Births in the Town of Cazenovia 1847-1848
Births in the Town of Cazenovia
For the Years 1847 and 1848
From Town of Cazenovia Records
Transcribed and Compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten
Posted January 15, 2000
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This listing, which also included births and marriages, was a short lived attempt to keep record of the vital statistics of the Town of Cazenovia.  The original records are still held by the Town of Cazenovia.

Some spelling modifications or corrections have been made to surnames to allow for easy computer searching, and the tabular format of the originial is presented in text form, with columns re-arranged and connecting heads added ("born", "son of") for better reading.

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______, Henry B., born November 11, 1848, illegitimate child, parents not listed.
Alden, Franklin O., born June 14, 1847, son of James and Mary Alden.
Banister, Charles H., born November 14, 1847, son of Henry and Lucy R. Banister.
Barnes, ______, born August 15, 1847, son of William H. and Josephine Barnes.
Bishop, ______, born December 3, 1847, daughter of James and Nancy Bishop.
Bissell, Eunice M., born April 8, 1848, daughter of John L. and Mary A. Bissell.
Blair, ______, born December 8, 1847, daughter of Alvan and Vernira Blair.
Blake, Elizabeth, born August 1, 1848, daughter of Peter and Anne Blake.
Borden, Ellen L., born March 23, 1847, daughter of Bateman and Percilla A. Borden.
Bordwell, ______, born July 2, 1847, daughter of Joel and Dolly Bordwell.
Bowers, Lemuel M. Jr., born August 4, 1848, son of Lemuel M. and Betsy Bowers.
Bowers, Sylva M., born November 21, 1848, daughter of John C. and Clarissa Bowers.
Brewster, ______, born December 22, 1847, daughter of Charles and Mary Brewster.
Caswell, Charles J., born February 14, 1848, son of Charles and Harriet Caswell.
Chappell, Mary A., born May 16, 1847, daughter of Edward and Julia Chappell.
Chubbock, ______, born September 3, 1848, son of Jefferson and Francis M. Chubbock.
Coleman, Michael, born November 9, 1847, son of Peter and Hannah Coleman.
Combs, Edwin F., born January 14, 1847, son of Charles E. and Louisa Combs.
Cook, Francis A., born June 2, 1847, daughter of Sterry S. and Fanny H. Cook.
Cranston, Charles L., born April 7, 1848, son of Charles and Abigail Cranston.
Cross, George W., born February 25, 1847, son of Lewis and Chloe Cross.
Curtis, ______, born December 10, 1847, son of Patrick and Thirza Curtis.
Cushing, Justin L., born November 16, 1847, son of Orlando and Clarrissa Cushing.
Daniels, Charles O., born August 5, 1847, son of Orville and Emeline Daniels.
Darling, ______, born August 25, 1848, daughter of J. Lincklaen and Augusta A. Darling.
Darling, Ida F., born June 4, 1848, daughter of Elijah and Nancy Darling.
Dewey, Gary, born February 26, 1848, son of Franklin J. and Clarrissa Dewey.
Dewey, William A., born March 13, 1848, son of Marcus B. and Anne Dewey.
Dirkin, Martin E., born October 19, 1847, son of James and Margaret Dirkin.
Dodge, Sarah J., born September 14, 1848, daughter of Gardner and Jane Dodge.
Dorcey, ______, born December 9, 1848, son of Patrick and Catharine Dorcey.
Doty, Elinor, born September 26, 1847, daughter of Fay and Delila Doty.
Eldridge, ______, born December 21, 1848, son of George W. and Polly A. Eldridge.
Elmor, Francis M., born June 29, 1847, daughter of S.P. and Maria P. Elmor.
Foster, John, born September 16, 1847, son of Andrew and Polly A. Foster.
Freeborn, Chauncey, born November 12, 1847, son of Daniel and Alice Freeborn.
Freeborn, James N., born August 18, 1847, son of Elam S. and Rhoda Freeborn.
Freeborn, Lucy A., born January 29, 1847, son of Van Rensselaer and Silence Freeborn.
Garaty, John Jr., born December 25, 1847, son of John and Julia Garaty.
Golden, Nicholas, born June 18, 1847, son of Patrick and Margaret Golden.
Harage, Edward P., born February 10, 1848, son of Barnard and Mary Harage.
Harvey, Henry W., born April 2, 1847, son of Reuben and Susan Harvey.
Hopkins, Harriet M., born March 21, 1848, daughter of William  and Esther Hopkins.
Hough, Anna C., born September 24, 1848, daughter of W. Jerome and Margaret Hough.
Howson, John W., born April 7, 1847, son of Robert and Elizabeth Howson.
Hutchinson, Adalma W., born March 29, 1848, son of Charles and Clarrissa M. Hutchinson.
Irons, Allison E., born September 18, 1847, son of John F. and Mary F. Irons.
Jackson, Andrew, born June 11, 1847, son of William and Hannah D. Jackson.
Jackson, Franklin E., born August 14, 1847, son of E. Steele and Hannah D. Jackson.
Jackson, Frederick A., born July 26, 1847, son of Abram and Cornelia Jackson.
Jewell, Ellin M., born August 8, 1848, daughter of Henry O. and Catharine Jewell.
Kingsbury, Augustus J., born April 17, 1848, son of John F. and Julia Kingsbury.
Kinney, George C., born October 27, 1848, son of C.C. and Fanny H. Kinney.
Lacy, Edwin E., born August 9, 1847, son of Oscar and Julia Lacy.
Lanahart, Josephine, born March 8, 1847, daughter of Simon and Lydia Lanahart.
Lockman, William F., born September 15, 1848, son of Tracy and Sarah Lockman.
Lucas, Sarah L., born October 14, 1847, daughter of Lovader and Eliza A. Lucas.
McDaniel, James, born December 1, 1847, son of William and Mary Ann McDaniel.
McFee, Maria J., born May 20, 1847, daughter of John and Phebee McFee.
Munson, Horace, born October 13, 1848, son of Charles and Esher J. Munson.
Murdock, John Jr., born March 3, 1847, son of John and Betsy Murdock.
Murphy, Margaret, born October 16, 1848, daughter of Dennis and Mary Murphy.
Newell, Henry A., born May 8, 1848, daughter of Charles and Lorinda Newell.
Norton, J.C., born March 28, 1848, son of Clark and Catharine Norton.
Norton, Sylva M., born September 25, 1847, daughter of Philo P. and Martha A. Norton.
O'Conner, Hannah, born May 25, 1848, daughter of John and Julia Ann O'Conner.
Owens, Mary M., born April 18, 1847, daughter of George and Gerusha Owens.
Page, Emily J., born November 9, 1847, daughter of James H. and Deantha J. Page.
Pangburn, Malissa M., born June 24, 1847, daughter of Cyrenus and Anne Pangburn.
Parsons, Hellen S., born January 15, 1848, daughter of Ambrose and Sophia Parsons.
Partello, ______, born November 30, 1847, son of Alfred M. and Francis M. Partello.
Partello, Hannah, born October 15, 1848, daughter of Alfred M. and Francis M. Partello.
Peet, Eber D., born June 7, 1848, son of Eber and Mary Peet.
Post, John A. Jr., born March 9, 1847, son of John A. and Celestia Post.
Post, Lydia, born January 10, 1848, daughter of Abram and Sarah Post.
Potter, Charles S., born November 1, 1847, son of Stephen M. and Anne Potter.
Pulford, Charles, born October 27, 1848, son of David M. and Francis M. Pulford.
Quaife, Mariah E., born October 3, 1847, daughter of Walter and Rosaline L. Quaife.
Rogers, Jonathan B., born September 30, 1847, son of Allen and Julia A. Rogers.
Salisbury, ______, born November 29, 1847, daughter of Oliver and Julia Salisbury.
Severance, ______, born April 7, 1848, daughter of Apollos and Eveline Severeance.
Seymour, Florencia, born August 18, 1848, daughter of Eleazer and ______ Seymour.
Shapley, ______, born October 20, 1848, daughter of John and Mary Shapley.
Skiff, ______, born November 31, 1848, son of Caleb and Almira Skiff.
Soult, Franklin, born April 28, 1848, son of Nathaniel and Amanda Soult.
Spencer, William, born January 14, 1848, son of Christopher and Anne Spencer.
Steadman, Mary J., born October 22, 1847, daughter of George and Sarah Steadman.
Sweetland, Edward W., born May 5, 1847, son of James W. and Mary E. Sweetland.
Swift, John J., born January 24, 1848, son of Heman and Betsey Swift.
Swift, William, born April 1, 1847, son of Miron C. and Jane Swift.
Talbott, Ann E., born July 26, 1847, daughter of Hiram and Adelia Talbott.
Thompson, Hannah, born August 12, 1847, daughter of Horace and Abigail Thompson.
Touisant, Charles W., born March 25, 1848, son of Peter A. and Susan Touisant.
Trobridge, Amaziah, born April 12, 1847, son of M.J. and Clarinda Trobridge.
Turner, Henry, born June 17, 1847, son of Robert and Jane Turner.
Tuttle, Hannah M., born March 19, 1847, daughter of Sheldon G. and Mellisa Tuttle.
Tuttle, Hannah P., born June 19, 1848, daughter of Reuben and Marion Tuttle.
Van Riper, Francis A., born September 10, 1847, daughter of Austin and Catharine Van Riper.
Ward, Martin E., born November 2, 1847, son of John and Mary Ward.
Webber, George, born November 3, 1847, son of Hudson and Sarah Webber.
Webber, Martha L., born March 15, 1847, daughter of Charles and Polly A. Webber.
Weld, Charles R., born March 19, 1847, son of Ezra G. and D.R. Weld.
White, Alice E., born February 8, 1847, daughter of John and Sarah White.
White, Osun, born June 8, 1847, son of Leonard and Clarrissa White.
Whitney, Francis, born December 9, 1848, daughter of John E. and Maria Whitney.
Williams, Charles R., born May 23, 1847, son of Nathaniel and Susan Williams.