Whipple Cemetery, Town of Cazenvia, Madison County, NY
Whipple Cemetery, Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
 (aka North Cazenovia, Cook, Cook School)
Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, April 15, 1994
 MNI = 32, names = 10, 1831 - 1859
(old lists include: Tuttle c.1940; Gallup 1950; Meyer et al. c.1960)
posted 7/19/1999
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       This small cemetery is located about  300 feet east of Ridge Road opposite the  former schoolhouse for District #22, which  has been converted to a residence (#5011  Ridge Road).  It is poorly kept and is  overgrown with brush and fallen tree limbs  making exploration difficult.  Besides  missing and damaged marble tombstones,  the cemetery is very much intact, spatially,  and archaeologically.
        It lies on a low knoll and is 60 feet  square, the east, south, and west edges being  seen as a berm where cultivation came close  to a fence line.  The northern edge of the  cemetery is 20 feet from the former field  line, perhaps representing the 20 foot right-  of-way to the cemetery.  The surface of the  cemetery is rather even and no unmarked  grave pits were observed, but many  unmarked field stones at the head of the  grave and several at the foot show that there  are many nameless graves.  Five whole  marble head stones were found, all of which  were fallen and three of which were buried  up to a foot into the ground (thus they are  not on some of the former lists.)  The bases  of two more marble headstones are found,  but the stones themselves (probably the  stones of Lovina and Royal Robertson) are  missing.  Fieldstones clearly mark the  location of 18 additional graves and smaller  upright stones scattered amongst the graves  indicate that four (4) infants may be buried  here also.
        Ridge Road resident Patricia (Rusty) McGrath related that  Chauncey Cook, a former owner of the site,  had told her that the in this cemetery had  been removed some years ago, but I see no  evidence of this as the cemetery appears to  be fully intact.  In talking with Chauncey  Cook's son David it appears that the  cemetery that had been "moved" was in fact the cemetery of the White family which was located near the barn on the Cook farm farther up the road.  David Cook told me that the stones, with the name White, had been moved when the barn was built several decades ago (see the Cook Cemetery).

History of the Cemetery Property

        The lot on which the cemetery is located was early owned by Robert Marsh who sold the northeast part (with the cemetery site) to Oliver Whipple on December 4, 1798 (note on map at Lorenzo AW-A-42-1, the deed reference is not known).  Whipple's house was located in the vicinity of (just north of or on?) the present Ray Reed residence on the west side of Ridge Road.  Whipple owned the property, containing 66 acres, until his death in 1850 and it passed on to his son, Oliver Whipple Jr.  Oliver Jr. sold the school house lot on the west side of Ridge Road to the school Trustees on April 29, 1852 (Deed BS:476) and the property that included the sites of the cemetery and house to Charles Loucks on April 1, 1859 (Deed CN:310).  Loucks sold the property to Benjamin Conover on March 16, 1867, reserving "the burying ground on said premises with the right of way thereto" (Deed 110:425).  Through subsequent owners the cemetery was only sometimes reserved.  The succession is as follows: Sarah Conover (from August 6, 1881, Deed 150:346, no cemetery), Patrick Driscoll (from March 12, 1883, Deed 155:468, with cemetery), John P. Driscoll (February 11, 1911, Deed 231:303, with cemetery), Kathryn J. Driscoll (from April 14, 1921, Deed 264:277, with cemetery), Charles R. Northrip (from August 27, 1927, Deed 283:243, no cemetery), William G. Brayan and Emma C. Lagore (December 15, 1927, Deed 290:4, no cemetery), Jane White (from March 29, 1945, Deed 341:202, no cemetery), Harold B. and Chauncey S. Cook (from April 10, 1946, Deed 362:423, no cemetery), Thomas B. and Doris B. Garsh (from October 8, 1965, Deed 624:661, no cemetery), Wilder Jr. and Patricia Gutterson (from February 26, 1968, Deed 636:600, with cemetery), Albert W. and Beverly C. Bluem (from October 2, 1972, with cemetery).
        In 1968 (Deed 636:600) the cemetery was described as being 45 feet east to west, by 80 feet north to south, with a right-of-way 20 feet wide leading to it from Ridge Road along the north property line.
        Historic maps show the cemetery in 1859 and 1875, and that the house and property  were owned by Oliver Whipple in 1854, O. Whipple in 1859 (there is an error in the map), and N. Donnelly in 1875.  The latest dated burial is 1859 and it is certain that no other burials were made after that date as Charles Loucks, who purchased the property in that year, purchased a lot in Evergreen Cemetery in 1865.  Also, when the next owner of the property, Patrick Driscoll, died in 1911 he required in his will that his executors give him "a proper burial, and erect at his grave a proper monument" - he is buried in St Agnes Catholic Cemetery.

The Stones

        Old lists of this cemetery identify a number of stones that have since been lost and that others were overlooked.  Among those noted on old lists but missing in 1994 are the stone of Oliver Whipple, the patriarch of the cemetery, as well as the stones of Lovina and Royal Benson and John Daniels.  The location of the Benson graves may be indicated by two empty slotted gravestone bases along the western edge of the cemetery.  Daniels' grave site is noted by a footstone marked "J.D." which is still standing in the southeast corner of the plot and the burial spot of Betsey Elmore, whose stone seems to have disappeared before the DAR list of 1914, is marked only by a footstone with the initials "B.E." next to Solomon Elmore's grave.
        There are 22 visible "unnamed" graves in this cemetery, one of which is likely to be Edward Benson, who died before 1812 and probably before 1810.

Map of the Whipple Cemetery
Those buried in the Whipple Cemetery include:
Benson, Lovina, wife of Edward Benson, died October ____ (stone broken through date), age 72 years (stone not found in 1994, data from DAR list).
Benson, Royal, died March 28, 1843, age 52 years 10 months 21 days (stone not found in 1994, data from DAR list).
Chapman, James N., son of William and Patience Chapman, died March 3, 1849, age 28 years, (same stone as L. Caroline Chapman).
Chapman, L. Caroline, daughter of William and Patience Chapman, died May 25, 1831, age 17 years, (same stone as James N. Chapman).
Chapman, Patience, wife of William Chapman, died August 22, 1859, (stone broken and age missing).
Daniels, John, died May 16, 1848, age 58 years (stone not found in 1994 - data from DAR list),  (footstone with initials "J.D." was found in 1994).
Elmore, Betsey, (footstone "B.E." found in 1994 next to Solomon Elmore - must be his wife Bestey Elmore).
Elmer (Elmore), Solomon, died May 7, 1843, age 73 years.
Whipple, Oliver, died August 22, 1850, age 79 years (in 80th year), (stone not found in 1994, data from DAR list), (the Madison County Whig of December 28, 1850, states that Oliver Whipple "one of the oldest inhabitants of the town" died on December 23, 1850, age 79 years).
Whipple, Priscilla, wife of Oliver Whipple, died September 25, 1848, age 74 years (in 75th year).
 END of Whipple Cemetery list by Daniel H. Weiskotten