Lyndon Death Records (M,N,O) Death Records for the Town of Lyndon for surnames beginning with the letters M, N and O.

Compiled by Jerry Babcock from Town of Lyndon Vital Records.

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Philanda Mabey Nov. 2, 1902 81y 1m 1d John Johnson Polly Sagar Rawson Abbotts
William E. Mabey Aug. 11, 1924 74y 1m 20d Henry Mabey Phylinda Johnson Lyndon Abbotts
Benjamin F. Markham Mar. 11, 1847 9 Mo.     Lyndon, Catt  
Adelina Martin Mar. 6, 1909 67y 6m 14d Praley Robbins Mary Robbins Lyndon Mt. Prospect
B. F. Martin 1891 56 Benjamin Martin Lucy Martin Lyndon, Catt. Mt. Prospect
Asaph Mather Dec. 13, 1893 72y 5m Samual Mather   Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Mary Mather Apr. 16, 1899 35y 2m Michael Phillips Susan Phillips Lyndon, Catt. Ellicottville
Mary Ann Mather Sept. 25, 1890 33y 10m 6d Henry Sawyer Ann Sawyer Lyndon, Catt. Hinsdale
James J. Maxwell Sept. 21, 1921 Mar. 3 1852 James Maxwell Jean Tait Lyndon Franklinville
Margaret Maxwell Oct. 6, 1896 74 John Johnson Margaret Frazer Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
William Maxwell Jan. 15, 1907 92y 8m 2d John Maxwell Grace Anderson Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Alexander McCready May 26, 1889 81y Alexander McCready   Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Eliza McGeorge Nov. 10, 1911 83y 9m 14d John Morton Margaret Lindsey Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Sarah Jane McGill Apr. 1, 1896 24 Joseph Nix Elizabeth Nix Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Deborah McIntosh Apr. 28, 1849 54     Lyndon, Catt  
Kenneth McKenzie May, 1860 62     Lyndon  
Sophie McKenzie July 2, 1905 66y 10m 18d Kenneth McKenzie Christina McKenzie Rawson Franklinville
William McKenzie June 16, 1909 83y 11m 12d Kenneth McKenzie Christine Foreman Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Conin McLennen May 29, 1893 81     Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Wm. McStay Apr. 10, 1898 71y 10m John McStay   Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Emma McVay June 18, 1892 1y 6m 4d Wm. C. McVay   Lyndon, Catt. Rawson
Jessie Mcvey Jan. 5, 1933 Oct. 12 1891 Eugene Dolph Mina Moore Lyndon Hardy's Corners
Arthur Melrose Apr. 29, 1917 July 18 1862 James Melrose Lydia H. Harvey Lyndon Franklinville
James Melrose Mar. 31, 1893 72y 9m N. Melrose Mary r. Arbuckle Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Emaline Ayers Metcalf Feb. 5, 1911 67y 6m 3d John D. Metcalf Sally Ayers Lyndon Rawson
Lorinda Metcalf June 13, 1847 6 Yr.     Lyndon, Catt  
Nelson Metcalf Feb. 13, 1897 83y 0m 26d Elijah Metcalf   Lyndon, Catt. Rawson
Ansel Miller May 5, 1848 26     Lyndon, Catt  
Artemisha Miller Feb. 15, 1848 28     Lyndon, Catt  
Cordilia A. Miller Sept. 13, 1848 1     Lyndon, Catt  
John Mitchel Jan., 1870 30     Lyndon, Catt  
John Mitchel Nov. 23, 1850 63     Lyndon, Catt  
Ann Mitchel Dec. 12, 1895 82 William Burnett Grace Burnett Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Francis J. Mitchell Apr. 18, 1914 Apr. 15 1814 Frank A Mitchell Ellen Coot Lyndon Cuba
William Monnier Aug 28, 1934 Oct. 24 1869   Nottingham Lyndon Hartford, Conn.
Catherine Montgomery June 10, 1903 70 James Casick Mary Casick Rawson Mt. Prospect
James Montgomery Nov. 25, 1893 66     Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
John Moodler Feb. 8, 1890 72y 10m 10d John Moodler   Lyndon, Catt. Rawson
Elizabeth Morgan Dec. 24, 1896 32 Calvin Burt Mary Burt Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Harvey Ferris Morgan May 18, 1935 Nov. 30 1856 William Morgan Sarah Ferris Lyndon Franklinville
Lucy G. Morris Oct. 25, 1888 93y 2m 17d Henry Johnson Mary Jennison Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
S. J. Morris Nov. 13, 1889 56y Arba Morris Lucy G. Morris Hinsdale, Catt. Rawson
Henryson Morrison Jan. 31, 1911 81y 7m 7d James H. Morrison Laura Dorth Kendall Lyndon Rushford
Lizzie Moses Jan. 25, 1899 38 Michael Brennon Gohan Brennon Lyndon, Catt. Cory, Pa.
Allen Mynard Mar. 31, 1894 70y 3m 8d Harris Mynard   Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Stillborn Child Neamon Mar. 9, 1929 Mar. 9 1929 William Neamon Millicent Metcalf Lyndon Yorkshire Corners
Charlotte Nettleson Sept. 17, 1899 77y 9m 25d Herman Knickerbocker Phoebe Horton Lyndon, Catt. Rawson
Hannah Newman Aug. 18, 1893 72     Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Mansel H. Newman June 21, 1891 75 y 3m 13d Thomas Newman Mary Hazelton Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Henry Nissen Feb. 22, 1921 Jan. 27 1921 Hans Nissen Mary Heit Lyndon Franklinville
Edith Nix Aug. 10, 1898 !y 6m 16d Benjamin Nix Melvina E. Nix Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Martha Norton Feb. 21, 1849 3     Lyndon, Catt  
Seymore Norton Feb. 19, 1849 1     Lyndon, Catt  
Charles O. Nottingham Oct. 20, 1905 18y 0m 23d Wellington Nottingham Sara E. Nottingham Lyndon Ischua
Lory Ann Nottingham Dec. 11, 1848 7     Lyndon, Catt  
Phineas Nottingham July 21, 1891 68y 1m 24 d Jacob S. Nottingham Diana Brant Lyndon, Catt. Abbotts
Polly Esther Nottingham Mar. 23, 1901 82 Salmon Abbott Phebe Ward Lyndon, Catt. Abbotts
Simeon Nottingham May 3, 1889 75y 8m 15d Jacob S.  Nottingham Diana Brant Lyndon, Catt. Abbotts
Wellington Nottingham Oct. 13, 1904 54y 1m 9d Simeon Nottingham Polly Abbott Rawson Ischua
Alexander Ogilvie Dec. 2, 1904 45 William Ogilvie Margaret Ogilvie Rawson Rawson
Eric Allen Olson Aug. 5, 1923 Mar. 9 1912 August Emil Olson Atta Rose Ikeler Lyndon Franklinville
Harry George Ormiston Sept. 20, 1909 68y 3m 25d William Ormiston Jessie Burton Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Stillbirth Ormiston Nov. 25, 1914 Nov. 25 1814 John Ormiston Luella Cooper Lyndon Mt. Prospect

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