Humphrey Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY
Humphrey Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY

Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, May 7, 1994
MNI = 2, names = 2, 1853 - 1856
(old lists include: Evans 1949, Meyer et al. c.1960)
posted 3/21/2000
Last Modified 5/6/2002

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        This cemetery is located on Lot 98 of No. 1 Township (Nelson) on the former Frisbie farm, now (1994) owned by Gerald and Linda Lyndaker (the house and farm buildings are owned by Dennis J. DeRoberts).  The cemetery is located in a very unlikely spot the middle of a cow pasture on the steep slope (about 20 %) which drops to the southwest.  The graves are on a slight bump in the long broad hillside.  Stumps of cedar trees are on the north, south and east sides and a wooden barricade or the remains of a fence are on the west.  The head and footstones are fallen and broken, having been long trampled by cows.  An iron spike, perhaps a surveyors point is at the northwest corner.  There are no signs of other burials.  Dillon DeRoberts, the son of Dennis DeRoberts who owns the house said that he was told that a man and his dog were buried there.  There are two stones in the plot, both for humans (see the Corkinsville Cemetery where a man was said to be buried with his horse, but it was again his wife!).

        Owen Evans had reported this cemetery as the Chaphe Road Cemetery and stated that it was on the Francis Chaphe farm.  The Chaphe Hill Road that passes over Jackass Hill to the east of Erieville Reservoir mislead me to look for the cemetery in that location until I found on the 1937 Rural Index that Francis Chaphe lived at what was the Frisbie, now DeRoberts house (CAZ,6SE,208W).  Examination of historic maps showed N. Humphrey here in 1854, and A. Humphrey in 1859 and 1875.
        I did not have time to fully trace the history of the property and have only partial data.  The earliest reference to the property is when John Arnold purchased the whole 150 acres of Lot 98 from the Holland Land Company in 1798 (see also Chenango County Deed G:387).  Holland Land Company records show that Arnold occupied the lot with his family in 1800 and 1801, but by 1802 the Holland Land Company records show that it was occupied by "Lucas & Dexter."  Ira Lucas had come into the possession of the northwest 50 acres, on which lies the cemetery, but he sold this to Waterman Dexter on October 12, 1804 (Chenango County Deed G:390).  The Dexter mentioned in the 1802 census was Jesse Dexter, who lived purchased the northeast 50 acres from John Arnold on September 14, 1802 (Chenango County Deed G:388).  The 1803 Company Census shows that "Lucas & Dexter" still occupied Lot 98, as confirmed from the early deeds.  By 1806 Company records show that it was occupied by "Green & Dexter" (Green is yet to be identified).  Company Records also show that Jesse Dexter made a payment for the lot on February 9, 1804 and later that year, on October 31, he made the final payment to the company.  It is likely that he had assumed John Arnold's agreement to Lincklaen for the lot.
        A reference in a later deed tells that the property was sold by and to unknown parties and the deed was recorded on October 21, 1820 in Deed L:379, which I have not yet checked.  The Humphrey family came into possession of the property on January 23, 1830 when Daniel Warren and William Johnson sold the property to Norman Humphrey (Deed AB:173)  The property remained in Humphrey's possession until he died in 1854 and he still lies there beside his wife.
        Evans (1949) tells that the Chaphe family was related to the Humphrey family, and it is clearly through inheritance that they acquired it after Humphrey's death.  According to the 1859 and 1875 maps the property was occupied by A. Humphrey who may be Andrew Humphrey (died 1899) who rests in the Erieville Cemetery.
        By the turn of the 20th century the property had come into the possession of the Chaphe family as it was sold by Mary C. Chaphe, et al., to Francis H. Chaphe on November 17, 1902 (Deed 209:261).  it was to remain in Chaphe's hands for half a century and when he died on January 5, 1959 the premises passed on to his heirs F. Lyle Chaphe, Gordon Chaphe, and Harold D. Chaphe (Deed 572:344).  On September 29, 1959 Gordon and Harold sold their share to F. Lyle (Deed 572:344).  A few months later, on April 1, 1960 F. Lyle Chaphe sold the farm to Howard J. and Margaret H. Frisbie (Deed 573:144).  The farm was subsequently owned by William J. Steffan, Herbert and Irene Freiman, the Federal Land Bank of Springfield, and presently by Gerald E. and Linda K. Lyndaker (from Tax Dept. cards, Deeds 754:316, 764:232, 943:173, 974:132).  The Lyndaker property consists of 121.63 acres, most of which is the eastern 2/3 of Lot 98.

Those buried in the Humphrey Cemetery include:

Humphrey, Jane, wife of Norman Humphrey, died August 29, 1845, age 65 years.
Humphrey, Norman, died November 16, 1854, age 65 years, only part of stone was found in 1994, the date and age missing.

END of Humphrey Cemetery list compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten