Corkinsville Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY
Corkinsville Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY
Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, May 7, 1994
MNI = 2, names = 2, 1853 - 1856
(the modern burial of Richard M. Magee is not included in these statistics)
(old lists include Owen Evans 1949)

posted 3/21/2000
Last Modified 3/20/2004
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NOTE - the list of those buried here is complete but I have more historical information and a map for this cemetery.

        Owen Evans reported that "This (cemetery) is southwest of Erieville on State Land.  This plot, 25 ft by 25 ft, is prohibited from reforesting and is to be cleaned of brush once a year."  His crude map eventually led me to the spot about 675 feet east of the Corkinsville four corners on the south side of the old abandoned road, and I found it to be quite different than Evans had described it.  The plot is about 25 feet from the road, is only 15 by 25 feet and is surrounded by a rail fence made of small poles.  The ground is raised about 6 inches within the rectangular area marked by the fence, so it may be that the present fence had replaced an earlier one of the same dimensions.  The plot is within the forest lands and iron survey pipes at each corner note that the location and dimensions must be known to the State.  The ground within is today grown up as much as the surrounding land (poplars and junk trees).
        Back in the 1950s Donald Magee, a descendant of the Mullners, repaired Mary's stone and actually did a proper job by cradling it in a metal frame, but it had long been in very poor condition.  Evans had been unable to read the death date on Mary's stone but it is today readable (imagine that!).  He also had James' age wrong (imagine that!).
        In 1994 a third burial was made here; that of Richard M. Magee.  This is a cremation, with a small stone placed between Mr. and Mrs. Mullner.  Mr. Magee , brother of Donald Magee who had repaired Mary Mullner's stone, was a descendant of the Mullners, but I have a feeling that this was also one of his favorite hunting spots.
        There is a tradition in this part of the town that James Mullner was in the stage coach or hauling business and that his favorite horse was buried near him (the 1850 census lists him as a farmer).  I could not find a contemporary account of this, but it was a story known by many people, and may indeed be based on fact.  I am told by Rowena Blazer, the daughter of Donald Magee and a descendant of the Mullners, that the horse was buried at the foot of James Mullner's grave.  There is sufficient space within the fenced area for a horse to be buried.  Although several fieldstones are in the immediate vicinity of the cemetery, they appear natural and not markers for the horse.  Nor did I note or observe a horse-sized depression near the Mullner graves (I learned of the details of the horse story after I mapped the site, but I think a horse burial would be hard to miss [I excavated one in Cicero many years ago!]).  This is one of two reports of animals being buried in family graveyards in Nelson (see also the Humphrey Cemetery where a man was said to be buried with his dog).
        The head of the burials is to the west with the stones facing east.  Mary and John's headstones are 5 feet apart on center and it is 7' 6" from John's headstone to his footstone.  Mary's footstone was not to be found.  The stone of Richard Magee is placed near and almost between the Mullner stones

Those buried in the Corkinsville Cemetery include:

Magee, Richard M., 1912 to 1994, U.S. Army (cremation).
Mullner, James, died December 5, 1853, age 85 years.
Mullner, Mary, wife of James Mullner, died November 12, 1856, age 71 years.

END of Corkinsville Cemetery list compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten