Catholic Cemetery, Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
Catholic Cemetery, Town of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
(aka St. Agnes, St. James)
compiled by
Daniel H. Weiskotten
compiled from the lists made by
Jean and Marie Parisou and Mary Ryan Kennedy, about 1977
Staff at Lorenzo State Historic Site, about 1991
posted 10/4/2000
The Cemetery is located on Lincklaen Road just over 1 mile (1.8 km) north of the center of the Village of Cazenovia.
Because of the size of this cemetery, with nearly 1,800 burials, I have had to break these files into four equal-length sections:
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While this cemetery is a Catholic Cemetery, operated by St. James Parish of Caenovia, not all people buried within are Catholic.  In fact, many Catholic families are buried in other cemeteries in the region.  This is also an Irish cemetery, with many of the communities Irish families making up the vast majority of those buried here, but the Irish who came to cazenovia were not always Catholic and were not always buried in this cemetery.

I have not surveyed this cemetery and because it is very large and still active.  The 1977 list has many errors but I feel that list made by in 1991 by the Staff at Lorenzo State Historic Site is quite reliable and is more recent, thus the 1991 list has been used as the base for this compiled listing.  The nativity and military information found on the 1977 list is not on the 1991 list that I have, so it is to be assumed that not all the nativity and veteran information is included or correct in this comiled listing.

In compiling this listing from two sources many discrepancies were found.  Some of the errors could be resolved through reference to other records and were fixed, but many remain.  I have entered all of these entries into a data base from which the final list was created, and I have been able to cross-check and search for any errors or descrepancies that might otherwise have been undetectable, such as wrong surnames, duplicate entries, transposed dates, and other such typographical and recording errors.  The data base is part of my much larger Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson Cemetery Project in which I am examining a wide variety of demographic patterns and health and mortality statistics.

In this listing the 1977 list is referred to as the "older list" and the 1991 list is referred to as the "newer list" because I had not yet determined the source of the Lorenzo list nor the dates of either.

Only 23 stones on the 1977 list do not appear on the 1991 list but these may include people who have been rerinterred elsewhere or who had a stone set while they were alive but had moved and were buried elsewhere.

Many old stones were found in 1991 that had not been recorded in 1977.  In addition to the 500 new burials made between the time of the making of the two lists, the 1991 survey by Lorenzo staff found 50 more 19th century stones that had been missed in 1977.  They also found more than 50 additional stones from the period of 1900 to 1950 that had apparently been missed by the 1977 survey team or which had been erected in later years.

Only if the 1977 or 1991 lists stated family relationships did I make note of this.  It is clear that many of the entries on the 1977 list are of family groups with wives and children being listed on single monuments or stones, but unless expressly stated I did not make inference of such relationships.


This cemetery was founded in 1860, and replaced the original Catholic Cemetery which was located on East Lake Road on the shore of the lake.  The earliest dated stone is that of James Stapleton, who died in 1842, and there are fifteen others buried here that date to before 1860, indicating that they were brought in from elsewhere, most likely the original Catholic Cemetery on the lake which had been closed when this cemetery was opened.
I tried to find the deed for the cemetery, but only found a nearby parcel, lying to the south, that the Church (by Rt. Rev. John McClosky) purchased of William Donnelly on September 21, 1860 (Deed CR:139).  Donnelly had purchased the lot from Amasa Swift on May 21, 1859 (Deed CR:138), and repurchased a part of from the Church (McClosky) on June 19, 1861 (Deed 118:462).  The Church was left with 2.99 acres.  I cannot yet identify the exact location of this lot, which lies on the west side of Lincklaen Street, as the deed may be in error in identifying the location as on Lot O1, when it appears, by the bearing given for Lincklaen Street, that it should be on Lot Q1.

The cemetery was originally much smaller than it is today.  On July 13, 1911 a 5 acre parcel to the west of the old part of the cemetery was purchased by The St. James Catholic Church of Cazenovia from Arzelia W. Riley (Deed 233:178).

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