1889 Review from Olean Weekly Democrat

1889 Year in Review Items from the Olean Weekly Democrat

Vol XI  no 6. Thursday, Jan 2, 1890

Information extracted and submitted by Sue (Fairchild) Barry

Page 10 is a chronological record of the principal events of 1889 “of interest to Olean and vicinity” [NOTE: This is not a verbatim transcription.  I have skipped some events such as “A.O.U.W installation of officers” (no names given), and concentrated on events with names .  Also the last line(s?) of the columns are off edge of microfilm digitized image–Sue]

2 - George Clark, burglar, captured.  Inquest over remains of John Burns at Ishua.
5 - Death of Martha E. Richards.
6 - Lively meeting board of trade. Secretary Chapin returns from Marblehead, Mass.
7 - John J. Dugan, brakeman, killed in W.N.Y.&.P. yard. Hollis Moore sells to Reed, Martin & Co.
8 - Death of James Wilson. John Schaffer acquitted of illegal liquor selling.
9 - Mary Hart’s frozen feet amputated. Coroner’s jury renders verdict blaming engineer and conductor of train 72 for Brakeman Dugan’s death. Lecture by C. E. Bolton. Death of John H. Meier
11- James King opens “cannon ball” shoe store.
12 - Turner hose company organized.
15 – Burlingame and Gale admitted to partnership in firm C.V.B. Barse & Co.
16 – Marriage of Horace A.L. Beardsley to Celia S. Passmore.
17 – Photographer Young sells to F.W. Godfrey. Robert G. Andrews of Sardinia wins Westbrook Scholarship prize. Superintendent MacGowan reviews history of Olean schools.
22 – Death of Mrs. Lydia Storrs and Mrs. Loretta S. Aden.
24 – Death of Valentine Runolder. Death of Arthur L. Lee and Mrs. William Prime.
28 – Lecture by Belva Lockwood at First M.E. church.

3 – J.T. Hastings meat market fired by incendiaries. Extinguished with slight loss.
11 -  Death at Eldred of Rev. D. C. Huntington. Major Field’s hotel raided by police. Death of Mrs. Percy McGibney at Erie, Pa.
14 – Suicide of William Frank Orloff at Frolich’s meat market.
15 – General Robbins lectures to the 43d Separate company. Ezra Smith of Watsons accidentally shot in the head with shotgun by a playfellow.
19 – Town board settled with Poormaster Daniel Collins.
21 – Burt Norton injured by hay press.
23 – Death of Mrs. A.P. Winans.
24 – Thermometer 27 degrees below zero at 7 a.m.
26 – Emmet H. Crosby and Miss M. Belle Cashen married at Hinsdale.
28 – Gallagher Bros. magazine blowed [sic] up.

3 – John Murphy’s dwelling, South street, totally destroyed by fire; loss $600. Death of Mrs. Maria Parker and Je[sse] N  [??eet] [sorry, microfilm too faded]
4 – Hubbard & Blake tannery secured Acme boilermakers bid. Death of Mrs. M. W. Finn
5 – Marriage of Rudolph Dotterwich and Miss Sus[ie?] Griffin.       Marriage of John J O Day to Catherine E. Fitzgerald at Belmont.
6 – Three year old child of George Brunold scalded to death.
8 – Dr. D. W. C. Huntington resigns …. [rest lost off bottom of page]
14 – Burglars enter residence of L.F. Moore, Henley street; frightened away
14 - Undertaking establishment of Sigel & Sturm sold to A. Crandall.
16 – Death of Miss Lucretia Johnson, aged 61, of typhoid fever.
17 - Dwelling of Mrs. Sarah W. Childs, at Boardmanville damaged by fire $400 worth.
18 – George T. Keith of Olean and S.L. King of Randolph secure contract for constructing Cuba water works at cost of $23,000.
20 – William H. Weaver dropped dead in his store on Union street. Death of Samuel R. Homer.  Mrs. Hahn of Ellicottville, on trial at Little Valley for the murder of her husband, acquitted.
25 – Cyrus Garrison, killed in saw mill at Austin, Pa. Memorial services for brother W.H. Weaver, held by Olean council, R.T. of T.  James Delaney, aged 70, died.
26 – M.B. Bennie and family left for Topeka, Kansas. Alfred Wilder, charged with counterfeiting, discharged from custody by United States Court at Utica.
27 – Bates Butter Package manufactory at Cuba burned.
28 – Corry house burned; loss $1500, insured for $1300. Charles King elected street commissioner and F. L. Bartlett treasurer by the common council.

2 – Forman library removed to new quarters on Union street donated by Geo. V. Forman
4 - … Charles Shaffer re-appointed chief of police,
14 – Gustave Schubert drowned in Genesee river at Fillmore.
15 – George Patterson released from Auburn prison and re-arrested in Rochester for highway robbery.
18 – Henry Siegel and Lewis Wright appointed policemen. Dr.  S. J. Mudge appointed member board of health.
20 - Coleman house burned at Eldred.
27 – J.W. Yard awarded contract of constructing Hubbard & Blake tannery.

1 – Swift & Keenan take possession of L.M. Simmons grocery.
3 - … Death of Mrs. Permelia Wasson , aged 70 years; Mrs. Sarah Rose, aged 85.
6 – John G. Shultz’s saloon on State street destroyed by fire; loss $6000.
8 - …Albert Nichols of Batavia and Miss Jennie Passmore of Olean married at St. Stephen’s church.
12 – Mrs. Emily J., wife of Capt. W.M. Abrams, died at Mayville.
14 – David J. Sirdevan and Miss Mary Mahaney married at St. Mary’s church. Hon. C.S. Cary presented with elegant ink stand by employees of solicitor’s office.
16 – Rev. Father Dent sues Bishop Ryan and Vicar General Keegan for $200,000 damages for libel in Brooklyn. C. E. French and F. H. Oakleaf form partnership for sale of wall paper, interior decorations, etc.
17 – Lester Greenman drowned at Eldred. F.W. Kruse appointed member board of education vice W. V. Smith resigned.
22 – Rev. H.V. Givler appointed pastor of First M.E. church.
24 – Annual inspection by Col. McGrath of 43rd Separate company.
27 – Hon. F. W. Kruse appointed chief clerk of census. Thomas Ryan, switchman, looses [sic] right arm in W.N.Y.& P. yards. Several members of the 43rd Separate company expelled.
30 – Decoration Day… Burglars obtain about $500 worth of plunder from residence of W. C. Windsor and others in broad daylight and during Decoration Day parade. D. McMillan arrested for libel on complaint of C. G. Thyng.

1 – Death of Mrs. Emeline C. Boardman, aged 52 years.
5 – Charles F. Persons sued for libel in New York for $100,000 by Rev. Father Dent.
6 – Death of Miss Alice Steyner [or Stevner], aged 20.
7 or 8 –[top of column, bottom of previous illeg] Death of George L. Winters, aged 51 years. Raphael Leon, Italian, killed by gravel train at Cuba.
9 – Mrs. Samuel Strothard stabbed with ink eraser by her husband at Allegany.
12 – Rev. Newton L. Reed chosen pastor of Presbyterian church.
18 – Tailor shop of Joseph Morris burglarized.
19 - …Death of Mrs. Susan Pratt, aged 74 years.
21 - .. Charles S. Whitney of Belmont granted divorce from his wife.
26 - … Marriage of Mr. Christopher Bisset of Dallas City, Pa., to Miss Mary Gilligan of Olean at St. Mary’s church; Mr. William P. Noyes of Indianapolis, Ind., to Leila V. Dickinson of Olean at First M. E. church; Prof. E. D. Westbrook to Miss Blanche L. Eddy at First Baptist church.
30 - … Death in Minneapolis, Minn., of Mrs. F.S. Martin, daughter of Dr. A. Blake.

5 – Death of Mrs. Charles Gillman, aged 76 years. Nelson Wixom found dead at Carrollton; supposed to have murdered and robbed.
6 – Collision of passenger and freight trains near Jamestown; engineer Eisman of Meadville and baggageman Wentz of Salamanca killed. Mr. Wilson Hatch and Miss Lillie Lowry married at Portville.
6 – [sic] John Blake, of Eldred, brakeman, aged 20 years, killed on W.N.Y.&P.
12 – Drs. Bartlett and Clark established Olean Hospital.
16 – Five-year-old son of John Chamberlin of Hinsdale kicked by a horse and badly injured.
17 – Death of Charles W. Lenhart, aged 62 years.
18 – J. H. Killday’s saloon on Union street burned.
22 – Death of Mrs. Alice Engle, aged 73 years. William Collins fell from scaffolding in New York and was killed.
23 – Death of Mrs. Ella Rogers, aged 31 years.
24 – Death of Mrs. Mary Hayes, aged 25 years. Marriage of Rev Thomas Kerr and Miss Maggie Munger.
25 – John Lewis of Freedom found drowned in Cuba reservoir.
20[sic ] Death of Mrs. Margaret Maroney, aged 77 years.
31 – Death of Edward Austin, aged 65 years. Mr. Blanchard E. Hamilton and Miss Maggie Sloane of Cuba married at home of bride.

2 – Residence of Mrs. Honorah Welch, Five Mile, totally destroyed by fire; loss $4000.
4 – Dye Bros. real estate office at Allegany burglarized.
6 – Gravel and freight trains collide at Eldred, several Italians killed.
7 – Marriage of Charles Leroy of Allegany to Miss Ida Sanderson of Olean.
8 – George B. Woodward’s dwelling burglarized.
13 – Marriage of Richard Allen of Olean and Miss Mary E. Kiley of Portville at St. Mary’s church.
14 – Adolph Lechner, aged 9 years, killed by train at East Olean while playing on track.
16 – Death of Richard Craddock, aged 56 years.
21 – Death of Emma W. Tucker, aged 19 years. Olean Opera house opened by Frederick Ward in “The Mountebank.”
28 – Residence of Patrick Dillon and saloon of Mrs. Keefe at North Olean burned. Building of H. C. Hites on North Union street burned; loss $1000; insurance $800.
30 – Mr. Lyman M. Fitch of Elmira married to Miss Nellie E. Clark of Olean.

1 – Residence of W. D. Moore burglarized. Ed Spies aged 24 years crushed under a falling tank at State Line.
3 – Marriage of Albert DeKay and Lillia Bowen.
8 – Philip Gray of Wellsville killed in freight work at Cuba. Death of Charles Fowle, aged 20 years.
1? – [too faint to read] Residence of Mrs. Mary Cartwright destroyed by fire; loss $800.
19 – Barse hose company election.
[date and name off bottom of page]  aged 53 years struck and killed by train in W. N. Y. & P. yards.
25 – Death of Mrs. Clayton Tuttle, of Bradford, daughter of Hon. S. C. Green.
26 – Death of Mrs. Lucy Hatch, aged 77 years. Death of Dr. Pelton of Wellsville, aged 93 years. H. M. Lovell and Wm. E. Brown decided to locate barrel heading factory in East Olean.
27 - H. E. Rockwell’s store at Eldred burglarized; $200 worth of goods taken.
28 – Weaver & William’s rink reopened for roller skating. S. J. Carlan, switchman, had a leg cut off by cars at Hinsdale.
29 – Peter’s broom factory slightly damaged by fire.
30 – Bell Bros. opening.

4 – Charles White, O.P. Ross and E. P. Follett form company for manufacture of automatic fishing rod.
9 – Marriage of John Troy to Miss Minnie Hale. Patrick Dougherty’s dwelling at Nort Olean burned.
16 – Marriage of Dr. F. E. Watts, of Port Allegany and Miss Aria Bickford of Olean; Mr. A .Y. Cathcart of Bristol, Ind., and Miss Clara Reynolds of Olean.
19 – Death of Miss Abbie Bokes, aged 52 years, at Cheboygan, Michigan. Death of Mrs. Amanda Leland, aged 62 years, at Hinsdale.
21 - Installation of Rev. Newton L. Reed as pastor of Presbyterian church. John Collopy’s barn burned at North Olean.
22 – Suicide of J. D. Humes. Marriage of Mr. C. E. Baish and Miss Jennie O’Hern at St. Mary’s church; Mr. Samuel Switzer and Miss Bertha Witchert; Mr. Thomas Ailen and Miss Mary Menie.
25 – Death of John T. Casey at Hinsdale, aged 53 years.
26 – John Moriarity arrested for highway robbery at W. N. Y & P. depot, and sent up for six months.
28 – Marriage of Edwin B. Moore and Miss Cora Johnson at St. Stephen’s church. Elopement of J.A. Smith, a Buffalo painter working in Olean, with a Westons maid.
38[sic] Saloon of Michael Collins at Allegany burglarized. Death of Mrs. Sophia R. Shepard, of Pleasant Valley, aged 75 years.
30 – Frank Peters struck and killed by train near Portville. Purchase of grocery store of Joseph Huson on State street by George Shiber.
30 [sic] Marriage of Charles Smith and Miss Isabella Good in Boardmanville.

1 – Death at Ellicottville of Robert H. Shankland, senior editor Cattaraugus Union. John O’Brien, Dan Daly and James Brennan arrested for passing counterfeit money.
3 – Death of John Lane at Allegany, aged 50 years.
4 – John Quinn of Eldred struck by train at East Olean and badly injured. Death of Mrs. Abigail Randolph of Boardmanville, aged 76 years.
5 – Death of Dr. King of Machias, aged 58 years.
6 – Suicide of Street Commissioner Charles King. George Wilson, an insane man, killed by cars near Portville. Forman Library and Y.M.C. A. lecture course opened by C. E. Bolton.
9 – Death of Henry W. Chamberlin, aged 42 years.
10 – Body of Charles King found in Allegany river.
12 – Benefit concert for Mrs. J.D. Humes and family.
16 – Sam Sing’s laundry burned; $250 loss.
19 – Irvin Fravor drowned in oil tank at Bell’s Camp. John Riley purchased Boston 99 cent store.
20 - Death of Mrs. George Judge, aged 28 years.
22 – Fire at Baxter’s mill; loss $7,000. Abram Merritt fell dead at supper table. W. H. Ramsey establishes horse collar manufactory.
23 – Tanning begun by Hubbard & Blake.
25 – R. M. Whitney elected first lieutenant 43d Separate company.
26 – Mr. Timothy Sullivan of Westons and Miss Jennie Consedine, North Olean, married at St. Mary’s church.
27 – Matthew Larkin found dead.
28 – Michael Connor’s residence on Henley street burglarized and purse containing over $100 taken. Max F. Mayer of Olean and Miss Julia A. Roos of Buffalo married.

1 – Death of Mrs. John Goodsell, aged 57 years. Henry Newman killed by cars at Tuscarora, aged 31 years. Rowland & Austin’s store at Machias burned.
2 – Death of Mrs. A. W. Georgia, aged 58 years.
6 – Jones mill property at Franklinville burned. Forger Levi Fuller of Napoli goes to Canada.
8 – Death of David Parker at Hinsdale, aged 88 years.
10 – Death of Mrs. Fannie Randall, aged 82 years.
11 – Death of Eugene Davis at Binghamton, aged 51 years.
15 – Death of Mrs. N.P. Hickey at North Baltimore, Ohio.
16 – Dr. J. C. Richards appointed member of local pension board.
18 – Death at Hinsdale of Dr. Ira J. Brownson, aged 72 years.
19 – E. E. Bonds store broken into and safe burglarized.
22 – John Cook killed by cars near Randolph.
23 – Purchase of R.O. Smith property by N.V.V. Franchot.
27 – Death at Allegany of Erastus Willard, aged 66 years.
28 – “Buck” White and Christ Curry arrested for highway robbery.

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