Birth Records Town of Lyndon (Mackie to Morris)  

Birth Records for town of Lyndon for surnames Mackie to Morris .

Compiled by Jerry Babcock from Lyndon Vital Records. These are mainly the early records, I will add the records from the 1880's to the 1930's as time permits.
Lila Maude Mackie Nov. 19 1899 Robert B. Mackie Lyndon 1868 Westfield Harriet A. Clark Lyndon 1867 Lyndon
Mallory July 23 1849 Malisa Mallory Ischua
Ann Markham July 6 1848 Seth Markham Nancy
Clair Lewis Markham Jan. 18 1887 Edwin A. Markham Lyndon 1862 Olean Rena Strait Lyndon 1869 Lyndon
Evelyn Neola Marsh June 22 1911 Milton Marsh Lyndon 24 Pa. Charlott Newman Lyndon 24 NYS
Claire George Martin Feb. 27 1896 Wallace F. Martin Lyndon 1857 NYS Emma E. Baily Lyndon 1863 NYS
Ward Edwin Martin June 5 188 1887 Wallace F. Martin Lyndon 1857 Farmersville Emma E. Baily Lyndon 1863 Machias
Herbert Abner Marvin Aug. 28 1886 Martin John Marvin Lyndon 1854 NYS Alma E. Boyce Lyndon 1860 NYS
Robert Maxwell Dec. 10 1847 William Maxwell Margaret
Clarissa Evanette McClure Aug. 13 1850 Orange McClure Clarrissa M.
Samuel McFarland Feb. 11 1847 James McFarland Catharine
Jane McGeorge Oct. 7 1849 William McGeorge Elizabeth
John McGeorge Dec. 6 1847 William McGeorge Eliza
Ann McLennan Jan. 22 1849 Colin McLennan Ann
Jennet McLennen May 1 1849 Donald Mclennen Catherine
Ann McLenon Jan. 22 1850 Colin McLenon Ann
Peter McLenon Dec. 3 1850 Colin McClenon Ann
Gilbert Metcalf June 12 1848 Nelson Metcalf Sophroniah
Female Child Miles Aug. 1 1911 Norman S. Miles Lyndon 34 Petrolia Pa. Hyla Bertram Lyndon 32 Rixford, Pa
Cordelia Ann Miller Aug. 28 1847 Ansel Miller Aramosa
Isabella A. Mitchel Aug. 4 1848 Mathew Mitchel Ann
Margaret Jane Mitchel June 3 1847 Mathew Mitchel Ann
Leslie Maxwell Morris Oct. 24 1884 William W. Harris Lyndon 1843 NYS Bernice A. Varnum Lyndon 1850 NYS

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