An Index of the First 20 Years of Photos from the Cazenovia Republican
First Twenty Years of Local Photographs
from the Cazenovia Republican  1895 to 1914
Daniel H. Weiskotten
posted here October 15, 1998
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(Checked back to 1/4/1894 and  forward to 12/31/1914)
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This is only a listing.  The numbers are not references, only sequential numbers
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Microfilms of this paper are available at the Cazenovia Public Library, 100 Albany Street, Cazenovia, NY
I suggest that you run a word search to find what you are looking for.
  1. 6/20/1895 :2,  Graduates of 1895, Cazenovia Seminary
  2. 4/6/1896 :3, Roentgen Ray Photographs (two images). "Both of these cuts are from the photographs taken by the mysterious X rays, and made in the office of The Republican under the direction of Prof. S.C.Hutchinson, of Cazenovia Seminary.  They are without a doubt the first successful application of this most mysterious of nature's forces ever made in Madison County."
  3. 7/24/1897 :2, Cazenovia Seminary buildings
  4. 8/11/1898 :3, Presbyterian Church and Manse, 100th anniversary
  5. 11/10/1898 :4, Michael E. Driscoll, Syracuse, elected to Congress
  6. 2/23/1899 Alfred E. Dow, County Judge and Surrogate, obituary
  7. 7/10/1902 James Sims, born July 9, 1802, 100th birthday
  8. 7/24/1902 :8, E.S.Jillson, Erieville, insurance advertisement
  9. 3/12/1903 John B. Van Petten, Civil War General, visiting Cazenovia
  10. 6/25/1903 Rev. David Keppel, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  11. 6/25/1903 Cazenovia Seminary buildings
  12. 6/25/1903 Rev. Frederick D. Buckley, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  13. 6/25/1903 :2, Seminary Basket Ball Team, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  14. 6/25/1903 :2, Lyceum Debating Team, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  15. 6/25/1903 :4, Seminary Foot Ball Team, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  16. 6/25/1903 :6, President F.D.Blakeslee, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  17. 6/25/1903 :6, Seminary Girl's Basket Ball Team, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  18. 6/25/1903 :8, Judge D.P.Baldwin, speaker at Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  19. 7/30/1903 :8, Albert N. Wheelock, New Woodstock, obituary
  20. 7/30/1903 :8, "Residence, Egg Wagon and Egg House Interior of the Late Albert N. Wheelock, of New Woodstock, N.Y." (from Ellsworth and Richmond History of New Woodstock ..., 1901)
  21. 12/10/1903 :6, Dr. E.L.Ensign, Erieville, obituary
  22. 1/7/1904 "James Sims, Born July 9, 1802 Died January 4, 1904," obituary
  23. 2/11/1904 Cazenovia Lake, accompanying article on ice harvesting
  24. 3/31/1904 David S. Lounsberry and Polly M. Keeler Lounsberry, wedding anniversary
  25. 5/12/1904 Factory of the Cazenovia Canning Company
  26. 7/23/1904 Dr. S. Parkes Cadman, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  27. 7/23/1904 Cazenovia Seminary buildings
  28. 7/23/1904 Rev. John W. Webb, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  29. 7/23/1904 :5, Cazenovia Seminary Football Team, 1904, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  30. 7/23/1904 :6, Cazenovia Seminary Basket Ball Team, 1904, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  31. 7/23/1904 :6, Cazenovia Seminary Base Ball Team, 1904, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  32. 7/23/1904 :7, Cazenovia Seminary Graduating Class of 1904, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  33. 7/23/1904 :7, Rev. J.D.Phelps, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  34. 8/25/1904 Steamer "Chas. DeMong" on Erie Canal, Citizens Hook and Ladder Co. cruise
  35. 1/19/1905 :8, advertisement, "Princess, a Handsome Angora Cat" for sale
  36. 4/13/1905 Chauncey B. Cook, obituary
  37. 4/20/1905 Dr.E.C.Bass, obituary
  38. 5/11/1905 Rev. R.J.Thompson, new Paster of Baptist Church
  39. 6/22/1905 Delos W.Cameron, obituary
  40. 6/29/1905 Grandfather clock built by L.C.Barnes (J.W.Abell photo)
  41. 7/6/1905 Austin Van Riper, 100th birthday
  42. 8/17/1905 Michael Henry Kiley, County Judge and Surrogate candidate
  43. 9/28/1905 John G. Todd, Civil War photo
  44. 9/28/1905 Capt. John G. Todd, January 1, 1905
  45. 10/5/1905 James R. Barnett, Civil War photo, killed at Antietam
  46. 10/5/1905 Edwin G. Frink, Civil War photo, June 1863
  47. 10/12/1905 "Otselic Squad" Co. H. 35th N.Y. Vol., Civil War photo: (Edward G.) Frink, _______ Peterson, _______ Rogers, "Huldah" (______ ______), "Spesh" (George C. Smithe)
  48. 10/12/1905 Drill and Camp, Co. H. 35th N.Y. Vol., Civil War photo
  49. 10/19/1905 George C. Smithe, Civil War photo, 1863
  50. 10/19/1905 E. Frank Blair, County Treasurer candidate
  51. 10/26/1905 Robert J. Fish, Assembly nominee
  52. 11/16/1905 George C. Smithe ("Spesh"), Co. H. 35th N.Y. Vol., recent photo
  53. 1/4/1906 Michael H. Kiley, County Judge and Surrogate
  54. 3/1/1906 Rev. E.E.Davidson, Evangelist
  55. 8/2/1906 Orlando W. Burhyte, Brookfield, Member of Assembly
  56. 8/23/1906 Annual outing of the Citizens Hose Co., Thousand Islands
  57. 9/27/1906 Thomas D. Lewis, Senate nominee
  58. 10/11/1906 Michael E. Driscoll, Syracuse, Congress nominee
  59. 3/21/1907 Nicholas Honyost, Oneida Indian, accused of murder
  60. 3/21/1907 Henry B. Coman (Judge at murder trial?)
  61. 3/21/1907 P.E.Mulligan, Village Trustee
  62. 3/21/1907 Wm. W. Rice, Village President
  63. 3/21/1907 Myron Joslin, Village Trustee
  64. 4/4/1907 "Cabby," a horse, of a coach team owned by Mr. (Cornelius) Vanderbuilt, formerly by Harry Devers of Cazenovia
  65. 4/18/1907 "The Bliss Excursion," trip to Washington, DC: Miss Mary Evarts, Miss Helen Congdon, Miss Cornelia MacDermott, Mrs. David Rice, F.St.Germain, Mrs. F.St.Germain, Mrs. J.L.Keller, J.L.Keller, Dr. S.S.Biddens, Mrs. S.S.Biddens, Mrs. L.H.Marvin, David M. Rice, Mrs. James Clary, Mrs. C.C.Biddens, Mrs L.C.Sherman, Mrs. C.H.Biddens, Miss Ada S. Hakes, Miss Inez Hamilton, Miss Elizabeth Clark, Miss Genevive Rice, Clayton Crowell, Mr. Stringer, Mr. A.K.Carter
  66. 5/30/1907 Cemetery scene (probably not Cazenovia), Memorial Day exercises planned
  67. 6/20/1907 Lincklaen House
  68. 6/20/1907 Lincklaen House
  69. 6/27/1907 Rev. Charles E. Hamilton, Albany, Cazenovia Seminary graduation speaker
  70. 6/27/1907 :7, Rev. Wallace E. Baldwin, Ithaca, sermon at Methodist Episcopal Church
  71. 6/27/1907 :8, D.P.Baldwin, formerly of Fenner, portrait presented to Cazenovia Seminary
  72. 9/12/1907 Clifton Mallory (not local), will present "David Garrick" assisted by local talent
  73. 10/17/1907 Oneida High School building, comparison of expenses for new County Courthouse at Wampsville
  74. 10/31/1907 :2, Madison County Jail at Morrisville
  75. 11/21/1907 Rev. M.P.Blakeslee, obituary
  76. 12/12/1907 Rollin Knox Blair, obituary
  77. 1/2/1908 George H. Blakeslee, visit to Japan
  78. 1/2/1908 C.A.Fox, retires as Supervisor (of Town)
  79. 1/2/1908 James A. Loyster, becomes Supervisor (of Town)
  80. 1/23/1908 Lucy A. Mann, obituary
  81. 3/19/1908 F.E.Richardson, new Village Trustee
  82. 3/19/1908 Patrick Carr, new Village President
  83. 3/19/1908 L.M.Woodworth, new Village Trustee
  84. 3/19/1908 A.W.Mawson, new Village Trustee
  85. 7/2/1908 Webster Appleton Edgar, Lieutenant Commander, Navy officer
  86. 7/30/1908 Frank A. Miller, School Commissioner candidate, 2nd District of Madison County
  87. 8/13/1908 :3, Central City Business School, Syracuse, advertisement: Cecelia Veling, Oneida; Andrew Dardis, Cazenovia; Margaret A. Maxwell, Canastota; Raymond Sanford, Morrisville; Ethel Brown, Cazenovia; J.R.Calhoun, Cazenovia; Marguerite Callahan, Cazenovia; Ada M. Andrus, Georgetown; Edith Jenkins, New Woodstock; Harriet Richardson, Canastota; Regina Gallivan, Canastota; Bertha Goodfellow, Chittenango; Helena Brown, Canastota; Leona Shaver, Peterboro
  88. 9/24/1908 N. Arlie Klock, obituary
  89. 10/1/1908 Annual outing of the Franklin Car Co. office employees, Franklins in front of the Lincklaen House
  90. 10/1/1908 Congressman (Michael E.) Driscoll (Syracuse)
  91. 10/1/1908 John Hill, Perryville, Sheriff candidate
  92. 10/8/1908 Jotham P. Allds, Norwich, Senate candidate
  93. 10/15/1908 New Woodstock Baptist Church
  94. 10/15/1908 Rev. John Peck, past Pastor, New Woodstock Baptist Church
  95. 10/15/1908 Rev. W.O.Stearns, present Pastor, New Woodstock Baptist Church
  96. 10/15/1908 Robert L. Clark, Stockbridge, County Treasurer candidate
  97. 10/29/1908 Frank M. Williams, Oneida, State Engineer
  98. 10/29/1908 William H. Savage and M. Ada Hill Savage, 50th wedding anniversary
  99. 10/29/1908 R.W.Thomas, professor at Colgate
  100. 12/24/1908 Mrs. M.A.Cuykendall, obituary
  101. 12/24/1908 John Aldrich Wells, obituary
  102. 12/24/1908 Thomas Roach, obituary
  103. 2/4/1909 Herbert J. Rouse, reappointed Post Master
  104. 2/18/1909 Rev. M.V.Williams, Athens, PA, speaking at local churches
  105. 5/20/1909 :4, Frank Barilla, advertisement, adding a shoe shine stand
  106. 6/3/1909 Edwin J. Brown, Memorial Day address
  107. 6/10/1909 :4, Dr. Harry C. Webb, advertisement, Syracuse, painless tooth extracting at the Lincklaen house
  108. 6/24/1909 Rev. Charles Drake Skinner, President, Cazenovia Seminary
  109. 6/24/1909 :7, Bishop John W. Hamilton, Boston, MA, speaker at Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  110. 7/1/1909 Rev. Silas E. Persons, degree from Colgate
  111. 7/15/1909 Melville A. Clark, harpist
  112. 7/29/1909 :4, J.S.Bragunier, advertisement, electrical work and supplies
  113. 8/12/1909 "Muggsy" at Morrisville base ball tournament, a snapshot
  114. 8/19/1909 :3, Central City Business School, Syracuse, advertisement: Kathryn Stapleton, Cazenovia; Nellie Collins, Earlville; Christina Vollmer, Cazenovia; J.R.Calhoun, Cazenovia; L.A.Yurman, Oneida; L.L.Cook, Oneida; G.D.Humphrey, Canastota; Milton Stafford, Perryville; Robert Andrews, Morrisville; Percy F. Loope, Cincinnatus; Helen Worlock, Canastota; Ruth Doremus, Cazenovia; A.N.Thompson, DeRuyter; Josephine Keefe, Earlville; Mildred Bettinger, Chittenango; Marguerite Callahan, Cazenovia
  115. 11/25/1909 Rev. C.H.Fitzwilliams, lecture at Baptist Church
  116. 3/17/1910 P.E.Mulligan, elected Village President
  117. 3/31/1910 "North Side of Albany Street, Fifty Years Ago ...," article about Madison County Bank
  118. 3/31/1910 :4, Ralph W. Thomas, Colgate professor, Congressional candidate
  119. 3/31/1910 :8, Rev. E.W.Doughty, missionary, speaking at local churches
  120. 3/31/1910 :8, B.C.Bonarjee, missionary, speaking at local churches
  121. 4/14/1910 :2, Frank G. Helyar, elected Director of State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  122. 4/14/1910 :14, County buildings at Morrisville that have been transferred to the State
  123. 4/28/1910 Ralph Wilmer Thomas, Senate nominee
  124. 5/12/1910 Helen Hemingway, contest winner, first place
  125. 5/12/1910 Christine Atwell, contest winner, second place
  126. 5/12/1901 John Henry McGrath, obituary
  127. 6/16/1910 The original Ferndell mill in 1856, article about T.W.Thayer Co.
  128. 6/16/1910 The present Ferndell mill, article about T.W.Thayer Co.
  129. 6/23/1910 Class of 1910, Cazenovia Seminary (no caption)
  130. 6/23/1910 Rev. Wesley W. Bowdish, New Haven, CT, Cazenovia Seminary graduation
  131. 8/25/1910 Rev. F.N.Darling, new pastor, Baptist Church
  132. 8/25/1910 Samuel Ferguson, obituary
  133. 8/25/1910 Robert A. Taft, guest staying in the Googin Cottage, Sullivan Street
  134. 8/25/1910 Rev. Father James M. Murphy, new Pastor, St. James Church
  135. 8/25/1910 :4, George S. Shute and Harriet E. Rogers Shute, 48th wedding anniversary
  136. 9/15/1910 Kirk B. Delano, renominated for Assembly
  137. 10/6/1910 F.M.Williams, Oneida, renominated for State Engineer
  138. 10/13/1910 William West, Hamilton, obituary
  139. 10/13/1910 M.E.Driscoll, Syracuse, renominated for Senate
  140. 10/13/1910 :2, E. Leland Hunt, Oneida, District Attorney nominee
  141. 10/20/1910 :2, Herbert L. DeClercq, Cortland, personal sketch
  142. 11/10/1910 Clifton Mallory, play at Town Hall
  143. 11/17/1910 :8, James F. White and Katherine Payne White, 50th wedding anniversary
  144. 1/5/1911 St. Peter's Church
  145. 1/5/1911 Rev. John T. Rose, 20 years at St. Peter's Church
  146. 1/5/1911 :8, Dr. Theron R. Green, former Pastor, Methodist Church
  147. 1/5/1911 :8, George Atwell's mill, a new industry
  148. 1/19/1911 George S. Shute, retires from stage driving
  149. 1/19/1911 :2, Mabel Carroll, contest winner
  150. 2/16/1911 Lucy White Fox, obituary
  151. 2/16/1911 Anna R. Callahan, guest at a ball in Charlestown, MA
  152. 2/23/1911 Anna Laura Waring, Central Square, Lyceum-Adelphian Public, photo by Covell
  153. 2/23/1911 :8, Japanese style booth at the Odd Fellows fair, Canastota
  154. 4/20/1911 Cazenovia Seminary Basket Ball Team
  155. 5/4/1911 M.H.Kiley, reelected to School Board
  156. 5/4/1911 L.M.Woodworth, reelected to School Board
  157. 5/4/1911 W.W.Clark, reelected to School Board
  158. 5/4/1911 Dr. F.C.Watson, reelected to School Board
  159. 5/11/1911 Mr. and Mrs. John Atkinson, 62nd wedding anniversary
  160. 5/11/1911 :6, advertisement for Sig Sautelle's circus
  161. 5/18/1911 Cazenovia Seminary Debating Team: Albert J. Childs, Erieville; Sydney F. Foster, Cazenovia; Allen L. Woodworth, Cazenovia; Harry M. Gage, LeRaysville, PA
  162. 5/18/1911 Mr. and Mrs. Newell Webber, 50th wedding anniversary
  163. 5/25/1911 Rev. W.O.Stearns, Memorial Day orator
  164. 5/25/1911 John F. Kingsbury, 94 years old
  165. 6/1/1911 John T. Roberts, President of the State Agriculture School at Morrisville
  166. 6/1/1911 Buildings of the State Agriculture School at Morrisville
  167. 6/1/1911 Henry B. Coman, delivers address at the opening of the State Agriculture School at Morrisville
  168. 6/1/1911 (M.H.) Kiley, helped establish the State Agriculture School at Morrisville
  169. 6/15/1911 Cazenovia Public Library
  170. 6/15/1911 George D. Hayes, Manager of the Cazenovia Base Ball Association
  171. 6/22/1911 Class of 1911, Cazenovia Seminary: Loretta Heffernan, Alma Keith, Warena Clements, Florence Davis, Gwendolin Jones, Laura Woodworth, Joseph Stapleton, Chartley Hutchinson, Prof. Bailey, Corrine Jones, Mildred Davis, Harold Bentley, Nora Morse, Fred Pyne, Kingsley Niles, Mary Driscoll, Edward Flanagan, Fred Bailey, Carl Boland, Rachel Sherman, Norma Riggal, Edward Driscoll, Alice Flanagan, Mary O'Neil, Walter Owens, Lester Wells, Nicholas Kiley, Mary Flanagan, Marion Clements, Leonard Cunningham, photo by Covell
  172. 6/22/1911 :8, Class of 1911, Cazenovia Seminary: Clarice Willey, Isabell Grunert, Ichiro Shibuta, Helen Brounstein, Florence Cameron, Winifred Edwards, Ruth Beardsley, Ethel Besemer, Allen Woodworth, Ethel David, Margaret Collyer, Louise Reynolds, Elroy Van Dyke, Clara Dean, Roberta Davis, Mary Doolittle, Blanche Carpenter, Elizabeth Persons, Albert Childs, Raymond Boyd, Harold Joy, Claire Mackey, Sidney Foster, Albert Tuttle, Horace Pittman, Louis Heffernan, photo by Covell
  173. 6/29/1911 "Brookwood," Mr. J. Arthur Brooks' Handsome New Summer House
  174. 7/6/1911 Five generations of the Gaige family: Mildred Elizabeth Gaige, Cazenovia; Rena Gaige Slocom, Erieville; H.D.Gaige, Erieville; F.R.Gaige, Nelson; A.T.Gaige, Nelson
  175. 7/6/1911 :5, John Benstead, Madison, Sheriff candidate
  176. 7/6/1911 :8, "World's Fair on Wheels," collection of curiosities from California to be in Cazenovia 7/15 and 7/17/1911
  177. 7/13/1911 One of the pretty views on the lake
  178. 7/13/1911 Albany Street
  179. 7/13/1911 Scenes on the Golf Grounds
  180. 7/13/1911 :8, Monster shark on beach at Monterey CA, and other wonders from California to be in Cazenovia 7/15 and 7/17/1911
  181. 7/20/1911 Cazenovia Canning Factory
  182. 7/27/1911 A.E.Fitch, recommended for County Election Supervisor
  183. 7/27/1911 Bridge over the dyke
  184. 7/27/1911 J.A.Loyster, must be renominated for Town Supervisor
  185. 8/3/1911 A lake scene
  186. 8/3/1911 Chittenango Falls
  187. 8/10/1911 Howard Mathews, Rippleton School prize winner
  188. 8/10/1911 Sarah Evans, Rippleton School prize winner
  189. 8/10/1911 Rear Admiral Charles E. Fox, retires from the Navy
  190. 8/17/1911 Log cabin on the farm where Judge (M.H.) Kiley (inset) lived until he was eighteen (in the Town of Chester, Warren County)
  191. 8/17/1911 Prof. Edson A. Fuller, elected Superintendent of Cazenovia schools
  192. 8/17/1911 Dr. S.E.Persons, Cazenovia has been "considerably stirred" by a sermon he preached about "The Idle Rich"
  193. 8/24/1911 Patrick Heffernan, 36 years as Street Commissioner
  194. 8/24/1911 Owahgena club house grounds
  195. 8/31/1911 Ground plan and elevation of dairy barn and milk house at the State School at Morrisville
  196. 8/31/1911 Clifton Mallory, appearing at the Town Hall (theater)
  197. 9/7/1911 Lake scene at Cazenovia
  198. 9/7/1911 Cazenovia Union School
  199. 9/21/1911 H.J.Rouse, Post Master
  200. 9/21/1911 :4, John Stapleton, obituary
  201. 9/28/1911 Rev. L.S.Boyd, completed 2nd year of Pastorate at the Methodist Church
  202. 10/5/1911 Judge (M.H.) Kiley, heads County ticket
  203. 10/5/1911 (J.A.) Loyster, Supervisor of Town
  204. 10/12/1911 E. Frank Blair, Town of Nelson Supervisor
  205. 10/12/1911 D.W.Jones, County Committeeman
  206. 10/12/1911 The Owahgena
  207. 10/12/1911 Rev. John T. Rose, Dean of the Episcopal Diocese
  208. 10/12/1911 :2, Myron Joslin attended convention of the New York State Raw Fur Dealers Association
  209. 10/19/1911 St. James Church, 150 confirmed
  210. 10/19/1911 W.F.Lucas, Highway Commissioner for 14 years
  211. 10/26/1911 Class of children confirmed at St. James Church (two photographs), photo by Covell
  212. 10/26/1911 :4, S.B.Allen, Town Clerk
  213. 11/2/1911 Willis P. Huyck, Fenner Supervisor
  214. 11/9/1911 Dr. F.C.Watson, Order of the Eastern Star
  215. 11/9/1911 :8, L.C.Bennett, Evangelist at New Woodstock meeting
  216. 11/16/1911 Charles Drake Skinner, President of Cazenovia Seminary
  217. 11/16/1911 Rev. H.D.Sheldon, Evangelist at Nelson Methodist Episcopal Church
  218. 11/23/1911 Walter G. Chard house and grounds
  219. 11/23/1911 Outdoor fire place on one of the porches at the Chard house
  220. 12/21/1911 William L. Burke, Perryville, sworn in as Attorney and Counsellor at Law
  221. 1/11/1912 The Diepress Company's Ticket Plant (on Mill Street), a"fine half-tone engraving"
  222. 1/11/1912 J.A.Loyster, owner of the Diepress Company
  223. 1/11/1912 :5, H.M.Kiley, nominated Vice President of the New York State Bar Association
  224. 1/11/1912 :5, E.D.Hulbert, appointed Under Sheriff
  225. 1/18/1912 Prof. Clarence D. Bond, head of Mathematics Dept., Cazenovia Seminary
  226. 1/18/1912 Justice H.B.Coman, Oneida, obituary
  227. 1/25/1912 (Cazenovia Canning Factory), where the Blakeslee Can Righting Machine is made
  228. 1/25/1912 Merton D. Blakeslee, inventor of a can righting machine
  229. 2/1/1912 Staff of the I.O.O.F.: Lewis J. Scott, Homer Jenkins, Lyman Hayes, Arthur J. Dean, Floyd W. Winchel, photo by Covell
  230. 2/1/1912 J.W.Kennedy, Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus
  231. 2/8/1912 Madison county family of eighteen children: Jacob Emhof, Mrs. Emhof, Jake Emhof, Mrs. Louise Emhof Wilson, Charley M. Emhof, Mrs. Rose Emhof Hart, Mrs. Clara Emhof Britt, Fred Emhof, John Emhof, William Emhof, Frank Emhof, Edward Emhof, Ida Emhof, Frieda Emhof, Helen Emhof, photo by Covell
  232. 2/15/1912 H.K.Stoddard, President of New Woodstock School Board
  233. 2/15/1912 M.W.Stark, Principal of New Woodstock School
  234. 2/15/1912 W.S.Huntley, member of New Woodstock School Board
  235. 2/15/1912 F.L.Hunt, member of New Woodstock School Board
  236. 2/15/1912 Charles Slocum, member of New Woodstock School Board
  237. 2/15/1912 Dr. D. Parker, member of New Woodstock School Board
  238. 2/15/1912 :2, John H. Brown, obituary
  239. 2/22/1912 Union School building
  240. 2/22/1912 Edson A. Fuller, Supervisor of DeRuyter Schools
  241. 2/29/1912 E.E.Cummings, Post Master, New Woodstock
  242. 2/29/1912 Dr. M.R.Joy, Village Health Officer
  243. 3/7/1912 L.B.Tillotson, in business with J.W.Howson for 20 years
  244. 3/7/1912 J.W.Howson, in business with L.B.Tillotson for 20 years
  245. 3/7/1912 :5, J.A.Loyster, Town Supervisor
  246. 3/14/1912 Cazenovia Bachelor's Club: Frank Dwyer, H.Day Bailey, Francis Darcy, Joseph Darcy, Calvin Davis, Robert H. Byrnes, George Bailey, Hiram Loveland, Sam Thomas, Cleon More, Daniel Keating, Purley Bailey, Harry Greenland, (one not named)
  247. 3/14/1912 D.W.Jones, Master of the Nelson Grange
  248. 3/21/1912 F.E.Richardson, President of the Village
  249. 3/21/1912 Peter T. Daley, Trustee of the Village
  250. 3/21/1912 L.M.Woodworth, Trustee of the Village
  251. 3/21/1912 I.H.Hunt, Master of the New Woodstock Grange
  252. 3/21/1912 L.F.Thurber, Secretary of the New Woodstock Grange
  253. 3/21/1912 :5, Harry V. Randall, new business with R. Dwight Magee
  254. 3/21/1912 :5, R. Dwight Magee, new business with Harry V. Randall
  255. 3/28/1912 Dr. F.C.Watson, Eastern Star Convention
  256. 3/28/1912 Mabel B. Clark, Eastern Star Convention
  257. 3/28/1912 Mattie L. Dellow, Marathon, NY, Eastern Star Convention
  258. 3/28/1912 George E. Shepherd, Eastern Star Convention
  259. 3/28/1912 :5, W.M.Davis, new business with L.N.Mogg
  260. 3/28/1912 :5, L.N.Mogg, new business with W.M.Davis
  261. 4/4/1912 View of New Woodstock from Tucker Hill, east of the village
  262. 4/4/1912 North side of Bank Street, New Woodstock, looking west
  263. 4/11/1912 Dr. F.A.Ford, becomes Village Trustee, photo by Covell
  264. 4/11/1912 Presbyterian Church Bowling Team: Robert B. Stanley, Avery Stanley, W. Leslie Doremus, Arthur H. declercq, J. Loren Bond, Louis N. Miller, photo by Covell
  265. 4/11/1912 George D. Bailey, Principal of Cazenovia Union School
  266. 4/11/1912 :2, M.V.Williams, Evangelist at Cazenovia Seminary
  267. 4/18/1912 C.A.Gee, New Woodstock Camp of Modern Woodmen
  268. 4/18/1912 C.B.Allen, New Woodstock Camp of Modern Woodmen
  269. 4/18/1912 D.J.Conklin, President of Business Men's Association, photo by Covell
  270. 4/18/1912 :5, Auditorium of St. James Church on Easter Sunday, showing alters, photo by Covell
  271. 4/5/1912 Cast of "Dot, the Miner's Daughter": William Roach, William Bulger, William Bright, Joseph Flanagan, Benjamin Matthews, Homer Jenkins, John Kennedy, Frank Williams, Mabel Carrol, William Collins, Francis Lemon, Catherine Heffernan, Ina Burton, Ruth Heffernan, Thomas Neary, Gladys Williams, Helen Dwyer, Rev. James M. Murphy, Norah Dwyer, photo by Covell
  272. 4/25/1912 :2, Rev. L.S.Boyd, Pastor of the Methodist Church
  273. 5/2/1912 Howard F. Mulligan, Union School graduation
  274. 5/2/1912 M.W.Stark, New Woodstock Grange, fair committee
  275. 5/2/1912 Louie N. Northrup, New Woodstock Grange, fair committee
  276. 5/2/1912 Charles Slocum, New Woodstock Grange, fair committee
  277. 5/9/1912 J.A.Loyster, Diepress Co. sold to Globe Ticket Co.
  278. 5/9/1912 J.L.Burroughs, Trustee of School District 10
  279. 5/9/1912 L.N.Mogg, Trustee of School District 10
  280. 5/9/1912 Dr. F.A.Ford, Trustee of School District 10
  281. 5/16/1912 Gladys W. Thurber, New Woodstock, contest winner
  282. 5/16/1912 Florence Fairbank, New Woodstock, contest winner
  283. 5/23/1912 A.B.Carpenter, President of the Cazenovia Telephone Co.
  284. 5/23/1912 H.G.Phelps, Cashier in the Cazenovia National Bank
  285. 5/23/1912 :2, Rev. John T. Rose, Pastor of St. Peter's Church
  286. 5/30/1912 New Woodstock High School Base Ball Team: Walter Freeborn, Cecil Thurber, Arthur Wood, Fordyce Lamb, William Pease, Edwin Cunningham, Herbert Bits, Lucien Webber, Wendell Preston, Henry Card, photo by Covell
  287. 5/30/1912 :8, E.E.Cummings, New Woodstock Telephone Co.
  288. 6/6/1912 Bertha Webster, contest winner
  289. 6/6/1912 George D. Bailey, President of the Madison County Sunday School Association
  290. 6/6/1912 :2, Dr. F.C.Watson, 2nd Vice President of Medico-Chirurgical Society
  291. 6/6/1912 :4, Billie Hammond at the Town Hall (theater)
  292. 6/6/1912 :8, M.W.Stark, Principal of the New Woodstock High School
  293. 6/13/1912 A scholarless school and its teacher, District 6, Nelson, the Cook District, Alice Andrews, teacher, photo by E.C.Covell
  294. 6/13/1912 :5, Lincklaen House damaged by fire (same photo as Franklin Car Co. office workers outing, 10/1/1908)
  295. 6/20/1912 Cazenovia Union School Base Ball Team: Ulrich Hutchinson, Robert Jones, Avery Greenman, David Reidy, Welmer Walters, Malcomb Norton, Will Pyne, Harry Barrett, Geo. Burton, John Driscoll, Robert Reidy
  296. 6/27/1912 Class of 1912, Cazenovia Seminary: Stanlie Howie, Henry Punke, Harry Sherer, Harold Lints, Burr Buell, Leslie Bockes, Harold Tuttle, Oren Parsons, Lynn Edwards, Lynn Lavis, Louise Boland, Annie Pitman, Edna Fuller, Hattie Thomas, Genevieve Drum, Mildred Tooke, Ethelyn Schuyler, Norah Roggal, Reseda Lattimore, Mabel Zartman, Lula Boyd, Ivalo Hugg, Gertrude Kiley, Edna Reynolds, Sallie Worley, Marjorie Lewis, Virginia Grant, Leo Dodge, Alma Munger, photo by Covell
  297. 6/27/1912 Class of 1912, Cazenovia Union School: Wilma Walters, Donald Norton, William Dwyer, Milton Fuller, Timothy Heffernan, Howard Salsbury, David Reidy, William Porter, Catherine Hutchinson, Laura Barrett, Howard Mulligan, Clara Lauder, Helen Isaacs, John Heffernan, George Burton, Elsi Wood, Edith Stoker, Mary Durkin, Helen Neary, Prof. Geo. D. Bailey, Olive Cook, Mary Heffernan, Mabel Richards, Catherine Driscoll, Margaret Morse, William Pyne, photo by Covell
  298. 7/4/1912 Cazenovian (Seminary paper) Editorial Board and Associate Editors: J.L.Aney, Frank A. Witt, others not identified, photo by Covell
  299. 7/11/1912 New Woodstock's prize cow, owned by Jay W. Lee
  300. 7/25/1912 The Pier
  301. 7/25/1912 Lake Scene
  302. 7/25/1912 Owahgena Club House
  303. 7/25/1912 :7, Farm Botany Laboratory, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  304. 7/25/1912 :7, Haying on the school farm, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  305. 7/25/1912 :7, A view of the campus, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  306. 7/25/1912 :7, Renovating an old tree, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  307. 7/25/1912 :7, In the sewing room, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  308. 7/25/1912 :7, Judging seed corn, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  309. 7/25/1912 :7, A cooking class, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  310. 7/25/1912 :7, The dining room, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  311. 7/25/1912 :7, Testing milk, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  312. 7/25/1912 :7, Judging apples, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  313. 7/25/1912 :7, Part of the forge shop, State School of Agriculture at Morrisville
  314. 8/1/1912 Kent Poultry Farm, largest in Madison county (entirely within the village limits)
  315. 8/8/1912 Thurman G. Fuller, Cazenovia, subscriber who has read the Republican since the first issue
  316. 8/8/1912 Clinton Hatch, Cazenovia, subscriber who has read the Republican since the first issue
  317. 8/8/1912 B.W.Cook, Bridgeport, subscriber who has read the Republican since the first issue
  318. 8/8/1912 James Dunston, Oran, subscriber who has read the Republican since the first issue
  319. 8/8/1912 J.B.Farnham, Cazenovia, subscriber who has read the Republican since the first issue
  320. 8/15/1912 Drawing of elevation of George W. Allen's residence being erected at Lakeview, renamed "O-we-ra"
  321. 8/22/1912 Chard residence
  322. 8/22/1912 Arthur Hartman, world's greatest violinist, plays at Chard Residence
  323. 8/22/1912 :4, Frank E. Williams, Oneida, State Engineer candidate
  324. 8/22/1912 :5, Mr. and Mrs George Shute, 50th wedding anniversary
  325. 8/29/1912 9½ pound beefsteak mushroom, S. Durwood Griffith, New Woodstock
  326. 8/29/1912 :7, (M.H.)Kiley, nominated for Supreme Court Justice
  327. 9/5/1912 Faculty of New Woodstock High School: Anna L. Lyon, Candace M. Beach, Alma B. Winchell, M.W.Strak
  328. 9/19/1912 Rev. E.G.Crabill, Evangelist
  329. 9/19/1912 Mrs. E.G.Crabill, assisting her evangelist husband
  330. 9/19/1912 :5, Dr. Clark, State Superintendent, will address the Presbyterian Sunday School
  331. 9/26/1912 "Judge Kiley taken unawares"
  332. 9/26/1912 :2, Principal G.D.Bailey, Officer of the Madison County Sunday School Association
  333. 9/26/1912 :5, Prof. H.C.Mosher, at Crabill Tabernacle Meetings
  334. 9/26/1912 :5, Mrs. H.C.Mosher, at Crabill Tabernacle Meetings
  335. 9/26/1912 :7, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Wilson, Otisco (formerly of Cazenovia), 50th wedding anniversary
  336. 9/26/1912 :7, House on Hurd Street (#23), for sale by E.T.Eigabroadt
  337. 9/26/1912 :8, M.W.Stark, Committee for New Woodstock Grange and Farmer's Fair
  338. 9/26/1912 :8, Louie N. Northrup, Committee for New Woodstock Grange and Farmer's Fair
  339. 9/26/1912 :8, Charles Slocum, Committee for New Woodstock Grange and Farmer's Fair
  340. 10/3/1912 Levi N. Mogg, obituary
  341. 10/3/1912 Harman K. Stoddard, County Clerk candidate
  342. 10/3/1912 Clayton J. Wratten, Morrisville School Superintendent
  343. 10/3/1912 :7, A.F.Buckingham, of New Woodstock, on his motocycle racer
  344. 10/10/1912 Cazenovia Boy Scouts at their camp in the Meredith Woods: Wilmer Walters, Wm. Pyne, Harold Jones, Wesley Arnold, George Rouse, Glenn Pangborn, Wm. Jones, Malcolm Blakeslee, Joseph Chapman, Cecil Donovan, George Burton, Harold Blakeslee, Donald Webster, Frank A. Witt, Howard Salisbury, photo by Covell
  345. 10/10/1912 :8, Advertisement for H.K.Stoddard, New Woodstock, County Clerk candidate
  346. 10/17/1912 Log cabin where Judge Kiley was born (town of Chester, Warren Co., NY, same as in 8/17/1911)
  347. 10/17/1912 George E. Shepherd, obituary
  348. 10/17/1912 Mrs. George Shute, obituary
  349. 10/24/1912 B. Volmer, retires from the grocery business, photo by Covell
  350. 10/24/1912 Crabill Tabernacle at Cazenovia (at Lake Mills), photo by Covell
  351. 10/24/1912 :5, Namott Cambell, County Clerk
  352. 10/24/1912 :6, Advertisement to vote for M.H.Kiley for Justice of the Supreme Court
  353. 10/31/1912 Philomathesian-Lyceum Debating Trophy, photo by Covell
  354. 10/31/1912 :7, Advertisement for M.H.Kiley
  355. 11/7/1912 M.H.Kiley, elected to Supreme Court
  356. 11/14/1912 Montage of Madison County Board of Supervisors, 1912: E.L.Harvey, Oneida; W.M.Baker, Oneida; J.A.Loyster, Cazenovia; Avery M. Hoadley, Hamilton; G.N.Chapman, Georgetown; H.T.Lewis, Eaton; James Toher, Oneida; J.W.Gates, Sullivan; K.W.Keene, Oneida; C.N.Tuttle, Lincoln; F.H.Rivenburgh, Stockbridge; Lewis Close, Lebanon; W.E.Lounsbury, Oneida; W.P.Huyck, Fenner; A.L.Smith, DeRuyter; E.D.Morgan, Brookfield; Louis Fuess, Madison; A.G.Stephens, Lenox; P.H.Brown, Nelson; H.T.Davis, Smithfield; Madison County Court House
  357. 11/14/1912 J.A.Loyster, out-going Town Supervisor
  358. 11/14/1912 C.A.Fox, in-coming Town Supervisor
  359. 11/21/1912 Town of Cazenovia's road-making equipment
  360. 11/28/1912 Perspective view drawing of Colgate Cottage as it will be when completed
  361. 12/5/1912 Cast of "Dot, the Miner's Daughter"
  362. 12/12/1912 :2, C.A.Gee, New Woodstock Camp of Modern Woodmen
  363. 12/12/1912 :2, C.B.Allen, New Woodstock Camp of Modern Woodmen
  364. 12/12/1912 :2, M.W.Stark, New Woodstock Camp of Modern Woodmen
  365. 12/12/1912 :3, E.E.Cummings, Post Master, New Woodstock
  366. 12/19/1912 :5, D.W.Jones, Nelson Grange
  367. 12/19/1912 :11, Charles Slocum, New Woodstock Grange
  368. 12/19/1912 :11, Ivan H. Hunt, New Woodstock Grange
  369. 12/19/1912 :11, C.A.Gee, New Woodstock Grange
  370. 1/2/1913 Judge Harrison W. Coley
  371. 1/12/1913 New Woodstock Hotel, just reopened
  372. 1/12/1913 F.B.Haswell, Proprietor of the New Woodstock Hotel
  373. 1/16/1913 John W. Kennedy, Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus
  374. 1/16/1913 A.J.Woodworth, Commander, Knights of the Maccabees
  375. 1/16/1913 B.F.Larson, Past Commander, Knights of the Maccabees
  376. 1/16/1913 :7, A.P.Buckingham, New Woodstock, in new firm with L.D.Buckingham
  377. 1/16/1913 :7, L.D.Buckingham, New Woodstock, in new firm with A.P.Buckingham
  378. 1/16/1913 :7, Walter Morgan, surprised by friends for birthday
  379. 1/23/1913 C.B.Hugg, Worshipful Master, Cazenovia Lodge, F. & A.M.
  380. 1/23/1913 W.W.Clark, High Priest, Owahgena Chapter, R.A.M.
  381. 1/23/1913 Alice N. Blair, Worthy Matron, Neowahga Chapter, O.E.S.
  382. 1/23/1913 H.V.Randall, Worthy Patron, Neowahga Chapter, O.E.S.
  383. 1/30/1913 J.L.O'Hara, Master, Fenner Grange
  384. 1/30/1913 L.M.Woodworth, Treasurer, Odd Fellows Fair
  385. 1/30/1913 C.A.Miller, Chairman, Odd Fellows Fair, photo by Covell
  386. 1/30/1913 A.J.Deane, Secretary, Odd Fellows Fair
  387. 2/6/1913 I.H.Hunt, New Woodstock local correspondent
  388. 3/6/1913 Cazenovia Rural Mail Carriers: Anthony Ryan, Route I; Edward Merris, Route II; W.D.Weaver, Route III; S.E.Abbuhl, Route IV
  389. 3/13/1913 D.S.Reidy, Collector, Village Office candidate
  390. 3/13/1913 John Jackson, Trustee, Village Office candidate
  391. 3/13/1913 G.B.Freeborn, Trustee, Village Office candidate
  392. 3/13/1913 E. Remington, President, Village Office candidate
  393. 3/13/1913 Dr. F.A.Ford, Trustee, Village Office candidate
  394. 3/13/1913 C.H.Barrett, Trustee, Village Office candidate
  395. 3/13/1913 :8, Gilbert M. Anderson, as "Broncho Billy" at the Opera House
  396. 3/20/1913 John F. Kingsbury, obituary
  397. 3/20/1913 J.D.Senn, Oneida, County Judge candidate
  398. 3/20/1913 C.R.Coville, Oneida, County Judge candidate
  399. 3/27/1913 B. Vollmer, obituary
  400. 3/27/1913 John K. Boland, new firm with Leonard M. Evans, photo by Covell
  401. 3/27/1913 Leonard M. Evans, new firm with John K. Boland, photo by Covell
  402. 3/27/1913 W.W.Clark, moved to Olean
  403. 4/3/1913 D.D.Norton, President, Automobile Club of Cazenovia
  404. 4/10/1913 P.H.Donnelly, Dean of local Board of Education
  405. 4/10/1913 Benjamin Matthews, reappointed Chief Engineer for the Fire Dept.
  406. 4/17/1913 :7, Prof. M.W.Stark, Principal of New Woodstock School
  407. 4/24/1913 R.Dwight Magee, local representative for the Y.M.C.A
  408. 5/1/1913 C.B.Hugg, President, Cazenovia Business Men's Association
  409. 5/1/1913 St. James Church, which is about to be remodelled
  410. 5/1/1913 Rev. Father James M. Murphy, of St. James Church
  411. 5/8/1913 W.W.Rice, elected School Trustee of Cazenovia
  412. 5/8/1913 P.H.Donnelly, elected School Trustee of Cazenovia
  413. 5/8/1913 Don J. Conklin, elected School Trustee of Cazenovia
  414. 5/8/1913 A.E.Fitch, elected School Trustee of Cazenovia
  415. 5/8/1913 :2, Mrs. John Atkinson, 64th wedding anniversary
  416. 5/8/1913 :2, John Atkinson, 64th wedding anniversary
  417. 5/22/1913 Charles R. Drum, lectures at the Seminary
  418. 6/5/1913 Cazenovians, ready to start for the Masonic Home (in Utica) (many automobiles on Albany Street), photo by Covell
  419. 6/12/1913 Toghill School, Town of Nelson: Walter Andrews, Stanley Richards, Clifford Francis, Carlton Francis, Lewellyn Francis, Raymond Lloyd, Arthur Lloyd, Lyman Oliver, Henry Youmans, Roger Evans, Claud Colvin, Margaret Lloyd, Blodwen Andrews, Magdalene Francis, Lena Evans, Martha Richards, Nellie Youmans, Mildred Richards, Kathryn Jones, Anna English, Eloise English, Rosella Clark, Nina Youmans, Margaret A. Lloyd
  420. 6/12/1913 Harry V. Randall, President of the Cazenovia Progressive Club
  421. 6/19/1913 A.B.Carpenter, President of the Madison County Social Club
  422. 6/19/1913 Pupils of the Stone School, Town of Nelson, Dist. #7: Irving Boss, Lura Auringer, Ruth Jones, Lillian English (teacher), Edith Elliot, Elsie Richards, John Boss, Calvin Hamilton, Reginald Card, Marian Judd, Vera Judd, Elizabeth English, Elsie Elliot, Mildred Judd, Clara Boss, Charles Auringer, Theodore Boss, Ed. Jones, Robert Boss, Douglas Card
  423. 6/26/1913 Howard F. Mulligan, awarded Seminary scholarship medal
  424. 6/26/1913 Class of 1913, Cazenovia Seminary: Claude Lints, Montane Turtlelot, Harold Bowman, Louis Kelsey, Harold Wong, Fred Ely, Steven Chovey, Walter Moore, Frederick Maxwell, Harold Miller, Harry Jones, Paul Ford, Allen Hall, Julia Foster, Mae Watrous, Marlan Keating, Vera White, Reba Scott, Irene Connelly, Melva Lattimore, Josephine Keating, Dolly Loyster, Catherine Heffernan, phot by Covell
  425. 6/26/1913 :6, Class of 1913, Cazenovia Union School: Harry Barrett, Milton Bacon, Eliza Wilson, Mary Marion, Malcolm Norton, Glenn Pangborn, Catherine Googin, Elvira Lansing, Prof. George D. Bailey, Hope Lucas, Mary Keating, Etta Marion, Helena Keating, Jeannette Walters, Regina Ryan, Emma Baaske, Christian Burns, photo by Covell
  426. 6/26/1913 :9, Morse E. Ames, married to Lula M. Buckingham
  427. 6/26/1913 :9, Lula M. Buckingham, married to Morse E. Ames
  428. 7/3/1913 Pupils of District No. 5, Fenner: Miss Ethelyn Matteson (teacher), Bessie Blowers, Florence Wilkinson, Ida Stoker, Walter Mather, Leslie Stoker, Burr Stoker, Frank Marshall, Glendon Blowers, Charles Wilkinson, Fanny Stoker, Henry Stoker, Louis Wilkinson, Lena Wilkinson, Margaret Stoker, Alice Wilkinson, Roslyn Mather, Norman Hart
  429. 7/10/1913 Ballina School, District No. 9, Cazenovia: Henry Bennett, Francis Heffernan, Clarence Burdin, Emanuel Geymonat, Clayton Bennett, Howard Carter, Wilson Cunningham, Edgar Burdin, Robert Ryan, Ora Bullard, Marguerite Evans, Elizabeth Heffernan, Charles Bullard, Doris Clark, Allen Van Patten, Susie Bennett, Lillian Evans, Clayton Robb, Frank Van Patten, Elizabeth Clark, Marion Robb, Ethel Ward, Bradford Judd, Catherine Nix, Susan Geymonat, William Clark, Edward Heffernan, Edgar Wood, Leonard Webster, Hobart Dana, Leslie Cunningham, Palmer Bennett, Pearl Cunningham, Edith Webster, Helen Carter, Clezzie Gallup (teacher), Lucy Bennett, Sarah Evans, Clementine Geymonat, Josephine Geymonat, photo by Covell
  430. 7/10/1913 :7, Ames Buckingham bridal party, Mr. and Mrs. Morse Ames at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.A.Buckingham, New Woodstock, photo by Covell
  431. 7/17/1913 Four generations of the Walsh-Jackson family of Cazenovia: Mrs. John Walsh Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Christy Jackson, Edward C. Jackson, George Willsea Jackson, photo by Covell
  432. 7/17/1913 Lewis Case, Randallsville, Superintendent of the Poor candidate
  433. 7/31/1913 George B. Russel, Canastota, County Judge candidate
  434. 8/7/1913 E.T.Lewis, agriculture teacher at DeRuyter High School
  435. 8/7/1913 C.D.Buyer, New Woodstock, meets and shakes hands with A.H.Gibboney, of Wytheville, VA, a Confederate soldier, at Gettysburg, PA
  436. 8/14/1913 Four generations of the Buckingham family: Dorothy Buckingham, Lodi; Mrs. Morse E. Ames, DeRuyter; Mrs. C.A.Buckingham, New Woodstock; Mrs. Elizabeth Perkins, South Otselic
  437. 8/21/1913 Owahgena Hose Company No. 1, in front of fire house on Seminary Street
  438. 8/28/1913 :8, Central City Business School, Madison County Residents, advertisement
  439. 9/4/1913 E. Leland Hunt, Oneida, District Attorney candidate
  440. 9/4/1913 :9, W.S.Huntley, elected President of the Board of Education
  441. 9/4/1913 :9, H.K.Stoddard, retiring President of the Board of Education
  442. 9/11/1913 Joseph D. Senn, (Oneida), County Judge and Surrogate candidate
  443. 9/11/1913 :9, New Woodstock High School
  444. 9/18/1913 Lewis Close, Randallsville, Superintendent of the Poor candidate
  445. 9/18/1913 D.D.Norton, President of the Cazenovia Automobile Club
  446. 9/18/1913 :9, Faculty New Woodstock School: Anna L. Lyon, Assistant; M.W.Stark, Principal; Alma B. Winchell, Intermediate; Helen E. Manning, Assistant; Candace M. Beach, Primary
  447. 9/25/1913 M.E.Tallett, DeRuyter, Member of Assembly candidate
  448. 10/2/1913 C.A.Fox, New Woodstock, Town Supervisor
  449. 10/2/1913 S.B.Allen, Town Clerk
  450. 10/2/1913 George McCann, Elmira, Supreme Court Justice candidate
  451. 10/9/1913 Dr. D. Parker, New Woodstock, Coroner candidate
  452. 10/9/1913 W.F.Lucas, Town Superintendent of Highways candidate
  453. 10/9/1913 Rev. Lyford S. Boyd, Pastor of Methodist Church
  454. 10/9/1913 :9, Girls Club, New Woodstock High School
  455. 10/16/1913 Albert H. Sewell, Walton, Delaware Co., Supreme Court Justice candidate
  456. 10/16/1913 :7, New Woodstock High School Orchestra
  457. 10/23/1913 Floyd W. Winchell Town Supervisor candidate
  458. 10/23/1913 Lucius L. Case, Nelson Town Supervisor candidate
  459. 10/30/1913 Frank G. Armstrong, Fenner Town Supervisor candidate
  460. 10/30/1913 Newell L. Wilkinson, Fenner Town Clerk candidate
  461. 10/30/1913 :5, Albert H. Sewell, (Walton, Delaware Co.), Supreme Court Justice candidate, campaign advertisement
  462. 10/30/1913 :5, George McCann, (Elmira), Supreme Court Justice candidate, campaign advertisement
  463. 11/13/1913 T.W.Thayer & Co.'s local factory, sash factory to cease operation
  464. 12/4/1913 A.F.Buckingham, New Woodstock, with L.D.Buckingham, to build a new garage
  465. 12/4/1913 L.D.Buckingham, New Woodstock, with A.F.Buckingham, to build a new garage
  466. 12/11/1913 :2, C.B.Allen, Past Consul, New Woodstock Modern Woodman Lodge
  467. 12/11/1913 :2, Ivan Doyle, Venerable Consul, New Woodstock Modern Woodman Lodge
  468. 12/11/1913 :2, M.W.Stark, Clerk, New Woodstock Modern Woodman Lodge
  469. 12/11/1913 :3, Hotel New Woodstock, Sold to E.W.Merrell of Syracuse
  470. 12/18/1913 Charles W. Barrett, 50th wedding anniversary
  471. 12/18/1913 Mrs. Charles W. Barrett, 50th wedding anniversary
  472. 12/18/1913 :2, Charles Slocum, Overseer, New Woodstock Grange
  473. 12/18/1913 :2, Ivan Hunt, Master, New Woodstock Grange
  474. 12/18/1913 :2, C.A.Gee, Secretary, New Woodstock Grange
  475. 12/25/1913 :7, Class of 1913, New Woodstock High School: Henry T. Card, Chauncey M.D.Holmes, Gladys W. Thurber, Cora Seymour, Pearl Howard
  476. 1/1/1914 (Joseph D.) Senn, assumes office of County Judge and Surrogate
  477. 1/1/1914 Louis Close, assumes office of County Superintendent of the Poor
  478. 1/15/1914 Rev. R.H.Stebbins, Evangelist in Erieville
  479. 1/15/1914 M.J.Byrnes, Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus
  480. 1/15/1914 J.W.Kennedy, past Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus
  481. 1/15/1914 C.A.Fox, Town Supervisor
  482. 1/22/1914 Alzina B. Chase Holmes, obituary
  483. 1/22/1914 8:, Frank L. Cunningham, New Woodstock, elected President of the Madison County Rural Letter Carriers Association
  484. 1/29/1914 Perspective drawing of the County Home in Eaton as it will look when rebuilt following the recent fire
  485. 2/5/1914 Brooding houses, Meadowood Poultry Department
  486. 2/5/1914 Laying house, Meadowood Poultry Department
  487. 2/19/1914 One of the many buildings of Miss (Anna P.) Atkinson's school, Nagoya, Japan
  488. 2/19/1914 Anna P. Atkinson, Principal of the Pure Stream School for Girls, Nagoya, Japan
  489. 2/26/1914 Dr. (Edwin M.) Kent's Hospital, Changli, North China
  490. 2/26/1914 Dr. Edwin M. Kent, physician, in charge of the Changli Hospital, North China
  491. 3/5/1914 Street scene in Cazenovia after recent storm (Albany Street)
  492. 3/19/1914 J.A.Loyster, elected Village Trustee
  493. 3/19/1914 L.M.Woodworth, elected Village Trustee
  494. 3/19/1914 John W. Kennedy, elected Village Treasurer
  495. 3/19/1914 E. Remington, elected Village President
  496. 3/19/1914 :4, Geo. W. Holmes, obituary
  497. 4/9/1914 L.H.Allen, poultry farmer in Rippleton
  498. 4/9/1914 E.C.Newton, Morrisville, Deputy Sheriff
  499. 4/16/1914 D.D.Norton, of Citizens Hose Co., recommended for Chief of Village Fire Dept.
  500. 4/16/1914 E.H.Bright, Foreman, Owahgena Hose Co., Village Fire Dept.
  501. 4/16/1914 Ermon Blair, Forman, Hook and Ladder Co., Village Fire Dept.
  502. 4/16/1914 G.B.Freeborn, Foreman, Citizens Hose Co., Village Fire Dept.
  503. 4/16/1914 H.V.Randall, President of Cazenovia Businessmen's Association
  504. 4/16/1914 Clarence G. Taylor, County Sheriff candidate
  505. 4/23/1914 Mrs. Joseph Turner, poultry farmer
  506. 4/23/1914 Joseph Turner, poultry farmer
  507. 5/7/1914 M.H.Kiley, Justice, has had surgery
  508. 5/7/1914 Mary A. Evarts, writes article on penmanship
  509. 5/14/1914 Redpath Chautauqua system tent, like the one that Cazenovia's Chautauqua will be held next September
  510. 5/28/1914 John Lawrence Fox (U.S. Navy), at Vera Cruz occupation
  511. 5/28/1914 W.E.Lounsbury, to deliver Memorial Day address
  512. 6/11/1914 Byron S. Briggs, obituary, poisoned by mistake
  513. 6/25/1914 Class of 1914, Cazenovia Seminary: F.S.Nicosia, Macedon; Franklin Webster, Harford, PA; Nicholas Kiley, Cazenovia; Mildred Davis, Cazenovia; Leslie Farnsworth, Butler Center; Harold Bently, Cazenovia; Seward Krum, Fort Plain; Mary Flanagan, Cazenovia; Warena Clements, Cazenovia; Phila Kingsley, Syracuse; Hazel White, Taberg; Dorothy Scoville, Constantia; Edna Grotecloss, Brooklyn; Gail Palmerton, Brockport; Mabel Hoyt, Auburn; Beulah Chase, Minetto; Mary Driscoll, Cazenovia; Lillian Farnham, Cazenovia; Gladys Eggelston, Cazenovia; Rachel Sherman, Cazenovia; photo by Covell
  514. 6/25/1914 :6, Class of 1914, Cazenovia Union School: Leah Tooke, Flora Bradley, Catherine Porter, Harold Jones, Nellie Flanagan, Eloine (Eloise ?) Clements, Francis Driscoll, Cecil Donovan, Prof. Bailey, William Baaske, Arthur Evans, photo by Covell
  515. 7/2/1914 Officers of the Fenner Grange: Ray Wilkinson, Gate Keeper; Carl Bowers, Steward; Marlin Stoker, Assistant Steward; Carl Coleman, Trustee; Wilson Hyatt, Trustee; Isabell Hughes, Lady Assistant Steward; Ida Stoker, Flora; Mrs Louie Davis, Ceres; Mrs. Glen Howard, Pamona; Henry Stoker, Trustee; Thaddeus Barrett, Overseer; Mrs. Wallace Faulkner, Chaplain; J.L.O'Hara, Master; Mrs. Clinton Hyatt, Lecturer; Louie Davis, Treasurer; Augustus Mather, Secretary
  516. 7/16/1914 Harold Perkins Bentley, winner of Colgate University scholarship
  517. 7/16/1914 :4, Superintendent and Tent Crew at Redpath Chautauqua
  518. 7/16/1914 :7, Jacob Reuter, violinist, will be with the Redpath Chautauqua
  519. 7/16/1914 :7, F.W.Kickbush, baritone, will be with the Redpath Chautauqua
  520. 7/30/1914 J.A.Loyster, State Committeeman candidate
  521. 8/6/1914 Samuel A. Jones, State Senate candidate
  522. 8/6/1914 :2, Francesco Ferullo, booked for two concerts during Redpath Chautauqua
  523. 8/6/1914 :3, J.S.Knox, speaking during Redpath Chautauqua
  524. 8/13/1914 :3, Edward A. Steiner, will speak at Redpath Chautauqua
  525. 8/27/1914 Clifford G. Rowe, former Assistant States Attorney, will speak at Cazenovia Chautauqua
  526. 9/3/1914 J.S.Knox, Efficiency Expert, will speak at Chautauqua
  527. 9/3/1914 :7, Dr. Harvey W. Kiley, will lecture at Chautauqua
  528. 9/3/1914 :8, Francesco Ferullo and his band, will be at Chautauqua
  529. 9/10/1914 :7, Faculty of New Woodstock High School: Jessie P. Higgins, Carrie A. Blair, Anna L. Lyon, Candace M. Beach, Helen E. Manning, Principal M.W.Stark
  530. 9/24/1914 Panoramic view of Cazenovia Country Fair grounds as they appeared last Thursday, on the lake shore at Point of Pines, photo by Conklin
  531. 9/24/1914 Nelson Grange's prize winning exhibit at the Cazenovia Country Fair, photo by S.N.Bose
  532. 9/24/1914 :7, Class of 1915, New Woodstock School
  533. 10/1/1914 Ivan Hunt, Master of New Woodstock Grange
  534. 10/1/1914 :7, New Woodstock High School Girls
  535. 10/8/1914 Rev. L.S.Boyd, Pastor of Methodist Church
  536. 10/8/1914 Cazenovia Union School
  537. 10/8/1914 :7, Academic Room, New Woodstock High School
  538. 10/15/1914 Howard F. Mulligan, wins speaking contest
  539. 10/29/1914 :6, Eugene M. Travis, Brooklyn, State Comptroller candidate
  540. 11/5/1914 :4, Harmon K. Stoddard, appointed Post Master at New Woodstock
  541. 12/3/1914 B.T.Ball, Master of Owahgena Grange
  542. 12/3/1914 Robert W. Gere, Secretary of Owahgena Grange
  543. 12/24/1914 E.D.Hulbert, County Under Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff
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