Pease Cemetery, Town of Pompey, Onondaga County, NY
Pease Cemetery, Town of Pompey, Onondaga County, New York, 1798 - 1918
Field check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, April 8 & 9, 1994
Last Modified 10/23/2000
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This cemetery is located on Oran-Delphi Road just north of the intersection of US 20 in Pompey Hollow, Town of Pompey, Onondaga County, NY.  It is an early cemetery, and has seen better days.  It is relatively intact, though, and retains good evidence of a number of unmarked graves.  Besides four fieldstones that mark "unnamed" graves, there are about 20 sunken areas which denote the location of graves for which there is no marker of any sort.  The northwest corner of the cemetery, near the entrance gate, appears to have no burials.  it measures 90 feet front and back and 150 feet deep and is surrounded by several ancient and majestic trees.

There are many differences between the several lists for this cemetery, also known as the Pompey Hollow Cemetery.  The known lists include that made by William M. Beauchamp about 1910; an anonymous and undated list of c. 1940; one made by Clezzie Gallup in 1951; one by Mrs. Lawrence Jennings and Mrs. William H. Keene in July 1957; that which has been partially published in Pompey, Our Town in Profile (1976:238-240); and finally one compiled by Kathy Crowell on May 12, 1998.  At some point Roberta Hendrix visited the cemetery and made corrections to one of the old lists.  What I observed in the field was also different in various ways from all of the other lists and my study has checked and compared all of the other lists mentioned above against what is upon the tombstones.  My work, which may have errors, includes all of the correct information from the stones and old lists and thus is intended to replace the other lists.

Some stones are now broken and unreadable but have their data recorded in the old lists and this data is noted here.  Some genealogical information (names and dates) found on the old lists, but which is not found on the stones, is not retained here.  Several names not found in the field check (Alfred Cook, Betsey Cook, and David Richards) are not found on their own stones, but are noted on stones as parents of individuals buried here, and thus are probably not buried here themselves.  Two new stones, those of  Frank F. Richards and Salmon Squire, do not appear on the older lists and were found in 1994.

Those buried in the Pease Cemetery include:

Allen, Dorastus, son of Daniel and Abi Allen, died July 18, 1813, age 18 years.
Andrews, Adeline A., daughter of Lewis and Lucy Andrews, died August 16, 1857, age 1 year 1 month 1 day.
Andrews, Betsey, wife of James Andrews, died November 7, 1850, age 70 years.
Andrews, James, died November 25, 1846, age 76 years 10 months 3 days.
Benton, Amanda, wife (2) of Eber Benton, died June 21, 1856, age 57 years.
Benton, Eber, died February 17, 1865, age 80 years 7 days.
Benton, Sally, wife (1) of Eber Benton, died May 19, 1836, age 47 years 3 months 9 days.
Burr, (maiden name), see Rhoda Messenger Burr Remson.
Burr, Ozias, Esq., died February 20, 1813, age 54 years, (see Rhoda Messenger Burr Remson, his widow).
Cook, Albert D., died October 16, 1865, age 63 years.
Cook, Aseneth, wife of William Cook, died July 25, 1856, age 78 years.
Cook, Blendelia L., daughter of Alfred and Betsey E. Cook, died September 15, 1846, age 6 months 15 days.
Cook, Cornelia, daughter of Albert D. and Mary Cook, died February 8, 1843, age 17 years.
Cook, Laura, daughter of Albert D. and Mary Cook, (died January 5, 1848, age 24 years), (date and ages unreadable in 1994).
Cook, Mary, wife of Albert D. Cook, died May 20, 1872, age 66 years 16 days.
Cook, William, died February 22, 1841, age 80 years.
Cowl, (maiden name), see Lodeme Cowl Tillotson.
Cowl, Sarah Wadsworth, wife of Adonijah Cowl, died July 8, 1818, age 52 years, (in 53rd year).
Cowls, Millie, died December 5, 1834, age 68 years 1 month 18 days.
Cutting, Hilon L., died November 1, 1833, age 25 years.
Cutting, Joanna, wife of Z. Cutting, died December 13, 1829, age 66 years.
Cutting, Zachariah, Dr., died June 15, 1808, age 52 years.
Dean, (maiden name), see Elvira E. Dean Seamons.
Dean, Abigail T., wife of Anson Dean, died September 30, 1862, age 69 years.
Dean, Anson, died March 15, 1861, age 73 years.
Dean, Cora E., daughter of Henry C. and Susan S. Dean, died January 29, 1869, age 4 years 4 months.
Dean, Eleanor, wife of Isaiah Dean (1), died April 1, 1825, age 66 years.
Dean, Elisha, died August 13, 1816, age 22 years.
Dean, Elisha A., died November 25, 1854, age 27 years 6 months.
Dean, Ella R., daughter of Henry C. and Susan S. Dean, died August 8, 1863, age 9 years 4 months.
Dean, Emma R., daughter of Henry C. and Susan S. Dean, died January 28, 1869, age 2 years 17 days.
Dean, Frank T., son of Henry C. and Susan S. Dean, died January 30, 1869, age 5 years 8 months.
Dean, Henry C., born 1828, died 1888, age not given.
Dean, Isaiah (1), Deacon, died August 4, 1818, age 66 years.
Dean, Isaiah (2), died January 14, 1873, age 75 years 10 months.
Dean, Nancy J., wife of Isaiah Dean (2), died April 25, 1866, age 68 years 8 months.
Dean, Seymour J., son of Henry C. and Susan S. Dean, died April 20, 1861, age 2 years 3 months 20 days.
Dean, Susan S. Thompson, wife of Henry C. Dean, born 1831, died 1912.
Draper, Alice, wife of Samuel Draper, died January 8, 1832, age 66 years 11 months.
Eaton, Martha M.,  wife of Henry A. Eaton, died June 19, 1867, age 38 years.
Forbes, John J., born July 21, 1797, died September 23, 1844, age not given.
Fox, Burr, died December 16, 1848, age 23 years 10 months 7 days.
Fox, Lyman, died August 4, 1874, age 52 years, Co. G. 2d NY Cav..
Gardiner, (maiden name), see Sally Gardiner Hill.
Gilmor, Thomas, son of John and Rachel Gilmor, died November 12, 1814, age 19 years 3 months 9 days.
Hanchett, Joseph, born in Pompey May 4, 1810, died July 5, 1884, age not given.
Hanchett, Mahala E. Pease, wife of Joseph Hanchett, born in Pompey June 22, 1816, death date and age not given.
Hill, Asa, son of Elijah and Tirzah Hill, died February 22, 1823, (age no longer readable, 13 years on some lists 12 years on one other).
Hill, Charles R., born March 11, 1812, died April 26, 1885, age 73 years 1 months 12 days.
Hill, Elijah (1), died March 29, 1863, age 88 years, (in 89th year).
Hill, Elijah (2), son of Elijah and Tirzah Hill, died August 12, 1802, age 2 years, (in 3rd year).
Hill, Freddy H., son of H. and Emma Hill, died November 29, 1878, age 5 years 6 months.
Hill, Leo A., son of H. and Emma Hill, died December 8, 1878, age 2 years 10 months.
Hill, Ozina, daughter of Elijah and Tirzah Hill, died February 23, 1807, age 8 months.
Hill, Roysas, son of Elijah and Tirzah Hill, died December 9, 1803, age 2 years.
Hill, Sally Gardiner, wife of Charles R. Hill, born April 7, 1817, died July 26, 1881, age 64 years 3 months 19 days.
Hill, Tirzah, wife of Elijah Hill, died February 13, 1828, age 56 years, (in 57th year).
Holbrook, Adolphas W., died September 18, 1842, age 49 years 15 days.
Holbrook, Caty, wife of Adolphas W. Holbrook, died April 14, 1835, age 25 years 8 months.
Holbrook, Josiah (1), born in Bellingham, MA  1714, died September 14, 1798, age 84 years.
Holbrook, Josiah (2), died November (16, 1831, age 76 years), (stone now broken, one list gives age as 56 but this must be incorrect).
Holbrook, Mary Maffit, wife of Josiah Holbrook (1), born in Sturbridge 1732, died 1813, age 81 years.
Holbrook, Rachel, wife of Josiah Holbrook (2), (died October 20, 1821, age 64 years), (stone now broken).
Jepson, Emeline Pitts-Sperry-, died August 27, 1883, age 63 years.
Johnson, Lucy E., wife of N.C. Johnson, March 29, 1832, age 27 years 3 months 23 days.
Jones, Eliza A., wife of L.M. Jones, died January 2, 1881, age 72 years.
Jones, Evie Eliza, daughter of Luther M. and Eliza A. Jones, died April 25, 1865, age 13 years 7 months (13 or 15 days), (two stones).
Jones, L.M., died November 8, 1880, age 71 years.
Jones, Mary E., daughter of Luther and Eliza A. Jones, died December 20, 1878, age 38 years.
Jones, Willie H., son of Marcus and Luciah Jones, died January 4, 1859, age 1 year 7 months 4 days.
Lewis, Benjamin, died April 14, 1823, age 75 years, (in 76th year).
Lewis, Surviah, wife of Benjamin Lewis, died January 19, 1802, age 53 years, (in 54th year).
Messenger, (maiden name), see Rhoda Messenger Burr Remson.
Moffett, (maiden name), see Mary Maffitt Holbrook.
Moseley, Daniel T., died July 27, 1866, age 41 years.
Pease, (maiden name), see Mahala E. Pease Hanchett.
Pease, G. Lewis, son of William and Marcileia (?) Pease, died September 29, 1852, age 9 months 10 days.
Pease, Juliaette, daughter of William and Obedience Pease, born 1823, died 1899, age not given.
Pease, Marcia C., daughter of William and Obedience Pease, born 1820, died 1908, age not given.
Pease, Obedience, wife of William Pease, born in Columbia Co., NY, died February 23, 1863, age 75 years.
Pease, William, born Columbia Co., NY, March 4, 1781, died September 20, 1868, age 87 years 6 months 16 days.
Pease, William G., died July 23, 1870, age 58 years 9 months 15 days.
Picket, Gerlett, son of Henry H. and Jane Picket, January 10, 1857, age 1 year 3 months 6 days.
Pitts, (see Emeline Pitts-Sperry-Jepson).
Pitts, Ama (1), wife (1) of Noble Pitts, died March 21, 1803, age 32 years 10 months.
Pitts, Ama (2), born April 10, 1805, died May 27, 1887, age 82 years 1 month 17 days.
Pitts, Charles E., died April 8, 1845, age 31 years.
Pitts, John W., son of Noble and Martha Pitts, died July 31, 1828, age 9 years 2 months.
Pitts, Martha, wife (2) of Noble Pitts, died January 5, 1827, age 40 years 8 months.
Pitts, Noble, died February 6, 1848, age 73 years 6 months 4 days.
Remson, Rhoda Messenger Burr, 2nd wife and widow of Ozias Burr, and after his death the wife of Simon Remson, died May 29, 1826, age 49 years, (in 50th year).
Richards, Frank F., infant, son of David and Mary Ann Richards, died April 19, 1857, age 3 months 10 days.
Richards, Maryann, wife of David Richards, died ______ 1857, age 38 years 11 months 20 days, (stone broken and date of death partially illegible, no statistics on old lists).
Rood, Rachel, wife of Joseph W. Rood, died November 18, 1816, age 58 years 6 months 7 days.
Seamons, Elvira E. (Dean), daughter of Isaiah (2) and Nancy Dean, and wife of E.G. Seamons, died November 28, 1863, age 39 years.
Seamons, Nettie, daughter of Ezra G. and Elvira E. Seamons, an orphan child, died September 10, 1864, age 2 years 9 months.
Sperry, (see Emeline Pitts-Sperry-Jepson).
Squire, Salmon, died May 18, 1802, age 30 years 16 days.
Thompson, (maiden name), see Susan S. Thompson Dean.
Tillotson, Lodeme Cowl, Mrs., wife of Ephraim Tillotson, died December 20, 1814, age 28 years.
Van Buren, Elizabeth, wife of Peter Van Buren, died February 15, 1829, age 60 years 6 months.
Van Buren, James H., son of John and Laura Van Buren, died February 3, 1822, age 2 years 5 months.
Van Buren, Lucretia, (daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Van Buren?), died April 28, 1827, age 17 years.
Van Buren, Peter, (died February 19, 1860), age 91 years (8 months), (stone is broken and mostly unreadable, foot stone "P.V.").
Wadsworth, (maiden name), see Sarah Wadsworth Cowl.

END of Pease Cemetery Transcript by Daniel H. Weiskotten