Civil War Veterans Buried in Yorkshire, NY

Civil War Veterans Buried in Yorkshire, NY

This file was compiled and donated by Ruth Hesterly. We gratefully acknowledge her contribution.

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Column 2
Column 3
Adams, Henry Allen, James Baker, James O.
Bliton, Henry Bliton, Thomas Bowen, Stephen H.
Brown, Nathaniel Bump, George, SR. Burdick, Milton P.
Cheney, Galen Churchill, Frank Cleveland, George
Cole, Martin Comstolk, William Cook, Alonzo H.
Crandell, Mortimer Darling, Thomas Goodspeed, Lewis
Hall, Harvey Hall, Lucius Hayes, Erwin W.
Hayes, James Hayes, Robert Hiram, Lewis
Howell, Frank Kelley, Daniel King, Chauncey
Langmade, Andrew Newton, William Perryman, Dennis
Perryman, Green Persons, Frank Randall, Lafayette
Reed, Wample H. Relyea, Frank Robinson, Thaddeus
Sage, Newton Silliman, Frederick Sirline, Charles
Smith, William Spring, Leverette Sutton, Charles
Thomas, Andrew Vedder, Clark Weast, Clark
Whiting, Walter H. Worthington, Leonard .

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