The Campbells
The Campbells of Portland

Submitted by Lois Campbell, 2004..


This is the remaining seven Campbell siblings after losing one.  My grandfather, Thomas, is the man in the middle.  The woman to the far left is Elizabeth, who taught music and was Dean of women in Chicago.  The other three ran the cottage until the one on the far right married a widower with a child.  None had any children of their own.  All three sons did.  I believe John became an assistant attorney general for N.Y.  Richard became a doctor.  Their parents were Patrick Campbell and Catherine McConnon. They had three boys and 5 girls.

My grandfather was born in 1874 to Irish immigrant parents in Dunkirk or Portland and grew up in Portland.  Three of his sisters opened "The Campbell Cottage" in Maple Springs and ran that for many years.

A photo of Portland School House No. 2 with my grandfather, Thomas Campbell and his brother, John Campbell, in front of the school they attended.  Their oldest sister, Catherine, was the teacher.  Their parents came from Ireland while in their late teens, went first to Dunkirk, and then to Portland. 

Lois Campbell, 2004