Nelson Rural Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Fenner, Madison County, NY
Nelson Rural Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY

Field Check October 7 and December 27, 1994, followup on December 1, 1996, by Daniel H. Weiskotten
MNI = 511, names = 506, 1811 - present
(old lists include: anonymous 1914-1915)

Last Modified October 24, 2004

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This cemetery has a long and complex history but I have not yet fully researched it and I have not yet begun to compile its history.

Thanks are given to several people who have supplied additional data on individuals buried here.

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Those buried in the Nelson Rural Cemetery include:

Abbott, (maiden name), see Marcia E. Abbott Clark.
Abbott, (maiden name), see Lucinda Abbott Hamblin.
Alger, Abigail, wife of Oliver Alger, died April 20, 1840, age 68 years.
Alger, Alvin, died February 24, 1886, age 81 years
Alger, Aurelia, daughter of Oliver and Abigail Alger, died August 7, 1835, age 23 years.
Alger, Oliver, died March 5, 1848, age 78 years.
Alger, Orin, died November 25, 1849, age 53 years.
Alger, Rebecca F., daughter of Alvin and Susan E. Alger, died June 25, 1862, age 11 years 6 months.
Alger, Susan E. Fay, wife of Alvin Alger, died May 25, 1874, age 64 years.
Altman, Ruth Y, born 1903, died 1935, (age not given).
Amman, Agnes, (wife of Joseph Amman), born 1898, died 1993, (age not given).
Amman, Clara, (wife of Edward Amman), born 1923, (still living in 1994).
Amman, Edward, born 1919, (still living in 1994).
Amman, John J., born December 1, 1922, died July 21, 1979, (age not given), US Army, WWII.
Amman, Joseph, born 1885, died 1970, (age not given).
Amman, Joyce, (daughter of Edwin and Clara Amman), born and died in 1961, (age not given).
Arms, see Electa L. Wilcox.
Arms, Cynthia J., daughter of William S. and Harriet J. Arms, died April 26, 1859, age 20 years.
Arms, Harriet J., wife of William S. Arms, died June 26, 1870, age 54 years.
Austin, (maiden name), see Matilda Austin Bumpus.
Bachman, (maiden name), see Fay Bachman Davies.
Bachman, Edward F., born 1882, died 1981, (age not given).
Bachman, Ellen Inez Wheeler, wife of Lewis Franklin Bachman, married July 17, 1937, born 1913, (still living in 1994?).
Bachman, Lewis Franklin, married Ellen Inez Wheeler July 17, 1937, born 1912, (still living in 1994?).
Bachman, Mabel I., wife of Edward F. Bachman, born 1886, died 1956, (age not given).
Badertscher, F. Francis, born 1927, died 1931, (age not given).
Badger, (maiden name), see Mary H. Badger Case.
Badger, Abner (1), died October 4, 1828, age 80 years.
Badger, Abner (2), died August 27, 1849, age 68 years 7 months 8 days.
Badger, Elam, died February 18, 1863, age 73 years.
Badger, Joanna, Relict of Abner Badger (1), died December 22, 1840, age 91 years.
Badger, Joanna W., daughter of Abner (2) and Prissilla Badger, died June 20, 1835, age 21 years 5 months 10 days.
Badger, Matilda, wife of Elam Badger, died April 28, 1868, age 74 years.
Badger, Mehetable, died August 7, 1847, age 64 years.
Barnes, Loren C., born 1849, (no other data given).
Barnes, Marie H., (wife of Loren C. Barnes), born 1863, died 1921, (age not given).
Bates, Frances M., wife of George A. bates, April 4, 1881, age 38 years.
Baxter, Bethia, wife of Daniel R. Baxter, died December 13, 1841, age 60 years.
Baxter, Daniel R., died December 17, 1842, age 68 years.
Beebe, Edgar L., born 1848, died 1916, (age not given).
Beebe, Ella B. Williams, wife of Edgar L. Beebe, born 1851, died 1929, (age not given).
Bender, (maiden name), see Theodosia Bender Marshall.
Bender, Barbara Benishek, wife (2) of James W. Bender, born 1931, (still living in 1994).
Bender, James H., born 1891, died 1965, (age not given).
Bender, James W., son of James H. and Leora Nichols Bender, born 1921, (passed away April 6, 1998).
Bender, Leora Nichols, (wife of James H. Bender), born 1892, died 1975, (age not given).
Bender, Lethal Cartwright, wife (1) of James W. Bender, born 1924, died 1959, (age not given).
Benishek, (maiden name), see Barbara Benishek Bender.
Bennett, (maiden name), see Polly Bennett Morey.
Bennett, Alma Keith, born 1895, died 1983, (age not given)
Bennett, Pruday, wife of Reynolds Bennett, died November 11, 1846, age 66 years.
Bennett, Reynolds, died February 18, 1847, age 71 years.
Billings, Adelbert S., born 1900, died 1974, (age not given).
Billings, Lucy M., (wife of Adelbert S. Billings), born 1902, died 1974, (age not given).
Birney, Eliza B., (wife of William Birney?), born 1836, died 1900, (age not given).
Birney, William B., born 1837, died 1897, Co. F., 157 Reg., NY Vol.
Bodley, Meldan J., born 1920, (still living in 1994?).
Bodley, Ruby Grant, wife of Meldan J. Bodley, born 1926, (still living in 1994?).
Blowers, Addie M. Putman, wife of Delos D. Blowers, born 1873, died 1925, (age not given).
Blowers, Delos D., born 1863, died 1946, (age not given).
Blowers, Dallas H., son of Delos D. and Addie M. Putman Blowers, born 1892, died 1914, (age not given).
Blowers (?), John T., born 1849, died 1940, (age not given).
Blowers, Marcella B., (wife of John T. Blowers?), born 1847, died 1934, (age not given).
Bowers, (maiden name), see Mary Bowers Case.
Brabec, Leonard Bedient, Ph.D, Sc.D, born Perham, Minn., April 11, 1895, died Boston, MA, August 17, 1967, (age not given), Veteran of WWI.
Bristol, (maiden name), see Juliaette Bristol Osborne.
Brooks, (maiden name), see Adelia Brooks Lyon.
Brooks, (maiden name), see Doris Brooks Lyon.
Brooks, Frankie H., son of William and Mary E. Brooks, died August 15, 1864, age 1 year 6 months.
Brown, Jerome W., born 1907, died 1989, (age not given).
Brush, Jane S., died April 1, 1888, age 73 years.
Brush, Mary A., died December 5, 1879, (age not given).
Brush, Mary A. Miner, wife of Martin H. Brush, died May 7, 1850, age 21 years.
Brush, Polly, died May 9, 1865, age 85 years.
Brush, Rocksey, died November 23, 1838, (age not given).
Bumpus, Amenda, wife of Asahel Bumpus, died March 9, 1829, age 37.
Bumpus, Anna Hamilton, wife (2) of Isaac Bumpus, died July 20, 1821, age 38 years.
Bumpus, Experience, Mrs., wife of Seth Bumpus, died August 25, 1842, age 86 years.
Bumpus, Matilda Austin, wife (1) of Isaac Bumpus, died January 4, 1824, age 22 years.
Bumpus, Salathiel D., died May 20, 1852, age 32 years 2 months.
Bumpus, Sarah M., died May 15, 1848, age 22 years.
Bumpus, Seth, died May 29, 1812, age 58 years.
Bumpus, Willard, died November 8, 1828, age 30 years.
Burgess, Jeanette N., (wife of William C. Burgess), born March 26, 1934, (still living in 1994?)
Burgess, William C., born May 11, 1931, died February 23, 1964, (age not given), NY, A1C, US Air Force, Korea (on two stones).
Busch, Carl E., born 1895, died 1979, (age not given).
Busch, Marion L., (wife of Carl E. Busch?), born 1892, died 1979, (age not given).
C______, I.M., shale fieldstone marked "I.M.C." or "I.M.G." with shale footstone indicating childs grave at southeast fence line. This is probably of the Case family which is near by.
Card, (maiden name), see Anna L. Card Morey.
Card, Harriet M., born May 18, 1821, died April 21, 1901, (age not given).
Cartwright, (maiden name), see Lethal Cartwright Bender.
Case, (maiden name), see Polly Case Lyon.
Case, (maiden name), see Violet Case Smith.
Case, (maiden name), see Savilla Case Walters.
Case, Alexis, died September 21, 1893, age 74 years.
Case, Chauncey, died October 29, 1859, age 86 years.
Case, Chloe, wife of Chauncey Case, died April 10, 1863, age 84 years.
Case, Clifford L., married Ruth Grant July 15, 1965, born 1919, (still living in 1994?).
Case, David, born February 24, 1779, died February 11, 1873, age 94 years.
Case, Ella M., born 1859, died 1934, (age not given).
Case, George A., born November 12, 1815, died June 12, 1894, (age not given).
Case, Laura, wife of David Case, born December 19, 1786, died December 5, 1854, age 68 years.
Case, Leah R., born 1910, (still living in 1994?).
Case, Lucius L., born 1865, died 1933, (age not given).
Case, Lyman D., son of David and Laury Case, died October 7, 1813, age 14 months.
Case, Mary Bowers, (wife of Lucius L. Case?), born 1870, died 1942, (age not given).
Case, Mary H. Badger, wife of Alexis Case, died December 19, 1891, age 69 years.
Case, Mary H. Young, wife of George A. Case, born December 2, 1821, died January 28, 1873, (age not given).
Case, Ruth Grant, wife of Clifford L. Case, married July 15, 1965, born 1925, (still living in 1994?)
Case, Sarah, wife of Joseph Case, died September 13, 1818, age 79 years.
Case, Sherrill B., born 1906, died 1971, (age not given).
Chamberlain, Eliza, wife of David Chamberlain, died June 22, 1833, age 29 years.
Chapman, (maiden name), see Mary T. Chapman Clough.
Chase, (maiden name), see Mary E. Chase Weaver.
Chase, Nathaniel, born August 12, 1776, died September 30, 1856, (age not given).
Chase, Sally Williams, wife of Nathaniel Chase, born October 7, 1779, died March 18, 1826, (age not given).
Church, Josephine L., daughter of Thorn M. and Lydia H. Keith Church, died December 31, 1885, age 30 years.
Church, Lorenzo D., born 1899, died 1966, (age not given).
Church, Lydia H. Keith, wife of Thorn M. Church, died June 25, 1899, age 77 years.
Church, Malcolm J., born May 9, 1922, died July 10, 1976, (age not given), Pvt, US Army, WWII.
Church, Thorn M., died September 15, 1873, age 62 years.
Church, Vera L., born 1902, died 1992, (age not given).
Clark, Catherine Roberts, wife of Irving Ira Clark, born 1895, died 1954, (age not given).
Clark, Clifford J., born January 24, 1923, died May 8, 1985, (age not given), Pvt, US Army, WWII.
Clark, Emeline Bump, wife (2) of Ira Clark, born November 15, 1823, died May 6, 1887, (age not given).
Clark, Ira, born February 24, 1822, died May 27, 1900, (age not given).
Clark, Irving Ira, born 1885, died 1966, (age not given).
Clark, Marcia E. Abbott, wife (1) of Ira Clark, born August 8, 1822, died April 19, 1861, (age not given)
Clough, Helen M., daughter of Walter and Laura Clough, died December 14, 1836, age 2 years 6 months.
Clough, John, born in MA, November 7, 1777, died November 23, 1826, age 50 years.
Clough, Marie Louisa, daughter of William W. and Sarah Clough, died November 26, 1847, age 16 years.
Clough, Mary A., daughter of William H. and Sarah Clough, died July 20, 1857, age 20 years 7 months.
Clough, Mary T. Chapman, wife of John Clough, died September 17, 1837, age 60 years.
Clough, Sarah R., wife of William H. Clough, died September 3, 1855, age 47 years 5 months.
Clough, William W., died September 1, 1843, age 38 years 7 months (months buried in concrete).
Colvin, Albert J., born December 2, 1916, died September 15, 1972, (age not given), NY, Co. I, 314 Inf., WWII, PH + OLC.
Colvin, Lloyd E., born 1914, died 1986, (age not given).
Connolly, (maiden name), see Jane Connolly Graves.
Covell, Asa, died June 30, 1855, age 67 years.
Covell, Betsey, wife of Asa Covell, died November 3, 1860, age 67 years.
Covell, Darius W., died in New York City, March 9, 1874, age 55 years.
Covell, Samuel W., son of Asa and Betsey Covell, died March 8, 1822, age 1 year (in 2nd year).
Coulter, (maiden name), see Antoinette Coulter Keith.
Curl, (maiden name), see Marjorie Curl Lee.
Curtis, Caroline, wife of Lester Curtis, died June 15, 1838, age 32 years.
Dana, (maiden name), see Ellen M. Dana Keith.
Davidson, (maiden name), see Ellen M. Davidson English.
Davidson, Laura C., born 1907 died 1968, (age not given).
Davies, Fay Bachman, wife of Harold Pearl Davies, married June 24, 1937, born 1915, (still living in 1994?)
Davies, Harold Pearl, married Fay Bachman June 24, 1937, born 1909, died 1986, (age not given).
Davis, Donna Lee, born 1951, died 1955, (age not given).
Davis, Everett C., born 1919, (still living in 1994?).
Davis, George T., born 1844, died 1903, (age not given).
Davis, Mary, daughter of J.M.Keith, wife (1) of George T. Davis, died September 22, 1876, age 29 years.
Davis, Mary L. Alger, wife of George T. Davis, born 1859, died 1916.
Davis, Shirley J., (wife of Everett C. Davis), born 1927, (still living in 1994?)
DeMain, (maiden name), see Jane E. DeMain Gaige.
Doolittle, (maiden name), see Submit Doolittle Keith.
Edgerton, Sevilla, daughter of John and Welthy Edgerton, died August 5, 1817, age 22 years.
Edgerton, Welthy, wife of John Edgerton, died August 22, 1817, age 52 years.
Elphick, (maiden name), see Emeline A. Elphick Forsyth.
Emhoff, Elsworth E., born September 4, 1920, died February 10, 1989, (age not given), US Army, WWII.
English, (maiden name), see Cornelia M. English Farnham.
English, (maiden name), see Flora L. English Keith.
English, Ellen M. Davidson, wife of George E. English born April 14, 1836, (no other data given), (stone not found in 1994).
English, George E., born December 1834, (no other data given), (stone not found in 1994).
English, Lavina A., wife of Samuel E. English, died December 7, 1870, age 64 years 9 months.
English, Marion Irene, daughter of George E. and Ellen M. Dawson English, born March 14, 1864, died March 12, 1874, (age not given) (stone not found in 1994).
English, Samuel E., died June 24, 1883, age 87 years.
English, William Wilson, born November 4, 1832, died May 12-13, 1907, Western Pioneer, "Born November 4, 1832 at Nelson, Madison Co., N.Y. / Died May 12-13, 1907 at Redlands, Calif. / Resided Decator, Ill. - Sacramento - / San Francisco - Idlewood, Calif. - and / Buried Hillside Cemetery - Redlands, Calif."
Ensign, Edmund I., son of Isaac and Mary Ensign, died December 11, 1828, age 22 years.
Evarts, Emily, died June 5, 1854, age 52 years.
Everden, Walter, died August 20, 1857, age 59 years.
Farnham, Clark A., born 1826, died 1900, (age not given).
Farnham, Cornelia M. English, wife of Clark A. Farnham, born 1831, died 1897, (age not given).
Fay, (maiden name), see Susan E. Fay Alger.
Featherly, Alexandra, born 1992, died 1993, (age not given).
Featherly, Ethel V., (wife of Frank S. Featherly), born 1925, died 1965, (age not given).
Featherly, Frank S., born 1915, died 1972, (age not given).
Featherly, Shelly Kay, born 1973, died 1973, (age not given).
Forsyth, Emeline A. Elphick, wife of Thomas B. Forsyth, died November 28, 1913, age 76 years.
Forsyth, Thomas B., died April 20, 1908, age 81 years.
Frances, Hannah, died August 24, 1830, age 70 years.
Francis, Luella Keith, wife of William R. Francis, born 1880, died 1965, (age not given).
Francis, William R., born 1881, died 1948, (age not given).
Fulmer, Viella G., born 1900, died 1988, (age not given).
G______, I.M., shale fieldstone marked "I.M.G." or "I.M.C." with shale footstone indicating child's grave at southeast fence line. This is probably of the Case family which is near by.
Gage, Frederick W., Co. B., MA Inf., (Civil War), (no other data).
Gaige, (maiden name), see Myra Gaige Pangborn.
Gaige, (maiden name), see E. Adele Gaige Perry.
Gaige, (maiden name), see Georgie E. Gaige Roberts.
Gaige, (maiden name), see Altie Gaige Williams.
Gaige, Alanson T., born 1819, died 1912, (age not given).
Gaige, Delia C., wife of Alanson T. Gaige, born 1815, died 1900, (age not given).
Gaige, George E., born July 3, 1841, died January 21, 1917, (age not given).
Gaige, Ida F., daughter of Alanson and delia C. Gaige, died April 18, 1854, age 1 year 8 months.
Gaige, Jane E. DeMain, wife of George E. Gaige, born March 20, 1847, died May 12, 1908, (age not given).
Gaige, Roscoe Crosby, born 1881, died 1949, (age not given).
Gaige, William H., (son of Alanson and Delia C. Gaige), born 1839, died 1864, (age not given), buried in Arkansas.
Gamble, Anna Stewart, (wife of Leonard P. Gamble?), born 1868, died 1940, (age not given).
Gamble, Leonard P., born 1861, died 1931, (age not given).
Garrett, Rufus, died February 16, 1837, age 52 years.
Grant, (maiden name), see Ruby Grant Bodley.
Grant, (maiden name), see Ruth Grant Case.
Grant, Aiden A., born 1874, died 1958, (age not given).
Grant, Floyd A., born 1899, died 1959, (age not given).
Graves, (maiden name), see L. Jennette Graves Hammond.
Graves, (maiden name), see Melissa Graves Inman.
Graves, (maiden name), see Mary J. Graves McAlpine.
Graves, Alfred W., (son of Orson and Mary F. Graves?), born 1867, died 1931, (age not given).
Graves, Charles A., born January 18, 1912, died April 18, 1985, (age not given), 1st Lieut., US Army, WWII.
Graves, Charles E., born 1883, died 1971, (age not given).
Graves, Chauncey, MD, born 1869, died 1956, (age not given).
Graves, Francis, wife of John M. Graves, born 1846, died 1917, (age not given).
Graves, Frank, son of Orson and Mary F. Graves, born 1869, died 1908, (age not given).
Graves, Hester A., born 1873, died 1957, (age not given).
Graves, Jane Connolly, born 1870, died 1940, (age not given).
Graves, John M., born 1835, died 1917, (age not given).
Graves, Lester, son of John and Frances Graves, born 1876, died 1907, (age not given).
Graves, Lottie Hecox, (wife of Alfred W. Graves?), born 1874, died 1937, (age not given).
Graves, Mary F. (1), wife of Orson Graves, born 1839, died 1903, (age not given).
Graves, Mary F. (2), born 1882, died 1964, (age not given).
Graves, Nathan E., born 1923, died 1941, (age not given).
Graves, Orson, born 1836, died 1914, (age not given).
Hadley, Mae, born 1892, died 1960, (age not given).
Ham, John, son of James and Lucy Ham, died May 23, 1850, age 8 years 11 months 23 days.
Hamblin, (maiden name), see Minerva Hamblin Smith.
Hamblin, Abner I., died March 15, 1875, age 84 years.
Hamblin, Caleb E., died December 13, 1876, age 30 years.
Hamblin, Eldridge E., born 1822, died 1899, (age not given).
Hamblin, Electa, wife of Abner J. Hamblin, died August 6, 1863, age 72 years.
Hamblin, Eleonora P., daughter of L.E. and Lucinda Hamblin, died September 13, 1862, age 11 years 9 months.
Hamblin, Lucia E., daughter of A.L. and E. Hamblin, died July (12 or 13), 1839, age 2 years 9 months.
Hamblin, Lucinda Abbott, wife of E.E. Hamblin, born 1836, died November 7, 1863, age 37 years (monument and stone).
Hamilton, (maiden name), see Anna Hamilton Bumpus.
Hammond, Alpheus P., born 1836, died 1910, (age not given), (on Lyon monument).
Hammond, Humphrey C., born 1831, died 1893, (age not given).
Hammond, L. Jennette Graves, wife of Alpheus P. Hammond, born 1841, died 1899, (age not given), (on Lyon monument).
Hammond, Sarah E., (wife of Humphrey C. Hammond), born 1841, died 1901, (age not given).
Hecox, (maiden name), see Lottie Hecox Graves.
Hiles, Asenath, born 1832, died 1906, (age not given).
Hugg, Florence R.L., born 1888, died 1987, (age not given).
Humphrey, Abraham, died May 11, 1840, age 78 years.
Humphrey, Achsah, wife of Willis Humphrey, died March 11, 1868, age 62 years.
Humphrey, Fanny, died July 24, 1869, age 70 years.
Hyatt, (maiden name), see Electa H. Hyatt Lyon.
Hyatt, (maiden name), see Bethiah P. Hyatt Truesdell.
Hyatt, Aaron, born October 20, 1804, died December 29, 1886, (age not given).
Hyatt, Abijah, died December 26, 1856, age 80 years.
Hyatt, Charlotte E., daughter of Aaron and Lydia Hyatt, born May 5, 1847, died April 20, 1848, (age not given).
Hyatt, Clarissa, wife of Abijah Hyatt, died February 18, 1853, age 74 years.
Hyatt, Electa Keeler, wife of Aaron S. Hyatt, died October 11, 1830, age 24 years 7 months 4 days.
Hyatt, Harriet, daughter of Abijah and Clarissa Hyatt, died June 1, 1853, age 30 years.
Hyatt, Lydia Maria, daughter of Aaron and Lydia Hyatt, born February 17, 1836, died March 24, 1849, (age not given).
Hyatt, Lydia Sanford, wife of Aaron Hyatt, born September 23, 1803, died November 14, 1863, (age not given).
Hyatt, Thomas, died February 7, 1833, age 80 years.
Inman, (maiden name), see Ruth G. Wood.
Inman, Bartlett, born 1837, died 1910, (age not given).
Inman, Donald H., born January 9, 1949, died November 16, 1879, (age not given).
Inman, Giles, born 1848, died 1926, (age not given).
Inman, Howard A., born December 14, 1907, died November 10, 1976, (age not given).
Inman, Ina Stowell, wife of Giles Inman, born 1872, died 1928, (age not given).
Inman, Melissa Graves, (wife of Bartlett Graves), born 1839, died 1924, (age not given).
Jackson, (maiden name), see Abigail Jackson Wallace.
Jackson, Asahel, Maj., died April 29, 1827, age 73 years, on table stone with unmarked field stones marking graves.
Jackson, Elizabeth, Consort of Jedediah Jackson, died November 13, 1820, age 60 years 10 months 18 days.
Jackson, Ephraim, died October 3, 1838, age 75 years.
Jackson, Eunice Smith, wife of William Jackson, born October 20, 1803, died May 31, 1890, (age not given).
Jackson, Harriet, daughter of E. and M. Jackson, died July 3, 1811, age 14 years.
Jackson, Irena, daughter of Maj. Asahel and Lovina (1) Jackson, died August 3, 1821, age 25 years, on table stone with unmarked field stones marking graves.
Jackson, Jedediah, Esq., died June 11, 1818, age 65 years 4 months 7 days, Revolutionary War Veteran.
Jackson, Lovina (1), wife of Maj. Asahel Jackson, died August 16, 1817, age 61 years, on table stone with unmarked field stones marking graves.
Jackson, Lovina (2), daughter of Maj. Asahel and Lovina (1) Jackson, died November 22, 1813, age 21 years, on table stone with unmarked field stones marking graves.
Jackson, Mary (1), wife of Ephraim Jackson, died April 3, 1848, age 81 years.
Jackson, Mary (2), daughter of Maj. Asahel and Lovina (1) Jackson, died June 4, 1829, age 35 years, on table stone with unmarked field stones marking graves.
Jackson, William, died August 5, 1873, age 72 years.
James, Almira Truesdell, wife of John James, born 1813, died 1890, (age not given).
James, Bryan, born 1884, died 1972, (age not given).
James, Jessie L., (no dates), age 52 years.
James, John, born 1811, died 1896, (age not given).
James, Sarah C.E. Jaynes, wife of William H. James, (no other data given).
James, William H., born 1838, died 1916, (age not given).
Jayne, (maiden name), see Sarah C.E. Jaynes James.
Jayne, Arthur L., born 1917, (still living in 1994?).
Jayne, Roberta A., (wife of Arthur L. Jayne), born 1917, (still living in 1994?).
Johns, Donald, born 1912, died 1986, (age not given).
Jones, ______, (small stone only, "Infant Baby" with David W. Jones).
Jones, Carroll Raymond, born 1904, (still living in 1994?).
Jones, David W., born 1849, died 1923, (age not given).
Jones, Ida E. Knox, born 1857, died 1897, (age not given).
Jones, Jennie, (small stone only, "Jennie" with David W. Jones).
Jones, Keith W., born 1886, died 1977, (age not given).
Jones, M. Elizabeth Richards, wife (2) of David M. Jones, born 1869, died 1936, (age not given).
Jones, M.J. Keith, wife (1) of David W. Jones, born August 3, 1847, died November 22, 1886, (age not given).
Jones, Regina Mumma, (wife of Carroll Raymond Jones?), born 1907, (still living in 1994?).
Jones, Winnie T., (wife of Keith W. Jones, born 1890, died 1984, (age not given).
Judd, Clarence R., born 1914, died 1989, (age not given).
Judd, Earl D., born 1879, died 1955, (age not given).
Judd, Hazel R., (wife of Clarence R. Judd), born 1905, died 1950, (age not given).
Judd, Irene Kingsbury, wife of James E. Judd, born 1921, died 1994, (age not given).
Judd, James E., born June 5, 1917, died June 29, 1991, (age not given), PFC, US Army, WWII.
Judd, Lizzie M. Roberts, wife of Earl D. Judd, born 1880, died 1963, (age not given).
Judd, Marion, daughter of Earl D. and Lizzie M. Roberts Judd, born 1904, died 1924, (age not given).
Judd, Mildred, daughter of Earl D. and Lizzie M. Roberts Judd, born 1906, died 1918, (age not given).
Judd, Florence, daughter of Earl D. and Lizzie M. Roberts Judd, born 1911, died 1930, (age not given).
Keeler, (maiden name), see Electa Keeler Hyatt.
Keith, (maiden name), see Alma Keith Bennett.
Keith, (maiden name), see Mary Davis.
Keith, (maiden name), see Luella Keith Francis.
Keith, (maiden name), see M.J.Keith Jones.
Keith, Antoinette Coulter, (wife of Frank Keith), born 1855, died 1935, (age not given).
Keith, Ellen M. Dana, wife of Watson D. Keith, born December 20, 1832, died June 5, 1868, (age not given).
Keith, Emoline, born 1843, died 1917, (age not given).
Keith, Eugene, born 1849, died 1900, (age not given).
Keith, Flora L. English, wife of Eugene Keith, born 1851, died 1926, (age not given).
Keith, Frank, born 1851, died 1924, (age not given).
Keith, Gertrude, born 1878, died 1942, (age not given).
Keith, John M., died November 24, 1880, age 62 years.
Keith, Levi, born September 7, 1809, died May 15, 1895, (age not given).
Keith, Lincoln, died September 30, 1864, age 79 years.
Keith, Persis Payne, wife of Levi Keith, born April 20, 1810, died December 6, 1890, (age not given).
Keith, Russel, son of Lincoln and Submit Keith, died August 9, 1823, age 11 years (may not be in original spot).
Keith, Sarah S., wife of John M. Keith, died December 6, 1861, age 39 years.
Keith, Submit Doolittle, wife of Lincoln Keith, died December 3, 1831, age 41 years.
Keith, Watson D., born June 26, 1824, died January 17, 1902, (age not given).
Keville, James Charles, born 1971, died 1973, (age not given).
Kingsbury, (maiden name), see Irene Kingsbury Judd.
Knox, (maiden name), see Ida E. Knox Jones.
Knox, (maiden name), see Violet L. Knox Smith.
Knox, Charles H., died March 15, 1872, age 54 years 5 months 21 days.
Knox, Charles L., born 1855, died 1893, (age not given).
Knox, Louisa V. Smith, wife of Charles H. Knox, died May 16, 1904, age 84 years 1 month.
Kolmer, Frank C., born 1900, died 1956, (age not given).
Kolmer, Robert, born 1930, died 1930, (age not given).
Kolmer, Ruth Sherer, born 1891, died 1930, (age not given).
Korbel, Alma M., wife of Ernest Louis Korbel Jr., born November 11, 1896, died April 3, 1969, (age not given).
Korbel, Ernest Louis Jr., born November 28, 1891, died October 14, 1968, (age not given), NY, PFC, US Army, WWII.
Kramer (?), Elmina M., born 1896, died 1962, (age not given).
Kramer (?), John G., born 1871, died 1952, (age not given).
Kramer, Lillian E., wife of Robert J. Kramer, born 1909, (still living 1994?).
Kramer (?), Olga, born 1875, died 1954, (age not given).
Kramer (?), Randolph P., born 1897, died 1972, (age not given).
Kramer, Robert J., born 1899, died 1978, (age not given).
Lapp, Arthur A., born 1903, died 1965, (age not given).
Lapp, Elizabeth C., (wife of Arthur A. Lapp), born 1896, died 1979, (age not given).
Lee, Harold B., born 1899, died 1989, (age not given).
Lee, Marjorie Curl, (wife of Harold B. Lee, born 1896, died 1967, (age not given).
Lewis, Frank, born 1824, died 1904, (age not given).
Lewis, H. Mari Sturtevant, born 1842, died 1897, (age not given).
Lobdell, Nancy, daughter of Lewis and Phebe Lobdell, died August 7, 1840, age 1 year 4 months.
Loop, Herman F., born 1896, died 1946, (age not given).
Loop, Tilley L. Starkey, (wife of Herman F. Loop), born 1872, died 1965, (age not given).
Lovejoy, Emma A., born 1855, died 1934, (age not given), (with Forsyths).
Lord, Sarah, Mrs., wife of Mr. Asa Lord, died June 30, 1822, age 52 years.
Lucas, Bernard R., (born and died?) May 22, 1932, (no other data).
Lucas, Paul F., (born and died?) October 16, 1940, (no other data).
Lutzelberger, Lillian A., born 1924, (still living in 1994?).
Lyon, (maiden name), see Emeline Lyon Morey.
Lyon, (maiden name), see Roberta Lyon Moseley.
Lyon, (maiden name), see Camilla Lyon Pratt.
Lyon, (maiden name), see Elizabeth D. Lyon Smith.
Lyon, Abbie S., born January 31, 1856, died June 5, 1951, (age not given).
Lyon, Adelia Brooks, (wife of R. Eugene Lyon), born 1915, (still living in 1994?).
Lyon, Almeda M., (wife of David Lyon, born 1868, died 1944, (age not given).
Lyon, Amber P., born 1875, died 1948, (age not given).
Lyon, David, born 1863, died 1936, (age not given).
Lyon, David C., died July 4, 1860, age 31 years 7 months 21 days.
Lyon, Doris Brooks, (wife of Merritt D. Lyon Jr.), born 1914, died 1991, (age not given).
Lyon, Edna S., born March 7, 1896, died September 24, 1899, (age not given).
Lyon, Electa H. Hyatt, wife of Marlin Lyon, born 1832, died 1899, (age not given) (on Keeler monument).
Lyon, Francis M. Weaver, wife of Merritt D. Lyon (1), born 1840, died 1931, (age not given).
Lyon, Frank H. born December 3, 1858, died March 23, 1936, (age not given).
Lyon, Hazel J., born 1904, died 1904, (age not given), (born and died in 1904).
Lyon, Henry H., born 1873, died 1947, (age not given)
Lyon, Laura C., daughter of Merit and Polly Lyon, died February 13, 1832, age 5 years 2 months.
Lyon, Marlin, born 1826, died 1911, (age not given) (on Keeler monument).
Lyon, Merritt D. (1), born 1838, died 1918, (age not given).
Lyon, Merritt D. (2), born 1889, died 1980, (age not given).
Lyon, Merritt D. Jr., born 1911, (still living in 1994).
Lyon, Nancy E., born 1886, died 1978, (age not given).
Lyon, Polly Case, wife of Merit Lyon, died March 1, 1863, age 65 years.
Lyon, R. Eugene, born 1913, (still living in 1994).
Lyon, Ruth M., born 1895, died 1982, (age not given).
Lyon, Viola R., (wife of Merritt D. Lyon (2)), born 1892, died 1973, (age not given).
Markowski, Luella R., (wife of Thomas Markowski), born 1937, (still living in 1994?).
Markowski, Thomas, born December 8, 1935, died September 1, 1989, (age not given), Sgt. US Army.
Marris, Fred M., born 1913, died 1985, (age not given).
Marris, Irene, (wife of Fred M. Marris), born 1914, (still living in 2004).
Marshall, Doris E., (wife of Harrison J. Marshall, born 1908), (still living in 1994?).
Marshall, Joseph, born 1913, died 1986, (age not given).
Marshall, Harrison J., born 1906, died 1969, (age not given).
Marshall, Theodosia Bender, (daughter of James H. and Leora Nichols Bender), wife of Joseph Marshall, born 1916, died 1989, (age not given).
Mather, Francis C., born 1900, died 1973, (age not given).
Mather, Roslyn A., (wife of Francis C. Mather), born 1904, died 1980, (age not given).
Maxon, Belva A. (wife of Roy E. Maxon), born 1915, died 1960, (age not given).
Maxon, Roy E., born 1904, (still living in 1994?).
McAlpine, Archibald, born 1828, died 1887, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
McAlpine, Mary J. Graves (Groves on old list), wife of Archibald McAlpine, born 1833, died 1893, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Mead, Betsey, wife of Onesimus Mead (1), died January 25, 1859, age 75 years.
Mead, Caroline M., died July 30, 1847, age 30 years.
Mead, Henry M., MD, died May 3, 1845, age 30 years
Mead, Onesimus (1), MD, died March 31, 1852, age 63 years.
Mead, Onesimus (2), "Little Onesimus", (no other data given).
Mead, Powers R., Doct., died July 10, 1861, age 50 years.
Middlemast, Alice E. Parish, wife (1) of William J. Middlemast, born 1874, died 1909, (age not given).
Middlemast, Anna J., wife (2) of William J. Middlemast, born 1878, died 1936, (age not given).
Middlemast, Genevieve, daughter of William J. and Alice E. Parish Middlemast, age 2 days (no death date given).
Middlemast, William J., born 1863, died 1925, (age not given).
Miles, Cora, (wife of Jay Miles), born 1849, died 1921, (age not given).
Miles, Jay, born 1845, died 1918, (age not given).
Miles, Viola C., (daughter of Jay and Cora Miles), born 1877, died 1951, (age not given).
Mills, Charles Edward, born December 30, 1911, died September 6, 1986, (age not given), F1, US Navy, WWII.
Miner, (maiden name), see Mary A. Miner.
(Morey?) unmarked fieldstone next to Asa Morey.
Morey, Ann M., (wife of Mortimer B. Morey), born 1826, died 1904, (age not given).
Morey, Anna L. Card, wife of Penbroke Morey, born 1834, died 1895, (age not given).
Morey, Asa, died February 11, 1834, age 40 years.
Morey, Betsey, died February 23, 1882, age 80 years.
Morey, Emeline L., died July 27, 1838, age 17 years.
Morey, Emeline Lyon, wife of Thomas J. Morey, born 1831, died 1900, (age not given).
Morey, Ezra, son of P. and L. Morey, died June 13, 1813, age 18 years.
Morey, Leonard, born 1797, died 1878, (age not given).
Morey, Lucinda (1), wife of Peter Morey, died May 29, 1838, age 73 years.
Morey, Lucinda (2), died April 10, 1834, age 26 years.
Morey, M. Fanny, (daughter of Thomas J. and Emeline Lyon Morey?), (no data given).
Morey, Mortimer B., born 1824, died December 3, 1847, age 23 years 6 months (on two stones).
Morey, Myrtle, (daughter of Thomas J. and Emeline Lyon Morey?), (no data given).
Morey, Patience, died March 29, 1837, age 42 years, (on two stones one has age 42 the other has age 43).
Morey, Penbroke S., born 1828, died 1899, (age not given).
Morey, Peter, died April 2, 1854, age 91 years.
Morey, Polly Bennett, wife of Leonard Morey, born 1799, died 1882, (age not given).
Morey, Thomas J., born 1827, died 1905, (age not given).
Moseley, Frederick G., married Roberta Lyon, April 2, 1942, born 1916, died 1978, (age not given).
Moseley, Roberta Lyon, wife of Frederick G. Moseley, April 2, 1942, born 1919, (still living in 1994?) Mowry, Philip, died June 12, 1813, age 81 years (in 82nd year), Surgeon in Revolutionary War, "This humble stone Bought & reard by His Daughter in law Lucy owry" (her name crudely chiseled away).
Mowry, Richard, died October 1, 1818, age 54 (in 55th year).
Mumma, (maiden name), see Regina Mumma Jones.
Nichols, (maiden name), see Leora Nichols Bender.
Nichols, Daniel B., born April 28, 1908, died April 26, 1974, (age not given).
Nichols, Wanda L., (wife of Daniel B. Nichols), born July 21, 1911, died December 16, 1961, (age not given).
Northrop, Clayton, born 1876, died 1917, (age not given).
Osborne, Juliaette Bristol, wife of Rev. Zenas Osborne, born October 20, 1829, died October 12, 1864, (age not given).
Pangborn, Glenn Edward, (son of William Marcellus and Myra Gaige Pangborn?), born at Nelson, October 26, 1896, died at Nelson April 29, 1977, (age not given), Veteran of WWII.
Pangborn, Myra Gaige, (wife of William Marcellus Pangborn?), born at Nelson, June 29, 1868, died at Nelson, December 7, 1941, (age not given).
Pangborn, William Marcellus, born at Frewsburg, NY, April 27, 1852, died at Nelson, August 17, 1932, (age not given).
Parks, Alison N., born 1846, died 1926, (age not given).
Parks, Ina L., born September 4, 1895, died May 3, 1974, (age not given).
Parks, Mina A. Youngs, wife of Alison N. Parks, born 1847, died 1924, (age not given).
Parish, (maiden name), see Alice E. Parish Middlemast.
Payne, (maiden name), see Persis Payne Keith.
Peck, Nathan Jr., son of Nathan and Sally Peck, died January 29, 1821, age 2 years 1 month 11 days.
Perry, E. Adele Gaige, (wife of Edward Cornelius Perry, MD), born at Alexandria VA, September 3, 1865, died September 27, 1946, (age not given).
Perry, Edward Cornelius, MD, born at Bridgeport, CT, September 6, 1865, died June 30, 1947, (age not given).
Phillips, Florence L., (wife of Wendell H. Phillips), born 1910, (still living in 1994?).
Phillips, Wendell H., born 1910, died 1966, (age not given).
Pierson, Joseph, died February 14, 1822, age 67 years.
Pierson, Sarah Sizer, wife of Joseph Pierson, died December 16, 1841, age 85 years.
Pratt, Camilla Lyon, (wife of Eugene B. Pratt), born 1887, died 1971, (age not given).
Pratt, Eugene B., born 1886, died 1969, (age not given).
Putman, (maiden name), see Addie M. Putman Blowers.
Putman, Burdette L., born 1883, died 1965, (age not given).
Putman, Charles H., born 1922, died 1936, (age not given).
Putman, Edward J., born 1887, died 1969, (age not given).
Putman, Eleanor E., (wife of Edward J. Putman), born 1896, died 1986, (age not given).
Putman, Franklin E., born 1925, died 1926, (age not given).
Rathbun, Anna C., died August 6, 1854, age 67 years.
Rathbun, George A., son of Abiather and Sarah Rathbun, died May 21, 1866, age 11 years 5 months.
Rathbun, Ira, died July 31, 1859, age 38 years 3 months 18 days.
Richards, (maiden name), see M. Elizabeth Richards Jones.
Richards, Bernard L., born 1926, died 1994, (age not given).
Richards, Beverly G., (wife of Bernard L. Richards), born 1927, (still living in 1994?).
Richards, Rhoda Ross, (wife of W. Lucius Richards), born 1892, died 1960, (age not given).
Richards, W. Lucius, born 1891, died 1967, (age not given).
Ritch, George, born 1790, died September 2, 1849, age 58 years, (on two stones, the earliest stone has 1849, the later 1848).
Ritch, Sally Truesdell, wife of George Ritch, born 1795, died 1875, (age not given).
Rivenburgh, Bernice M., (wife of Edward D. Rivenburgh), born 1902, died 1967, (age not given).
Rivenburgh, Edward D., born April 25, 1897, died August 19, 1966, (age not given), Pvt, NY, US Army, WWI.
Roberts, (maiden name), see Catherine Roberts Clark.
Roberts, (maiden name), see Lizzie M. Roberts Judd.
Roberts, George Henry, born 1866, died 1941, (age not given).
Roberts, Georgia E. Gaige, (wife of George Henry Roberts?), born 1873, died 1958, (age not given).
Rockwell, Abbie E., (wife of Samuel Rockwell), born 1886, died 1965, (age not given).
Rockwell, Samuel, born 1880, died 1953, (age not given).
Ross, (maiden name), see Rhoda Ross Richards.
Sanford, (maiden name), see Lydia Sanford Hyatt.
Scarth, Ferdinando C., born 1832, died 1889, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Scarth, John, born 1793, died 1874, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Scarth, Mary, wife of John Scarth, born 1793, died 1875, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Sherer, (maiden name), see Ruth Sherer Kolmer.
Sherwood, James, born 1944, died 1986, (age not given).
Sherwood, Shirley, (wife of James Sherwood), born 1948, (still living in 1994?).
Simonson, Harold L., born January 16, 1963, died December 12, 1966, (age not given).
Simonson, Howard A., born 1899, died 1961, (age not given).
Simonson, Louise B., born 1896, died 1943, (age not given).
Sizer, (maiden name), see Sarah Sizer Pierson.
Smith, (maiden name), see Eunice Smith Jackson.
Smith, (maiden name), see Louisa V. Smith Knox.
(Smith?), (two unmarked fieldstones on either side of Jacob Smith).
Smith, Asenath, wife (2) of Nehemiah Smith, died February 5, 1866, age 74 years.
Smith, Carl E., son of J. Emory and Violet L. Knox Smith, born 1884, died 1969, (age not given).
Smith, Chloe (Chilue), wife of Luther Smith, died March 16, 1854, age 71 years, (stone has name in error as "Chilue").
Smith, Daisy M., (wife of Merritt Smith), born 1892, died 1973, (age not given).
Smith, Edward S., born 1850, died 1925, (age not given), (on Knox monument).
Smith, Elizabeth D. Lyon, wife of Horace Kellogg Smith, born 1861, died 1962, (age not given).
Smith, Elvira R., born 1808, died 1876, (age not given).
Smith, Emma C., born 1812, died 1862, (age not given).
Smith, Ezra, born 1804, died 1848, (age not given).
Smith, Horace Kellogg, born 1857, died 1951, (age not given).
Smith, Jacob, died March 15, 1847, age 81 years.
Smith, J. Emory, born 1852, died 1920, (age not given).
Smith, James, born 1781, died 1862, (age not given).
Smith, Laura A., born 1818, died 1901, (age not given).
Smith, Lucia, daughter of Luther and Chloe Smith, died November 9, 1842, age 36 years 6 months.
Smith, Lucius D., born 1814, died 1853, (age not given).
Smith, Lucy C., born 1816, died 1829, (age not given).
Smith, Luther, died February 27, 1862, age 78 years.
Smith, Mariah L., daughter of Jacob and Elisabeth Smith, died March 24, 1835, age 25 years 8 months.
Smith, Merritt, born 1885, died 1966, (age not given).
Smith, Minerva Hamblin, wife of Spencer Smith, born January 15, 1830, died August 28, 1922, (age not given).
Smith, Nehemiah, died January 17, 1864, age 86 years 11 months.
Smith, Phebe, wife (1) of William A. Smith, born 1827, died 1874, (age not given).
Smith, Rhoda, wife (1) of Nehemiah Smith, died July 14, 1843, age 59 years.
Smith, Rosa M., born 1896, died 1976, (age not given).
Smith, Sally, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Smith, died August 12, 1836, age 29 years.
Smith, Spencer, born November 19, 1816, died January 14, 1890, (age not given).
Smith, Vernie D., (wife of Edward S. Smith?), born 1851, died 1929, (age not given), (on Knox monument).
Smith, Viola, wife (2) of William A. Smith, born 1855, died 1912, (age not given).
Smith, Violet Case, wife of James Smith, born 1786, died 1856, (age not given).
Smith, Violet L. Knox, wife of J. Emory Smith, born 1861, died 1926, (age not given).
Smith, William A., born 1824, died 1892, (age not given).
Smith, William L., died August 21, 1869, age 53 years.
Starkey, (maiden name), see Tilley L. Starkey Loop.
Stancliff, Augusta L., died September 3, 1861, age 14 years.
Sterburg, Charles L., born July 1, 1894, died July 31, 1985, (age not given), Pvt, US Army, WWI.
Stevens, Hazel Wood, (wife of Scott W. Stevens?), born 1894, died 1971, (age not given).
Stevens, Scott W., born 1892, died 1964, (age not given).
Stewart, (maiden name), see Anna Stewart Gamble.
Stewart, Samuel J., born 1859, died 1918, (age not given).
Stewart, Samuel R., born 1893, died 1957, (age not given).
Stone, Laura A., died November 23, 1888, age 81 years 8 months.
Stowell, (maiden name), see Ina A. Stowell Inman.
Stowell, see Ruth G. Wood.
Sturtevant, (maiden name), see H. Mari Lewis Sturtevant.
Sturtevant, Demas, born 1814, died 1886, (age not given).
Sturtevant, Phebe M. Truesdell, wife of Demas Sturtevant, born 1817, died 1906, (age not given).
Sunderman, Dee W., born 1933, died 1953, (age not given).
Sunderman, Elsie Wood, born 1895, died 1988, (age not given).
Sunderman, Orren J., born 1897, died 1966, (age not given).
Thorne, Francis R., (wife of William H. Thorne), born 1914, died 1975, (age not given).
Thorne, William H., born 1915, (still living in 1994?)
Titus, John S., died November 15, 1876, age 69 years.
Titus, Mary S., only daughter of J.S. and D.F.Titus, died May 19, 1849, age 16 years.
Truesdell, (maiden name), see Almina Truesdell James.
Truesdell, (maiden name), see Sally Truesdell Ritch.
Truesdell, (maiden name), see Phebe M. Truesdell Sturtevant.
Truesdell, Bethiah P. Hyatt, wife of David Truesdell, born 1789, died 1882, (age not given).
Truesdell, David, born 1789, died 1875, (age not given).
Truesdell, Jonathan, died December 11, 1837, age 75 years 10 months 5 days.
Truesdell, Nancy, (daughter of David and Bethiah P. Hyatt Truesdell?), born 1818, died 1822, (age not given).
Truesdell, Phebe, died September 25, 1849, age 89 years 2 days.
Veeder, Nina I., (wife of Phillip N. Veeder), born 1896, died 1987, (age not given).
Veeder, Phillip N., born 1896, died 1958, (age not given).
W______, H______, fieldstone slab carved with "H.W. / 82", located in the weeds near Potter's Field section of cemetery (White and Wright families are early in this cemetery).
Wallace, Abigail Jackson, wife of Daniel Wallace, died August 30, 1879, age 76 years.
Walters, Lester E., born 1895, died 1950, (age not given).
Walters, Savilla Case, (wife of Lester E. Walters), born 1895, died 1973, (age not given).
Weaver, (maiden name), see Francis M. Wever Lyon.
Weaver, ______, (daughter of R. and M.E. Weaver?), died March 4, 1854, age 3 years 5 months 10 days, (severely eroded, cannot read first name - Mary E. on old list).
Weaver, Mary E. Chase, (wife of Rufus Weaver), died October 27, 1882, age 67 years.
Weaver, Rufus, died April 23, 1857, age 38 years (see Weaver Cemetery)
Wheeler, (maiden name), see Ellen Inez Wheeler Bachman.
White, George W., son of Jeremiah and Sarah White, died March 4, 1825, age 3 months 13 days.
White, Jeremiah, died December 29, 1861, age 64 years.
White, Maria G., daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah White, died July 6, 1827, age 3 weeks 5 days.
Whitney, Carlton R., son of Isaac and Ruth P. Whitney, died November 9, 1860, age 14 years 7 months.
Whitney, Ebenezer, died July 1, 1856, age 85 years.
Whitney, Isaac, died August 22, 1882, age 71 years 5 months 16 days.
Whitney, Jerusha, wife of Ebenezer Whitney, died September 11, 1869, age 93 years.
Whitney, Luella A. Keith, wife of F.E. Keith, born June 4, 1854, died December 27, 1890, (age not given).
Whitney, Miner, son of H.A. and L.V. Whitney, died January 9, 1866, age 8 months 15 days.
Whitney, Ruth P., (wife of Isaac Whitney), died November 2, 1881, age 70 years 1 months 16 days.
Wilcox, Electa L., daughter of William S. and Harriet J. Arms, wife of Jude D. Wilcox, died April 25, 1859, age 22 years.
Willcox, Irving J., son of J.D. and E.M. Willcox, died January 20, 1869, age 10 months 9 days.
Williams, (maiden name), see Ella B. Williams Beebe
Williams, (maiden name), see Sally Williams Chase.
Williams, Altie Gaige, wife of Rev. H.W. Williams, born 1854, died 1899, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Williams, Elijah J., born 1849, died 1922, (age not given), (on Beebe monument).
Wilson, Barbara E., born 1937, died 1987, (age not given).
Wood, (maiden name), see Hazel Wood Stevens.
Wood, (maiden name), see Elsie Wood Sunderman.
Wood, Richard H., born 1888, died 1934, (age not given).
Wood, Ruth G., daughter of Giles and Ina A. Stowell Inman, born 1906, died 1972, (age not given).
Wright, ______, infant, child of Jabez and Polly Wright, died June 14, 1814, age 3 days.
Wright, Anna, daughter of Jabez and Polly Wright, died December 14, 1813, age 13 years.
Wright, Freeland, son of Jabez and Polly Wright, died March 24, 1816, age 3 years 9 months.
Youmans, Harrison C., born February 24, 1892, died October 20, 1964, (age not given), NY, Saddler, US Army, WWI.
Youmans, Henry T., born 1903, died 1963, (age not given).
Young, (maiden name), see Mary H. Young Case.
Youngs, (maiden name), see Mina A. Youngs Parks.
Young, Howard W., born 1912, (still living in 1994?).
Young, Mary A., (wife of Howard W. Young), born 1917, died 1989, (age not given).

END of Nelson Rural Cemetery list compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten