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Name Company Born Place of Birth Died Place of death Cemetery
Jacob Michael BARGY   5/16/1835     bur Salamanca CWFD
William A BEACH CO H 13 June 1821 MASS 19 June 1899 Duke Center, McKean Co. PA  
Salmon W BEARDSLEY CO G         UNK
William BEARDSLEY CO G         UNK
Truman D BLOWERS CO G 1836 Herkimer Co NY 1920   WVCA
Oscar W BROWN CO F   11/9/1862     MAC
Victor Monroe BURLINGAME CO A 2 July 1807 Oxford, N.Y. 11 Dec 1888 Salamanca, NY WILD
Eugene Chapman


William F. Chapman (Capt)
June 5, 1843

June 30, 1875

George CLARK CO G         MAPL
Salmon J CLARK CO D         UNK
Warner F CLARK CO G         UNK
Sidney W COLT CO E   11/18/1862     MAC
Nicholas COOK CO G         UNK
Charles H COOLEY CO G   11/15/1862     MAC
Augustus CRADDEN CO D         UNK
Croley CROAT           UNK
Alanson CROSBY (Capt) CO D     9 Jul 1864
of wounds
Nashville Hospital PROS
Willard CROSBY CO D         UNK
John DECKER           UNK
John DITCHER CO B 1836 Germany 6/1/1885   FRAN
Fayette DUTCHER CO B         UNK
Nelson H FISK CO G         UNK
David A FRANK CO G         UNK
Abraham GOODEMOTE CO D 5/8/1842   11/26/1919   THCO
Franklin L GOODRICH CO B     1864 AndersonvilleGA ANDE
Esley GROAT CO G 1839       UNK
W GREGG CO H   9/9/1863     MAC
Warren J HADLEY CO D (POW ) 1838 Dummerston VT 1/10/1864 Libby Prison RICE
Lewis HATTON CO D         UNK
James M HAYNES CO D 6/29/1836   4/5/1915   UNK
George W HESS CO G 8/1833       MAPL
Bradford HINKLE   1844   1864 Libby Prison UNK
Lucius HITCHCOCK CO D         UNK
Lewis HOLTEN   2/1862 Dummerston VT     UNK
O HOTCHKISS CO D   2/1/1863     MAC
John A JOHNSON CO H 2/1827       ASHF
Nathan LANGMADE CO D 9/1825 Yorkshire NY     UNK
George Addison LAWTON CO D 6/1846 Ashford NY 4/9/1931   THCO
Barzilla MERRILL, private
May 1863
in action
Chancellorsville, VA COTT
William MILHOLLAND CO G         UNK
Edmund MYERS CO D 9/1827 Hartwick NY 7/1864 AndersonvilleGA ANDE
Eli C MYERS CO D 10/24/1827   1864 AndersonvilleGA ANDE
Samuel C NOYES (Adjutant)     May 1863 KIA Chancellorsville, VA   Battlefield
Cornelius NYE CO G 1832   9/12/1887   ASHF
Andrew OYER CO C 1843   9/5/1890   ASHF
George W PEABODY CO D 8/1840 Otto NY     UNK
Willard PERKINS CO G         UNK
George W. PHILLIPS (private) CO I

M PLUMB CO D   11/24/1862     MAC
George W PROPER CO D 5/1843       UNK
C. 1840
8/16/1864 Nashville Hospital STM
E D RICE CO A   12/4/1862     MAC
Bradford ROWLAND CO G 5/4/1844       UNK
Isreal Rickards
25 Mar 1840 Freedom, NY 11 Apr, 1928 Great Valley, NY Green Cemetery

W. H. SEEKER CO K   11/14/1862     MAC
Ebenezer J SHERMAN CO D 11/3/1845   7/11/1913   WVCA
George SHIELDS CO D 3/1825 Germany 1/1863 Belle Island UNK
Elsbree J SMITH CO D 2/12/1834 Herkimer Co 12/7/1909 Ashford NY WVCA
John SNYDER CO D         UNK
Spencer STOCKING CO D         UNK
Jerome J TURNER CO D 9/17/1843       UNK
James Russell SWEET CO A
Apr. 9, 1840
8 Nov 1908
Limestone Cem, Carrollton
Surgeon Henry VAN AERNAM
1819 Marcellus 1 Jun 1894
Amos B WEAST CO D 11/6/1842 Ashford NY 12/4/1922 Ashford NY MPGR
Clark E WEAST CO D 2/1840       UNK
Frederick W WEAST CO D 1835   12/24/1922   DUTC
Frederick W WEST CO D         UNK
Henry F WHIPPLE, 1st Sargeant

9 Jul 1864
Andersonville GA ANDE
Thomas WILLIS CO H         UNK
Emerson M WILTSE CO D 8/20/1836 Ashford NY 5/28/1916 Ashford NY RICE
F. M. WYMAN CO H   5/19/1863     MAC

ANDE = Andersonville, Georgia MPGR= Maple Grove, Machias, NY
ASHF = Ashford Hollow Cemetery PROS = Prospect Cemetery in Franklinville, NY
COTT = Cottage Cemetery, Dayton NY RICE = Riceville Cemetery
CWFD = Crawford Cemetery Salamanca, NY THCO = Thomas Corner Cemetery
DUTC = Nagel Cemetery UNK = Unknown where buried, email me if you can advise where
FRAN = Franktown Cemetery VERS= Versailles Cemetery, Cattaraugus Co, NY
MAC = Military Asylum Cemetery WASH = ??
MAPL = Maplewood Cemetery in Springville, NY WILD = Wildwood Cemetery Salamanca, NY
 WVCA = Mt Hope Cemetery
County Coordinator
Cattaraugus Coordinator
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