South Cemetery, Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
South Cemetery, Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
(aka Cazenovia Town Cemetery, White)
Field Check by Daniel H. Weiskotten, October 7-10, December 30, 1994
 Additional Names from Town Record List compiled by Missy Race, former Deputy Town Clerk
 MNI = 667+, names = 671 (5 still living as of 1995), 1803 to present
(old list include: Hendrix c.1970)
posted 7/9/2000
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This cemetery, maintained by the Town of Cazenovia and still active, is located on Number Nine Road about two miles south of the Village of Cazenovia.

An excellent transcription was made of this cemetery by Roberta Hendrix in the early 1970s and I have checked her work (almost no errors!) and added the new interments as well as the names gleaned from the town records by former Deputy Town Clerk, Missy Race.

Mary Livingston Ingersoll, the mother of Robert Green Ingersoll, known as "The Great Agnostic" and heralded as the greatest American orator of the 19th century, lies in an unmarked grave in the South Cemetery.  Ingersoll wrote woefully that she lay "under the snow, in the little town of Cazenovia."  The only record of her place of interment seems to be a note found on a copy of the old cemetery plan: "It is supposed that Col. Robert Ingersolls Mother is buried on the Myrick Lot No. 90"  While there are a number of Ingersoll's buried in the South Cemetery, I am not sure how, or if, Robert Green Ingersoll is related to them.  The various other Ingersolls own Lots 25, 27, 50, and 106, and there are several apparent unused spots within their plots, but other circumstances might lead us to believe that Mrs. Ingersoll was indeed buried on the "Myrick Lot No. 90":  Luther Myrick, who owned Lot 90, and whose father and son are buried thereon, was a prominent abolitionist minister in the community, and was surely a close friend of the Rev. John Ingersoll and his family.  I am concluding, based on this information, that the Ingersolls were not related to, or were otherwise distant from the Cazenovia Ingersolls, and when Mary Livingston Ingersoll died in 1835, she was buried in the plot of friend and colleague Luther Myrick.

See Jabez Abell's History of South Cemetery.

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Those buried in the South Cemetery include:

Abell, Anne, born 1763, died January 11, 1833, age 70 years, (monument and stone), (stone has name as Anna).
Abell, Aurilla Whitney, wife of Horatio Abell, born 1800, died January 20, 1895, age 94 years, (monument and stone).
Abell, Elizabeth Sanford, wife of Jabez Abell, born Portsmouth, RI, October 17, 1762, died Cazenovia, NY, February 21, 1846, age 83 years, (monument and stone).
Abell, Eunice, born 1764, died April 3, 1814, age 50 years, (monument and stone).
Abell, Horatio, born 1802, died May 30, 1852, age 49 years, (monument and stone).
Abell, Jabez, born Franklin, CT, October 17, 1759, died Cazenovia, NY, March 3, 1833, (age not given), (monument and stone).
Abell, Jabez W., died July 22, 1920, age 78 years.
Abell, Jabez W. Jr., born November 19, 1870, died May 8, 1954, (age not given).
Abell, Joseph, born 1797, died July 21, 1840, age 42 years, (monument and stone).
Abell, Mary A. Jones, wife of Jabez W. Abell, died August 4, 1899, age 60 years.
Abell, Sarah Dix Wheeler, (wife of Jabez W. Abell Jr.), born February 4, 1874, died May 13, 1944 (age not given).
Abell, William, Dr., born 1796, died June 30, 1835, age 38 years, (monument and stone).
Adams, (maiden name), see Mary Adams Davis.
Addison, see Charles Addison Hackley.
Alden, ______, infant son of S. and F. Alden, died March 1828, (day of death and age not given).
Alden, Fanny Andrus, wife of Samuel Alden, died December 1, 1874, (age 83 years), (age buried in concrete).
Alden, Samuel, died January 17, 1854, age 60 years.
Alexander, Calvin, May 17, 1862, age 63 years.
Alexander, Mary J., daughter of C. and S. Alexander, died October 13, 1861, age 20 years 10 months, (stone rotten, broken, and buried).
Allen, Alma Holmes, wife of William Allen, died April 23, 1864, age 68 years 17 days.
Allen, Helen M., born 1870, died 1948, (age not given), (may be the Helen S. Allen in the Town Record, who died June 15, 1948).
Allen, William, died November 3, 1865, age 62 years 3 months 18 days.
Andrews, Ethel R., (wife of Ross E. Andrews), born 1904, died 1993, (age not given).
Andrews, Ross E., born October 4, 1887, died August 16, 1951, (age not given), NY, Pvt, 36 Co., Gen. Off. Training School, WWI.
Andrus, (maiden name), see Fanny Andrus Allen.
Ayers, (maiden name), see Susan Ayers Billings.
Backus, ______, infant (1) of T. and N. Backus, died September 20, 1818, (age not given).
Backus, ______, infant (2) of T. and N. Backus, died February 17, 1821, (age not given).
Backus, ______, infant (3) of T. and N. Backus, died February 17, 1821, (age not given).
Backus, ______, infant (4) of T. and N. Backus, died August 24, 1827, (age not given).
Backus, Ebenezer, died January 2, 1828, age 84 years.
Backus, Elizabeth, wife of Ebenezer Backus, died May 1, 1831, age 82 years.
Backus, Hattie N., daughter of Azel and Sarah P. Backus, died August 19, 1865, age 2 years 6 months 17 days.
Backus, Maria L., daughter of Azel and Sarah P. Backus, died August 4, 1852, age 3 months, (stone not found in 1994).
Backus, Nancy, wife of Talcott Backus, died October 2, 1875, age 84 years.
Backus, Talcott, died February 16, 1847, age 56 years.
Baker, Almon, born 1825, died 1909, (age not given).
Baker, Caroline A., wife (1) of Almon Baker, died April 25, 1866, age 42 years.
Baker, Lydia Hunt, wife of Truman A. Baker, born 1896, died 1979, (age not given).
Baker, Mary M. Putman, wife (2) of Almon Baker, born 1825, died 1912, (age not given).
Baker, Truman A., born 1870, died 1924, (age not given).
Balurdo, John W., born 1903, died 1974, (age not given).
Balurdo, Sue B., wife of John W. Balurdo, born 1905, died 1974, (age not given).
Barber, Emily Flora, wife of Robert Lucian Barber, born 1920, died 1967, (age not given).
Barber, Robert Lucian, born 1921, (no other data given).
Barbour, see Katharine Barbour Hartt Channing.
Barilla, Carl A., born 1911, died 1990, (age not given).
Barilla, Mae O., wife of Carl Barilla, born 1913, died 1990, (age not given).
Barrett, Dolly L., (wife of Thadeus V. Barrett), born 1891, died 1992, (age not given).
Barrett, Maryette M. (Mathews?), wife of Joel Barrett, died April 5, 1860, age 34 years, (stone next to and same as Nancie P. Mathews).
Barrett, Thaddeus V., born 1885, died 1975, (age not given).
Barsness, see Florence Scott-Barsness, James A. Scott-Barsness, and Sara H. Scott-Barsness.
Bates, Angeline, daughter of David Bates, died June 3, 1849, age 27 years.
Bates, Mahetable, daughter of David bates, died May 7, 1846, age 30 years.
Bates, Minerva, daughter of David Bates, died May 25, 1845, age 22 years.
Bates, Rebecca, wife of David Bates, died May 5, 1851, age 52 years
Beale, Harry Newell, born 1908, died 1963, (age not given).
Beale, Jane Rayburn, born 1912, died 1986, (age not given).
Bedford, Betsey, died December 20, 1844, age 19 years.
Beers, Sarah A. Sims, wife of E.B. Beers, born 1839, died 1908, (age not given).
Benedict, (maiden name), see Edna Benedict Billings.
Bennett, Edith M., wife of John F. Bennett, born 1866, died 1953, (age not given).
Bennett, John F., born 1853, died 1927, (age not given).
Bennett, Palmer, born 1898, died 1944, (age not given).
Berthrong, Abraham, died May 9, 1835, age 41 years.
Berthrong, Charles, died February 24, 1839, age 10 years.
Billings, Charles, died December 9, 1820, age 33 years (in 34th year), (stone not found in 1994).
Billings, David, died October 27, 1840, age 57 years 9 months 26 days.
Billings, Edna Benedict, born 1854, died 1903, (age not given).
Billings, Fletcher, died February 6, 1869, age 80 years.
Billings, George C., born 1842, died 1918, (age not given), Serg., Co. K., 114 Reg., NY Vol.
Billings, Hannah, wife of David Billings, died June 17, 1823, age 53 years 24 days.
Billings, Isabella Pollard, wife (2) of Fletcher Billings, died October 8, 1886, age 82 years.
Billings, Margaret Van Tine, born 1839, died 1912, (age not given).
Billings, Susan Ayers, wife (1) of Fletcher Billings, died October 2, 1821, age 34 years.
Billings, Susan Isabella, born 1883, died 1904, (age not given).
Bissell, Abel S., born Hebron CT, January 15, 1799, died Cazenovia, NY, July 20, 1877, (age not given).
Bissell, Amelia L., wife (3) of Abel S. Bissell, born Holland, MA, March 29, 1806, died Cazenovia, NY, April 3, 1879, (age not given).
Bissell, Laura, wife (1) of Abel S. Bissell, died March 23, 1840, age 42 years.
Bissell, Melinda, 2nd wife of Abel S. Bissell, died September 3, 1848, age 46 years.
Black, Esther E. Service, wife of James Black, died April 16, 1877, age 47 years.
Black, Jennie E., died August 18, 1880, age 21 years.
Blackman, ______, Mrs., died September 18, 1832, age 73 years (in 74th year), (with Davenports).
Blodgett, (maiden name), see Sabrah Blodgett Sims.
Borden, Electa, wife of T.F. Borden, died July 4, 1833, age 30 years 11 months.
Borden, Joseph (1), died December 16, 1814, age 38 (in 39th year)
Borden, Joseph (2), died October 11, 1863, age 49 years.
Borden, Oliver E., son of Mr. Joseph and Sally E. Borden, died March 24, 1822, age 21 years.
Borden, Prudence, wife of Stephen Borden, died June 27, 1833, age 77 years.
Borden, Prudence E., daughter of Thomas F. and Electa Borden, died May 3, 1863, age 42 years.
Borden, Sarah E., wife of Joseph Borden, died March 11, 1849, age 72 years.
Bradley, see Flora B. Dardaris.
Bradley, Elisha R., born 1865, died 1943, (age not given).
Bradley, George S., born 1890, died 1965, (age not given), NY, PFC, Co. K., 306 Inf., 77 Div., WWI.
Bradley, Lida S., wife of Elisha R. Bradley, born 1871, died 1950, (age not given).
Bradley, Margaret R., wife of George S. Bradley, born 1900, died 1958, (age not given).
Brayan, Catherine E., wife of Charles E. Brayen, born 1916, died 1990, (age not given).
Brayen, Charles E., born 1906, died 1978, (age not given).
Breeze, Evan, died July 12, 1879, age 62 years.
Breeze, Jane Hughes, wife of Evan Breeze, died January 17, 1892, age 77 years.
Brewster, (maiden name), see Jerusha Brewster Loomis (1).
Brewster, (maiden name), see Jerusha Brewster Loomis (2).
Brockway, Betsey, died February 16, 1827, age 31 years.
Broughton, Jeremiah, died September 22, 1847, age 53 years.
Brown, (maiden name), see Laura E. Brown Hamilton.
Brown, Alexander H., born 1932, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Brown, Bernard T., Dr., born 1896, interred January 30, 1975, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Brown, Bernard T., Jr., born 1923, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Brown, Bianca C., born 1900, died 1980, interred May 12, 1988, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Buckley, Theodore E., born 1899, died 1981, (age not given).
Buell, Almira S., wife of Timothy Buell, born 1826, died 1900, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Buell, Timothy F., born 1818, died 1884, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Burdin, Clarence R., born May 12, 1904, died 1979, (age not given), married Josie Butler October 30, 1937.
Burdin, George, died June 25, 1888, age 52 years.
Burdin, Josie Butler, wife of Charles R. Burdin, married October 30, 1937, born 1916, (no other data given).
Butler, (maiden name), see Josie Butler Burdin.
Butler, Fred H., born 1904, died 1981, (age not given).
Butler, George H., born 1860, died 1943, (age not given).
Butler, Lena, wife of George H. Butler, born 1865, died 1944, (age not given).
Butler, Pauline, wife of Fred H. Butler, born 1910, died 1977, (age not given).
Card, Adeline Moochler, wife of John Card, born 1855, died 1930, (age not given).
Card, Claude D., born 1878, died 1958, (age not given).
Card, Elizabeth Martens, wife of Claude D. Card, born 1882, died 1928, (age not given).
Card, John, born 1850, died 1930, (age not given).
Carrol, see Charles Carrol Williams.
Castro, H. Edward, born 1911, died 1963, (age not given).
Castro, Lucius A., born 1881, died 1932, (age not given).
Channing, ______, Mr., (from Town Record, cremation, no marker, no other data given).
Channing, Katharine Barbour Hartt, born 1885, died 1978, (age not given).
(Churchward?), Mary Augusta, daughter of ______ ______, died March 6, 1839, age 2 years 6 months, (stone not found in 1994), (Hendrix thought the name to be Churchland or Chruchlast, but it is probably Chruchward - see New Woodstock Cemetery).
Clark, Edwin P., born 1883, died 1954, (age not given).
Clark, Golda B., wife of Edwin P. Clark, born 1887, died 1970, (age not given).
Clayman, (maiden name), see Jennie E. Clayman DeClercq.
Coin, Betsey Peet, wife (2) of Sylvester Coin, died September 10, 1872, age 58 years.
Coin, John S., born (died?) June 20, 1845, age 9 months, (stone not found in 1994).
Coin, Margaret A. Speers, wife (1) of Sylvester Coin, died July 4, 1845, age 32 years.
Coin, Sylvester, died December 16, 1881, age 72 years.
Coin, Thomas A., son of S. and M.A. Coin, died March 18, 1839, age 3 years.
Coleman, Harlin, son of Asa and Betsey Coleman, died February 10, 1811, age 5 years.
Coleman, Ora M., born 1900, died 1941, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Coleman, Russell L., born 1898, died  1968, (age not given).
Coleman, Temperance, died September 15, 1815, age 19 years.
Coleman, William, died June 10, 1850, age 53 years.
Colegrove, W.A., died January 22, 1864, (age not given), Co. C., 122 Reg., NY Inf.
Cossitt, Bernard R., born October 6, 1922, died November 26, 1964, (age not given), NY, PFC, 721 Eng. Depot Co., WWII.
Coulter, (maiden name), see Avis C. Coulter Randall.
Coulter, Andrew, born 1845, died 1899, (age not given).
Coulter, Gertrude B., wife of Wilbur Coulter, born 1889, died 1986, (age not given).
Coulter, Grace Goodfellow, (wife of Scott W. Coulter), born 1884, died 1936, (age not given).
Coulter, John, born 1820, died 1890, (age not given).
Coulter, LeRoy E., born 1921, died 1989, (age not given).
Coulter, Mary B., wife of Andrew Coulter, born 1847, died 1904, (age not given).
Coulter, Rosie Scott, (wife of William Jay Coulter), born 1855, died 1937, (age not given).
Coulter, Sarah A. Salsbury, (wife of John Coulter), born 1816, died 1896, (age not given).
Coulter, Scott W., born 1888, died 1961, (age not given).
Coulter, Wilbur, born 1892, died 1978, (age not given).
Coulter, William Jay, born 1850, died 1910, (age not given).
Crandall, Henry, died August 14, 1829, age 87 years.
Crandall, Mary, wife of Henry Crandall, died June 1840, (day of death and age not given).
Crocker, (maiden name), see Zilpha M. Crocker Johnson.
Crowell, Birney A., born 1897, died 1897, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Crowell, Edith May, born 1890, (no other data given), (stone not found in 1994).
Crowell, Frank A., born 1862, died 1947, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Crowell, Lella H., (wife of Frank A. Crowell), born 1868, died 1937, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Culver, Lloyd, interred September 23, 1956, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Cunningham, Alnora J., wife of D. Gilbert Cunningham, born 1924, died 1993, (age not given).
Cunningham, D. Gilbert, born 1922, (no other data given).
Cunningham, Ellen F., wife of Milton C. Cunningham, born 1895, died 1984, (age not given).
Cunningham, Milton C., born 1896, died 1987, (age not given).
Curtis, Daniel, born 1783, died 1865, (age not given).
Curtis, Daniel, Jr., born 1810, died 1891, (age not given).
Curtis, Dorcas Holbrooks, wife of Daniel Curtis, born 1790, died 1878, (age not given).
Curtis, George, son of Abel and Sally Curtis, died July 20, 1853, age 10 years 17 days.
Curtis, Hattie E., daughter of Abel and Sally Curtis, died May 25, 1870, age 6 years.
Curtis, Lucinda, born 1818, died 1863, (age not given).
Curtis, Lynn Stephen, infant, born and died 1951, (age not given).
Curtis, Willie R., son of Abel and Sally Curtis, died July 5, 1853, age 2 years 4 months.
Damon, Fannie R., daughter of Lewis and Susan Damon, died June 3, 1844, age 4 years 9 months.
Damon, Pamela, wife of Archelaus Damon, died March 14, 1849, age 68 years (in 69th year).
Dardaris, Flora B. (Bradley), wife of Nicholas A. Dardaris, died 1992, (age not given).
Dardaris, Nicholas A., born 1914, died 1967, (age not given).
Davenport, see Mrs. Blackman.
Davenport, ______, infant (1) of B. and A. Davenport, died 1820, (age not given).
Davenport, ______, infant (2) of B. and A. Davenport, died 1823, (age not given).
Davenport, Achsah, wife of Benjamin Davenport, died September 25, 1860, age 60 years.
Davenport, Benjamin, died December 29, 1848, age 60 years.
Davidson, (maiden name), see Helen Davidson Webster.
Davis, Abby Shapley, wife of Joseph Davis, born April 14, 1809, died November 11, 1876, (age not given).
Davis, Harriet L, (daughter of Ward A. and Lucy S. Johnson Davis), born 1861, died 1890, (age not given).
Davis, Henry W., born 1859, died 1901, (age not given).
Davis, Joseph, born November 20, 1800, died September 28, 1856, (age not given).
Davis, Lucy S. Johnson, wife (1) of Ward A. Davis, born 1837, died 1872, (age not given).
Davis, Maria S. Jones, wife (2) of Ward A. Davis, born 1836, died 1915, (age not given).
Davis, Mary Adams, wife of Joseph Davis, born July 26, 1803, died October 22, 1846, (age not given).
Davis, Seymour W., son of Joseph and Mary Davis, born November 8, 1841, died October 30, 1862, (age not given), buried at Marshall, MI, Serg., Co. E., 6th Mich. Reg.
Davis, Ward A., born 1835, died 1912, (age not given).
Davis, William A., MD, born 1865, died 1890, (age not given).
Day, William, died April 8, 1892, age 78 years, Co. K., 161 Reg., NY Vol. Inf.
DeBlois, Rosalyn, wife of Donald H. DeBlois, born 1922, died 1982, (age not given).
DeClercq, see Julia Smith.
DeClercq, Alexander H., born 1841, died 1913, (age not given).
DeClercq, Allie, eldest son of H. and A. DeClercq died May 25, 1854, age 9 years 2 months 2 days.
DeClercq, Arthur H., born 1873, died 1937, (age not given).
DeClercq, Austin S., born 1844, died 1912, (age not given).
DeClercq, Chester H., born 1869, died 1917, (age not given).
DeClercq, Elizabeth, died April 19, 1844, age 33 years.
DeClercq, Gysbert, born November 22, 1826, died April 21, 1908, (age not given).
DeClercq, Hannah, wife of Youngs DeClercq, died September 27, 1864, age 55 years.
DeClercq, Hannah M. Kinning, wife of Austin DeClercq, born 1845, died 1919, (age not given).
DeClercq, Hattie, age 6 months, (death date not given).
DeClercq, Hendrick, died November 7, 1850, age 74 years
DeClercq, Howard A., born 1883, died 1884, (age not given).
DeClercq, Jennie E. Clayman, wife of Arthur H. DeClercq, born 1876, died 1970, (age not given).
DeClercq, Julia C., daughter of Peter and Laura DeClercq, died August 14, 1842, age 4 years 7 months 22 days.
DeClercq, Laura Mason, wife of Peter DeClercq, died June 21, 1872, age 65 years 7 months 28 days.
DeClercq, Louisa, died July 23, 1845, age 25 years.
DeClercq, Mary, (wife of Hendrick DeClercq), died February 2, 1869, age 88 years.
DeClercq, Mary E., daughter of Peter and Laura DeClercq, died January 21, 1854, age 11 years 8 months 15 days.
DeClercq, Mary T., died May 26, 1843, age 37 years.
DeClercq, Peter, died June 16, 1873, age 72 years 10 months 27 days.
DeClercq, Rebecca, died June 18, 1881, age 63 years.
DeClercq, Sarah L., born November 8, 1829, died February 24, 1891, (age not given).
DeClercq, Sarah V. Kinning, wife of Alexander H. DeClercq, born 1842, died 1922, (age not given).
Dewitta, William, interred in Potter's Field, November 26, 1950, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Dexter, (maiden name), see Sarah M. Dexter Parmelee.
Dix, (maiden name), see Sarah Dix Wheeler Abell.
Dodge, (maiden name), see Fannie M. Hill.
Dodge, Charles, died November 7, 1864, (age not given), Co. K., 114 Reg., NY Inf.
Dodge, Charles B., died September 21, 1826, age 17 years.
Dodge, Emily D., died April 19, 1846, age 32 years.
Dodge, Mary Luella, interred April 17, 1961, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Dodge, Mary S., died February 8, 1824, age 24 years.
Dodge, Mehetabel, wife of Stephen Dodge, died April 22, 1861, age 81 years.
Dodge, Stephen, died February 20, 1848, age 73 years.
Dodge, Stephen H., died November 14, 1822, age 25 years.
Dutton, Bulah, wife of Samuel Dutton, died May 9, 1851, age 70 years.
Dutton, Elcena, died June 29, 1827, age 23 (in 24th year), death was caused by a fall from a wagon.
Dutton, Samuel, Col., died October 9, 1815, age 39 years (in 40th year).
Ehle, David, died April 26, 1839, age 29 years.
Elmore, Helen E., born 1841, (no other data given).
Elmore, John W., born 1844, died 1845, (age not given).
Elmore, Selah P., born 1810, died 1892, (age not given).
Enders, Earl J., born 1920, (no other data given).
Enders, Marleah L., (wife of Earl J. Enders), born 1917, died 1976, (age not given).
Flickenger, Dorothy Jean, born 1924, died 1932, (age not given).
Flickenger, Olive B., wife of William J. Flickenger, born 1891, died 1981, (age not given).
Flickenger, William J., born 1889, died 1930, (age not given).
Fowler, Eloise L., wife of Walter L. Fowler, born 1902, died 1976, (age not given).
Fowler, Walter L., born 1900, died 1979, (age not given).
Freeborn, Mary L., wife of David Freeborn, died September 3, 1834, age 26 years.
Frey, Cecil G., born 1911, died 1981, (age not given).
Frey, Mary E., wife of Cecil G. Frey, born 1912, died 1979, (age not given).
Gardiner, William S., interred in Potter's Field, June __, 1949, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Geymonat, (maiden name), see Josephine Geymonat Moyer.
Geymonat, Joseph, born 1864, died 1931, (age not given).
Geymonat, Marie, born 1864, died 1942, (age not given).
Geymonat, Marie Louise, born 1896, died 1954, (age not given).
Gleason, George Edward, Jr., born 1936, died 1937, (age not given).
Gleason, George E., born 1908, died 1976, (age not given).
Gleason, Gladys L., wife of George E. Gleason, born 1916, died 1975, (age not given).
Goodfellow, (maiden name), see Grace Goodfellow Coulter.
Goodrich, Flora L., interred November 10, 1928, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Goodwin, (maiden name), see Mary P. Goodwin Sims.
Goodwin, James S., son of J.D. and M.P. Goodwin, died December 1, 1861, age 16 years.
Grace, C. Ward, infant son of George W., Jr., and Edna M. Ward Grace, born 1915, died 1916, (age not given).
Grace, Edna, (no other data given, grave marker only, not Edna M. Ward Grace).
Grace, Edna M. Ward, wife of George W. Grace Jr., born 1892, died 1982, (age not given).
Grace, George W., Jr., born 1884, died 1945, (age not given).
Grace, George W., Sr., born 1853, died 1936, (age not given).
Grace, Giles, (grave marker only, no other data given), interred July 8, 1965, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Grace, Louesa Randall, wife of George W. Grace Sr., born 1858, died 1917, (age not given).
Griffin, Erwin E., interred in Potter's Field, December 19, 1952, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Hackley, Charles Addison, youngest son of M. and N. Hackley, died May 12, 1847, age 18 years, (in 19th year), killed by the bursting of a cannon.
Hackley, Mary, died September 8, 1839, age 76 years.
Hamblin, Fanny Evelina, born 1823, died 1885, (age not given).
Hamblin, Flora, born 1853, died 1912, (age not given).
Hamblin, Romeyn, born 1820, died 1908, (age not given).
Hamilton, H. Homer, born 1845, died 1924, (age not given).
Hamilton, Inez R., born 1872, died 1958, (age not given).
Hamilton, Laura E. Brown, wife of Homer Hamilton, born 1845, died 1917, (age not given).
Hamlin, Duane B., born November 13, 1922, died May 14, 1955, (age not given), WWII, NY, Sgt, 360 Airdrome Sq, AAF.
Hancock, Jean W., (wife of Maxwell S. Hancock), born 1915, died 1986, (age not given).
Hancock, Maxwell S., born 1912, (no other data given).
Hannum, Helen Loomis, wife of Henry A. Hannum, born 1841, died 1920, (age not given).
Hannum, Henry Ansel, born 1839, died 1912, (age not given).
Harter, Henry J., born 1872, died 1945, (age not given).
Harter, Margaret A., wife of Henry J. Harter, born 1872, died 1937, (age not given).
Hartt, (maiden name), see Katharine Barbour Hartt Channing.
Hartt, Dudley Nickerson, born 1879, died 1950, (age not given).
Hayward, Betsey (1), wife (2) of Samuel Hayward, died October 31, 1841, age 71 years.
Hayward, Betsey (2), died September 16, 1853, age 45 years.
Hayward, Fanny, consort (1) of Samuel Hayward, died December 11, 1806, age 36 years.
Hayward, Samuel, died November 24, 1844, age 79 years.
Hebard, (maiden name), see Cordelia Hebard Scott.
Hebard, Clarinda, wife of J.G. Hebard, died March 21, 1872, age 71 years.
Hebard, J.G., died March 19, 1883, age 87 years.
Hermann, Charles E., born February 26, 1919, died September 1, 1980, (age not given), PFC, US Army, WWII.
Hermann, May M.B., (wife of Charles E. Hermann), born 1923, (no other data given).
Hibbard, see Cordelia Hebard Scott.
Hicks, (maiden name), see Angela Hicks Sims.
Hill, Doretta, (wife of Stanley Hill), born 1911, (no other data given), (see Ivey Hill).
Hill, Fannie M., daughter of Stephen and Mehitable Dodge, wife of Reuben Hill, died May 30, 1858, age 41 years.
Hill, Ivey, born 1911, died 1989, (from Town Record, no other data given), (see Doretta Hill).
Hill, Patricia A., (wife of Randall S. Hill), born December 1940, died May 1987, (days of birth and death, and age not given).
Hill, Randall S., born March 1932, (no other data given).
Hill, Stanley, born 1907, died 1976, (age not given).
Hill, Valerie J., born 1958, died 1987, (age not given).
Holbrooks, (maiden name), see Dorcas Holbrooks Curtis.
Holmes, (maiden name), see Alma Holmes Allen.
Holmes, Alma, (wife of Milton Holmes), born 1901, died 1990, (age not given).
Holmes, Milton, born 1902, died 1989, (age not given).
Holmes, P. Lorraine, born 1925, interred June 8, 1978, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Holmes, Ralph, born 1922, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Holmes, Richard C., born February 1, 1946, died November 16, 1968, (age not given), NY, Sgt, Inf.
Holmes, Roswell, died February 20, 1854, age 90 years, Revolutionary War soldier.
Holt, (maiden name), see Sarah A. Holt White.
Hopkins, Francis Celestia, daughter of Elijah and Charlotte Hopkins, died August 28, 1847, age 2 years 1 month 21 days.
Hoslyk, John, born 1894, died 1957, (age not given).
Hoslyk, Katherine, wife of John Hoslyk, born January 14, 1897, died November 13, 1978, (age not given).
Houd, Amy, Mrs., wife of Samuel Houd, died November 24, 1819, (age not given).
Houghton, Doretta Ann, born January 1, 1781, died April 20, 1866, age 85 years 3 months 20 days.
Hubbard, Hannah, wife of Jonathan Hubbard, died February 22, 1836, age 81 years.
Hubbard, Jonathan, died July 13, 1831, age 81 years (in 82nd year).
Hughes, (maiden name), see Jane Hughes Breeze.
Hunt, (maiden name), see Lydia Hunt Baker.
Huse, Darlene F., interred November 9, 1977, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Huse, William, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Hyatt, (maiden name), see Lena Hyatt Smith.
Hyatt, J. Cortland, born 1891, died 1972, (age not given), (James Cortland Hyatt in Town Record).
Hyatt, Katherine Webster, born 1888, died 1926, (age not given).
Hyatt, Lottie Webster, (wife of J. Cortland Hyatt), born 1884, died 1972, (age not given), (Charlotte Hyatt in Town Record).
Hyatt, Malcolm P., born 1915, died 1953, (age not given).
Ingersoll, Eldad W., died July 30, 1865, age 50 years.
Ingersoll, Irena, relict of Isaac Ingersoll, died April 30, 1842, age 64 (in 65th year).
Ingersoll, Isaac, died November 30, 1836, age 62 years (in 63rd year).
Ingersoll, Jane E., wife of Albert K. Ingersoll, died September 28, 1845, age 25 years.
Ingersoll, Jerusha, wife (1) of E.W. Ingersoll, died June 22, 1839, age 24 years.
Ingersoll, Laura, wife (1) of S.C. Ingersoll, died (April __, 18__) (all of date and age now illegible).
Ingersoll, Mary Livingston, wife of Rev. John Ingersoll, died 1835, (stone not found 1994 or on old lists, more information is available on my page for the biography of Robert Green Ingersoll).
Ingersoll, Mary Mann, wife (3) of E.W. Ingersoll, died April 1, 1860, age 44 years, (stone not found in 1994).
Ingersoll, Samuel C., died October 17, 1871, age 66 years.
Ingersoll, Sarah Ann, wife (2) of S.C. Ingersoll, died July 3, 1844, age 27 (in 28th year).
Ingersoll, Sevilla Maria, daughter of Samuel C. and Laura Ingersoll, died March 18, 1832, age 2 years 5 months.
Jepson, (maiden name), see Hattie Jepson Webster.
Jerome, (maiden name), see Mary Jerome Loomis.
Johnson, (maiden name), see Harriet C. Johnson Loomis.
Johnson, (maiden name), see Lucy S. Johnson Davis.
Johnson, Electa Maria, daughter of H.A. and L.I. Johnson, died August 26, 1829, age 17 days.
Johnson, Henry A., died August 9, 1870, age 71 years.
Johnson, Lydia, wife (1) of H.A. Johnson, died December 29, 1850, age 48 years, (stone fragmented).
Johnson, Mary J., wife of William H. Johnson, born 1838, died 1924, (age not given).
Johnson, William H., born 1832, died 1901, (age not given).
Johnson, Zilpha M. Crocker, wife (2) of Henry A. Johnson, born August 28, 1812, died April 17, 1883, (age not given).
Jones, (maiden name), see Maria S. Jones Davis.
Judd, Augustus B., born 1803, died 1869, (age not given).
Judd, Huldah Lyon, wife of Augustus B. Judd, born 1812, died 1891, (age not given).
Judd, Norman C., born 1836, died 1906, (age not given).
Judd, Sarah A. Nollin (Knollin), wife of Norman C. Judd, born 1838, died 1912, (age not given).
Keeler, Lewis, died November 4, 1846, age 58 years.
Keeler, T. Sarles, died July 6, 1835, age 21 years 8 months.
Kellogg, (maiden name), see Margaret Kellogg Tillotson.
Kellogg, Abner, died at Colchester, CT, July 24, 1821, age 75 years.
Kellogg, Lucy, died March 1835, age 49 years, (no day of death given).
Kellogg, Lydia, wife of Abner Kellogg, died March 1831, age 80 years, (no day of death given).
Kellogg, Mary W., wife of Otis Kellogg, died March 28, 1855, age 59 years.
Kellogg, Otis, died July 2, 1854, age 69 years.
Kenyon, Lloyd G., born 1921, died 1971, (age not given).
King, Charles (1), died April 1, 1843, age 53 years.
King, Phebe, wife of Charles King (2), died February 23, 1845, age 18 years (in 19th year).
King, Ruby, relict of Charles King (1), died April 8, 1843, age 49 years.
Kinning, (maiden name), see Hannah M. Kinning DeClercq.
Kinning, (maiden name), see Sarah V. Kinning DeClercq.
Kinning, Henry, died January 20, 1866, age 72 years.
Knollin, see Nollin.
Knollin, Emily J., died January 21, 1865, age 21 years 3 months, (on same stone as Theodore F. Knollin).
Knollin, Susannah Pulford, wife of Thomas R. Knollin, born in Devonshire, England, died June 18, 1876, age 67 years 7 months.
Knollin, Theodore F., died March 11, 1864, age 17 years 3 months, 22d NY Cav., (on same stone as Emily J. Knollin).
Knollin, Thomas R., born in Devonshire, England, died March 25, 1885, age 82 years 8 months.
Kreigbaum, Harold, interred June 6, 1977, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Kreigbaum, Robert P., cremation, no marker, (from Town Record, no other data given).
LaGrow, Joshua, born September 27, 1975, died May 4, 1994, (age not given).
Lamb, (maiden name), see Frank I. Lamb White.
Lathrop, (maiden name), see Silas Lathrop Loomis.
Laurell, Carolyn Margaret, born February 14, 1917, died December 30, 1987, (age not given).
Leidal, Ann S., wife of Knute A. Leidal, born 1907, died 1978, (age not given).
Leidal, Knute A., born 1909, died 1963, (age not given).
Lombard, Clara B., interred May 11, 1956, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Lombard, Ernest A., born 1922, died 1952, (age not given), American Legion, (stone not found in 1994).
Lombard, Lucius A., born 1881, died 1932, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Loomis, (maiden name), see Caroline Loomis Taylor.
Loomis, (maiden name), see Helen Loomis Hannum.
Loomis, Alfred, son of John and Fanny Loomis, died February 12, 1829, age 17 years.
Loomis, Alice, wife of Levi Loomis, died March 1, (1844, age 96 years), (part of date and age embedded in concrete and rotted away, data from newspaper death notice).
Loomis, Augustus W., born October 17, 1859, died February 5, 1897, (age not given).
Loomis, Charles, son of John and Fanny Loomis, died November 27, 1834, age 18 years (in 19th year).
Loomis, Edwin D., born April 28, 1821, died January 9, 1897, (age not given).
Loomis, Erastus P., son of John and Fanny Loomis, died July 29, 1849, age 21 years.
Loomis, Fanny, Mrs., wife (1) of John Loomis, died September 28, 1825, age 43 years (in 44th year).
Loomis, Harriet C. Johnson, wife (2) of S.L. Loomis, died January 15, 1900, age 90 years.
Loomis, Harry H., died June 19, 1845, age 36 years.
Loomis, James F., died July 23, 1863, age 33 years, Corporal.
Loomis, Jerusha Brewster (1), wife of Seba Loomis, died April 3, 1864, age 84 years.
Loomis, Jerusha Brewster (2), born December 28, 1851, died November 20, 1914, (age not given).
Loomis, John, died April 28, 1868, age 89 years (in 90th year).
Loomis, Judith P., wife (2) of Lorin Loomis, died February 15, 1884, age 97 years.
Loomis, Julia S., born March 3, 1867, died November 10, 1937, (age not given).
(Loomis, Levi ?), "died Ju__" (shale stone, c. 1820s, face peeled off, part of date found, no other data given, stands next to Alice Loomis, may also be Mary Loomis (1)).
Loomis, Lewis T., died November 22, 1831, (age not given).
Loomis, Lorin, died August 23, 1862, age 75 years.
Loomis, Luna, wife (2) of John Loomis, died September 15, 1855, age 66 years.
Loomis, Martha C., daughter of Mr. Lorin and Mrs. Mary (1) Loomis, died July 18, 1824, age 6 years.
Loomis, Mary (1), wife (1) of Lorin Loomis, (no other data known), (Hendrix reported face of stone scalled off, c. 1820s shale, but it was not found in 1994 -see Levi Loomis).
Loomis, Mary (2), daughter of Ira Jerome Esq., of Pompey, wife (1) of S.L. Loomis, died September 26, 1858, age 47 years.
Loomis, Mary (3), infant daughter of S.L. and M.J. Loomis, died June 19, 1844, (age not given), (on back of stone of Mary Loomis (2)).
Loomis, Mary Jane, daughter of Mr. Lorin and Mrs. Mary (1) Loomis, died August 27, 1821, age 6 months.
Loomis, Mary J. Root, (wife of Edwin D. Loomis), born July 13, 1824, died October 20, 1904, (age not given).
Loomis, Pamela Rice (?), (Hendrix reported stone broken and face obliterated), (stone not found in 1994).
Loomis, Sabra Amanda, daughter of Seba and Jerusha Loomis, died July 13, 1824, age 18 months.
Loomis, Sarah I., daughter of E. Dwight and Mary (J. Root) Loomis, born April 11, 1855, died April 7, 1859, age 4 years, (on monument and stone).
Loomis, Seba, born August 23, 1777, died February 8, 1870, (age not given).
Loomis, Silas Lathrop, died November 21, 1900, age 91 years.
Lyon, (maiden name), see Huldah Lyon Judd.
Magee, Hilda Mae, interred April 8, 1975, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Mann, (maiden name), see Mary Mann Ingersol.
Mann, Henry Y., born 1834, died 1926, (age not given).
Marshall, Augustus F., son of Harrington and Laura Marshall, brother of William A. Marshall, died March 29, 1865, age 25 years 7 months 26 days, slain in battle while (contending ?) for an undivided country, he now occupies a soldiers grave in the south.
Marshall, Harrington, born July 10, 1798, died September 28, 1886, (age not given).
Marshall, Laura, wife of Harrington Marshall, born July 21, 1800, died August 21, 1887, (age not given).
Marshall, Luther, (son of Harrington and Laura Marshall), died March 14, 1860, age 31 years 3 months 15 days, died very suddenly, buried in the state of Illinois.
Marshall, William A., son of Harrington and Laura Marshall, brother of Augustus F. Marshall, died July 5, 1864, age 23 years 13 days, died of wounds received in battle while (contending ?) for an undivided country, he now occupies a soldiers grave in the south.
Martens, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Martens Card.
Martin, Dorothy Smith, wife of John Martin, died March 1873, age 90 years. (no day of death given).
Martin, John, died March 2, 1860, age 86 years.
Mathews, Nancie P., wife of Ezra Mathews, died April 24, 1860, age 25 years.
Matson, James A., son of J.M. & S.M. Matson, died September 5, 1838, age 6 months.
Mason, (maiden name), see Laura Mason DeClercq.
Mathews, (maiden name), see Maryette M. Barrett.
May, Betsey, wife (3) of Luke May, died March 29, 1857, age 67 years.
May, Lettice, wife (1) of Luke May, died August 25, 1814, age 24 years (in 25th year).
May, Luke, born March 1, 1782, died May 15, 1861, (age not given).
May, Mary, died September 30, 1868, age 77 years.
May, Sarah, wife (2) of Luke May, died January 22, 1851, age 95 years 5 months.
McDermott, Frank H., born 1913, died 1977, (age not given).
McDermott, Harriet M., wife of Frank H. McDermott, born 1921, died 1991, (age not given).
McPherson, Hazel H., wife of Hubert R. McPherson, born 1916, (no other data on stone, interred 1982 from Town Record, no other data given).
McPherson, Hubert R., born 1912, interred July 23, 1985, (date of interment from Town Record, no other data given).
Miller, Hazel M., (wife of William H. Miller), born 1895, died 1992, (age not given).
Miller, Louis A., son of William H. and Hazel M. Miller, born May 3, 1926, died August 11, 1948, (age not given).
Miller, "Pete" LeRoy, born 1935, died 1988, (age not given), (LeRoy W. Miller in Town Record).
Miller, William H., born 1893, died 1964, (age not given).
Mitchell, (maiden name), see Isabelle G. Mitchell Sibley.
Mitchell, A. Stewart, born 1877, died 1953, (age not given).
Mitchell, C. Margaret Shoemaker, wife of A. Stewart Mitchell, born 1890, died 1941, (age not given).
Moochler, (maiden name), see Adeline Moochler Card.
Morris, Betty Jane, born June 11, 1931, died December 18, 1931, (age not given).
Morse, Caroline Y., wife of John D. Morse, born 1837, died 1894, (age not given).
Morse, Frank H., born 1863, died 1905, (age not given).
Morse, Fred C., born 1866, died 1880, (age not given).
Morse, John D., born 1834, (no other data given).
Moyer, Josephine Geymonat, born 1897, died 1927, (age not given).
Munger, Alta C., (wife of Howard M. Munger), born 1883, died 1963, (age not given).
Munger, Esther H., (wife of Herman C. Munger), born 1910, (still living in 1994).
Munger, Herman C., born 1912, interred March 7, 1993, (date of death not on stone, middle initial and death date from Town Record), (age not given).
Munger, Howard M., born 1877, died 1957, (age not given).
Murdock, Harriet Jane, daughter of Otis and Harriet Murdock, died May 10, 1825, age 1 year 3 months 15 days.
Myrick, James (E. or K.), son of Luther and Mary E. Myrick, died October 21, 183(8?), age 22 months 4 days (1 year 10 months 4 days).
Myrick, Robert, died June 6, 1839, age 75 years.
Newell, see Harry Newell Beale.
Nickerson, see Dudley Nickerson Hartt.
Nollin, see Knollin.
Nollin, (maiden name), see Sarah A. Nollin Judd.
Nolan, Richard J., baby, interred February 9, 1949, (age not given), (from Town Record).
Ormsbee, (maiden name), see Marion Ormsbee Van Buskirk.
Parmelee, Asahel, died May 7, 1840, age 59 years.
Parmelee, Betsey, wife of Asahel Parmelee, died June 3, 1863, (age 85 years now buried in concrete).
Parmelee, D. Dexter, died April 30, 1870, age 18 years 10 months.
Parmelee, James A., died November 15, 1854, age 35 years 8 months.
Parmelee, Sarah M. Dexter, wife of James M. Parmelee, died May 26, 1894, age 74 years 5 months.
Peet, (maiden name), see Betsey Peet Coin.
Peet, Betsey, relict of Aaron Peet, died April 17, 1841, age 62 years.
Pollard, (maiden name), see Isabella Pollard Billings.
Pollard, Naomi E., daughter of David and Harriet Pollard, died September 19, 1842, age 2 years 11 months.
Pollard, Otis, died March 31, 1869, age 76 years 1 month.
Potter, Annie N., wife of Henry H. Potter, born September 14, 1849, died July 25, 1921, (age not given).
Potter, Benjamin, son of Merit M. and Mary A. Potter, died August 31, 1839, age 11 months.
Potter, Carolin A., daughter of M.M. and M.A. Potter, died November 21, 1846, age 6 years 4 months 3 days.
Potter, Ethel Ann, daughter of Henry H. and Annie N. Potter, born October 10, 1883, died September 13, 1960, (age not given).
Potter, Henry Howard, son of Merritt and Mary Ann Potter, born March 25, 1849, died March 25, 1934, (age not given).
Potter, Laura E., daughter of M.M. and M.A. Potter, died January 1, 1860, age 23 years 3 months 10 days.
Potter, Mary A., daughter of M.M. and M.A. Potter, died January 4, 1854, age 9 years 1 month 16 days.
Potter, Mary A. Root, wife of Merritt M. Potter, died December 18, 1884, age 74 years 4 months 19 days.
Potter, Merritt M., died November 16, 1859, age 52 years 9 months 27 days.
Pulford, (maiden name), see Susannah Pulford Knollin.
Pullmain, Antonio, born 1885, died 1970, (age not given).
Pullmain, Rose, wife of Antonio Pullmain, born 1886, died 1934, (age not given).
Putman, (maiden name), see Mary M. Putman Baker.
Randall, (maiden name), see Louesa Randall Grace.
Randall, Avis C. Coulter, wife of William H. Randall, born 1844, died 1931, (age not given), (stone not found in 1994).
Randall, Clayton A., born 1874, died 1936, (age not given).
Randall, Ethel A., born 1900, died 1947, (age not given).
Randall, Jessie A., wife of Clayton A. Randall, born 1873, died 1971, (age not given).
Randall, Van Buren, died February 23, 1887, age 52 years, Co. F., 16 Reg., CT Vol.
Randall, W.H., died August 25, 1884, age 45 years, Co. D., 20 NY Cav.
Rayburn, (maiden name), see Jane Rayburn Beale.
Raynor, Mary Skiff, wife of Lewis Raynor, died October 21, 1887, age 85 years.
Reynolds, Abigail, wife of Thomas Reynolds, died June 25, 1864, age 82 years.
Reynolds, Lydia A., died October 14, 1879, age 70 years.
Reynolds, Orrin J., (no other data given on stone).
Reynolds, Thomas, died January 18, 1862, age 80 years.
Rice, (maiden name), see Pamela Rice (?) Loomis.
Rice, Adeline C., born 1809, died 1885, (age not given).
Rice, Anna W., born 1784, died 1868, (age not given).
Richards, G. Herbert, born 1893, died 1976, (age not given).
Richards, M. Estelle, wife of G. Herbert Richards, born 1893, died 1981, (age not given).
Roberts, Basil J., son of Raymond and Rosa Roberts, born 1917, died 1972, (age not given).
Roberts, Grace, wife of John H. Roberts, died 1872, (no other data given on stone).
Roberts, John H., born 1873, died 1923, (age not given).
Roberts, Madeline C., born 1913, died 1994, (age not given).
Roberts, Preston J., born 1916, died 1983, (age not given).
Roberts, Raymond J., born 1895, died 1971, (age not given).
Roberts, Rosa J., wife of Raymond J. Roberts, born 1896, died 1978, (age not given).
Root, (maiden name), see Mary J. Root Loomis.
Root, (maiden name), see Mary A. Root Potter.
Root, Alathea, wife of Rufus Root, died October 18, 1835, age 72 years.
Root, Elcy, wife of Moses Root, died April 1860, age 82 years (in 83rd year), (no day of death given).
Root, Julia M., died July 9, 1900, age 77 years.
Root, Laura, daughter of Mr. Moses and Mrs. Elcy Root, died June 23, 1818, age 10 months 6 days.
Root, Moses, died November 10, 1834, age 60 years (in 61st year).
Root, Rufus, died March 7, 1827, age 55 years.
Root, Sally I., wife of Dea. Thomas Root, died January 9, 1859, age 74 years.
Root, Sidney, son of Mr. Moses and Mrs. Elcy Root, died December 15, 1820, age 8 years 7 months 20 days.
Root, Thomas, Deacon, died September 15, 1863, age 84 years (in 85th year).
Rutherford, ______, infant, interred December 29, 1949, in Potter's Field, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Rutherford, Gwendoline, born 1905, died 1989, (age not given), (in Town Record as Ellen G. Rutherford).
Salsbury, (maiden name), see Sarah A. Salisbury Coulter.
Sanford, (maiden name), see Elizabeth Sanford Abell.
Schaeffler, Margaret C., wife of Thomas E. Schaeffler, born 1912, (still living in 1994?).
Schaeffler, Thomas E., born 1912, died 1993, (age not given).
Scott, (maiden name), see Rosie Scott Coulter.
Scott, Charles, died October 12, 1881, age 57 years.
Scott, Clarence H., son of Cyrus and Cordelia Scott, died May 13, 1875, age 5 years 11 months.
Scott, Clarence R., born July 9, 1886, died June 19, 1953, (age not given), NY PFC, Co. 7, WWI.
Scott, Cordelia Hebard, (wife of Cyrus Scott), born 1835, died 1922, (age not given), (Town Record has Sarah Cordellia Hibbard Scott, wife of Cyrus Scott, interred November 17, 1922, age 87 years).
Scott, Cyrus, died December 17, 1875, age 44 years.
Scott, Fannie A., (wife of Fred J. Scott), born 1864, died 1959, (age not given).
Scott, Fred J., born 1857, died 1952, (age not given).
Scott, Hattie, (wife of Willis Scott (2)), born 1860, died 1919, (age not given).
Scott, Helon L., daughter of Samuel and Rozina Scott, born February 3, 1819, died September 17, 1821, (age not given).
Scott, John, son of Samuel and Rozina Scott, born June 2, 1820, died September 11, 1821, (age not given).
Scott, Lucinda, born 1822, died 1902, (age not given).
Scott, Merrill, son of F.J. and Fannie Scott, died April 15, 1892, age 20 days.
Scott, Rachel D., wife of Clarence R. Scott, born 1890, died 1946, (age not given).
Scott, Rozina, wife of Samuel Scott, died August 1, 1871, age 77 years.
Scott, Samuel, died May 15, 1876, age 86 years.
Scott, Walter, son of Samuel and Rozina Scott, (stone broken, lower part missing).
Scott, Willis (1), son of Samuel and Rozina Scott, born May 22, 1817, died September 17, 1821, (age not given), (top of stone missing, face peeled off of base with only "7" of birth date remaining).
Scott, Willis (2), born 1851, died 1925, (age not given).
Scott-Barsness, Florence, born 1902, died 1974, (age not given), (Town Record lists under Barsness, interred June 7, 1974).
Scott-Barsness, James A., born 1898, (no other data given on stone), (Town Record lists under Barsness, interred 1974).
Scott-Barsness, Sara H., born 1898, (no other data given on stone), (Town Record lists under Barsness, interred 1974).
Sears, Richard M., Dr., born June 26, 1911, died April 12, 1990, (age not given).
Sears, Ruth M., wife of Richard M. Sears, born September 3, 1916, died October 31, 1989, (age not given).
Service, (maiden name), see Esther E. Service Black.
Service, Caroline A. Sims, wife (1) of John Service, Jr., born 1830, died 1860, (age not given).
Service, Elizabeth, died August 26, 1892, age 74 years.
Service, Jane, wife of John Service, died August 8, 1873, age 88 years.
Service, Jennie C., wife (2) of John Service, Jr., born 1832, died 1912, (age not given).
Service, John, died May 14, 1877, age 94 years.
Service, John, Jr., born 1820, died 1901, (age not given).
Service, Mary, daughter of John and Jane Service, died February 22, 1827, age 18 months.
Severance, Apollos, born May 20, 1802, died January 16, 1883, (age not given).
Severance, Charles, died November 18, 1837, age 24 (years).
Severance, Elihu, died March 7, 1834, age 60 years.
Severance, Helen, died July 11, 1839, age 4 years 8 months.
Severance, Tryphenia, died April 17, 1854, age 79 years.
Sexton, D., interred January 10, 1893, (from Town Record, no other data given).
Shapley, (maiden name), see Abby Shapley Davis.
Shapley, Anna, wife of Henry Shapley, died April 2, 1850, (age not given), (newspaper says relict of Henry Shapley, died March 31, 1850, in 70th year).
Shapley, Henry, died January 20, 1842, age 61 years.
Shapley, Mary E., daughter of John and Mary Shapley, died February 3, 1852, age 3 years 3 months.
Sherman, ______, infant son of William and L. Sherman, died November 25, 1821, age 2 days.
Sherman, Abraham L., born 1865, died 1919, (age not given).
Sherman, Cary C. Tracy, wife of Abraham Sherman, born 1865, died 1929, (age not given).
Sherman, Elisha, son of William and Lydia Sherman, died February 15, 1820, age 2 months 11 days.
Sherman, Eliza A., wife of Levi Sherman, born at Bennington, VT, 1831, died 1909, (age not given).
Sherman, Levi E., born at Pownal, VT, 1827, died 1907, (age not given).
Sherman, Lydia, wife (1) of William Sherman, died January 18, 1842, age 41 years 8 months 1 day.
Sherman, Maria, wife (2) of William Sherman, died April 30, 1877, age 74 years.
Sherman, Mary M., daughter of L.E. and E.A. Sherman, died September 4, 1865, age 6 years 7 months.
Sherman, William, born at Pownal, VT, August 18, 1796, died August 12, 1875, (age not given).
Shoemaker, (maiden name), see C. Margaret Shoemaker Mitchell.
Sibley, Arthur P., born 1864, died 1940, (age not given).
Sibley, Isabelle G. Mitchell, wife of Arthur P. Sibley, born 1873, died 1948, (age not given).
Silco, Christina M., born 1956, died 1964, (age not given).
Sims, (maiden name), see Caroline A. Sims Service.
Sims, (maiden name), see Sarah A. Sims Beers.
Sims, Angela Hicks, wife of John W. Sims, born June 1, 1815, died July 31, 1876, (age not given).
Sims, Deborah, died February 19, 1859, age 80 years.
Sims, Francis A., "Little Francis A. Sims", (no other data given on stone).
Sims, James, born July 9, 1802, died January 4, 1904, (age not given).
Sims, John W., died December 1, 1874, age 63 years.
Sims, Louisa M., born 1832, died 1862, (age not given).
Sims, Mary, born 1842, died 1907, (age not given).
Sims, Mary P. Goodwin, wife (2) of James Sims, born November 5, 1818, died May 1, 1887, (age not given).
Sims, Sabrah Blodgett, wife (1) of James Sims, born December 28, 1803, died March 9, 1859, (age not given).
Sims, S. Josephine, born 1846, died 1904, (age not given).
Sims, William, died December 30, 1864, age 95 years.
Skiff, (maiden name), see Mary Skiff Raynor.
Skiff, Almira (1), died September 1, 1887, age 80 years.
Skiff, Almira (2), died May 13, 1873, age 65 years 2 months.
Skiff, Arvin, died March 27, 1850, age 80 years (in 81st year).
Skiff, Caleb, died October 11, 1868, age 66 years 7 months.
Skiff, Francis A., died September 29, 1849, age 11 months.
Skiff, John C. (1), son of Arvin and Sally Skiff, died September 16, 1831, age 20 years 8 months 4 days.
Skiff, John C. (2), died October 11, 1856, age 25 years.
Skiff, Justus, died June 16, 1838, age 31 years.
Skiff, Sally, wife of Arvin Skiff, died November 17, 1845, age 74 years.
Skiff, S. Seymour, died January 19, 1852, age 24 years.
Skiff, Walter C., died September 27, 1870, age 36 years.
Smith, (maiden name), see Dorothy Smith Martin.
Smith, Earl H., born 1884, died 1936, (age not given).
Smith, Julia, died February 3, 1874, age 83 years, (on DeClercq monument).
Smith, Lena Hyatt, wife of Earl H. Smith, born 1883, died 1967, (age not given).
Snow, Henry J., son of Ira and Pamelia Snow, died August 21, 1854, age 5 years 5 months 11 days.
Soule, Laura Winchester, wife of G.L.Soule, died January 28, 1878, age 55 years.
Soule, Catharine, died December 30, 1859, age 83 years.
Soule, Charles L., born 1850, (no other data given).
Soule, Georgia, (wife of Charles L. Soule), born 1846, died 1925, (age not given).
Soule, Gilbert L., died December 14, 1894, age 80 years.
Soule, James M., died July 17, 1891, age 47 years, Co. G., 2nd NY Cav.
Soule, Julia Ann, died March 1, 1878, age 72 years.
Soul (Soule/Soult), Nathan, died April 9, 1850, age 78 years 8 months.
Spaulding, George A., born 1853, died 1936, (age not given).
Spaulding, Lydia M., (born and died ?) 1887 (only one date), (age not given).
Spaulding, M. Ward, born and died 1886, age 4 months.
Speers, (maiden name), see Margaret A. Speers Coin.
Standford, Doris C., (wife of Percy C. Standford), born 1917, (date of death and age not given - still living in 1994?).
Standford, Percy C., born 1911, (date of death and age not given - still living in 1994?).
Stephens, Lucy A., born April 30, 1815, died April 29, 1899, age 84 years.
Stern, Catherine L., born 1919, died 1987, (age not given).
Stern, Harry H., born 1914, died 1995.
Stern, Richard H., born 1839, died 1957, (age not given).
Stiles, Emily, wife of J.D. Stiles, died October 4, 1829, age 29 years.
Stiles, James, son of Lamon H. and Martha Stiles, died September 27, 1846, age 3 years 4 months 9 days.
Stiles, Laman H., died February 28, 1852, age 31 years.
Stiles, Martha, wife of Lamon Stiles, died April 18, 1891, age 70 years.
Stiles, Ralph W., son of J.D. Stiles, died July 3, 1831, age 14 years.
Stone, Benjamine, died July 5, 1839, age 76 years.
Stone, Mary S., died December 20, 1846, age 43 years.
(Sweetland), ______, shale stone with face scaled off, in Sweetland group.
(Sweetland, ______, stone face down in Sweetland group, reported by Hendrix, not found in 1994).
Sweetland, Caleb, died June 15, 1803, age 34 (in 35th year), (shale stone with most of face peeled off, part of name present, parts were still to be found several years ago but are gone in 1994, data known to be correct).
Sweetland, E. Wells, died June 29, 1844, age 36 years.
Sweetland, Eleazer, Col., died September 2, 1848, age 73 years, (stone broken and very rotten, only portions of the name readable in 1994).
Sweetland, James, son of H. and S. Sweetland, died June 23, 1822, age 7 days.
Sweetland, Jane, daughter of Harry (or Harvey) and Sophronia Sweetland, died March 24, 1819, age 2 days, (not found in 1994, may be a faceless shale stone next to Caleb Sweetland).
Sweetland, Jerusha, wife of Samuel Sweetland, died September 18, 1848, age 68 years (in 69th year).
Sweetland, Sarah, wife of Col. E. Sweetland, died March 4, 1865, age 87 years (in 88th year).
Sweetland, Samuel, died February 3, 1824, age 43 years (in 44th year).
Sweetland, Samuel E., son of Samuel and Jerusha Sweetland, died October 27, 1847, age 34 years.
Taylor, G. Washington, born 1824, died 1909, (age not given).
Taylor, Caroline Loomis, wife of G. Washington Taylor, born 1833, died 1911, (age not given).
Thresher, Almena E., wife of James Thresher, died November 2, 1849, age 57 years (in 58th year).
Thresher, (James ?), died November 20, 1870, age 83 years (in 84 year), Hendrix reported stone fallen, not found in 1994).
Tillotson, Margaret Kellogg, died November 19, 1862, age 82 years.
Tracy, (maiden name), see Cary C. Tracy Sherman.
Van Buskirk, Elbert R., born November 2, 1915, died January 26, 1993, (age not given), US Navy, WWII.
Van Buskirk, Marion Ormsbee, wife of Elbert R. Van Buskirk, born January 25, 1912, (still living in 1994).
Van Buskirk, Robert A., born March 4, 1951, died December 19, 1987, (age not given), SP 5, US Army, Vietnam.
Van Tine, (maiden name), see Margaret Van Tine Billings.
Van Tine, Frederick P., born December 21, 1888, died April 15, 1944, (age not given), Sgt., Air Service, NY (WWII?).
Wagoner, Henry J., born 1852, died 1910, (age not given).
Ward, C. Edgar (1), born 1861, died 1949, (age not given).
Ward, C. Edgar (2), born 1898, died 1976, (age not given), (in Town Record as Charles Edgar Ward).
Ward, Clara C., wife of C. Edgar Ward (2), born 1904, died 1993, (age not given).
Ward, Lilian E., born 1868, died 1944, (age not given).
Warren, Adelbert R., born 1851, died 1927, (age not given).
Warren, Ellen M., born 1856, died 1939, (age not given).
Warren, Lena M., born 1882, died 1941, (age not given).
Webber, Julius, died May 4, 1832, age 41 years.
Webber, Mary E., daughter of Julius and Phebe Webber, died March 8, 1832, age 10 years 2 months.
Webler, Elizabeth, born June 4, 1756, died March 4, 1857, age 101 years 9 months.
Webster, (maiden name), see Katherine Webster Hyatt.
Webster, (maiden name), see Lottie Webster Hyatt.
Webster, Eldad, died September 6, 1851, age 78 years.
Webster, George P., born 1883, died 1972, (age not given).
Webster, Hattie Jepson, wife of Pillsbury Webster, born 1864, died 1958, (age not given).
Webster, Helen Davidson, born 1899, died 1932, (age not given).
Webster, Lydia, wife of Eldad Webster, died January 12, 1832, age 58 years.
Webster, Mary, died March 3, 1866, age 89 years.
Webster, Paul Amos, born 1902, died 1955, (age not given).
Webster, Pilsbury Amos, born 1855, died 1934, (age not given).
Wells, Addie, daughter of W.P. and Mary Wells, died April 17, 1859, age 7 years 8 months.
Wells, Asa G., of Granby, VT, died March 8, 1864, age 26 years.
Wells, Mary, born August 30, 1815, died June 1, 1879, (age not given).
Wells, William P., born March 2, 1810, died February 3, 1877, (age not given).
Wheat, Edward, interred March 13, 1964, no marker, (from Town Record, no other data).
Wheat, Lillian G., interred January 8, 1963, no marker, (from Town Record, no other data).
Wheeler, (maiden name), see Sarah Dix Wheeler Abell.
White, ______, infant daughter of Joel and Ruth White, died February __, 182_, age 12 days, (stone rotted).
White, Eliza, died October 9, 1886, age 68 years.
White, Frank I. Lamb, wife of Thomas White, born May 24, 1852, died May 11, 1924, (age not given).
White, Harriet, died June 2, 1888, age 68 years.
White, Jeannette T., daughter of J. Perry and Caroline T. White, born 1863, died 1954, (age not given).
White, Joel, died September 6, 1855, age 67 years.
White, John, born November 3, 1815, died April 10, 1889, (age not given).
White, Libbie P., daughter of J. Perry and Caroline T. White, born 1865, died 1956, (age not given).
White, Ruth, wife of Joel White, died December 28, 1873, age 84 years.
White, Sarah Ann, daughter of Joel and Ruth White, died June 10, 1823, age 12 years 2 months 12 days.
White, Sarah A. Holt, wife of John White, born November 27, 1824, died January 10, 1906, (age not given).
White, Thomas H., born May 20, 1851, died June 28, 1926, (age not given).
Whiting, A.C., (footstone only, no other data given), (on Whiting Lot according to Town Records).
Whitney, (maiden name), see Aurilla Whitney Abell.
Wilcox, Alice E., died November 2, 1862, age 10 days.
Williams, Amanda, wife (1) of Horace Williams, died June 6, 1832, age 31 years.
Williams, Ann Eliza, daughter of Horace and Naomi Williams, died October 5, 1846, age 1 year 9 months 19 days.
Williams, Bethiah, wife (2) of James Williams, died November 24, 1855, age 91 years.
Williams, Charles Carrol, son of Horace and Amanda Williams, died July 7, 1834, age 3 years 2 months 12 days.
Williams, Dorcas, wife (1) of James Williams, died May 24, 1830, age 64 years.
Williams, Elisha, died April 27, 1846, age 76 years, "one of the first settlers of this town".
Williams, Eunice, wife of Joseph Williams, died October 12, 1829, age 82 years.
Williams, George M., son of Horace and Amanda Williams, died October 16, 1847, age 19 years 9 months.
Williams, Hannah, Mrs., wife of Joseph Williams Jr., died May 6, 1822, age 54 years (in 55th year).
(Williams, Horace ?), base for stone between George M. and Naomi Williams, (no data present).
Williams, James, died May 23, 1849, age 83 years.
Williams, Joseph, Lieutenant, died November 11, 1837, age 93 years 10 months, Revolutionary War veteran.
Williams, Joseph, Jr., died July 20, 1856, age 88 years.
Williams, Kyron, (wife of Robert E. Williams), born 1878, died 1949, (age not given).
Williams, Naomi, wife (2) of Horace Williams, died October 11, 1844, age 42 years.
Williams, Pamelia R_____, daughter of Horace and Naomi Williams, died July 6, 1843, age 7 years 2 months 4 days.
Williams, Robert E., born 1905, died 1969, (age not given).
Winchester, (maiden name), see Laura Winchester Soule.
Woodworth, Rosena M., daughter of Martin F. and Harriet Woodworth, died October 21, 1844, age 1 year 8 months.


 END of South cemetery list by Daniel H. Weiskotten