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Lyndon was formed from Franklinville, Jan 24, 1829. Its name was changed to "Elgin" April 7, 1857, and back to Lyndon on April 16, 1858. Does anyone know the story behind this??

It lies on the east border of the county, north of the center. Its surface is hilly, the highest ridges, near the center are about 500 ft. above the R.R. station at Olean. It is drained by Oil Creek, and branches of Ischua Creek.

Elgin, near the center and Rawson, in the east part are hamlets.

The first settlements were made on Lots 5 & 6 by Solomon and William Rawson in 1806. The first religious services, Free Will Baptist, were conducted by Seth Markham, at his home, in 1810. The first organized church was a Free Will Baptist, in 1816, by Elders Jeremiah and Abraham Folsom.

Other early settlers included: J. Simons, David, Seth and Jephtha Markham, from Pennsylvania, who settled on Lot 7 in 1809. The Markhams were originally from Connecticut.

The first child born was Nattella, daughter or Solomon Rawson, in August 1811. The first marriage was William Markham and Rachel Phillips, March 1, 1815. James Markham, father of the early settlers, was the first person to die.

Town Officials

Town Historian

Town Clerk

mailto:sidk8zes@localnet.comSidney L. Emmons
6568 Snyder Rd.
Cuba, NY 14727
(716) 968-2057
Patricia J. Holmes
1764 E. Hill Rd.
Franklinville, NY 14737
(716) 676-9928 (B) - (716) 676-2707 (H)
Information from 2008 Cattaraugus County Directory

Surnames people are researching from this town

BUTTLES by Barbara Nelson

HARRIS & SEARLES by Vivian Karen Bush

Census Index for Lyndon 1850

Census Index for Lyndon 1855

Birth and Death Records for Lyndon

Jerry Babcock provided the census and vital records for Lyndon.

His contributions have added a great deal to this site.


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Rawson Cemetery Rawson Rd in Lyndon  Mrs. Pauline Wende, RD 3, Cuba, NY 14727


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