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Mail Mode receives all messages as separate emails  with Digest Mode (you get one message each day containing subject lines and links to the days messages.  Click on the icons below for a pre formed email message or follow the manual instructions below.
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Manual Instructions

To Subscribe send an email to either
[email protected] for Mail Mode or
[email protected] for the Digest mode.
In either case, put the word subscribe by itself in the body of the email. Be sure to turn off any "tag lines" in your email.

To unsubscribe, follow the above instructions, substituting the word "unsubscribe" in the body of your email.

A word on changing your email address.  To assure that no one else unsubscribes you and subscribes with a new address pretending to be you we employ the following rules.

To change your address,
  • First, using your OLD email account, unsubscribe from the list.  Don't worry if you can't unsubscribe because you don't have access to your old email account.  Your old email address will automatically be removed after a certain number of "bounces". 
  • Second, using your NEW email account  subscribe to the list.

Many internet providers in an effort to stop spam (unsolicited email) inadvertently block subscription lists like ours.  If you find that you are not getting any list messages, drop a line to your list administrator and we will try and help you resolve the problem.

Many people subscribe to multiple  mailing lists.  They get LOTS of messages.  To help others sort through all the mail they get to find the messages that pertain to their particular search, please observe the following

If you are searching for a particular surname, please put that surname in CAPS as the first entry on the subject line.  Identify the location that relates to your message on the subject line. Identify the time period that relates to your message. When a subscriber receives many messages, the one that has a subject line such as Searching for Family or Looking for Grampa doesn't help the subscriber decide whether or not it pertains to their search.  After a while, most subscribers just delete these without reading them.  If your message doesn't really relate to a particular surname, please make the subject line as descriptive of your message as you can, particularly as it relates to Location.

Some Good Subject lines
  • JONES, Leon, NY 1850's
  • SMITH,BROWN, Cattaraugus, 1900s
  • Town of Portville Records, 1890
Some BAD Subject lines
  • HELP
  • Searching for Family
  • Can't Locate Henry

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