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  Price 10c.                Silver Creek, N.Y., June 3, 1948        VOL. 42.    NO. 21 [Story Page]


Silver Creek's "Elder Statesmen" of 1880.
Elder Statesmen 1880
All were from 75 to 85 years of age.
Left to Right:  James Beck, John Tilton, Lucius Cook, James Wilson, and John Montgomery.

Business District of Yesteryear.
Main St. Silver Creek
View of part of business district from Main street.
Note the old Silver Creek House at extreme right and the business office of Howes and Babcock on the extreme left.

Silver Creek's Oldest Dwelling
Oldest Dwelling
Erected in 1809 or 1810
The above is a likeness of the dwelling built by Artemus Clothier -- the first dwelling built within the present billage limits of Silver Creek.  This dwelling has it's "face lifted" a few years ago, when it was treated to a covering of imitation brick.  The original foundations were evidently replaced by cement blocks some years ago, band new floors now cover the original floors but the general outlines of the building are the same as they were 138 years ago.  The building is located at the corner of Jackson and Arch streets and is now owned and occupied by Anthony D. Trillizio.

John Schlenker's Market
John Schlenker's Market
Left to Right -- John Merritt, Philip Yeager, Mrs. John Schlenker, John Tilden.

Huntley Hose Company of 1903
Huntley Hose 1903
Front to Rear:  Capt. William Reid, Bert Golm, Hemon Jaekle, Henry Martin, Carl Livermore, Herman Anderson, Howard Montgomery, Ralph Erdle, Arthur Payne, James Cook, Henry Ernst, Howard Wood, Henry Bebee, Dean Douglas, Frank Kahabka, Morris Clute, Frank Towne, Truman Smith, Marie Cranson Griswold, Henry Gunther.

The Old School House
Old School
Erected in 1887, many of those who are active in the business and civic life of Silver Creek received the rudiments of their education in this building, which stood where the present village offices and Fire Hall are now located.  The building was torn down in 1930.

Twisted Ruins of Methodist Church After Holocaust of 1921
Methodist Church 1921

"Beach Park" as it Looked Many Years Ago
Beach Park
A familiar view to many old residents of Silver Creek is Beach Park, now owned and occupied by Gilbert Foit's Restaurant and summer colony.  The above cut shows the grounds and buildings as they were when this was a favorite picnic grounds for the young people of that period.
The insert is a likeness of Mr. Chapin, the proprietor, who built and occupied the log cabin shown in the background.

An Old View of Business District
Business District
This is what Central Avenue looked like as late as 1912, before the construction of the present modern Silver Creek National Bank block.

Fire Ruins of 1921
Fire Ruins 1921
Showing the west side of Main Street, after the disastrous fire if 1921.  The photo was taken while the ruins were still smouldering.  Here stood a small dwelling, the Avenue Hotel and a large barn.  Also the band stand of the ball park and another dwelling which housed the old trolley ticket office and waiting room.

Two Old Landmarks
Two Old Landmarks
These buildings at the corner of Central Avenue and Main street, housed the Montgomery and Talcott grocery and drug store for nearly half a century and later Montgomery &Sons grocery and the Matheis &Hens clothing store.  The two buildings were remodeled and combined into the present building in 1927.

A Landmark of the Long Ago
For many years the above building stood where the Electric Block now stands.  William Campbell, Sr., owner of the building, was the father of the late William A. Campbell, a prominent citizen, who passed away several years ago.

Silver Creek's Only "Sky Scraper"
Sky Scraper
The "Odd Fellows Block," erected in 1921 at an expense of over $90,000, is by all odds Silver Creek's most pretentious business block.  The property is now owned by the Van Raalte Company of Dunkirk.  It is also occupied by Oliver's Firestone Co., by the Tiedemann Ice Cream Co., and by other tennants.

The Big October Snow Storm of 1931
Snow Storm 1931
A view of Central Avenue near the Main Street intersection after the great snow storm of October, 1931.  Average depth of snow was about 2.5 feet.

Eureka Smut Works of 1885
Eureka Smut Works 1885
The above cut shows a group of employees of the Eureka Smut Works of 1885.

The Swift "Mansion" After a Flood
Swift Mansion
Photo shows a flooded section of Central Avenue, just west of the Walnut Creek bridge.  This fine dwelling was for decades known as the "Swift Mansion."  It was the home of Major C.C. Swift and family until acquired by Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Society in about 1914.  The building is now used as a parochial school.

An Old View of Village Park
Village Park
View from Main Street, showing part of business district in the background.

Reminescent of World War 1
Red Cross Vehicle
Mrs. Jessie D. Denny, in her Red Cross costume, with her car, decorated for the Red Cross parade of World War I.

Excavating for New Postoffice Building
Post Office Excavation

The Old S. Howes Plant
Old S. Howes
This photo illustrates the S. Howes manufacturing plant about a half century ago.