Beach Cemetery, Town of Fabius, Onondaga County, NY
Beach Cemetery, Town of Fabius, Onondaga County, New York, 1823 - 1941
Field check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, September 30, 1994
Field Proofed by Goodfellow, Davidson, & Crowell, November 11, 1998
posted 7/19/1999
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The Beach Cemetery is located on the South Oran Delphi Road, near Penoyer Road 2 km (1.3 miles) south of the hamlet of Delphi Falls, in the town of Fabius, Onondaga County.  It was earlier recorded in 1958 by Leon M. Peters who had described it as being "Located near the village of Oran, in the Town of Pompey ... " and thus was rarely seen by persons conducting research in the town of Fabius.  The Peters list was found to have many errors, but was useful in interpreting several severely eroded stones.  Another undated list by the DAR (apparently derived from an earlier list by William M. Beauchamp) was also used but found to have so many errors as to be useless.  The first three stones that I looked at in the cemetery were not on the list Peters list, several others farther into the cemetery also, and several had information that was wrong, but generally (in comparison to the lists of Meyer & Scott) it was good.  A more recent list by Schiffhaur, Goodfellow, Davison, & Crowell, made in May 1998, was also very good, and a comparison of my reading and theirs was field checked by Schiffhaur, et al. on November 11, 1998.  Their findings have been incorporated into this version of the transcription list.

This cemetery is located on the west side of the highway and measures 120 feet deep and 75 feet wide.  The more elevated western end of the cemetery is devoted to the Beach family, their plot being marked by granite blocks marked "Beach" which may have been the original part of the cemetery.  On the edge of the cemetery, at the northwest corner off the Beach plot, are several discarded stones which belong with the Beach Monuments, and another which is mostly illegible but included below.  The cemetery is generally well kept and there is much room for additional burials although no definite sunken areas indicating unmarked burial spots were noted.  Many stones have been reset resulting in crooked rows and older stones facing to the east (this cemetery is one that exhibits very strongly the early 19th century pattern of west-facing stones despite the entrance on the east).  Several stones have fallen and are partially buried under the sod.  Others may be entirely buried.

This cemetery contains the stones and perhaps the bones of Edward Wooley (and his wife Elizabeth) who seems to have been the same Edward Wooley who was buried in what I have termed the Wooley Cemetery on Ballina Road in Cazenovia.  That burial spot is only known through property records, there being no evidence of a cemetery today - presumably because his remains (and the remains of his wife?) was removed to the Beach cemetery where they are found today with later generations of the Wooley family.  The situation of the stones of Edward and Elizabeth, placed very close to each other (almost touching) in a small space between the stone of Alfred Wooley and the cemetery fence, suggest that the bodies (bones more likely) were in a small container which was placed in this tight spot with the two stones also moved to this spot.  It was common then, as is sometimes today, to move remains to larger family plots or from abandoned grounds.

Nancy Edwards of Delphi Falls told me that several "residents" of the Beach cemetery had been moved to the Delphi Cemetery in 1887.  According to Delphi Cemetery records they are Charles F. Beers, Francis U. Beers, and Edson Howe.

Four stones from the old list were not found in 1994 or 1998.  They are: Ephraim S. Benson, Willard Benson, Wheelock Wallace, and Malinda Wallis.  The data for these individuals should be used with more caution.

Twenty stones were also found in 1994 which did not appear on the Peters list.  They are: four unknowns (one of which was found in 1998), Edward Chase, Emma Chase, H.C. Chase, J. Ray Chase, Luke Clark, Ellen M. Goodrich, Blanche Mabel Howe, Floyd D. Howe, David Ray, George Springer, Louisa E. Stowell, Benjamin C. Virgil, Sarah Virgil, Ephraim Wallis, M.B. Wallis, and Alfred Wooley.

Those buried in the Beach Cemetery include:

______, ______, (male) died January 30, 1863, age 84 years, (wife Clarissa) (stone broken and very rotten).
______, Clarrissa, wife of ______ ______, died January 31, 1863, age 80 years (stone broken and very rotten).
______, ______, died October 25 (no year of death) age 63 (found in 1998)
______, (Marie?), died January __, ____, age 6 months, stone very rotten.
Beach, (maiden name), see Esther Beach Fox.
Beach, Alma L., born 1861, died 1935, age not given.
Beach, Amanda M., wife of John M. Beach, died October 7, 1888, age 79 years.
Beach, Amy, wife of Thaddeus Beach, died January 31, 1856, age (86) years (age from Peters 1958 list).
Beach, Calvin H., born May 25, 1827, died June 30, 1903, age not given.
Beach, Candace, daughter of Thaddeus and Amy Beach, died February 10, 1843, age 42 years 5 months 2 days.
Beach, Candace M., born 1859, died 1939, age not given.
Beach, Harriett C., wife of John I. Beach, died September 27, 1878, age 38 years.
Beach, Hiram, born December 12, 1802, died April 26, 1858, age not given.
Beach, John I., no other data given.
Beach, John M., died February 10, 1858, age 51 years.
Beach, L. Annette, born March 21, 1849, died October 9, 1898, age not given.
Beach, Lavern Comstock, wife of Calvin H. Beach, born January 9, 1832, died June 4, 1879, age not given.
Beach, Lucia, daughter of Hiram and Polly Beach, born December 11, 1824, died September 16, 1827, age not given.
Beach, Mary L., born 1854, died 1918, age not given.
Beach, Merrill R., born 1877, died 1941, age not given.
Beach, Polly Sprague, wife of Hiram Beach, born October 28, 1803, died April 10, 1865, age not given.
Beach, Sally Maria, daughter of Thaddeus and Amy Beach, July 22, 1835, age 23 years (in 24th year).
Beach, T. Emmett, son of John (M.) and Amanda Beach, died July 28, 1863, age 19 years.
Beach, Thaddeus, died March 11, 1836, age 69 years (in 70th year).
Beers, Chery Ann, wife of Uriah Beers, died July 19, 1842, age 66 years.
Benson, Ephraim S., son of Elias W. and Lydia Benson, died October 13, 1856, age 7 years, (stone not found in 1994, data from Peters 1958 list).
Benson, Maria, daughter of Elias W. and Lydia Benson, died September 13, 1841, age 15 years 13 days.
Benson, Willard, infant son of Elias W. and Lydia Benson, died October 14, 1852, age not given, (stone not found in 1994, data from Peters 1958 list).
Chase, Edward, died October 30, 1902, age 22 years.
Chase, Emma J., wife of H.C. Chase, died August 23, 1908, age 64 years 8 months.
Chase, George, died August 16, 1866, age 72 years 9 months.
Chase, H.C., died May 9, 1901, age 77 years.
Chase, J. Ray, died October 15, 1898, age 14 years 4 months.
Chase, Laura, wife of George Chase, died July 5, 1878, age 75 years 9 months.
Chase, Samuel G., died December 30, 1862, (age covered by mortar).
Chase, Samuella, daughter of S.G. and N. Chase, died (January 15, 1863, age 1 month 24 days), (bottom buried in mortar, date and age from Peters 1958 list).
Clark, Luke, no other data given.
Comstock, (maiden name), see Lavern Comstock Beach.
Goodrich, Ellen M., daughter of Lewis and Polley Goodrich, died June 23, 1861, age 6 years, 9 months, 4 days.
Fox, Alice Amelia, daughter of Erasmus and Celestia Fox, died June 1, 1859, age 6 years 23 days.
Fox, Almon, son of Erasmus and Esther Fox, died May 2, 1840, age 15 years 9 months.
Fox, Esther Beach, daughter of Thadius Beach, wife of Erasmus Fox, died February 9, 1873, age 74 years 5 months 28 days.
Howe, (Passett H.), died June 7, 1859, age 27 years, (top of stone missing, first name from Peters 1958 list).
Howe, Ann Wooley, wife of Joel Howe, died January 15, 1880, age 63 years.
Howe (?), Blanche Mabel, daughter of Albert and Alice (Howe?), died September 25, 1874, age 11 months (9?) days (no surname, with Howe family).
Howe, Floyd D., son of Albert and Elizabeth Howe, died June 20, 1862, age 7 years 10 months.
Howe, Harriet L., daughter of Joel and Ann Howe, died July 14, 1852, age 13 years 10 months 4 days.
Howe, Jabez, died May 29, 1866, age 76 years 6 months.
Howe, Joel, died November 15, 1875, age 73 years.
Howe, Mary E., wife of Albert Howe, died March 2, 1865, age 35 years.
Howe, Rhoda, wife of Jabez Howe, died September 2, 1873, age 78 years 4 months.
Irish, (maiden name), see Cornelia S. Irish Wallace.
Kenyon, David K., died April 7, 1874, age 75 years 8 months 20 days.
Kenyon, Elmina, wife of Eri Kenyon, born 1841, died 1878, age not given.
Kenyon, Eri, born 1823, died 1888, age not given.
Kenyon, Hancy, born 1828, died 1895, age not given.
Kenyon, Hannah, died April 17, 1851, age 80 years.
Kenyon, Laura (1), wife of David Kenyon, died January 15, 1852, age 51 years 6 months 10 days.
Kenyon, Laura (2), born 1833, died 1908, age not given.
Kenyon, Lodorick, died April 3, 1823, age 74 years.
Kenyon, Wealthy, born 1826, died 1899, age not given.
Kenyon, Nellie, daughter of Eri and Elmina Kenyon, born 1871, died 1879, age not given.
Martin, Amos, died September 7, 1858, age 72 years 2 months 4 days.
Negus, Hannah, wife of John Negus, died January 31, 1853, age 66 years 8 months.
Negas, Isaac, died November 22, 1847, age 84 years.
Negus, John, died July 29, 1864, age 79 years.
Negas, Priscilla, wife of Isaac Negus, died November 30, 1848, age 85 years.
Pickett, Jerome, died July 26, 187(4), (stone broken away, date from Peters 1958 list).
Pudney, Anna, wife of Enos M. Pudney, died February 23, 1854, age 33 years.
Pudney, Enos M., died June 27, 1850, age 39 years.
Ray, Charles, born 1805, died 1890, age not given.
Ray, David, died February 5, 1878, (age covered by mortar).
Ray, Eunice, born 1808, died 1886, age not given.
Ray, Emma J., daughter of J.A. and J.B. (John and Jemima) Ray, died October 11, 1865, age 3 months.
Ray, George C., born 1866, died 19__ (date not completed), age not given.
Ray, Jemima B., wife of John Ray, died April 4, 1869, age 28 years 9 months 3 days.
Ray, John, died November 9, 1913, age 78 years.
Ray, Nellie M., born 1867, died 1920, age not given.
Salisbury, Maria, wife of John Salisbury, died March 29, 1861, age 44 years (broken and date damaged in 1998).
Sprague, (maiden name), see Polly Sprague Beach.
Springer, George, died April 3, 1853, age 67 years 2 months 25 days.
Stowell, Louisa E., only child of O.H. and C.A. Stowell, died May 19, 1863, age 7 years 8 months 14 days.
Virgil, Benjamin C., died March 3, 1870, age 50 years 5 months 25 days.
Virgil, Sarah, wife of William Virgil, died April 18, 1858, age 79 years.
Virgil, Warren B., son of B.C. and A.M. Virgil, died December 28, 1868, age 20 years, "He died for his Country."
Virgil, William, died January 23, 1859, (stone broken, age not present).
Walker, Daniel, died December 25, (1835, 1865, or 1885), age 63 years.
Wallace, Charles G., son of Samuel C. and Cornelia S. Irish Wallace, died December 24, 1877, age 19 years.
Wallace, Cornelia S. Irish, wife of Samuel C. Wallace, died April 21, 1878, age 43 years.
Wallace, Georgie E., son of Warren and Ellen Wallace, died December 11, 1862, age 1 year 4 months 7 days.
Wallace, Lincoln H., son of Samuel C. and Cornelia S. Irish Wallace, died October 31, 1874, age 12 years.
Wallace, Samuel C., no other data given.
Wallace, Wheelock, son of Warren and Ellen Wallace, died January 8, 1854, age 6 months, (stone not found in 1994, data from Peters 1958 list).
Wallis, Ephraim, died May 5, 1864, age 81 years 2 months 2 days.
Wallis, James R., son of Mathew B. and Malvina Wallis, died March 31, 1859, age 3 years 6 months 14 days.
Wallis, Judith, wife of Ephraim Wallis, died March 6, 1840, age (75 years 6 months 6 days,) (bottom buried in mortar, age from Peters 1958 list).
Wallis, M.B., born 1834, died 1913, age not given.
Wallis, Malinda, wife of Marhey B. Wallis, no other data, (stone not found in 1994, data from Peters 1958 list).
Wallis, Mathew B., died April 13, 1840, age 52 years 13 days.
Wallis, Mercy, wife of Mathew B. Wallis, died April 18, 1872, age 71 years 3 months 14 days.
Wooley, (maiden name), see Ann Wooley Howe.
Wooley, Alfred, died January 6, 1854, age 69 years.
Wooley, Edward, died December 28, 1834, age 75 years 3 months 6 days.
Wooley, Elizabeth, relict of Edward Wooley, died March 21, 1840, age 78 years 3 months 25 days.
Wooley, Polly, wife of Alfred Wooley, died October 21, 1863, age 79 years.

END of Beach Cemeterey Transcript by Daniel H. Weiskotten