Birth Records town of Lyndon (Sawyer - Wood) Birth Records for town of Lyndon for surnames Sawyer - Wood .

Compiled by Jerry Babcock from Lyndon Vital Records. These are mainly the early records, I will add the records from the 1880's to the 1930's as time permits.
Blanche Elizabeth Sawyer Oct. 30, 1886 Charles Sawyer Lyndon 1856 Herkimer Co. Alice Nix Lyndon 1864 Monroe Co.
Ivan Myrtle Sawyer Feb. 27, 1894         Charlotte Sawyer Lyndon 1872 Catt.Co.
  Scott Dec. 15, 1848 Mathias Scott       Mary      
Laura Scoville Nov. 5, 1847 Abijah Scoville       Margaret      
Loren H. Sherlock May 18, 1847 George Sherlock       Lucy M.      
Rachael Pluma Sherman Oct. 26, 1850 Jason Sherman       Mary      
Thomas Elias Sherwood Jan. 24, 1847 Jason Sherman       Mary      
Doris Joseph Shipman Nov. 10, 1905 Earl Duane Shipman Lyndon 1880 Ischua Lizzie A Rose Lyndon 1881 Lyndon
Lucy Persilly Silliman May 15, 1847 Benjamin Silliman       Rosella      
Frank Slocum Sept. 3, 1849 Henry Slocum       Mabana      
Marion L. Slocum Aug. 20, 1848 Elisha Slocum       Rebeca      
Newel Slocum Aug. 31, 1847 Harry Slocum       Maria      
Arba Morris Smith Sept. 9, 1848 Wm. Henry Smith       Mary E.      
Orin L. Smith Sept. 13, 1850 William A. Smith       Mary E.      
Peet Smith Nov. 7, 1847 Martin Smith       Betsey      
Asaph Spencer July 25, 1848 John Spencer       Louisa Ann      
John Billings Spencer July 30, 1849 John V. Spencer       Louisa Ann      
Nancy St John Dec. 4, 1848 Moses  St John       Lovina      
Floyd Smith Stone July 28, 1891 Frank A. Stone Lyndon 38 Lndon Nancy Millen Lyndon 38 Eagle, NY
Henry Straight July 3, 1847 Joshua Straight       Elizabeth      
Asahel J. Strait Feb. 6, 1848 Stephen Strait       Lucinda      
Ann Eliza Taylor Feb. 8, 1848 Henry Taylor       Diantha      
Melisa Jane Taylor Apr. 29, 1848 Asahel Taylor       Mary      
Norman Alexander Thompson Aug. 12, 1889 Rev. James L.Thompson Lyndon 38 Smithfield Marry Ellen Parry Lyndon 38 Cassville, O
Chancy Elnathan Toby Feb. 3, 1849 Elmore Toby       Charlotte      
Jerusha Toby June 3, 1849 George Toby       Wealthy      
Adison Varnum Apr. 3, 1847 Michael Varnum       Sarah      
Arnold S. Varnum Nov. 30, 1848 Michael Varnum       Sarah      
Martha Vincent Mar. 23, 1847 Robert L. Vincent       Hannah      
William R. Warner May 27, 1848 Alpheus Jr. Warner       Diadama      
Orin A. Wheeler Feb. 9, 1848 Abijah Jr. Wheeler       Sally A.      
Isacc Wm Wheelwright Jan. 25, 1847 John Wheelwright       Mary Ann      
  Winchell Nov. 18, 1848 Seneca Winchell       Laura      
Andrew J. Winchell June 2, 1848 James Winchell       Lydia Ann      
Edwin D. Winchell Sept. 18, 1849 James Winchell       Lydia Ann      
Eli Winchell Nov. 8, 1849 Seneca Winchell       Laura      
  Wood May 31, 1847 Samual Wood Lyndon   Tomkins Co. Jane Mabey Lyndon   Tompkins Co.
Eleanor Isabel Wood Sept. 5, 1905 Arthur Leroy Wood Lyndon 30 Ischua Margarett Maxwell Lyndon 32 Lyndon
Hannah J. Wood Mar. 9, 1849 Samuel D. Wood       Jane Mabey      

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