Killbuck Cemetery

Killbuck Cemetery Inscriptions

RT 417 KILL BUCK, NY 14748


Walked and Transcribed and researched
Alan Robison and Rose McClune

ACHENBACH, Catherine spouse of Martin born Jan. 1827 died 1905.
•    ACHENBACH, Martin spouse of Catherine. born 1825 - died 1898 Civil War Vet, mustered into Co. A 187th infantry on Sept. 28, 1864 (Ashford, N.Y.) as a Private and mustered out July 1st, 1865 at Arlington Heights, Va. He was born in Germany.
ACHENBACH, Jacob born 1866 - died 1909.
ACHENBACH, Fredrick died Aug. 24, 1878 Aged 27yrs. 5ms. 16ds. Written on stone, “Remember brothers, as you pass by. As you are now, so once was I. As I am now so you shall be. Prepare for death and follow me.”
ALDRICH, Addie spouse of Fred N. born? died? (Daughter of Daniel and Catharin Frank).
ALDRICH, Fred N. spouse of Addie died Dec. 23, 1885. Aged 28yrs 3ms. 17ds.
BAKER, Jenette died Apr. 19, 1876. (Daughter of William and Polly).
•    BAKER, William Col. died Fed. 25, 1889. Aged 66 years. Unknown what war he served in Col. William Baker was an early settler at the mouth of the Great Valley Creek where he built a house and kept an inn on the East side of the creek. Which became a popular resort for lumberman.
BEATTY, Fredereka K. born 1872 died 1947.
BENTHEN, Mary died May 12, 1874. Aged 1 month (daughter of F. and E.)
•    Bloodgood, V. Wayne died Feb. 16, 1880. Aged 40yrs. 3m’s 6ds. Civil War Vet. Mustered into Co. H 64th  infantry  as a private.
•    BLOOD, Samuel F. died Nov. 26, 1877. Aged 59yrs. 4ms. 22ds. Civil War Vet. Mustered into Co. F 64th N.Y. Vol. infantry.  Mustered out at the close of the war.
BLOODGOOD, Sarah died Oct. 13, 1872. Spouse of Hiram. Aged 65yrs. 6ms. 21ds. 
BUTTERFUSS, Calie died May 15, 1875. Aged 8 months. (Son of Jacob and E. Butterfuss). Jacob Butterfuss owned and operated a store in Salamanca, N.Y. in which he sold supplies for horses around 1875.
S.F.B. this small stone was located near Calie Butterfuss with these initials on it. Could have been brother or sister?
W.V.B. this small stone was also located near Calie Butterfuss with these initials on it. This also may have been a brother or sister?
S.B. this is a small stone with these initials on it. Could have been a child?
BOTTUM, Eugene died Jan 31, 1873. Aged 1 yr. 2ms. 11ds. (son of Jacob and M.).  Jacob Bottum was present at the meeting when the Great Valley Cemetery Association was formed. Jacob was also A Civil War Vet. He enlisted Sept. 17, 1864 in Salamanca and was mustered into the 9th Calvary.
CAPRON, Mira spouse of George W. died June 12, 1873. Aged 28 years. (Gone but not forgotten).
CARRIER, Betsey spouse of Timothy died Aug. 23, 1861. Aged 72 years.
CHAMBERLAIN, Ann E. spouse of Andrew J. born Feb. 21, 1829 - died Dec.21, 1886.
CHAMBERLAIN, Andrew J. spouse of Ann E. born Dec. 16, 1828 - died Mar. 26, 1881.
•    CHRISTIAN, Jesse died Aug. 29, 1889. Aged 65 years. Civil War Vet. Co. M. 15th Regt. N.Y.S. Vol. Heavy Artillery.
•    CONE, William born 1821 in Pennsylvania died Mar. 10, 1880. Aged 59 yrs. Civil War Vet. mustered into Co. I 164th Regt. enlisted Aug. 1862 (Salamanca, N.Y.) as a private. Mustered out on Aug. 28, 1865 at Elmira, N.Y. Wounded May 2, 1863 at Chancellorsville, Va.
CORNELL, Lottie L. died Apr. 1, 1875 (grand daughter of E.F and M.G PAYNE). Aged 1yr. 2ms. 16ds. (Gone but not forgotten).
•    DAVIS, Abraham died Mar. 14, 1862. Aged 25 years. Civil War Vet, Co. C 105th infantry N.Y.S Vol. enlisted on Jan. 1862 (Great Valley N.Y.) Died in the hospital at Leroy, N.Y. of measles.
DAVIS, Almira  died 1873 spouse of John H. Aged 32 years 25 days.
DAVIDSON, Cynthia spouse of James, died Nov. 1851. Aged 32yrs. 11ms. 17ds.
•    DIDCOCK, D. Henry spouse of Mary M. born 1828 died 1913. Civil War Vet. Co. I 187th infantry enlisted on Sept. 20, 1864 (Salamanca, N.Y.) rank of corporal and was
discharged in July 1865. Henry Didcock was appointed to the position of Secretary of the Great Valley Cemetery Association when it was formed on Sept. 2, 1871. A school was kept in a small plank house that was located near the Henry D. Didcock residence (located on County Road 49) around the year 1819. Daniel Chandler taught at the school who afterwards became a somewhat prominent citizen of Hinsdale. There were only a few children who attended this school. The school was closed after a couple of years.
DIDCOCK, M. Mary spouse of Henry D. born 1823 - died 1899.
L.M.E. small stone with these initials on it. This could have been a child?
ESTAY, Zoa May born ? 29, 1871 - died ? Aged (unknown) (daughter of Nelson and Emily). EVANS, Joseph C. ( no stone, no other information available name taken from previous listing). 
•    EVANS, Ralph C. born 1830 - died Jan. 26, 1865. Aged 35yrs. 11ms. 20ds. Civil War Vet, enlisted on Sept. 24, 1864 (Dunkirk, N.Y.) as a private. Mustered into Co. I 187th infantry. Died of typhoid fever while on leave at home in Great Valley, N.Y.
FARNUM, Josephine (no other information on stone). 
FRANK, Catharin spouse of Daniel died Dec. 31, 1888. Aged 69yrs. 4ms.
FRANK, Daniel spouse of Catharin died Dec. 3, 1867. Aged 52yrs. 7ms. 12ds.
FRANK, Mary E. Died Feb. 21, 1866. Aged 22yrs. 1M 16ds. (Daughter of Daniel and Catharin)
F.S. small stone with these initials on it. Located next to Sophronia Frank’s stone. This could have been a son or daughter.
FRANK, Sophronia died July 6, 1881 spouse of Joseph. Aged 42 yrs. 2ms. 8ds. Joseph Frank was present at the meeting when the Great Valley Cemetery Association was formed on Sept. 2, 1871. Joseph owned and operated a livery and boarding stables for horses. He also owned a meat market both businesses were located at Great Valley Station (now Kill Buck). There is no stone for Joseph Frank, so it is unknown if he is buried here.
GREEN, Burke E. born 1862 - died 1914.
GREEN, LUCY G. spouse of John, born Aug. 16, 1807 - died ? ( daughter of Nathan and Mary Howe).
GREEN, John Spouse of Lucy G. born Mar. 31, 1799 - died Sept. 1, 1874. Son of James Green, who was one of the original settlers of Great Valley, N.Y. John, was also postmaster of the Great Valley Station (Kill Buck today) from Mar. 7 1843 to July 8, 1850. He learned the millwright and carpenter’s trade, and was connected to the lumber trade until his retirement in 1855. He was also present at the meeting when the Great Valley Cemetery Association was formed on Sept. 2 , 1871. He was a magistrate for four years, and commissioner of highways for several years.
GRIFFIN, Horace E. died Mar. 26, 1883. Aged 17yrs. 10ms. 15ds.
H.G. small stone located by Horace Griffin grave with these initials on. Possibly this was a Brother or Sister.
HARRISON, Mary O. spouse of C.H. Harrison died Sept. 4, 1871. Aged 21yrs. 8ms. 5ds.
HORTE, Hiram Jr. died July 8, 1861. (Son of Hiram and Caroline). Aged 3yrs. 1m. 4ds.
HOWE, Mary W. spouse of Nathan born Nov, 11, 1772 died Oct.16 1868.
•    HOWE, Nathan spouse of Mary born Feb. 2, 1773 died May 6, 1845. He was a captain in the war of 1812, 71st Regt. New York infantry. Aged 72yrs. 3ms. 5ds.  Nathan Jr. (Nathan’s son) married Nancy daughter of Phillip Mudge and moved to Humphrey around 1822 where they were the first settlers on what is now known as Howe Hill. Mr. Howe was a strong anti-slavery man, and was active in the operations of the Underground Railroad.
HYATTE, Charles died May 25, 1882. Private in P.R.V.C. Bucktails. He enlisted in March of 1864 and served till the close of the war. (Bucktails were a regt. which mustered out of Pennsylvania). Aged 39years.
JONES, Joseph spouse of Orpha (unable to read rest of stone).
JONES, Orpha spouse of Joseph died April 22, 1859. Aged 64 years.
KANE, Eve Eliza spouse of Peter born 1823 - died 1898.
KANE, Jalina born 1850 - died 1869.
KANE, Margaret A. born 1846 - died 1852.
KANE, Otis born 1856 - died 1901.
KANE, Peter spouse of Eve Eliza born 1821 - died 1872.
KELSEY, Darwin E. born 1807 – died 1871 (Father). He was an early settler to the Town of Great Valley.
KELSEY, Deborah born 1809- died 1895 (Mother).
KUEHL, Alexander Fredrick Jr. died Feb 21, 1872. Aged 7 yrs. 11ms. 29ds. (Son of F.A. and C.C.).  Alexander Kuehl Sr. was appointed to the board of the Great Valley Cemetery Association for a one year term when the cemetery association was formed on September 2, 1871.
KUEHL, Franz Julius died Oct. 6, 1882. Aged 6 yrs. 9ms. 23ds. (Son of F.A. and C.C.)
KUEHL, Sue Charlutta died Oct. 12, 1882. Aged 12yrs. 8ms. 20ds. (Daughter of F.A. and C.C.) LESLIE, Hannah born Oct. 26, 1834 – died Nov. 1, 1856.
MARK, Michael died ??? Aged 11yrs. 2ms.  ???days.
MARSH, Angie died Sept. 22, 1881. (Daughter of W. and E.) Aged 11yrs. 8ms. 16ds. (I sleep in Jesus)
MAYBEE, Polly spouse of James died July 12, 1852.
MEDLEY, John died Dec. 2, 1871. Aged 73 years.
METCALFE, Percey died Aug. 25, 1872. Aged 10yrs. 15 days. (Son of F.C. and L.) Frank Metcalf owned and operated a general merchant store in Kill Buck around 1875.
MELHUISH, Louis B. died Nov. 13,1871. Aged 1yr. 5 days. (child of J.H. and J.U.) J.H. Melhuish owned and operated the Railroad House Hotel, which was located north of the Erie Railroad Station located at Great Valley Center (now called Kill Buck). Mr. Melhuish also operated a general store in 1875 at Great Valley Center. (Now called Kill Buck).
MELHUISH, Mary A. died Nov.8, 1871. Aged 6yrs. 8ms. 21ds. (Daughter of J.H. and J.U.)  See information above for J.H. Melhuish.
NELSON, Athalinda spouse of John died Feb.2, 1865. Aged 24years 1month. John was a Civil War Vet. He enlisted on July 26, 1862 in Great Valley. He mustered into Co. H. 154th regt. infantry as a Captain. He re-enlisted on Mar. 16, 1863. There is no stone for John so it is unknown if he is buried in Kill Buck Cemetery.
A.N. small stone that was located next to Athalinda Nelson this could have been a son or daughter.
NELSON, Della E. died Feb. 18, 1862. Aged 3yrs. 3ms. 26ds.
NELSON Ella D. died Oct. 9, 1865. Aged 2yrs. 6ms.
NELSON, Theadore died May 11, 1845. Aged 1year  12days. 
PATTERSON, Charlotte 5 years old (child of Otis and Magdalane maiden name Mayer) there is no stone information was taken from previous cemetery listing.
PATTERSON, Daniel 7 years old (child of Otis and Magdalane maiden name Mayer) there is no stone, information was taken from previous listing.
PATTERSON, John H. died Feb. 6, 1865. Aged 16yrs. 9ms. 13ds. (Son of Robert and Charlotte). PATTERSON, Robert born Dec. 3, 1800 – died Oct. 26, 1881. Robert Patterson was present at the meeting when the Great Valley Cemetery Association was formed on Sept.2, 1871.
PAYNE, Caynell T. born May 3, 1891 – died July 1, 1892 (child of R. and D.)
PAYNE, Clarence E. born Oct. 3, 1882 – died July 4, 1892 (child of R. and D.)
PEMBERTON, Ardon spouse of Clarrisa born 1800 – died 1862. Aged 62 years. (there is no stone information was taken from Pemberton Genealogy)
PEMBERTON, Clarrisa Currin spouse of Ardon. Born on 1811 – died 1878. Aged 67 years. (there is no stone information was taken from Pemberton Genealogy).
PEMBERTON, Francis R. died Oct. 21, 1837. Aged 2years 6months (son of Ardon and Clarrissa). PEMBERTON Mary Molly (Kellogg maiden name) spouse of Thomas born Aug. 8, 1760 – died May 30, 1838. Aged 78years. 
PLATNER, Cibbie B. died Dec. 10, 1874. Aged 4yrs. 6ms. 7ds. (son of T.E. and M.L.)
PLATNER, Gilbert died 1821. Aged 41 years. (No stone information was taken from previous listing.
POWERS, Adeline (unable to read stone).
POWERS, William (unable to read stone).
ROSZELL, Rebecca S. spouse of Eliphalet died June 9, 1881. Aged 41 years.  Eliphalet Roszell was postmaster of the Kill Buck post office from Aug. 26, 1857 to Aug. 17, 1861
SMITH, Absalom born July 20, 1815 – died Apr. 11, 1892.
SMITH, Amarilla spouse of Robert. died Nov. 3 1885. Aged 72yrs. 9ms. 13ds.
•    SMITH, Bartlett died Apr. 13, 1883. Aged 40 years Civil War Vet. Enlisted as a private in Co. H 37th regt. N. Y. Vols. Commander of G.A.R post No. 239.
•    SMITH, Charles L. spouse of Reka.  born Apr. 12, 18?6 - died June 16, 1891. He enlisted on Sept. 30, 1864 in the 187th infantry.
SMITH, Della E. died Feb. 18, 1862. (Son of Absalom and Lucy). Aged 3yrs. 3ms. 26ds.
SMITH, Ella D. died Oct. 9, 1865. (Daughter of Absalom and Lucy) Aged 2years and 6 months.
SMITH, Johanna died Sept. 11, 1881. Spouse of J.W. Smith. Aged 39yrs. 1m. 8ds.
SMITH, Reka spouse of Charles. Died July 20, 1878. Aged 63 years.
SMITH, Robert spouse of Amarilla. died Aug. 27, 1880. Aged 74 yrs. 6ms. 1day.
•    SMITH, Thomas J. born May 19, 1840 – died Dec. 31, 1867. Aged 27yrs. 7ms. 12ds. He was a Civil War Vet served with the 64th regt. NYS volunteers. (Son of Robert and Amarrilla)
STEARNS, Jesse born Aug. 31, 1869 – died Sept. 21, 1869 (Son of B.S. and Elvira). “Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.” 
STEARNS, Myra M. born Feb. 25, 1859 – died Feb. 27, 1862 (child of B.S. and Elvira). “Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.”
•    STEVENSON, Joseph C. died Feb. 18, 1881. Aged 42 yrs. 8ms. 23ds. Civil War Vet. Member of Co. I 51st regt. N.Y. State Vol.
WHITNEY, Leon died May 17, 1851. Aged (unable to read stone). (Son of L. and J.)
WHITNEY, Lucy J. born June 9, ???? – died ????. Aged 6 years and 1 month. (Daughter of L. and J.)
WOODWORTH, Clarrinda (maiden name Smith) spouse of Thomas. died Aug. 11, 1879. Aged 47 years 5 months. Thomas Woodworth was a Civil War Vet. He enlisted Aug. 17, 1863 in Salamanca for three years. Mustered into Co. C. 13th Regt. Heavy Artillery. Pro Sergt. Reduced to the ranks, died in the hospital at Portsmouth, Va. (It is unknown if he is buried here).    
WOOSTER, Elizabeth E. born May 30, 1866. Spouse of Jeremy. Aged 80 yrs. 9ms. 23ds.
WOOSTER, Jeremy spouse of Elizabeth. Unable to read the rest of stone because it is broken. Jeremy and his brother owned and operated a saw and gristmill on the West side of Great Valley Creek at Peth.
WOOSTER, Lewis B. died Jan. 13, 1881. Aged 71 years. Lewis Wooster kept the first store located at Peth around 1815. Later sold store to Judge Benjamin Chamberlain.
YOUNG, Ernstiene geb. den Apr. 18 1806 – gest den Jan. 21 1885. (German language).
YOUNG, Nicholas geb. den Oct. 5 1806 – gest. Den Mar. 19, 1880. (German language). Nicholas Young was present at the meeting when the Great Valley Cemetery association was formed on Sept. 2,1871.
F.N.A. this is a small stone with only these initials on the stone. This could have been a child?
Our little VIVIAN, a small stone with no dates or any other information. I assume this was a child.
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