1850 Census Records

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BENJAMIN BABCOCK, age 44, farmer, born in Rhode Island
JERUSHA BABCOCK, age 40, born in Rhode Island
BENJAMIN BABCOCK, age 14, born in Rhode Island
ELIZABETH BABCOCK, age 16, born in Rhode Island
MARY BABCOCK, age 8, born in NY
WILLIAM BABCOCK, age 1, born in NY
DAVID GREEN, age 25, carpenter, born in NY
EUNICE GREEN, age 20, born in Rhode Island
Page 168; family #181/182
CASE, Job R. age 29; farmer; real estate value $1300; b NY
CASE, Deborah M.; age 31; b NY
CASE, Anna; age 6; b NY
CASE, Mary T.; age 5; b NY
CASE, William; age 3; b NY
CASE, Eugene; age 1/365; b NY

pg 67B; family #182/183
CASE, William; age 55; farmer; real; estate value $1100; b MA
CASE, Sophia; age 50y; b NY
CASE, Nancy; age 19; b NY
CASE, John; age 16; b NY
CASE, Martha; age 14; b NY
CASE, Martin; age 14; b NY
CASE, Sidney; age 12; b NY


SMITH CURTIS, age 31, farmer, born in NY
ANN CURTIS, age 28, born in NY
ABIAH or OBIAH (hard to read), age 6, male, born in NY
AMELIA CURTIS, age 4, born in NY

pg 124; family #127/128
MILK, John; age 56; farmer; real estate value $5620; b NY
MILK, Anna; age 58y; b NY
MILK, Giles; age 20y; b NY
MILK, Hiram; age 18; b NY
MILK, Martin; age 15; b NY
MILK, Jonathan; age 81; farmer; b MA

Babcock and Curtis Submitted by Laura Greene
Carlsbad, CA
Case and Milk Submitted by Marcia D, Melnyk
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