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Cemeteries of Cazenovia, Madison County, NY
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Updated May 30, 2002

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        There are twenty-six (26) known burying places within the borders of the Township of Cazenovia, and four (4) more within the limits of the Village of Cazenovia.  Most of these are in the category of neighborhood burial grounds, such as the Burr, Farnam, Merriam, South, Union, and Whipple cemeteries, but there are also a number of small family plots such as the Reynolds, Ridings, Spencer, and Shaffer plots, and a few single graves scattered here and there.  Several large and still active cemeteries are in the township: Evergreen, New Woodstock, South, and the Catholic Church cemeteries.  Because Cazenovia has a better documentary record available for research several long forgotten burying locations, now without stones, have been identified: the Newton, Butin, Gage, Gridley, and the Cook cemeteries are thus known but without headstone transcripts.  Cazenovia's cemeteries have suffered many abuses over the years, including neglect and maintenance which has seriously damaged the integrity of the plots, but only the Cook and Spencer cemeteries have been damaged in the past few decades.
        It is estimated that there are about 9,800 burials in the Town of Cazenovia with most being in the still-active Evergreen, St. Agnes, and New Woodstock cemeteries and the remainder being scattered about in numerous small and inactive cemeteries across the landscape.  Since Cazenovia's population in 1990 was 6,514 that means that there were 3,300 more dead folks than live folks!!!!!

Cazenovia Cemeteries:

Burlingame Cemetery
(Bruce Burlingame's boulder [unmarked] at Hubbard's)
(recent burial, no old lists made, only one unmarked boulder)

Burr Cemetery
(aka Burr Farm)
(DHW made field check and map April 14, 1994)
(old lists include: Emhoff 1898; which was copied by Gallup 1951; new list by Hendrix 1972)

Butin Cemetery
(Historical reference to burials being found in 1890+- when building the village reservoir)
(DHW did research January 1994)
(no old lists for this cemetery, no stones)

Catholic Cemetery FULL TEXT!
(aka St. James, St. Agnes)
(Large cemetery not transcribed by DHW)
(compiled from old lists of Parisou & Kennedy c.1977 and Lorenzo c.1991)

Old Catholic Cemetery (no stones or names for this cemetery, see the Catholic Cemetery)
(Historical references to a cemetery between the lake shore and East Lake Road at the northwest corner of the Jephson Estate and south of Notlymere property)
(DHW did research 1994)
(no old lists for this cemetery, no stones)

Cazenovia Village Cemeteries
(Historical references to the 1790s to 1806 original village Burying Ground on north side of Emory Ave. between Sullivan Street and the Keefe property which had been purchased by Otis Ormsbee in 1811; and the 1806 to 1814 cemetery which was located around the Presbyterian Church when it stood at the head of Hurd Street)
(DHW did research 1994 and 1995)
(no old lists for these cemeteries, bodies were supposed to be removed in 1811 & 1814, no stones)

Cook Cemetery
(David Cook, of Ridge Road, in 1996, told DHW of several stones, with the name White, that used to be where the big dairy barn is now located (built c.1960) but the stones are now lost.  An on-going research project has found that the farmstead of Ebenezer White, a Methodist Minister who settled here in the very early years of the 19th century, was very nearby and this was likely the burial place of him and his family.
(no old lists for this cemetery, stones moved and misplaced)

Dryer Family Deaths
(the Dryer family, who lived on the corner of Main and Mill Streets in New Woodstock, died in 1842 of a mysterious illness and their place of burial is not known although probably in unmarked graves in the New Woodstock Cemetery.)
(DHW did research 1994)
(no old lists for this cemetery, location of burials unknown even in the late 19th century - probably in New Woodstock)

Evergreen Cemetery
(aka Cazenovia Village)
(DHW made transcriptions of tombstones in 1993-1994, transcriptions of pre-1900 entries in Village Books 1994-1996)
(old lists include: Village Books first compiled from transcripts of existing stones in 1895, continuously updated since then)

Farnam Cemetery
(aka Atwell, O.M. Edwards Farm)
DHW made field check and map April 27, 1994)
(old lists include: Beauchamp c.1900; Gallup 1950, 1951; Hendrix August 11, 1972)

Gage Cemetery
(Historical reference [New Woodstock and Vicinity ... 1901:32] of two stones found in the yard of a house on Rt 80 between New Woodstock and West Woodstock. No stones today)
(DHW did field check and map April 1994 and research August 1994)
(no old lists of this cemetery, reference gives two names which appear to have incorrect data, but stones are now gone)

Gridley Cemetery
(Historical reference [Severance 1885:208] to 1794 burial place of the wife of Isaiah Gridley on the side of the road leading up to Cobb Hill. No stone.)
(no research done on this report)
(no old lists of this cemetery, no stones)

Lewis Cemetery
(aka Bethel, Bethel Road, Pompey Hollow)
(DHW made list April 9, 1994)
(old lists include: Gallup 1950; Pompey: Our Town in Profile 1976:234-235)

Lyman Cemetery
(Historical reference [reminiscence by "WS" in CR 12/3/1856] of burial at an early day under spot later occupied by Isaac Lyman's Barn)
(DHW did research 1994)
(no old lists of this cemetery, no stones)

Merriam Cemetery
(aka North Cazenovia, Cook)
(DHW made field check April 11, 1994)
(old lists include: Emory 1898, Hendrix c.1972)

New Woodstock Cemetery
(aka New Woodstock Baptist Church)
(Large Cemetery with list compiled from several sources, not transcribed by DHW)
(lists include: Leon Peters / Clyde Wood 1959 Sexton's List, and a list compiled by staff at Lorenzo State Historic Site.  Additional info is added from Death Certificates, Obituaries, Church Records and genealogical sources.)

Newton Cemetery
(Historical references [1859 map and others] to cemetery located on south side of Burlingame Road. No stones.)
(DHW did research 1994-1995)
(no old lists for this cemetery, no stones)

No. 9 Cemetery
(Bob Hughes found several bodies in coffins while digging gravel out of the small knoll southeast of Fred & Shirley Holmes' place on Ballina Road.  Bones and coffin parts were put back in the ground and digging stopped and a local State Police officer were called (exactly the right thing to do except today an archaeologist should be called also!).  No historical reference of this cemetery has been found (all property owners and family are accounted for [Crandalls 1814-1864] unless only their stones were moved.  Also, the cemetery may date before 1814, in which case it may be the family of David Arnold which Severance 1883 (History of District #9 manuscript at Cazenovia Public Library) said "He and a large family died of consumption, even the last one, many years ago" [Arnold appears only on the 1820 Cazenovia census].  Also Levi Jones, who lived on Lot 20, died early.  None are found elsewhere.)
(DHW did research 1994)
(no old lists for this cemetery, no stones)

Owahgena Cemetery
(aka Peck Hill, west of head of lake, Foot of Cazenovia Lake)
(DHW made field check April 13, 1994)
(old lists include: Gallup 1951 newspaper list; Hendrix August 27, 1977)
(need to find Gallup 1948)

Peth Cemetery
(aka Harter, Hessler farm, Peck Hill Road, west of Peth, near Sullivan line)
(DHW made field check May 2, 1994)
(old lists include: unidentified (Tuttle?) c.1950; Gallup 1950)

Reynolds Cemetery
(aka Rathbun)
(DHW made field check April 11, 1994, with additional notes by Edward Reynolds of September 30, 1954)
(old lists include: Edward Reynolds September 30, 1954 )

Ridings Cemetery
(modern plot on Ridings farm Cobb Hill Road south end.)
(DHW made field check April 1996)
(recent cemetery, no old lists were made)

Shaffer Cemetery
(DHW made field check and map April 12, 1994)
(old lists include: Hendrix 1975)

South Cemetery
(aka Cazenovia Town, White)
(DHW made field check October 7-10 & December 30, 1994, and mapped most of old part in 1995; with notes from Town List compiled by Missy Race)
(old lists include: Hendrix c.1970; Missy Race for Town of Cazenovia from old lists and town records 1994)

Spencer Cemetery
(aka Rathbun Farm)
(DHW made field check 1985, stones gone upon second check in spring of 1994)
(old lists include: Gallup 1951; copied by Meyer et al. c.1960)

Union Cemetery
(aka George Kenyon farm)
(DHW made field check and map April 23 & 24, 1994)
(old lists include: Gallup 1950; Leon M. Peters July 27, 1960)

Whipple Cemetery
(DHW made field check and map April 15, 1994)
(aka North Cazenovia, Cook, Cook School)
(old lists include: Tuttle c.1940; Gallup 1950; Meyer et al. c.1960)

Woolley Cemetery
(aka Slave Cemetery [no historical reference has been found to indicate it was slaves (where are they then???)], known burials of land owner Edward Woolley, and his wife Elizabeth, which were removed and reburied in Beach Cemetery, Town of Fabius)
(DHW did research and field check 1994)
(no old lists of this cemetery, bodies and stones removed to Beach Cemetery, Town of Fabius, Onondaga County)

Young Cemetery
(aka North Cazenovia, north of Peth School House)
(DHW made field check April 11, 1994)
(old lists include: Gallup 1950)

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