and Mulford
Scofield, I.
Shattuck, S.E.
Shephard, Stephen
Sherman, Asa
Smith and French
Smith, R.C.
Smith, Zepmiah
Snow, N.D.
Spalding, -----
Spencer, Norman
Stark, William
Sterns, -----
Stevens, P.H.
Steward, David
Stiles, Benjamin
Story, James
Synes, S.F. and Co.
Taylor, A.K.B.
Taylor, Bernice
Taylor, David
Taylor, F.
Taylor, H.C.
Taylor, Stephen F.
Thompson and Hart
Thompson, Isaac R.
Thompson, Joseph
Tiffany, Jesse
Tiffany, J.M.
Todd and Douglass
Todd, Levertt
Travis, Curtis
Travis, John
Tucker, Elder
Tuttle, Lemuel
Tuttle, Lucius
Tuttle, Short
VanEss, Miss H. or A.
Walcott, -----
Walker, M.
Walworth, Dr.
Ward, -----
Warner, -----
Washburn, Miss Rhoda
Waters, Henry
Webb, -----
Webster, Ebenezer
Webster, W.
Wheelock, E.
White, A.
White, C.
White, Squire
Whitcomb, N.
Willcox, M.
William, A.
Williams, Roxanny
Willson, Bevia
Willson, Mrs.
Wilson, Sylvestor
Winchester, -----
Woleben, Edward
Wollebonn, Richard
Wood, Calvin
Wood, John
Wood, Leo
Wood, N.
Woods, Dr.
Wright, C.C.

SOURCE: Donna Mills, Fredonia, NY