Bliss Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY
Bliss Cemetery, Town of Nelson, Madison County, NY
Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, April 11, 1994
MNI = 4, names = 4, 1818 - 1834
(old lists include Owen Evans 1949 and c.1960 list, Robert V. Moyer, May 19, 1963)
posted 3/21/2000
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NOTE - the list of those buried here is complete but I have more historical information on this cemetery.

This cemetery is much damaged with only one stone remaining intact, and one may be missing.  It appears that the damage was done while plowing snow, road construction, and or farming.  The cemetery was originally about 15 x 30 feet, but is now an irregular patch on the east side of Bliss Road.

The old lists are pretty screwy.  Evans (1949) may have drawn some of his information from an earlier list, he had most of the transcriptions wrong, and he missed the only intact stone in the cemetery!  The work of Robert V. Moyer was generally correct.

Those buried in the Bliss Cemetery include:

Lord, Henry Martyn, died 1834, age 8 years, (only a small fragment of this stone was found).
Lord, John, Deacon, born in Lyme CT, May 18, 1739, died March 12, 1831, age 92 years, (stone broken and hard to read, fragmentary data matches with c.1960 list).
Lord, Sarah, Mrs., wife of Deacon John Lord, born at New London CT, July 27, 1742, died August 10, 1818, age 75 years 14 days, (stone broken and hard to read, fragmentary data matches with c.1960 list).
Paulk, Sarah, consort of Ephraim Paulk, died November 17, 1833, age 49 years, foot stone "S.P." (this is the only intact stone but it was not noted by Evans unless he thought it was "Saralo Paulk" next mentioned!).

Listed by Evans but not found in the field check April 11, 1994:
Lord, Saralo, daughter of Ephraim and ______ Lord, no death date or age given.
(This data is suspicious, it may be that there was no stone here for this person.)
Robert V. Moyer made these additional notes, May 19, 1963:
From the tombstone of Deacon John Lord: From the tombstone of Mrs. Sarah Lord: Genealogical notes by Robert V. Moyer:  
END of Bliss Cemetery list compiled by Daniel H. Weiskotten