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The PETTIT Family

Old photos of the PETTIT family; and other (maybe) interesting and amusing things - Versailles, Cattaraugus County, NY
A Photographic Scrapbook

See here also many other family names with Photo links - Brown, Hawley, Wooley etc Chautauqua Co ties
Dr JAMES Pettit, Son of Eber M., and Dr Pettit's Pile treatment

Eber M. Pettit had moved from Cordova to Versailles in 1837. There he ran a station on the Underground Railroad. Fugitive slaves came to Versailles from his father's house near Fredonia, and then journeyed to Black Rock and to Canada. He was to later record his experiences in a book called "Underground Railroad Sketches", published in 1879. He helped establish the Thomas Indian School on the Cattaraugus Reservation and was their superintendent for many years, never taking any money for his services. He also owned the Versailles Botanic Mills with a man named Star, then with Dr. Barker. Barker settled in Versailles in 1840 and ran his father's tannery and store before joining up with Pettit. Later, Eber's son, James M., would be a supplier of botanic drugs (also a merchant and lawyer) situated in Perrysburg and then Fredonia (by 1868), where he occupied his grandfather's house in Cordova. As a botanic drug supplier, Eber, and later James M.,
would provide a handy and inexpensive source of raw materials for the Pettit's products.Etc


"She Would Not be Whipped, She Would Rather Die"

The Underground Railroad in the Southern Tier

NY people involved;

Did you know?

Chautauqua County, NY In the southern half of Chautauqua County are buried the following: B.F. Goodrich (founder of the Goodrich Tire Company), Reuben Fenton (former governor of New York State during the 1860s and founder of the present day Republican Party) and Catherine Harris, a black woman who maintained a station for the Underground Railroad during the Civil War era.

The grave sites of these individuals can be found in Lake View Cemetery in Jamestown, NY. Heading into the northern part of the county, the grave of Dr. Charles Welch, founder of the present day Welch's Grape Juice Company, is located in the Westfield Cemetery, Westfield, NY. The marker of Amos Sottle, who is noted to be the first white settler in Chautauqua County (and who was also famous for the unusual fiddles he made of a horse's skull and leg bones) can be located at the intersection of Routes 5 and 20 in Irving, NY.

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