Town of Ellicottville- 1820

The Town of Ellicottville was formed from Ischua, now Franklinville, on April 13, 1820. Ashford was taken off in 1824. It is located in the interior part of Cattaraugus County. Its surface is a hilly upland, broken by the deep and narrow ravines of the streams. The principal stream is Great Valley Creek, running through the center of the town. Ellicottville was incorporated on April 1, 1837. It is the original county seat of Cattaraugus County, and in 1860, contained the county buildings, 4 churches, 3 newspapers, and an iron foundry. Its population was 695. It was named after Joseph Ellicott, an agent for the Holland Land Company.

Plato and Ash Park are post offices. The first settlements were made in 1815, by David Waldo, of Oneida County, and Orin Pitcher from Massachusetts. The first religious services was held at the house of William Vinton, by the Rev. John Spencer, in 1818.The first permanent settler was Grove Hurlburt, who built the first house in 1815, on Lot 57. Other early settlers included: Rickartson Burlingame and Ephraim Fitch, in 1816. The first child born was Orlando F Pitcher, in June 1816.

The first school was taught by Eunice Carpenter, at the house of Orin Pitcher in 1817. Also in 1817, the first inn and store was opened by Baker Leonard. A sawmill was built by Orin Pitcher, in 1821, on the Great Valley Creek.

Several newspapers have been published in Ellicottville.  another good resource is the 1822 Property Tax Assessment Rolls.

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Old Photo's and Postcards

Monroe Street Ellicottville

Ellicottville Town Historian

Mary Elizabeth Dunbar
6 Donlen Dr., POB 617
Ellicottville, NY 14731
(716) 699-2162

Ellicottville Town Clerk

Antoinette Kerns Higgs                                              (updated 6/10/2008)
699-2240 (B)
6891 Poverty Hill Rd., POB 658
Ellicottville, NY 14731

Surnames people are researching from this town

BAY by Kim Harris
DAHILL by Alice Henneberry
Drown by John Ladwig
PRIME/PRUYN by John Andrew Prime


Old Ross Farm Cemetery  Co Rd 40 and Wickham Rd  unknown
Jefferson St Cemetery  Rte. 219 Ellicottville  Village of Ellicottville
Niles Cemetery 242, s. of Ellicottville Village of Ellicottville 
Holy Cross Cemetery  N.E. jct of 219 & 242  Holy Cross Catholic Church 
Plato Lutheran Cemetery  219 @ Beaver Meadow Rd, n. of village Plato Lutheran Church 
Sunset Hill Cemetery  W. Washington St Lena Reynolds or Ralph Chapman 
Bryant Hill Cemetery Bryant Hill Rd  Stanley Richards, Rte 242, Ellicottville 



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