Lyndon Death Records (P, R)  

Death Records for the Town of Lyndon for surnames beginning with the letters P - R.

Compiled by Jerry Babcock from Town of Lyndon Vital Records.

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Elizabeth Paul June 24, 1923 Dec. 24 1834 Hoffman Hubley Lyndon Ebenezer, NY
Egbert Franklin Perry Nov. 3, 1900 56y 6m 25d Josiah I. Perry Miranda Perry Lyndon, Catt. Rawson
J. Quincy Perry Mar. 14, 1903 90y 4m 12d Ebenezer Perry Hannah Spear Rawson Cuba.
Miranda Perry Mar. 13, 1894 74     Lyndon, Catt.  
Lora Jalina Porter June 30, 1848 19     Lyndon, Catt  
Melissa J. Porter Dec. 3, 1930 Apr 29 1849 Asahel Taylor Mary Reynolds Lyndon Rawson
Charles R. Pratt May 26, 1902 75 Harvey Pratt Harriett Pratt Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Mary A. Pratt Mar. 2, 1916 Aug. 16 1842 John Milgate Harriet Gere Lyndon Franklinville
Nancy Pratt Sept. 5, 1847 61     Rushford, Alleg.  
Roxia Prentice Mar. 17, 1889 56y 1m 5d Roswell Prentice Esther Prentice Lyndon, Catt. Rawson
Stanley Prusiecki July 24, 1925 Aug. 19 1922 Stanley Prusiecki Celia Fenclaw Lyndon Buffalo
Nathanial Ransbery Sept., 1869 82     Lyndon, Catt  
Roxanna Ransbery Sept., 1869 72     Lyndon, Catt  
George W .Raub Aug. 23, 1923 Dec 12 1829 David Raub Julia M. Chase Lyndon Franklinville
Solomon Rawson Sept. 11, 1849 63     Lyndon, Catt  
Clark Reed May 27, 1887 ?     Lyndon, Catt  
Maria E. Reynolds Mar. 12, 1903 59y 11m 23d Clara Howard Eliza Butler Rawson Franklinville
Nelt Reynolds Jan 15, 1933 Feb. 27 1871 Peter Reynolds Maris Howard Lyndon Franklinville
Peter Reynolds May 14, 1907 67y 2m 25d Nelson Reynolds Mary McClure Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Stillborn Reynolds July 5, 1930 July 5 1930 Morley Reynolds Francis Barnard Lyndon Reynolds Farm
Birdie Catherin Ritchie May 6, 1901 0y 11mo. 22d John Ritchie Bessie Nottingham Lyndon, Catt. Ischua
Josiah A. Roberts Sept. 23, 1920 May 2 1848 David Ritchie Mary Hughs Lyndon Freedom
Coilton Rodgers Aug., 1869 5     Lyndon, Catt  
George W. Roe Oct. 31, 1909 82y 2m     Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Buel Rose Nov. 10, 1923 Feb. 6 1843 Henry Rose Olive Bullock Lyndon Franklinville
Anna Ryther Mar. 10, 1889 16y Nelson Ryther G. Ryther Lyndon, Catt. Mt. Prospect

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