Weaver Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY
Weaver Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY
(aka Erieville Nelson)
 Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, May 27, 1994
MNI = 35, names = 33, 1800 - 1917
(old lists include: Evans 1949)
Last Modified November 10, 2000
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        This cemetery is in good condition but has not been recently kept.  The Tamiso family, who own the surrounding land, has done some clearing in the cemetery and there is now only small brush and weeds.  The cemetery is located on the line of an abandoned section of what is now served by the Nelson - Erieville Road, which had been moved to its present location some time in the early 20th century.
        The cemetery is on a slight rise and when the land was more open than now, would have had fine views in all directions.  A fine stone wall surrounds the cemetery which is (inside the walls) about 90 feet east to west and 135 feet north to south, with a small opening with an iron gate centered in the east wall.  Large maple trees are planted inside of the stone wall and may have preceded the building of the wall.  The dimensions of the cemetery from the tree lines is 80 by 125 feet.  The headstones are at the west end of the grave and generally face to the west, away from the road.  The rows of stones are unevenly spaced 10 to 15 feet apart.  There are several groups of stones.  The graves range from 3.0 to 4.25 feet apart.
        Only one stone from the old list was not found in 1994, that of Rufus Weaver (3), but this stone was found in the Nelson Rural Cemetery and it is likely that his being recorded in this cemetery is in error.  No additional headstones were found in 1994.  An unmarked field stone marker is found 5 feet southwest of Mary L. Smith Dimmick, and the base of a broken and unaccounted-for marble headstone is found between Florella M. Sims and Amy Weaver.  No grave pits were visible because of thick ground cover.  No site map was made and there is much open space for more graves.

Those buried in the Weaver Cemetery include:

Bates, (maiden name), see Lydia Bates Evans.
Bates, Anna, wife (2) of Archibald Bates, died April 10, 1839, age 36 years.
Bates, Archibald, died January 11, 1838, age 75 years.
Bates, Caroline M., born 1823, died 1911, (age not given).
Bates, Emily L., born 1834, died 1900, (age not given).
Bates, Hannah, consort (1) of Archibald Bates, died January 20, 1806, age 33 years 8 months 9 days.
Bates, Joseph D., son of Archibald and Hannah Bates, died July 18, 1830, age 11 years 10 months.
Brown, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Sloan.
Brown, Elizabeth Ann, wife of George M. Brown, died May 30, 1852, age 28 years 4 months 23 days, (parts of stone illegible).
Dawson, Charles, (no data given).
Dawson, Lydia, wife of Seth Dawson, died July 5, 1846, age 51 years.
Dawson, Seth, died September 16, 1835, age 40 years.
Dimmick, Mary L. Smith, 2nd daughter of Nathan Smith, born March 16, 1807, died May 13, 1878, (age not given).
Evans, Lydia Bates, born 1826, died 1853, (age not given).
Lewis, Hannah Wever, born 1826, died 1874, (age not given).
Marshall, Polly, consort of Ahira Marshall, died August 27, 1819, age 27 years.
Sims, Andrew R., son of Joseph and Lydia Sims, died March 8, 1816, age 1 year 6 months.
Sims, Florella M., wife of William Sims, died October 11, 1844, age 22 years.
Sims, Joseph, died January 12, 1864, age 90 years.
Sims, Lydia, wife of Joseph Sims, died June 24, 1852, age 71 years 10 months 8 days.
Sims, William, died November 12, 1899, age 81 years.
Sloane, Elizabeth, wife of S.W. Sloane, daughter of G. and E. Brown, died April 8, 1878, age 25 years 11 months 19 days.
Smith, (maiden name), see Mary L. Smith Dimmick.
Smith, Aurelia, wife of Deacon Nathan Smith, born March 31, 1777, died June 1, 1852, age 75 years.
Smith, Cornelia, wife of ______ Smith, died April 10, 1862, age (44?) years, (stone broken and rotten in 1994).
Smith, Leander Chester, son of Nathan and Aurelia Smith, died May 11, 1816, age 5 years 5 months, (there are two stones for LCS, one of black speckled schist, and one of marble, the marble one has L. Chester Smith and the schist one gives age as only 5 years).
Smith, Nathan, Deacon, born Hadley, MA, December 4, 1776, died in Nelson, NY, October 6, 1849, age 73 years.
Wever, (maiden name), see Hannah Wever Lewis.
(Weaver?), ______, died October 5, (1873 or 1875), age 49 years, (probably a wife of Rufus Weaver (2) - stone next to and the same as his).
Weaver, Amy, wife of Rufus Weaver (2), died October 19, 1852, age 57 years 1 month 16 days.
Wever, Charles E., born 1853, died 1917, (age not given).
Wever, Hannah, Mrs., consort of Rufus Wever (1), died January 24, 1829, age 79 years.
Wever, J. Delos, born 1826, died 1855, (age not given).
Wever, Jacob S., son of Rufus (2) and Amy Wever, died October 18, 1822, age 3 months 21 days.
Wever, Rufus (1), died December 29, 1814, age 69 years.
Weaver, Rufus (2), died June 18, 1873, age 80 years.
Weaver, Rufus (3), (an old list by Clezzie Gallup says that this stone was in the Weaver cemetery, but it was found in Nelson Rural Cemetery in 1994)
Wever, Sarah, daughter of Rufus (1) and Hannah Wever, died May 6, 1800, age 16 years.

 END of Weaver Cemetery list by Daniel H. Weiskotten