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Cemeteries Peripheral to (within 1 Mile of)
the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson (Madison County, NY)
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified March 13, 2004
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        To "catch" some of the Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson residents who lived and died within the townships but who may have been buried in cemeteries which lie in their "home neighborhood" but outside of the township boundaries, I examined any cemetery that was within one (1) mile of the border of the three towns.  I am not using this data in my demographic studies, as the cemeteries technically lay outside of my area of study, but I conducted examinations of the cemeteries and present my transcripts here for use of other researchers.  The large Sheds Cemetery, in the Town of DeRuyter, lies just yards outside of the 1 mile limit and thus I did not do a transcription, but I know that Russell A. Grills and his staff at of Lorenzo State Historic Site, made transcripts of the stones in 1985 which has been posted on the internet on Mike Hollingsworth's Madison County Web Pages.  The Taynter Cemetery, in the Town of Eaton, has not yet been investigated and since I am not sure of its exact location I cannot say for sure whether it lies within the one mile periphery or not.

Peripheral Cemeteries, located within one mile of the border of the Towns of Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson.

Beach Cemetery (Fabius, Onondaga Co.)
(DHW made field check September 30, 1994)
(other lists include: Leon M. Peters 1958; Nancy Schiffhauer, Sue Goodfellow, Maggie Davison, and Kathy Crowell May 14, 1998)

Cole Cemetery (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
(aka Goff's Corners, Charles Pickard farm, Danehy farm)
(DHW made field check April 10, 1994)
(old lists include: Tuttle c.1940, Gallup 1949, Meyer et al. 1961)

Cranson Cemetery (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
(aka Younglove)
(DHW made field check October 4 & 6, 1994)
(old lists include: Tuttle c.1940, two anonymous c.1950s lists, one of which was "field checked" by Field & Scott August 22, 1959, but which still contains numerous errors)

Delphi Cemetery (Pompey, Onondaga Co.)
(aka Delphi Falls)
(Large cemetery not transcribed by DHW)
(old lists include: Pompey: Our Town in Profile 1976:219-224)

Delphi Falls Cemetery (Pompey, Onondaga Co.)
(aka Delphi Baptist Church)
(DHW made field check October 14 & 15, 1994)
(old lists include: William M. Beauchamp c.1910; alphabetical and numerical lists with keyed map by Girard M. & Marjorie Parce in 1941)

Palmer Cemetery (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
(aka Nichols, Chaffee, Ingalls Road, Mitchell)
(DHW made field check October 3, 1994)
(old lists include: Tuttle c.1940, Meyer et al. c.1960)

Pease Cemetery (Pompey, Onondaga Co.)
(aka Pompey Hollow)
(DHW made new list April 8 & 9, 1994)
(old lists include: William M. Beauchamp c.1910; Clezzie Gallup 1951; Mrs. Lawrence Jennings and Mrs. William H. Keene copied by Clyde Wood July 1957; Pompey: Our Town in Profile 1976:238-240; Kathy Crowell 1998)

Taynter Cemetery (Eaton, Madison Co.)
(aka Old West Eaton Cemetery)
(DHW has not field checked this cemetery)
(old lists include: unsourced and undated)


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