AKA conversion list for Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson Cemeteries
Cazenovia, Fenner, and Nelson Cemetery AKA
Daniel H. Weiskotten
Last Modified November 21, 2000
Names by which the cemeteries are Also Known As
Old Names Converted to Weiskotten's Reference

        The names that have been used to identify the cemeteries of Cazenovia, Fenner and Nelson (as well as adjoining towns) have been a serious problem when trying to manage this data base.  For that reason I was forced to standardize the names, rename many of them, and shorten some so they would fit the data base.
        At the time that the early transcription lists were made many of the cemeteries had been long abandoned and their formal names had passed out of usage.  The early compilers had to either note the present property owner's name (sometimes that of the tenant farmer) or described the location to delineate it from other cemeteries in their area of expertise.  Since the lists had not been organized in any comprehensive manner there were duplicate names among the several compilers, especially in the town of Fenner where several cemeteries took on the appellation of being located in the vicinity of Fenner Corners.  In other examples the cemeteries were named for the nearest geographical name and thus we have two different "Bingley," two "Pompey Hollow," three "Mile Strip," and three "North Cazenovia" cemeteries!  Besides the occurrence of two cemeteries on property owned by the Rathbun family, there were two Pickards, two Chaphe/Chaffes and two Lyons cemeteries (actually one Lyon and one Lyons).  On top of the farm/owner problem, many of these farms were quick to change hands and the old farmer's name soon became unknown.  When dealing with the identifying names of the old lists it was too often necessary to pull out several lists and compare them to make sure that they weren't transcripts of the same cemeteries!
        While a genealogist might not need to know the exact location of the cemetery (municipality often suits them) the historian does need to know where they are just too keep a handle on them.  Owen Evans is the only one who left maps (albeit really terrible ones) that located the cemeteries in the three towns.  A minor but very important aspect of this project has been to properly name and identify the location of the cemeteries in the three towns.

Old Name = Name used in the CFN study (* = peripheral cemeteries within 1 mile of the three towns)

Atwell farm  = Farnum (C)
Bacon, Delano farm = Haight (F)
Ballou, little / big  = Ballou (F), Munger (F), (Gamlin? [F])
Bethel = Lewis (C)
Bingley = Haight (F), Needham (F)
Buck's Woods = Westcott (N)
Burlinghame Road = Newton (C)
Cary, Roy farm = Roberts (F)
Cazenovia Lake, Foot of / west of the head of = Owahgena (C) (is located west of the HEAD of the lake)
Cazenovia Village = Evergreen (C)
Cazenovia Town = South (C)
Cemetery 17 = Haight (F) or Needham (F)
Chaffee /Chaphe Road = Humphrey (N), Palmer* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
Cody Corners, 1 mile west = Needham (F) (Wilson is 1 mi W of Cody Corners)
Cody Road /Hill = McEvers (F), Wilson (F)
Cook /school = Merriam (C), Whipple (C)
Covey = Dougherty (F)
Danehey farm = Cole* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
Dwyer farm = Dougherty (F)
Edwards, O.M. farm = Farnum (C)
Erieville / Pioneer = Reservoir (N)
Erieville-Nelson = Weaver (N)
Farnham = Westcott (N)
Fenner /Corners/Road = Needham (F), Wilson (F)
Fenner Corners, north of = Gamlin (F), Munger (F)
Fenner Corners, northeast of = Robertson (F)
Fenner Corners, west of = Wilson (F)
Goff's Corners = Cole* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
Grant, Aiden farm = Faulkner (F)
Grassy Lane = Farnam (C)
Hardscrabble = Lyon (N)
Head of Lake, west of = Owahgena (C)
Hessler farm = Peth (C)
Hughes = Haight (F)
Ingalls Road = Palmer* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
Kenyon, George farm = Union (C)
Lyons = Wyss (F)
Mile Strip Dougherty, Ransom, = Roberts (F)
Mile Strip-Sager = Roberts (F)
Mitchell = Palmer* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
Mutton Hill = Wyss (F)
Nichols = Palmer* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
North Cazenovia = Merriam (C), Whipple (C), Young (C)
Old West Eaton = Tayntor* (Eaton, Madison Co.)
Peck Hill /Road = Owahgena (C), Peth (C)
Perryville, east of = Ransom (F)
Peth, north of school house = Young (C)
Peth, west of  = Peth (C)
Pickard, Hector farm = Ransom (F)
Pickard, Charles farm = Cole* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)
Pleasant Valley = Westcott (N)
Pompey Hollow = Lewis (C), Pease* (Pompey, Onondaga Co.)
Rathbun farm = Reynolds (C), Spencer (C)
Sager farm = Roberts (F)
Slave = Woolley (C)
Southwell = Owahgena (C)
Sullivan Line, near = Peth (C)
Temple = Reservoir (N)
Welsh farm = Robertson (F)
West Eaton, Old = Tayntor* (Eaton, Madison Co.)
Whipple = McEvers (F)
White = South (C)
Younglove = Cranson* (Lincoln, Madison Co.)

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