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Cemeteries of Nelson, Madison County, NY
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified December 22, 2004
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        There are fifteen (15) known burying places within the borders of the Township of Nelson and there are reports for several more which I have not followed up (no stones).  Most of these are in the category of neighborhood burial grounds, such as the Weaver, Payne, and Westcott cemeteries but there are also a number of small family plots such as the Bliss, Corkinsville, and Humphrey cemeteries.  Several large and still active cemeteries are in the township: Erieville, Welsh Church, and Nelson Rural cemeteries.  Nelson has a moderate amount of historical resources which have helped to locate several long forgotten burying locations, now without stones: the Childs and Norton cemeteries in particular, but one other, the "Evans Cemetery" is probably none such. While this town has a great many of their early burying grounds very much intact there are two cemeteries, the Reservoir and Bliss cemeteries, have been damaged or had their stones moved in recent years and valuable spatial data has been lost.
        It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 burials in the Town of Nelson with most being in the Erieville, Welsh Church, and Nelson Rural cemeteries and the remainder being scattered about in numerous small and inactive cemeteries across the landscape.  Since Nelson's population in 1990 was 1,892 that means that there were 1,100 more dead folks than live folks!!!!!

Nelson Cemeteries:

Bliss Cemetery
(DHW made field check April 10, 1994)
(old lists include: Evans 1949 [copied from an earlier anonymous list], to which Robert V. Moyer added genealogical notes on May 19, 1963)

Childs Cemetery
(Historical reference [Hammond 1872:639] to "an aged couple named Childs" who died about 1830 "and were buried in a small enclosure in their neighborhood used as a graveyard by the early settlers."  Eventually this ground fell out of use and about 1869 or 1870 descendants of the couple dug up the bodies for reburial elsewhere.  I have not identified the couple, although I suspect that they are Ebenezer [died 1847] and Patience [died 1826] Childs who are buried in the Erieville Cemetery - their son and his wife, who are buried with them in Erieville, lived and died on the southeast 1/4 of Lot 3 Georgetown.  Hammond says that this burying ground was on the land owned in 1872 by Mrs. A. Holmes.  My research has not found this cemetery, but it is likely it was located on the land of Alva(h) & Lucy Holmes (Arza and Martha Holmes and Abel S. & Alzina B. Holmes are nearby but of the wrong dates) Alva and Lucy Holmes owned parts of Road Township (RT) Lot 100 and Lot 1 of Georgetown.  Alva Holmes purchased parts of RT Lot 100 from J.D. Ledyard in 1823, 1824, and 1837 and seems to have still owned the NE 1/4 of Lot 100 at the time of his death.  These lots are mostly State game lands now.  I have not ruled out Almeron or Asahel Childs who owned parts of Lots 166 & 167 No. 1 Town (Nelson) in the Heathen Hollow Road area.
(no old lists of this cemetery, bodies and stones probably removed in early 19th century)

Corkinsville Cemetery
(aka NYSDEC cemetery, known as the cemetery where the man and his horse are buried - is actually his wife!)
(DHW made field check and map May 7, 1994, checked for a new burial in Fall 1997)
(old lists include: Evans 1949)

Erieville Cemetery
(Mike Marris' 2001 list in my format, compared to 1915 list)
(Large cemetery not transcribed by DHW)
(old lists include: anonymous 1915 list)

"Evans" Cemetery
(Historical reference [Hammond 1872:636-637] a bunch of baloney, said to be the spot where some guy named Grover was killed while opening a road for John Lincklaen, but Lincklaen's road passed through this part of town where Rt 20 is now and the grave identified with this event by Owen Evans [Cazenovia Republican 9/8/1949] is nothing but a tree fall with an upright rock on the side.)
(DHW made field check May 23, 1994)
(no old lists of this place as it is in all likelihood not a burial spot)

Humphrey Cemetery
(aka Chaphe Road)
(DHW made field check May 28, 1994)
(old lists include: Evans 1949, Meyer et al. c.1960)

Lyon Cemetery
(aka Lyon-Hardscrabble, Hardscrabble Road)
(DHW made field check May 27 & 28, 1994)
(old lists include: Evans 1949, Meyer et al. c1960)

Nelson Rural Cemetery
(aka Blowers)
(DHW made field check October 7, December 27, 1994 and follow up on December 1, 1996)
(old lists include: anonymous 1914-1915)

Norton Cemetery
(Historical reference [Hammond 1872:628-629] "In the family burial ground, upon the old Norton farm, for many years could be seen the quaint head stones so generally in use fifty years and more ago."  I suspect that it is at the location of an old house site on Erieville Road just off the end of Sanderson Road - Jack Miner, who lives on Fire Tower Road, remembers there being old tombstones years ago but Carl Anderson who lives at the intersection knows nothing about it.
(DHW made field check at various times in 1994 and 1995)
(no old lists for this cemetery, no stones)

Payne Cemetery
(this is a large cemetery mostly in the woods and with many graves marked only by fieldstones.)
(DHW made field check and map May 11, 13, & 19, 1994)
(old lists include: Evans 1949, Meyer et al. c.1960)

Reservoir Cemetery
(aka Temple, Erieville, Erieville Pioneer.)
(DHW made field check and map April 24, 1994, the stones are now gone from the cemetery and DHW did not find them.  The stones were removed to "protect them" and they are said to have ended up as paving in someone's cellar.  No one today seems to know in which house they are to be found.)
(old lists include: Evans 1948, Meyer et al. c.1960)

Tog Hill Cemetery
(DHW made field check and map April 10, 1994)
(old lists include: Evans 1949, Meyer et al. c.1960)

Weaver Cemetery
(aka Erieville Nelson)
(DHW made field check May 27, 1994)
(old lists include: Evans 1949)

Welsh Church Cemetery
( Large cemetery not transcribed by DHW)
(old lists include: Hendrix c.1970, history of church by Evans April 12, 1956)

Westcott Cemetery
(aka Pleasant Valley, Bucks Woods, Farnham)
(DHW made field check October 6, 1994)
(old lists include: anonymous c.1930s, Tuttle c.1940, Evans 1949)

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