Needham Cemetery, Town of Fenner, Madison County, NY
Needham Cemetery, Town of Fenner, Madison County, NY
(aka Fenner Corners, Bingley, Cemetery 17?, "1 mile west of Cody Corners")
Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, September 27, 1994
 MNI = 110, Names = 105, 1811 - 1899
(Old lists consulted include: Gallup 1948, modified by Meyer et al. c.1960)
corrected 3/18/2000
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         This cemetery is located on the south side of Fenner Road which runs northeasterly from Cazenovia to Peterboro.  Because of this bearing, and as the graves are somewhat aligned with the road, the bodies here are not oriented directly east-west as in all but one other cemetery in the study area (Wyss Cemetery).  With the orientation of the cemetery the stones face westward with the headstones at the west end of the grave and foot stones at the east end.  The rows are somewhat irregular being ten to twelve feet apart and actually changing orientation with those at the west end of the cemetery being perpendicular to the road and those at the east end being at a slight angle to the road.  The rows themselves are not very straight with some wavering and family groupings that occupy certain areas rather than rows.  The average area for each grave is approximately 3.5 x 10 feet.  The cemetery was not well kept until about 1986 when Tom Sears, of Davis Road,  cleaned it up and has since maintained it.  He has done an excellent job of setting stones straight, repairing them, and mowing.  The ground does not seem to have been regraded or any extraneous stones removed but there are few signs of unmarked graves.
        Several removed footstones are found along the south and west lines of the cemetery.  Only one unmarked field stone, the broken base of another, one broken marble headstone, one sunken oval grave pit, and one broken and rotted marble headstone were found totalling five unnamed graves.  The cemetery is not square, with the north boundary formed by Fenner road, the east boundary is formed approximately (not exactly on the line) by the line between Lots 38 and 39.  It covers approximately 25,700 square feet.
        Of the names listed on the old list, made in 1948 by Clezzie Gallup, three stones were not found in 1994: Clarissa Davis, Almeda Durkee, and Zida Morse.  Eight additional stones were found in 1994 which were not on the old list: Jane Elizabeth ______, Charles Roswell Cranson, Mary Jane Cranson, Hawks Cushing, Pamelia Davis, Eunice May, Lucy Ann Needham, and Abel Town.
Those buried in the Needham Cemetery include:

______, Jane Elizabeth, daughter of George S. and ______ ______, died June 10, (1816 or 1846), age 1 year 9 months 21 days.
Baldwin, (maiden name), see Susannah Baldwin Town.
Barrett, (maiden name), see Lucy Fyler Soper.
Barrett, Anthony, died January 5, 1849, age 48 years.
Barrett, Electa Soper, wife of William P. Barrett, died January 17, 1867, age 65 years.
Barrett, Hackey, "Little Hackey", son of F.W. and T.S.Barrett, died June 21, 1863, age 1 year 3 months, stone very eroded.
Barrett, Hilah Louisa, daughter of William P. and Electa Barrett, died August 15, 1840, age 3 years, (on monument and stone).
Barrett, Jacob F., died October 6, 1846, age 86 years, Revolutionary War soldier.
Barrett, Louisa J., died April 4, 1854, age 27 years.
Barrett, Lucy Jane, daughter of William P. and Electa Barrett, died October 20, 1841, age 7 years, on monument and stone.
Barrett, Menlo E., wife of Parchus Barrett, died July 29, 1867, age 46 years.
Barrett, Parkhurst A., died July 11, 1850, age (35?) years, (stone eroded).
Barrett, William P., died October 10, 1868, age 73 years.
Bateman, Adaline H., wife of B.P. Bateman, died May 6, 1846, age 19 years 3 months 17 days.
Bordwell, D.N. Cushing, wife of Peter Bordwell, born 1811, died 1899, (age not given) (her husband, Peter Bordwell, is buried in Evergreen Cemetery [Cazenovia] and, although she is not buried with him, the sexton's records note that she died of pneumonia January 18, 1899, age 88 years).
Cranson, Charles Roswell, son of Charles W. and Abigail Cranson, died March 21, 1838, age 2 years 2 months.
Cranson, Mary Jane, daughter of Charles W. and Abigail Cranson, died October 14, 1834, age 1 year __ ____.
Cushing, (maiden name), see Betsey Cushing Needham.
Cushing, (maiden name), see Cornelia Cushing Haight.
Cushing, (maiden name), see D.N. Cushing Bordwell.
Cushing, (maiden name), see Phebe Needham.
Cushing, Clarissa Needham, wife of Enos Cushing, died March 17, 1839, age 52 years.
Cushing, Elizabeth, (wife of Thomas Cushing), born at Scituate, MA, April 5, 1747, died October 31, 1823, age 76 years.
Cushing, Enos, died December 6, 1866, age 87 years.
Cushing, Hawks, died August 30, 1854, age 66 years.
Cushing, Louisa, Mrs., wife of Hanks Cushing, born at Spencertown, NY, June 1, 1797, died of pulmonary consumption at Fenner, NY, August 10, 1822, age 26 years.
(Cushing, Peter?), footstone initialed "P.C." situated just south of Louisa Cushing.
Cushing, Thomas, born at Hingam, MA, March 21, 1747, died December (13 or 15) 1823, age 76 years.
Dana, Charlie E., son of E.B. and A.E. Dana, died April 27, 1857, age 4 years 4 months 25 days.
Dana, J. Clinton, son of Sardis and Mary Dana, died May 17, 1862, age 37 years 1 month 1 day.
Dana, Mary, wife of Sardis Dana, died April 15, 1865, age 73 years 11 months 25 days.
Dana, Sardis, died October 13, 1860, age 69 years 19 days.
Davis, Abram, died March 12, 1859, age 54 years.
Davis, Betsey, wife (1) of Moses Davis, died November 21, 1811, age 31 years, (stone very eroded).
Davis, Candace, daughter of Isaac and Eunice Davis, died April 20, 1842, age 40 years.
Davis, Clarissa A. (Clara Cushing Davis in newspaper obituary), daughter of Abram and Mercy C. Davis, died May 9 1844, age 3 years, (stone not found in 1994).
Davis, Cornelia M., daughter of Abram and Mercy C. Davis, died March 7, 1847, age 13 years.
Davis, Eunice Messer, wife of Isaac Davis, died June 14, 1858, age 91 years 8 months.
Davis, Ezra, son of Moses and Betsey Davis, died September 10, 1844, age 37 years.
Davis, Isaac, died December 26, 1824, age 50 years.
Davis, Lucretia, wife of Ezra Davis, died August 19, 1862, age 55 years.
Davis, Mary, daughter of Isaac and Eunice Davis, died January 23, 1823, age 26 years.
Davis, Mary M., daughter of Ezra and Lucretia Davis, died (rest of stone missing).
Davis, Matilda, daughter of Moses and Betsey Davis, died April 17, 1827, age 24 years.
Davis, Mercy C., wife of Abram Davis, died October 20, 1878, age 73 years.
Davis, Pamelia, wife of Calvin Davis, died June 24, 1827, age 21 years.
Davis, Rebecca, wife (2) of Deacon Moses Davis, died October 21, 1836, age (51 or 54) years.
Durkee, Almeda, daughter of Benjamin and Sabrina Durkee, died September 11, (1818?), age 3 years 8 months, (stone not found in 1994).
Faulkner, Anna, (wife of Thomas Faulkner), died August 22, 1856, age 71 years.
Faulkner, Thomas, died November 25, 1870, age 84 years.
Fyler, (maiden name), see Lucy Fyler Soper.
Gleason, Anna, wife of Samuel Gleason, died April 4, 1839, age 75 years.
Haight, Cornelia Cushing, wife of William Haight, born 1808, died 1848, (age not given).
Hammond, Pardon, died November 14, 1850, age 84 years 8 months.
Hammond, Polly M., died May 31, 1839, age 27 years.
Hammond, Susannah, wife of Pardon Hammond, died October 30, 1849, age 82 years.
Hatch, Caroline M., daughter of John and Semantha Hatch, died March 14, 1840, age 3 years.
Hatch, Guy, died October 18, 1834, age 86 years 6 months.
Hatch, Leonard (1), son of Guy and Mary Hatch, died November 1, 1814, age 9 years.
Hatch, Leonard (2), son of Guy and Mary Hatch, died May 26, 1816, age 9 months.
Hatch, Lewis, son of Guy and Mary Hatch, died November 15, 1815, age 5 years.
Hatch, Margaret, daughter of John and Semantha Hatch, died January 21, 1835, age 6 years 9 months.
Hatch, Mary, wife of Guy Hatch, died December 31, 1848, age 74 years.
Hatch, Sementha, wife of John Hatch, died April 29, 1842, age 36 years 10 months 10 days.
Howard, Albert D., (no data given).
Howard, Mary Ann, wife of Albert D. Howard, died December 17, 1877, age 23 years 11 months.
Hutchinson, Barzillai, died July 4, 1829, age 25 years.
Hutchinson, Sarah, (wife of Solomon Hutchinson), died April 18, 1882, age 89 years.
Hutchinson, Solomon, died July 22, 1818, age 29 years.
Inman, Elisha, died December 29, 1850, age 52 years.
Inman, Sarah E., wife of Elisha Inman, died December 6, 1867, age 64 years.
May, Eunice, daughter of Rufus and Melinda E. May, died December 16, 1834, age 5 months 4 days.
May, Eunice Wales, wife of Rufus May, born 1759, died 1847, age not given.
May, Linus, died December 14, 1814, age 27 years.
May, Rufus, died December 27, 1832, age 77 years.
Morse, Elizabeth, wife (2) of Joseph Morse, died February 1, 1820, age 62 years.
Morse, Zida, wife (1) of Joseph Morse, died February 14, 1815, age 32 years, (stone not found in 1994).
Needham, (maiden name), see Clarissa Needham Cushing.
Needham, Betsey, daughter of John and Betsey Needham, died July 6, 1832, age 34 years.
Needham, Betsey Cushing, wife of John Needham, died January __, 1854, age 79 years.
Needham, Charlie H., son of Bela C. and Mary Needham, died April 17, 1866, age 5 months 28 days.
Needham, John, died April __, 1854, age 84 years.
Needham, Juliett, daughter of John and Betsey Needham, died October 8, 1827, age 17 years.
Needham, Lucy Ann, daughter of Bela C. and Almyra Needham, died October 17, 1839, age 8 years 1 month 5 days.
Needham, Lucy E., infant daughter of Rev. George and Mrs. R.L. Needham, died at Providence, RI, October 26, 1852, age 6 weeks.
Needham, Olivia, died October 28, 1865, age 62 years.
Needham, Peleg, son of Bela C. and Almyra Needham, died December 31, 1834, age 1 year 4 months.
Needham, Peleg V., died February 24, 1833, age 25 years.
Needham, Phebe, "our Grand Mother" (on Enos Cushing lot), died 1829, age 84 years.
Nourse, Eugenia F., wife of Herbert J. Nourse, died July 9, 1872, age 19 years 8 months.
Parsons, Gideon, Massachusetts Militia, Revolutionary War soldier, (no other data given).
Sherwood, Lucy, wife of Lewis Sherwood, born Ridgefield, CT, died February 10, 1833, age 37 years.
Soper, (maiden name), see Electa Soper Barrett.
Soper, Lucy Fyler, born 1777, died 1873, age not given, erected by her grandson Gerry F. Barrett.
Stewart, Lucy, wife of Robert Stewart, died August 20, 1841, age 55 years.
Town, Abel, died October 8, 1860, age 85 years.
Town, Artemas H., died March 19, 1868, age 59 years 10 months 16 days.
Town, David, died March 2, 1831, age 59 years.
Town, George W., died March 13, 1831, age 24 years 6 months.
Town, Phineas, died April 8, 1858, age 87 years, stone rotten.
Town, Sibbellah, wife of David Town, died July 29, 1846, age 62 years 5 months 9 days.
Town, Susannah Baldwin, wife of Phineas Town, died December 11, 1857, age 77 years, stone rotten.
Twist, Alpheus, died July 27, 1846, age 82 years.
Twist, David, died September 12, 1828, age 88 years.
Wales, (maiden name), see Eunice Wales May.
Welch, Chancey W., son of Rozzel and Mrs. Peggy Welch, died April 4, 1819, age 16 years.
Welch, Margaret, Mrs., wife of Rozzel Welch, born Spencertown, NY, April 5, 1777, died Fenner, NY, June 5, 1825, age 49 years.
Welch, Roswell, died July 11, 1855, age 90 years 4 months.
Whipple, Mary, wife of Michael Whipple, died March 31, 1859, age 40 years 6 months 23 days.
Whipple, Michael, died June 30, 1870, age 55 years.
Willber, Roxy, wife of H.G. Willber, died April 1, 1844, age 44 years.
Wise, Emily, daughter of ______ and Hannah Wise, died April 13, 1839, age 3 years 1 month 15 days.
Wise, Hannah, died September 16, 1873, age 64 years 6 months.


END of Needham Cemetery list by Daniel H. Weiskotten