Lyndon Death Records (J, K, L)  

Death Records for the Town of Lyndon for surnames beginning with the letters J, K and L.

Compiled by Jerry Babcock from Town of Lyndon Vital Records.

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Infant Jabeynaki Oct. 19, 1933 Oct. 19 1933 Frank Jabeynaki Lottie Zdrowski Lyndon Humphrey
Eli Jewell Dec. 17, 1913 64y 3m 25d Parden Jewell Lydia Pierce Lyndon Franklinville
June Elanor Jewell Aug. 22, 1914 Oct. 14 1850 Franklin Dunning   Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Elisha Whipple Kellogg Dec. 30, 1933 Aug. 3 1851 William Kellogg Abi Whipple Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Elizabeth Kellogg June 24, 1933 Dec 15 1860 John Cobb Elizabeth Duncan Lyndon Franklinville
William A. Kellogg Aug. 12, 1894 2y 0m 12d E. W. Kellogg Elizabeth Cobb Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Clarendon Kelly June 3, 1916 July 8 1829 Elam Kelly Not known Lyndon Olean
Harry M. Kidder Aug. 1, 1848 2     Lyndon, Catt  
M. Jennie King Sept. 11, 1888 5y Verness King Anna King Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Joseph Komorowski Sept. 1, 1930 Mar. 18 1880 John Komorowski Lucis Jowacka Lyndon Buffalo
Daniel Richard Koniowski Nov. 2, 1930 Oct. 17 1930 Walter Koniowski Mary Zdrojewska Lyndon Humphrey
Walter Edward Koniowski Nov. 2, 1930 Oct. 17 1930 Walter Koniowski Mary Zdrojewska Lyndon Humphrey
Anna Lambert Aug. 25, 1897 39y 6m 13d Hugh O'Hara Ann O'Hara Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Jacob Lamon June 17, 1850 73     Lyndon, Catt  
Louis Lutie Learn Aug. 16, 1919 Aug. 9 1919 Lutie Learn Cora Hall Lyndon Cuba
John Little May 11, 1909 82y 2m 14d Richard Little Agnes McConkie Lyndon Mt. Prospect
Mary Ann Little Mar. 18, 1890 41y 0m 1d George Davidson Jean Davidson Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Mary W. Little Dec. 1, 1915 Mar. 23 1850 Kenneth McKenzie Christine Forman Lyndon Franklinville
William Little Dec. 10, 1914 July 17 1825 Richard Little Agness McConcid Lyndon Franklinville
John Livingston Apr. 7, 1895 85 George Livingston Grace Livingston Lyndon, Catt. Franklinville
Justice Lockwood Dec. 25, 1848 79     Lyndon, Catt Abbotts
Mary Amelia Lockwood Mar. 8, 1849 4 Mo.     Lyndon, Catt  
Stanley M. Lockwood Nov. 20, 1908 33 Jacob Lockwood Lydia Parrinder Lyndon Abbotts
Violet Lunn Apr. 1, 1917 8y 3m 22d Earnest M. Lunn Anna Gard Lyndon Franklinville

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