Swedish Church Records

Jamestown, Chautauqua County, NY

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The First Swedish Lutheran Church - organized 1856 (see below)
The Swedish Mission Church- Organized 1879
The Swedish Christian Zion Church - members who withdrew from the Swedish Mission Church in the 1880's.
Swediesh Immanuel Lutheran Church - members who withdrew from First S.L.C. in 1887.
A Danish service was held each Sunday in the rooms of the Y.M.C.A. from 1880's or 1890's.

The information and names given below were taken from The Diamond Jubilee of the First Lutheran Church of Jamestown, New York. formerly known as the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jamestown, Chautauqua County, New York. The first list gives the names of the first Swedish persons who settled in Chandlers Valley in Pennsylvania - just below Jamestown, NY. The story of how they came to settle here seems important and so it is repeated here.

In the month of August, 1846, a small company of Swedish immigrants arrived via the Erie Canal at Buffalo. The party consisted of: Germund JOHNSON and wife , their two daughters, Lousie, 9 and Josephine 7 years of age; Fredrik JOHNSON, wife and two children; Carl Magnus JOHNSON and Samuel DAHL. These strangers in a new land had only a vague idea of their destination, but intended to settle in one of the mid-western agricultural states, of which thay had received glowing reports in Sweden. In all probability not one of them had even heard of Warren County, PA., or Jamestown, New York. The stopover at Buffalo was forced by lack of funds for further travel. All available cash in the party amounted to 25 cents. To enable the adults of the party to look for employment, the small children of Mr. and Mrs. Germund Johnson, Louise and Josephine, were placed in a public home or shelter at Buffalo. When the parents after a few months returned to claim their children, they were informed that the little girls had been adopted by the families of Thomas Struthers in Warren and Robert Falconer at Sugar Grove, PA. in December of 1846. Father and Mother Johnson started out immediately and walked the entire distance from Buffalo to Sugar Grave. The daughters were found to have good homes with most estimable families, and already a strong mutual attachment had been formed between them and their foster-parents. An agreement was reached by all parties concerned by which the children were to remain in their new homes until eighteen years of age. Germund Johnson and wife were delighted with the natural beauty of the region. They decided to return to Buffalo and induce the other members of the party to remove to Sugar Grove. This migration took place on October 13, 1848. In the meanwhile Anders Peter JOHNSON, Johanna Charlotta JOHNSON, Liss Lena ANDERSON, Helen Lovisa PETERSON, and a family named OBERG, had arrived from Sweden. One historical record also includes the names of NORMAN, Carl Johnson and family and Karolina DAHL. These persons are the founders of the community known as Chandlers Valley, where a church was organized and named Hessel Valley, a reminder of Hesselby in Sweden, whence several of the colonizers had come.

Eighteen year old Johanna Charlotta Johnson moved to Jamestown from Chandlers Valley on the 9th day of June 1849 - the first person of Swedish birth to locate in this city. Shortly afterwards, a niece, Miss Sarah Johnston and aforementioned Liss Lena Anderson arrived. Larger opportunities for employment constituted the motive in coming to Jamestown. These three young women are the actual founders of the Swedish colony in Jamestown. By a priority of even only a few weeks, Johanna Charlotta Johnson enjoys the distinction of being endearingly called " the mother of the Swedish colony in Jamestown." This remarkable pioneer-woman was born in Hessleby, Sweden, July 20th 1830. She is better known as Mrs. Frank Peterson of Levant, for after her marriage in 1852 to Frank Peterson, this young couple settled upon a farm east of Jamestown in that locality. This highly respected family had a lar ge part in the organization of the First Lutheran Church. It is estimated that in 1860 the colony of Swedish person numbered 250.

The church was organized on July 26th 1856. With Rev Jonas Swenson, who had been called from Sweden acting as pastor and organizer. For further information on this organiztion - one should consult the Diamond Jubilee- copies are availab le at Fenton Historical Center in Jamestown and at the public libray in Falconer, N Y.

The following persons were either present at the memorable meeting in Chandlers Valley, ( on 26 July 1856)or had signified their intentio ns to become members.
Anderson, Anders, wife and 2 children Brandt, Johan Person, and family Berg, Samuel, wife and 4 children Eckholm, Aron Fredrik, wife and 2 children Finke, Fredrik Mauritz, wife and 2 children Gustafson, Johannes, wife and one child Hagel, Johan Magnus, wife and 3 children Hellstrom, Olof, and wife (born 1789) Hojer, Jonas Jonsson, and wife Isakson, Carl Johansson, Anders Senior, wife and 2 children Johansson, Carl Fredrik, wife and 2 children Johansson, (Frewsburg), Johan Oscar, wife and 2 children Johansson (Grenna), Anders, and wife Johansson, H. Charlotta and one child Johansson (Lonnberga), Anders, wife and 2 children Johnson, (widow) Brita Stina Nilsdotter and 2 children Johnson, Carl Fredrik, wife and one child Johnson, Lars August, wife and one child Jonsson, Johannes, wife and one child Klang, Carl Jonsson and wife Lundquist, Carl Fredrik, wife and 2 children Magnus, Johan Nilson, Nils Peter, wife and 5 children Nilson, Sven, wife and one child Noren, Per Adolf, wife and 2 children Peterson, Anders Fredrik, and wife Peterson, Johan, wife and 2 children Peterson, Johan Peter Fredrok, wife and 3 children Peterson, Otto , wife and 2 children Peterson, Per Johan, wife and one child Peterson, Samuel Johan and wife Samuelson, Anders, and wife Swensson, Gustaf, wife and 5 children Swenson, Swen, wife and 4 children Person, Jonas, wife and 2 children Larson, Andreas, and wife (born 1798) Peterson, Magnus, Mahn and wife Johansson, Gran and family Flink, and wife

Below is list of church members who died in the years from 1907-1931.
1907 Abrahamson, Anders, Johan Johnson, Edith M.T. Anderson, Anders Johna Johnson, Hulda Josephine Carlson, Otto L. Levander, Emma M. Frodelius, Julia Augusta Monson, Anna Johnson, Augusta Amanda Peterson, Lily F. Johnson, Brita Stina Rubin, Fredrika Johnson, Christina A. Swanson, Carl Adrain
1908 Abrahamson, C.F. Nordin, John Anderson, Edward E. Strand, Carl O. Berglund, Fredrika Z. Svenson, Anna Beata Johnson, Josefina C. Swanson, John E. Larson, Lovisa Swanson, Lisa K.
1909 Anderson, August P. Larson, Edla Brita Anderson, John Larson, Maria M. Anderson, Maria C. Lindquist, Carl Johan Blomquist, C.A. Emphred Nelson, Maria Kristina Brandin, Emma Nording, Anna M. Crantz, C.F. Marvin Peterson, Maria Dahlman, Mary Ann C. Peterson, Maria (different from above) Danielson, Carolina C. Setterlund, Gustava Eke, John August Sundberg, Christina Lovisa Gustafson, Oscar T. Swanson, A.W. Hedin, Anna Stina Swanson, Emma Johnson, Carl August Swanson, emily Johnson, Olof
1910 Anderson, Carl Otto Lindberg, Hans Anderson, Hanna K. Lofgren, A. Hildegard Benson, Carolina Magnuson, Anna Brita Bergquist, Gustaf R. Mattson, Erik Carlson, Johanna Olson, John S. Carlson, Ruth A.V. Peterson, Aaron Chelstrom, Anna K. Sampson, Christina M. Fredlund, Anna B. Benson Sundberg, Carl M. Johansson, Anna Maria Swanson, Agnes B.D. Larson, Anna S. Swanson, J.P. Lindberg, Anna H.
1911 Anderson, Emily Jones, J. Wm. Anderson, Jonas Peter Landberg, J. Edward M. Anderson, Lillian F.E. Lawson, Charles Anderson, Nils Peter Lindell, Christina E. Beckdahl, Anna A.C. Norman, John A. Berquist, Carlolina Sofia Peterson, Louisa Bloom, Benedicta Peterson, Mrs. John Carlquist, Hilda Sampson, Christina M. Carlson, Johannes Sandstrom, Mathilda S. Carlson, Peter E. Sjolander, Carl Johan Farm, Christina M. Skans, Maria Hultberg, Melva V. Stone, Catherina J. Johnson, Anna Elizabeth Stoneberg, John A. Johnson, Emma Sofia Swanson, Anna Sofia Johnson, Johannes Swanson, Lars L. Jones, Charles Fr. Thunberg, John A. Johnson
1912 Almquist, John A. Larson, Carl Olof Anderson, Clara C. Larson, Hjalmar I. Anderson, Jonas W. Larson, Maria L. Benson, Beda Anderson Lundberg, John Brodin, Anna Markstrom Nilson, Sven Magnus Carlson, Etta M. Peterson, Josephine A. Danielson, D.A. Samuelson, Maria C. Erickson, Carl Johan Soderberg, John August Felt, Albertina Vilhelmina Sundquist, Anders A. Frid, Maria Swanson, John A. Gustafson, John August Swanson, Wilhelmina Johnson, Ellen Victoria Swanson, Sven Jacob Johnson, Johanna L. Webeck, Albertina Gustava Johnson, Jonas August Wihlborg, Axel Wilhelm Johnson, Sven F.
1913 Berg, Genevieve Lindstrom, Gustava C. Carlson, John M. Palmer, Jonas P. Erickson, Carolina C. Peterson, Carl Gustaf Johnson, Augusta Ryd, Pars Larson Jones, Anna Maria Stark, Anna K. Jones, Mathilda B. Swanson, Mrs. Nellie Larson, A.P.
1914 Anderson, Alfred Jones, Maria Gustava Anderson, Charlotta C. Lawson, Anna Anderson, Florence E. Lawson, Wilhelmina J. Anderson, Johanna Maria Mattson, Brita Lina Anderson, Sofia Wilhelmina Nelson, Ida Josefina Busk, Paul Theo. Olson, Anna Katrina Erickson, Christina C. Ottander, Constansia E.K. Erickson, John Israel Peterson, Christina K. Hellgren, John E. Peterson, Lillian S.B. Hult, Lisa Katrina Ross, John Elmer Hultman, Carl J. Solomonson, John Johnson, Carl W. 1915 Anderson, Olof Johnson, George H.N. Beckstrand, Lawrence Johnson, Johanna Berg, Leora K. Johnson, Jonas Peter Bergquist, John M. Kullberg, John A. Bergwall, Joseph A. Lindros, Gustaf Frederick Dickson, Christina Josefina Nelson, Carolina Erickson, Albin Nelson, Lovisa Fornell, Christina Peterson, Christina Gustafson, Ruth Allene Sampson, Anna M. Hanson, Henry Swanson, John H. Hodgkinson, Mathilda Vestling, Carl Gottfred Jacobson, Susanna Winnberg, Laura M. Johnson, Alice 1916 Ahlstrom, Edith Johnson, John D. Anderson, Louise C. Johnson, Margaret Sofia Anderson, Swante Johnson, Oscar F. Carlson, C.F. Lindberg, Louisa Forsbeck, Johanna M. Melquist, Anna Freeburg, George Carl Nelson, Wilhelmina S. Goranson, Maria Olson, Christina E. Hammerquist, Augusta Olson, Inga Kajsa Hultberg, A.F. Ostrom, Gertrude M. Jacobson, Anna K. Peterson, Louise Jacobson, Carl Emil Wistrom, Anna Dorothea 1917 Abrahamson, Freda Johnson, Carl Albin Almquist, Johanna Johnson, Clara Anderson, Adolf Fr. Johnson, J. Alfred Anderson, Andrew O. Lagerquist, Theresia Anderson, Ida Christina Lawson, Anna G. Anderson, Louise Lindberg, Chas. F. Berg, Gust F. Magnuson, Solomon Berglund, Anna M. Morgan, John Magnus Berglund, Lars O. Nelson, Hildur E. Broman, Augusta M. Peterson, Emma Carlson, Anna Rapp, John A. Cederquist, Charles Seastrom, Bertha A. Erickson, Ebb P. Seastrom, Violet Farm, Daniel A. Stohl, Louise C. Fredrickson, Anna G. Stone, Lena Christina Freeman, Charles W. Strand. Alger J. Gustafson, C.J. Swanson, Anna Bertha Hedin, A.O. Swanson, Helen A. Hendrickson, Carolina Sofia Swanson, Henry Johnson, Carl A. Westerin, John August 1918 Allen, Anna Sophia Lofgren, Milton G. Allen, John Victor Lonngren, Maria Anderson, Charlotte Lundquist, Chas. Anderson, Ella Rhoda Nelson, Carl Eric Anderson, Lovisa F. Nelson, Reuben Bloomquist, Edward Olson, Anna Johanna Bloomquist, Sophie Palmer, Sophia Carlson, Mabel Peterson, Arthur Leander Carlson, Stina Margaret Peterson, Elmer Cederquist, Lovisa Sophie Peterson, Emelia Crantz, Frank Axel Peterson, Ida C. Erickson, Maria Elizabeth Sandstrom, William Felting, John M. Sellstrom, Carl Adolph Gustafson, Anna S. Shellberg, Svea Adele Hultgren, Anna Truedson Strand, And. Emil Johnson, A. Gunnar Strand, Anna Lovisa Johnson, Emma H. Swanson, Clarence Johnson, Ida Mathilda Swanson, Gunnard Johnson, Sophia M.C. Tordoff, Irene C.A. Jones, Samuel Wallgren, Maja Catherine Karlquist, Fritz Wallgren, Peter J.A. Kullberg, Christina Lindquist, Paul Edw. 1919 Anderson, C.M. Jones, Johanna Anderson, Gustaf Lager, Carl J. Anderson, Johanna G. Lindstrom, Gust Anderson, John A. Nelson, Carolina Carlson, J. August Nelson, J. Harold Cederquist, John Nelson, Olaus Danielson, Carl A. Norene, Peter A. Eck, Albertina Olson, Anna L. Gustafson, Lawrence O. Olson, Mrs. Arthur Johnson, Christina Peterson, Sofia Johnson, C. Julius Petterson, Ida Johnson, Erland Phillips, Alma Johnson, Eva P. Swanson, Swan A. Johnson, Inga Sofia Wall, Carl Johnson, Mrs Anna Maria Westrom, Adolph F.
1920 Abrahamson, Mrs. C. Neil, Mrs. Amalia E. Anderson, Anders P. Neil, Oscar Anderson, Jacob Nelson, Gustaf Adolf Anderson, Mrs. Ingrid Nelson, Lawrence R. Carlson, Mrs. Hilma Nelson, Sarah Alvina Frank, Carl F. Petterson, Augusta Frank, Mrs. Martha G. Shellberg, Mildred Gustafson, Anna Alvina Shobeck, Olaf Johnson, Anna Lena Soderling, John Johnson, John Emil Swanson, Johanna Johnson, Mrs. Agnes M. Winnberg, Jennie G. Jones, Charles J. Youngren, M. Louise Lindstrom, Charles P. 1921 Abrahamson, Mrs. Ellen Lawson, Reinhold Aldren, Corp. Harry W. Morgan, Mrs. Mathilda M. Anderson, John Martin Nelson, Andrew Anderson, Mrs. Fredrika Nelson, Elmer A. Bloomdahl, Gust Norman, Arthur L. Carlson, Mrs. Chas. J. Nyberg, Mrs. Hilma M. Eckman, W. Luther Ostrom, Mrs. Peter F. Eckstrom, C. Laverne Palm, Johannes Frey, John A. Peterson, Mrs. Frank Johnson, Carl J. Peterson, Mrs. Lisa Johnson, Fredolf Soderquist, Mrs. Anna Johnson, John Sundberg, Alexander Johnson, Mrs. Anna S. Writman, John F. Larson, Mrs. Rasmus 1922 Anderson, Florinda Johnson, Mrs. Mathilda S. Anderson, Frick Larson, Fred Anderson, John A. Lundgren, Anna Maria Berggren, Mrs. Mathilda Nelson, Mrs. J.H. Levander Cederquist, Charles A. Quiding, Jacob Kasimer Colander, Donald B. Sampson, Andrew M. Eckman, Nels P. Sellstrom, Carolina Erickson, Christine Skold, Johan Gustaf Johnson, Christoffer Swanson, Mrs. Emma P. Johnson, Mrs. Ida Caroline Ulander, Christine Peterson
1923 Anderson, Anders John Larson, Anna C. Anderson, Clara Larson, Mrs. Hannah Anderson, Gust Lawson, Charlotte C. Anderson, Hildegarde C. Levander, Rudolph Anderson, John Lindahl, Mrs. Eva C. Anderson, Keysa Lisa Lindell, Mrs. Clara Anderson, Mrs. Christina L. Lindstrom, Mrs. Mathilda Anderson, Mrs. Helen Magnuson, Petronella Bergman, Mrs Anna Miller, Mrs. Caroline Carlson, Christina Nelson, Jeanette Elsie V. Fornell, Nicholas Paulson, Hjalmar Emil Hellgren, Hedda Charlotta Peterson, Andrew John Jacobson, Mrs. Louise Peterson, Emil Johnson, Alfred Peterson, Nels J. Johnson, Charles A. Pihlblad, Jennie C. Johnson, Jonas Alfred Quist, Augusta Amelia Johnson, Mrs. Hilma C. Swanson, Mrs. Emma Jones, Andrew August Webeck, Charles Jones, Mrs. Chriatina S.
1924 Abrahamson, Louise M. Helgren, John William Anderson, Alida Josephina Holmberg, Louise A. Anderson, August Johnson, Charlotte R. Anderson, Emma Johnson, J. Herman Anderson, Johanna Kristina Lindberg, Peter J. Anderson, John August Magnuson, Mrs. Anna Anderson, Lars Peter Morgan, Alma O. Anderson, Mrs. Anna L. Nelson, Harold Edward Bogren, Minnie Nye, John Carlson, Carl Alfred Olson, Hilda M. Carlson, Johanna Parsons, Swan August Clauson, Helga Peterson, Anna C. Dickson, Charles M. Peterson, Fredric Franzen, Selma E. Peterson, Isaac Alfred Gladd, Lawrence Raymond Swanson, Gustava Matilda
1925 Anderson, Gustaf Lindstrom, John Anderson, Mrs. Mathilda C. Melquist, Mrs Amelia Anderson, Peter T. Nelson, Fanny F. Baker, Mrs. Carolina Nelson, Mrs. Sophia I. Bergwall, Mrs. Selma Nicholson, Mrs. Bothilda Berquist, Mrs. Emma C. Nording, Olof Carlson, August Albertine Oden, Marie Carlson, Mrs. Carolina Peterson, Mrs. Elenora Crantz, Mrs. Minnie Louise Quist, Selma Louise Ryden Erickson, Alexander Rahm, John A. Haggren, Violet Strand, John Jandrew, Mrs. Hilma Sundquist, Mrs. Anna T. Johnson, John F. Swanson, Mrs. Amanda C. Jones, Mrs. Amelia Swanson, Mrs. Christina
1926 Almquist, John Emil Langham, Mrs. Evelyn P. Anderson, John Larson, Lillian Bergman, August W. Larson, Raymond Bloomdahl, Mrs. Emily S. Lindahl, Nels Erick Carlson, Mrs, Anna Otilia Lindquist, Mrs. Sophia Dickson, Gustaf A. Lundgren, Mrs. Albertina Hanson, Nels Peter Molean, Emma Hanson, Mrs. Nels Peter Nelson, Mrs. Amelia C. Hult, Anna Christina Nelson, V. Fred Hultgren, Carl Otto Nicholson, Andrew Johnson, Betty Oberg, Ruth Johnson, G. Herman Sahlstrom, Mrs. Sophea Johnson, John August Seaburg, Evald B. Johnson, John P. Sellstrom, Geroge W. Johnson, Pastor Carl A. Weborg, Charles John Johnson, Susanna 1927 Anderson, Charles J. Larson, Christine Sophia Anderson, Doris Esther Larson, Mrs. Mary Anderson, Mrs. Caroline Morgan, Alfred Bloomquist, Mrs. Emily J. Morgan, Henry A. Carlson, Harold Alfred Nystrom, Mrs Sophia Cederquist, Mrs. Anna C. Olson, John Edeborg, Albert W. Palmquist, Mrs. Christina Elmeer, John Algot Skold, Mrs Sophia Greendahl, Ernest Walfred Soderquist, Mrs Hannah Hagg, Andrew Magnus Swanson, C.A. Hjertquist, Mrs. Mathilda Westrom, Mrs. Helena S. Hult, Mrs. Helen Sophia Winnberg, Ralph Lawrence Johnson, Mrs. Carolina M. Winroth, Mrs. Hilda A. Kling, Andrew J. Woite, Abbe
1928 Anderson, A. Swan Morgan, Mrs Sophie Anderson, Elsa Christine Olson, Mrs Anna Josephine Anderson, Hildur O.E. Olstrom, Mrs. Mathilda Anderson, Mrs. Lisa K. Olstrom, Peter Gustav Benson, Oscar Emil Peterson, A. Gilbert Carlson, Carl Johan Peterson, Mrs. Marie L. Carlson, John Peterson, Peter Elof Carlson, Mrs. Eva Charlotta Portala, Urho HArold Gustafson, Charles G. Sahlstrom, Myron Hermanson, Charles Sellstrom, Axel Johnson, Jonas August Swan, Evald A. Johnson, Mrs. Carolina Swanson, Miss Helen J. Lawson, Anders John Wicklund, Mrs. Annatt Lawson, Mrs. Mathilda 1929 Anderson, Charles William Lundell, Swan John Benson, Augusta Josefina Morgan, Melvin A. Berg, Gust Morgan , Nels August Dahlberg, Mrs. Emma Nelson, Maud S. Danielson, Claus August Peterson, August J. Erickson, John C. Peterson, Erik Frederickson, Mrs. Anna Peterson, Swan Alfred Frey, Mrs. Louisa R. Pihiblad, Mrs. Anna M. Gallagher, Mrs. Selma Pritchard, Allen E. Hager, Mrs Hannah Skans, Mrs. Minnie Johnson, C. Albert Solomonson, Mrs. Selma Johnson, Johan Peter Swanson, Mathilda J. Johnson, Mrs Emma S. Wicklund, Charles Gustaf Johnson, Mrs. Marie Winnberg, John M. Kleist, Mrs. Anna Louise
1930 Anderson, Mrs. Josephine Morgan, Frank H. Anderson, Mrs Mary Morgan, Mrs. Louise C. Carlson, Mrs. Josephina Nelson, Mrs. Anna C. Danielson, Carl Peter Norman, Mrs. Anna L. Felt, Frank OScar Peterson, Mrs. Mary C. Gustafson, Albin Peterson, Mrs. Mathilda J. Hultquist, Mrs. Mathilda C. Peterson, Peter Johan Johnson, Andrew Peter Strand, Carl Otto Johnson, Gustav Elof Swanlon, Mrs Elizabeth Johnson, Johan August Swanson, Mrs. Anna C. Johnson, Mrs Ida Emelia Writman, Clara Johanna Lindell, Alice Lindquist 1931 Anderson, Gustaf Holmquist, Harold F. Anderson, Mrs. Anna Josephine Johnson, Alfred Otto Benson, Mrs. Augusta Johnson, Andrew Benson, Mrs Christin Lejon Lager, Mrs. Ida Berg, Miss Amanda Larson, Lars August Dahlgren, Mrs. Kristina Osberg, Mrs. Anna C. Fox, Mrs Ethel Erickson Roseberg, Mrs. Johanna Hager, Arthur Henning Sjolander, Mrs Johanna Hanson, August Swanson, Anders John Hendrickson, Mrs. Hilma S. Swenson, John Samuel

SOURCE - Donna Mills, Fredonia, N. Y.