1850 Census - County Poorhouse Inmates

County Poorhouse Inmates - 1850 Census
Dewittville, Chautauqua County, NY

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The spelling of names is as close as I could figure them out;

A.M. MAYNARD, 39 B NY Poor House Keeper
Amanda Maynard, wife 39 b NY
Henry 18 b NY Son Corydon Son 11, Darwin Son, 8, William son 6
Nancy HASKEL 32 b NY Staff

Giles HALLIDAY, 39 b US Idiot
Pyntha ? COVILLE, 38 female b NY Idiot
Fanny HEADING b England 64 Idiot
Francis HOWE, male b NY 61 Pauper
Alvin PURDY or PERCY 68 Clothier, b CT Pauper
Sally Ann HEIMBERLY 64 b CT Pauper
Mehitable WOODCOCK 53 b VT Pauper
Catherine COONY 34 b NY Pauper
Lwelling LEWIS male 7, b NY Pauper
Francis LEWIS, 6 b NY Pauper
George LEWIS, age 1 b NY Pauper
Timothy GOODNUFF 62 b VT, Idiot
Pattrick KANER 60 b Ireland weaver Pauper
Andrew MOOUNTAIN 44 b Canada Pauper
Mahitable MOUNTAIN 68 b MA Pauper
Samantha CHAFEE 29 b NY Pauper
Charles SWEENEY 8 NY Pauper
Lucinda McCLINTOCK 37 b NY Idiot
Phebe CARPENTER 10 b Ohio Idiot
James WARD 45 b PA Pauper
Joshua ACKLEY 60 b NY Pauper
Philetus WICKSON, male 39 b NY Pauper
Daniel HILL or HESS 84 b Germany pauper
William RILEY, 64 b Ireland, Pauper
Ruty LEE, female 38 b CT Pauper
Priscilla SHAFFNER 76 b CT Pauper
James TAGGART 80 b NH Pauper
Gerrit ARMSTRONG 80 Blacksmith b NY Pauper
___ POOL male 34 b Canada Pauper
Lewis THOMAS, 25 Black Male, b Kentucky Pauper
Andrew REED 31 shoemaker b NY Pauper
Harry M REED age 2 b NY pauper
Hannah FOSDICK, 64 Lunatic, birth place unk;
Hannah HUNGERFORD, 72 b MA Lunatic
Hannah MOORE 40 b ? Lunatic
Basheby (Bathsheba? ) LITTLE 45 b US Lunatic
Caroline ACKERMAN, 19 b US Idiot
Isaac M. BENNETT 70 b CT Carpenter and joiner Lunatic
Edward FISHER 38 b VT Pauper
Jacob LOCKWOOD 60 b VT Cloth dresser, lunatic
Susan SLAYTON, 44 b MA, Pauper
Polly WILBOR 49 b MA, Lunatic
Juda BABBITT female 60 b MA Pauper
John ALLEN 63 Blacksmith b Ireland Pauper
Alondo RUG 29 male b NY Idiot
Luana PATTERSON 32 Pauper
Henry PATTERSON, son 5 pauper
Lewis Patterson son 3 B NY Pauper
Fanny FROST 30 b NY Pauper
Edward TOBIN b NY 3 pauper
John REYNOLDS, 69 b NY Pauper
William FORBES 70 b NY Pauper
Elizabeth CHUM 60 b Germany Lunatic
Seth JENNINGS 83 CT Pauper
Sanford MANNING 30 b NY Idiot
Kennison STOW, 27 b NY Idiot
Charles BUNDY 64 b England Pauper
John MACINTOSH 36 b NY pauper
Mary Macintosh 50 b England, pauper
William Macintosh 9
Priscilla Macintosh 5
Mary Ann Macintosh 9 months
James HOLLAND 51 b Ireland Pauper
Levi OSBORN 60 b MA, Pauper
Phebe Stans? 22 Ohio Pauper
Nancy her dau 1 b NY pauper
Susan WEBB 39 b Canada, pauper
James WEBB her son, age 4
Martha CHAFEE 8 b NY pauper
Abigail STOW, 58 b VT, pauper
Lovena TILLOTSON, 25, b NY pauper
James HARLEY or HARDEY 50 b Ireland, Pauper
Thomas WILLIAMS, 55 b US pauper
Mariah MASON, female, 32 b Ireland, Pauper
Charles, her son, 6 Francis her son 3 both b Canada
James CARPENTER, 71 b MA, pauper
Edward PHIELAS ? Ireland, 31 pauper
Wife Emma, 21 b NY Pauper
Lodema KING 18 female b NY pauper
Terry CHANCEY 24 b Ireland, Pauper
William CLARKE, 24 b England, pauper

Provided by Dolores Davidson, 2001.