Town of Nelson, Beers' 1875 Madison County Atlas
D.G. Beers' 1875 Atlas of Madison County
Town of Nelson

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Last Modified April 15, 2002
by Daniel H. Weiskotten

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        This atlas is one of the more common of the historic maps of Madison County - one or more being found in any good local history collection, and atlases of similar date and quality are found for almost every county in the state.  It is in book form and each township has its own page and many villages and hamlets have separate inset maps.  These maps are wonderfully detailed, showing land divisions (tracts and lots), houses, mills, cemeteries, roads, and a great variety of geographical features.  Being the third generation of the mass-produced all-encompassing maps of the area, there are fewer errors in the situation of the lots and roads, but some few are still present.

The Town of Nelson includes only one original tract, "Township No. One of the Governor's Twenty Townships" or "Nelson Township"

An INDEX of Names and Businesses is available for this portion of the 1875 map

To see how these lots lay on the modern landscape go to the Tract Maps of the Holland Land Company Lands

The Hamlets of Nelson Flats and Erieville are located in this Town and have small detailed maps.

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