David Joy

David Joy

Submitted by Dolores Davidson, 2003.


Located on the former Joy farm on Webster Road east of Portland Center.

Disappeared. No known inscriptions exist.

In H.C. Taylor's Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland he mentions on
page 301 " Old Mr. Joy, father of Capt. David Joy, and a few others were
buried in a field now belonging to Richard Reynolds, on lot 19, town 5...
but the precise spot is difficult to determine.
Mr. Joy's aged father d. in Portland . about 1816.

DAVID JOY- "Old Capt. Joy" came to P. from Vermont in 1810. He built a log
shanty in the woods near where the house of M.J. Munson now stands, on pt of
lot 33, T. 5. He left this claim the next year, and returned to Vermont.
Early in 1812, having removed his family to P. he rented the log tavern
house of Wm. Berry, standing near where the house of Lincoln Fay now stands,
on lot 25, T. 5, and continued the tavern. Within the next two or three
months the house was burned, but a frame house was at once built and a
public house continued. Early in 1814, Mr. Joy and his son Moses erected a
large frame building, on pt of lot 19, T. 5, where the house of W. W. Pettit
now stands, and opened it as a tavern. It was sold to Wm. Harris, sen., in
1817, and a double log house built on the N. pt of the lot, where the house
of H.A.S. Thompson now stands, and opened a tavern. [See Taverns] Sometime
previous to 1831 the house now on the farm was built. In 1831 the farm was
sold, and the farm now owned by Linus Burton, S. of Brocton, S. pt lot 13,
T. 5., purchased. In 1837 Mr. Joy. removed to Michigan, where he died. many
years since. Mrs. Joy d. in Portland . June 1st, 1831, aged 69. Mr. Joy's
aged father d. in P. about 1816. As before hinted, Mr. Joy left his family
in their home in Vt. until he could prepare for them a plce in the
wilderness. After building his shanty on lot 33, as stated, he furnished it
with a bed of straw in one corner on the bare earth, a brown earthen pan or
two, a bowl of the same material, and one wooden spoon. Chairs or stools
were of no account, and were not used, a block of wood answering every
purpose. A fireplace was built of two or three bowlders, in one corner, and
an old blanket was hung up at the doorway. The inventory of cooking utensils
was not large, including but one iron kettle. He purchased a small cow and
turned her into the woods to browse; a half bushel of corn meal and a pound
or two of salt. After the labors of the day he would drive home his cow,
secure her milk, and cook mush sufficient for his supper and two meals the
next day. THe mush and milk thus prepared and eaten from his brown bowl with
his wooden spoon he described as delicious. On a certain occasion while at
his work, his faithful cow came about the cabin, and finding the door easy
of removal, pushed it aside and made her way into the best apartment the
cabin afforded. A slight exploration discovered to her the mush kettle, and
claiming an interest in the property of her master, she soon cleared it of
its entire contents; then going to the bed of Mr. Joy very complacently laid
herself down in it. When Mr. Joy came in for his dinner he was not a little
surprised to find his mush kettle empty, and the intruder very quietly
chewing her cud in his bed. He had not the heart to eject her rudely, but
quietly drove her out, and took good care that she did not again thus
deprive him of "his bed and board."

January 1725/26 or 27 in Rehoboth, Brstl., Massachusetts, and died in
Pennsylvania (* Not correct, died in Portland Chautauqua Co NY ) . He
married ELIZABETH DOYLE 26 March 1749 in Rehoboth, Brstl., Massachusetts.
She was born Abt. 1726 in Pembroke, Massachusetts, and died July 1772 in
Rehoboth, Brstl., Massachusetts.
Parents: David Joy and Ruth Ford.
He was married to Elizabeth Doyle on 26 Mar 1749 in Rehoboth, Bristol, MA

* David JOY was born Birth: ABT 1765 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Death: Apr 1844 in Union, Cass, Michigan
Burial: East Union Cemetery, Union, Cass, Michigan BIRTH & DEATH: Tombstone
inscription; Union Cemetery, Cass County MI; age 80 yrs;
Father: Obediah JOY b: 18 Jan 1726 in Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts the
aged father died in Portland, 1816 Chautauqua, New York he was 90
Mother: Elizabeth DOYLE
Marriage 1 Mary or Molly DICKERSON in Putney, Windham, VermontBirth: 14 Dec
1761 in Putney, Windham, Vermont
Death: 1 Jun 1831 in Portland, Chautauqua, New York DEATH: Portland
Historical Sketches; JOY, David (27)"Mrs. Joy died June 1st, 1831, aged 69
Isaac JOY b: 9 Oct 1786 in Putney, Windham, Vermont M Nancy TAFT
Roxanna JOY b: ABT 1788 in Putney, Windham, Vermont
Ezra JOY b: ABT 1790 in Putney, Windham, Vermont
Moses JOY b: 1793 in Putney, Windham, Vermont
Darrell JOY b: ABT 1795 in Putney, Windham, Vermont
Anna JOY b: ABT 1800 in Putney, Windham, Vermont
Obadiah JOY b: 1803 in Putney, Windham, Vermont

Family of Mr. and Mrs. Joy.
(1) Moses; m. Patty HILL (S); settled in Portland.; but removed to Michigan
in 1837, where he d. some years since.
Patty was the dau of Ezekiel HILLS died 15 NOV 1844 in Pomfret, NY
and Malinda PALMER Birth: 20 JUN 1777 in Tolland, CT
Death: 1836 in Charlotte, VT they had 8 known HILLS Children Patty b ca
Cass County, MI; received from
Gloria Winslow, Mattawan, MI
Moses Joy came from Portland TWP, Chautauqua NY in 1835 and owned 720 acres
of land in Cass Co.,Michigan
Alonzo JOY b: 1821 in NY
Emaline JOY b: 24 Apr 1823 in Chautauqua, NY
Fidelia JOY b: 25 Feb 1825
ParkerDeath: 19 Dec 1850 in Calif, 1850 census on the Consummes River,
Hsehold # 4-4
buried Union, Cass Cnty, MI
Wellington JOY b: 1829 in NY
Mary "Patty" JOY b: Abt. 1831
Nelson JOY b: 1832 in NY
Franklin JOY b: 1834 in NY
Dianthia JOY b: 1838 in MI

EZRA; m. ____ ; for some time lived on N. pt lot 25, T. 5; afterward removed
Married Lucy WILDER b: 30 Mar 1791
Elias Wilder JOY b: 1818 in : 1818 in , , Pennsylvania
Death: 1900 in Bloomingdale, Vanburen, Michigan m Cervilla Ann FERRY
Obediah JOY b: 1824/1826 in New York Marriage Marian MCMAHAN
Married: 3 Oct 1852 in , Cass, Michigan
(3) DORREL; never m.; went west with the family in 1837.or Darrell ABT 1795
(4) DIAH; m. Sophia Everden; lived in Portland . for some years; eventually
removing west. ( is OBADIAH c 1803wed SOPHIA
had At least 7 children went to MI
Roxanna JOY b: 1829 in , New York
Polly JOY b: 1832 in , New York
May J. JOY b: 1834 in , New York
Andrew JOY b: 1839 in , Michigan
Elias JOY b: 1843 in , Michigan
Oscar JOY b: 1846 in , Michigan
Harmon JOY b: 1849 in Mason Twp, Cass, Michigan
(5) ANNA; b ca 1800 m. Asa Brooks; lived on the lake shore; afterward went
west.Death: ABT 1845 in Fosterburg, Madison, Illinois
Burial: Brooks Cemetery, Madison Co., Illinois
Mary BROOKS b: 26 Jan 1819 in ,Chautauqua Co., New York
Frances BROOKS b: 17 Jan 1837 in Fosterburg, Madison, Illinois
(6) _____; M. James Wilder. [See Biog. Sketches No. 4]
* ROXANNA b BIRTH: c 1788 approximated from marriage date
MARRIAGE: Dummerston Vital Records; Births, marriages and deaths 1761-1886;
bk 1; pg 147; FHL film #28,152Children
Marilla WILDER b: Nov 1809 in Dummerston, Windham, Vermont
Anna WILDER b: ABT 1820 in ,,New York
Elias David WILDER b: 3 Aug 1824 in ,Madison, Illinois
Abigail WILDER b: in Davies, Illinois
Henry WILDER b: 1833 in Edward, Madison, Illinois

(7) POLLY; m. Wm. Miller.
pages 319-321 Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland

H.C. Taylor 1873
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added data from census and family records

Desc of Thomas JOY
census and cemetery data

Obadiah and
probably the wife of DAVID are in the Joy Burial site with assorted others
not known nor ever will be

Historical Sketches of the Town of Portland
Submitted by Dolores Davidson, 2003.