Chautauqua Church (Presbyterian)

Westfield, Chautauqua County, NY

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The first church organization in Chautauqua County, N. Y. was founded in 1808 by the Presbyterian Settlers at Portland Cross Roads, now Westfield, and was called the Chautauqua Church.

There are no records prior to 1818. The following is an abstract of baptisms, and all marriages and deaths in the first book of records covering 1818 to 1849.

Children's Baptisms in Westfield, New York.
Bandel, William and Lydia-Anna, Frederick, Lewis, Mary, 1818; James, 1821.
Montgomery, James and Sarah-Julia, 1819; Hugh, 1832.
Cochran, Hugh's children, 1819.
Amsden, Mrs. A's children, 1819
Riddel, William-Hetty Guile, William, Nancy Bell, 1819.
Merrell, Medad and Olive-Cornelia, Susan M., Henry H., Rollin R. K., Almira P., 1818.
Foster, J. and B.-Mary, 1818; Camilla, 1821.
Cochran, Robert and Jane-Mary Ann, Jane, John, Thomas, 1818; Hugh, 1821.
Guile, Simeon and Hetty-William Bell, John Fay, 1818; Sarah, 1819.
Fowler, Hannah-Cornelia, 1818.
Bell, William and Nancy-Eleanor, 1819; Mary, 1821.
Riddell, William and Jenny-Lucinda Stetson, Eliza Ann, Joseph Magee, William Oliver, 1819.
Hale, Horace and Elizabeth-William, Eliza Ann, 1819; Horace, 1821.
Jordan, Catherine-William, 1820.
Bird, Nathaniel and Hannah-Charles Lee, 1820.
Wright, Reuben and Betsey-Allyn Seymour, Betsey Maria, Charlotte Wire, 1820.
Talcott, Elizur and Judith-Milton, Gilbert B., 1820.
Farnsworth, Joseph and Asenath-James Henry, Lucy Burbank, 1820.
Peck, Ira and Harriet-Eliza, 1820.
Reddington, Lyman and Sarah-Frederick, Mary, 1820.
Fay, John and Nancy-Harriet, 1820, Polly, 1822.
Macomber, Mary-Elizabeth, 1821.
Montgomery, J. and S.-Williarn, 1821.
Northrop, Daniel C. and Ann-Eliza, William M., Joseph, Sally, Ruth, 1821.
Cochrane, Hugh and Jane-Rachel, 1821.
Amsden, Benjamin C. and Achsah-Noah Cummins, 1821.
Culver, Harmon and Betsey-Phene, 1821.
Rice, Mary-Cyrus Patrick, Ceena, Dianna, 1822.
Stone, Austin and Harriet-William Tinker, 1829.
Couch, Frederick and Lucretia-Almira Maria, 1829.
Woodruff, Asahel and wife-Mary Elizabeth, 1830.
Oakes, Isaac and Clarissa-Henry, 1830.
Dean, Erastus and Judith-James, 1831.
Deming, Fenn and Sarah-Sarah Sophia, Harriet, 1831.
Woodruff, Asahel and Sophia-Bott Norton, 1832.
Parmelee, J. C. and Harriet-Charles, 1832.
Bradley, John and Eunice-Hellen Elizabeth, John Jararnes, 1832.
Cossgrove, John and wife-Jane, Robert, 1832.
Gould, Clark and wife-James, 1832
Hall, Asa and Pau1ine-Charles and Charlotte, 1832.
Macomber, Stephen and wife-Henry Kirke White, 1832.
Cone, Sullivan - Ellen Cornelia, 1832.
Cook, Alvin and Catharine-George Cushman, 1832.
Gracey, Mary - Samuel, William, 1832.
Collins, Julia Ann-Charles Bradley, Simeon Alasco, 1832.
Taylor, Thomas and wife-Rachel, William, 1832.
Cochran, Hugh and wife-Hugh, 1832.
Thompson, Alex and wife-Hugh, 1833.

A list of the children baptized between 1823 and l830
Bandle, William.
Bell, Arthur, Clarissa, John.
Cochran, Eliza Ann.
Couch, Eliza Atwater, Henry L., Walter Varick.
Jordan, Eliza Ann.
Macomber, Emily.
Merrill, John Calvin.
Montgomery, Sarah A., James L.
Northrop, John.
Oaks, Mary Ann C.
Redington, Lyman.
Stone, Joshua. Talcott, Frederick.
Bradley, William and Lucinda-a son, 1833.
Hall, Asa-Robert Mack,1833.
Nichols, William and Flavilla-Joseph Cass, 1833.
Couch, Hiram and Rhoda-Sarah Sophrona, Asa Stone, 1834; Hiram, 1835; Bradford, 1837.
Dean, E. and wife-C1arissa Thurston, 1834.
Johnson, William and Victoria -John, 1834; Nancy, 1836.
Jones, Josiah and Sibil-Josiah Jonas, 1834.
Stone, Lester and Julia-Elizabeth Webster, 1835; Rollin Lester, 1837.
Mores, Stillman- Henry Martyn, 1835.
Livermore, ___-Helen Sophia Farnsworth, George Braddyll, John Frank, 1835.
Jones, John and Mary - Samuel Breese, John Henry, Susannah, 1836.
Taylor, Thomas and Jane-Cosgrove John, 1836.
Woodruff, Asahel and Sophia-Eunice, 1836.
Hall, Asa and Pauline-Sophy, 1836.
Northrop, Daniel C. and Ann-Lydia, 1836.
Bradley, Joel and Sophia-Edwin, Alarko, 1836; Theodore Keep, 1837.
Crossgrove, John and Sally-John, 1836.
Carlisle, James and Amelia-Susy Crocker, 1836.
Nichols, Wiseman aid Fivilla-Fivilla, 1836.
Johnson, R. R. and M. A.-Julia, Gerret Senter, 1837.
Lane, Rev. Joshua and Charity-Eugene, Catherine, Harriet Charity, 1837.
Farnsworth, Joseph and Frances-Josephine, Frances.
Reddington, Lyman and Sarah -Sarah Sophia, William Redding, 1837.
Wright, Ruben and Martha-Reuben Gridley, Martha Mills, Franklin Martin, 1837.
Lowry, Hugh W. and Catherine-Leroy, Nathaniel, Cordelia, Almira, Ellen Martha, D Sept., 1838, Luther Orton, D Nov., 1838, 1837.
Loomis, Cyrus and Hannah B. -Thomas Bradford, 1837.
Macumber, Stephen B. and Julia-William West, 1837.
Livermore, G. W and S.-Sarah Goodell, 1838.
Waters, F. and E.-Lucy Farnsworth, 1838.
Woodruff, Asahel-Martha, 1838.
Jones, Josiah-Jane, 1838.
Johnson, William-Sarah Elizabeth, 1838.
Moores, Stillman-Edward Payson, 1838; Lucy C., 1841.
Duran, Lyman and Samantha -Harvey Fenn, Harriet Finette, Asenath Cordelia, 1838.
Robbins, Lyman and Rowena-Diantha Smith, Mary Shirilla, Caroline Elizabeth, Edwin Royal, Sarah Rowena, 1838.
Newcomb, George W. and Godoiska-Henry Martin, George Keeney, 1838.
Durand, Nehemiah and Fila-Samuel Dean, Edwin William, Horace, Samuel Mason, Francis, Sarah Roxana, Polly Esther, 1839.
Taylor, Thomas-Samuel, 1839.
Taylor, David - John, James McRoberts, 1839.
Crosgrove, John-Emma, 1839.
Loomis, Cyrus - Frances, Fanny, 1839.
Northrop, D. C.-Lucy, 1839.
Ingersoll, Thomas-Chalmer, Lucy, Orton, Julia Alice, 1839.
Harrington, Jasper-Dewitt Clinton, Henry Jasper, 1839.
Davidson, S.-John, 1839.
Carlile, James D. and Aurelia-James Mainard, 1839.
Stone, Lester and Julia - Lavinia Sophia, 1840.
Hall Asa and Pauline-Mary Emma, 1840.
Waters, Franklin and Eliza-Asenath Sophia, 1840.
Elwood, P. P.-Elizabeth, admitted to church on profession, 1841.
Couch, Hiram and Rhoda-Henrietta, 1841.
Hopkins, Rev. T. M.-Emma Louise, 1841.
Wilson, Richard and Ellen-Charles Henry, 1841.
Thompson, Alexander and wife -Sarah Minerva, William, Mary Jane, 1842.
Crosgrove, John and Sarah-Sarah Ann.
Fay, John and Nancy-John Martin, 1842.
Farnsworth, Joseph and Frances-James Orton, Joseph Deloss, 1842.
Couch, Hiram and Rhoda-Rhoda, 1843; Martha and Mary, twins, 1846.
Johnston, Hugh and Eleanor-James Montgomery, 1843.
Smith, Leonard and Mary E.-Mary 1843.
Nichols, Wiseman and Fivilla C.-Amelia Frances, 1843.
Ingersoll, Thomas and Sarah -Walker, Clementine, 1843.
Hopkins, Tallman and Charlotte -Caleb Francis, 1843.
Durand, Fiske and Nancy-Carlile, Nancy Forsyth, Adalade Parthenia, 1843.
Hall, Asa-Franklin Asa, 1843.
Johnstone, Robert - Allen Wright, 1843.
Wheeler, Nathan R. and Elizabeth-George Henry, 1844.
Durand, Nehemiah and Fila-Platt and Gilbert, 1845.
Crosgrove, James and Elizabeth-Mary Elizabeth, 1845.
Davidson, Samuel and Margaret-Margaret, Sarah Jennet, 1845 or 1846.
Morse, Henry Gaylord-Wilson Fay, Henry Gaylord, 1845 or 1846.
Cochrane, Hugh-Nancy Martin or Marlyn, 1846.
Harrington, Jasper and Ruby-Ellen Elizabeth, 1846.
Carlisle, J. D. and Amelia-Harriet, 1846.
Hinckley, John G. and Mary-John Arthur, 1846.
Johnston, Robert and Julia-Frances Helen, 1846.
Morse, Gaylord - Quincy Byron, 1848.
Baldwin, A. W.-Augustine, Eliza Virginia, Alpheus, 1849.

Records of Marriages in the Presbyterian Church at Westfield, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.
Kelsey, Andrew and Betsey House, 1819.
___ ___ and Anna Dickson, 1819.
Norcross, ___ and Polly Diclsson, 1819.
Barre, Alvah and Hetty Robinson, 1819.
Smedley, James and Polly McChord, 1819.
Robinson, William and Nancy Cochrane, 1819.
Anderson, Samuel and Betsey Taylor, 1819,
Andrews, Asa and Harriet Clumph, Dec. 25, 1820.
Doty, William and Nancy Robinson, Nov. 1, 1820.
Mills, James and Peggy Blaine, Dec. 20, 1820.
Clumph, Thomas and Polly Couch, Jan. 11, 1821.
Howard, Mr. and ___ Dixon, Dec. 4, 1838.
Barnes, Mr. and Susan Cone, Jan. 1, 1839.

Stone, Betsey, Oct., 1831.
Riddle, Elizabeth, July, 1832
Cone, Sullivan, 1833.
Bird, Alvira Jennet, 1834.
Hopkins, Emaline, w of Zalmon, Sept. 20, 1838.
Howe, Loiza, Nov. 1, 1838.
Whitier, Mary, Sept., 1845.
Bird, Mrs., May 28, 1847, 78y.
Jones, Miss Olive P., June 3, 1847. 20y.
Willing, Mrs., Dec.30, 1848, 54y.
Dixon, Mrs. Abram, Mar.10, 1858

SOURCE - Mr. Frank B. Lamb, Westfield, NY