Olean New York School 10 Grade Six (1954)
School 10 Grade Six (1954)
1949 PS 10 Grade 1 Photo
Class of 1960
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Tentative Identifications

School 10, Sixth grade 1954  

Back row left to right
Carl Snyder, Bill Abdo, Dick Knieser, Bob Rosen, Jerry Goodman, Bruce Miller, Mrs. O’Dell,
Veronica Burdick, Patty Brockel, Nancy Dickover, Martha Krick, Karen Yerrid.

 Middle Row
Don Colby, Becky Nunamaker, Jackie Brown, Carol Talbot, Linda Quigley, Ann Foster, Sharon Hogue, Carol Tanous, KayBaker, Andy Fusco.

 Front Row:
 Dan Fowler, Gary Fleshman, Dick Mead, John Straight, Mike Shulimson, Juanita Douty, Judy Hepler, Tom Thierman, Becky Cygan, George Nichols.

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