Horseshoe Cemetery - Carrolton, NY

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Horseshoe Cemetery Interment Records

submitted originally jan. 1, 1977 by edith john daly
prepared for electronic format by artha carahan nichols

Horseshoe Cemetery Records
Abrams, Mary Elizabeth Maybee Washington7-22-18772/8/1958turtle
Abrams, Oliver Milton, Sr.11/23/19011/22/1958turtle
Bishop, Cecelia Titus1-26-189912/21/1924snipe
Byrd, Ellen Lee11/23/19401940turtle
* Cooper, Ednaÿ19041/8/1908Heron(Daughter of Louisa Redeye & Lewis Cooper)
* Cooper, Louisa Redeyeÿ18651911Heron
* Cooper, Loretta
Cooper, Leo Clifton2/11/190911/9/1976heronÿ
Cornfield, Clarence18851919

Cornfield, William

Crouse, Charles Archer4-15-18889/15/1919heronÿ
Crouse, Ada5-5-189710/27/1920heronÿ
Crouse, Alonzo (Lonnie)1-15-18943/2/1967heronÿ
* Crouse, Ethel190410/15/1904Heron ?Dau. of Ida Crouse ?
Crouse, Ida

Crouse, John
1895Heron?Son of Ida Crouse ?
Farmer, Ida Shongo Crouse6-14-18621933heron
Farmer, Levi18702/16/1955

Fish, Ella Jackson18745/15/1929heronÿ
Frank, Maude Allen18855/1/1961heronÿ
Gordon, Lila Abrams19101960turtle
Gordon, Mary Ellen19471947turtleÿ
* Hill, Edna Titus
Died At Age 5Heron
* Hill, Elizabeth Redeyeÿ18761922Heron
* Hill, Baby Ettaÿ
Died At Age 5Turtle
* Hill, Murielÿ19261946Turtle
* Hill, Sampsonÿ18991950Heron
* Hill, Walterÿ9/1/19061950Heron
* Hill, Margaretÿ19251925 ?Turtle
* Jimerson, Paysonÿ18705/13/1907

* Jimerson, William (Jack)ÿ
(Brother of Payson)
* John, Eliza Redeyeÿ18393/30/1914Snipe
* John, Josephÿ18352/19/1904

* John, Peterÿ18801884Snipe?Son of Eliza Redeye and Joseph John
* Jasper, Carrie Irene Pierce5-12-18871-9-1950 other source says 1949snipeÿ
* Jemison, Charles18411907
12th NYS Vol. (Civil War)
* John, Emeline Lucy Jimerson5-7-187712/23/1952heron
*John, Henry5-15-18711/29/1927snipeÿ
* Killbuck, Amosÿ18445/22/1921

* Killbuck, Peterÿ18601875

* Killbuck, Mary Jane2-27-18718/13/1927

*Lewis, John II18461875
(Died age 27 in railroad accident)ÿ
* Lewis, John, Jr19011901Heron
*Lewis, Joshua18963/23/1908Heron
*Lewis, Lucy19031903Heron(Died Age 6 days)
Lewis, BenjaminNo Dates known

* Lewis, Mabel18931913?Heron
* Lewis, William18851/5/1907Heron
* Pierce, Emilyÿ
11-1-1881Snipe(Daughter of Emma John and Lyman Pierce)
Pierce, Bert6-26-18762/18/1927snipeÿ
Pierce, Emma John10-15-185711/27/1949snipe
Pierce, Harrison18412/22/1918

* Pierce, Harryÿ
8-30-1892Snipe(Twin Children of Emma John and Lyman Pierce)
* Pierce, Harriet
9-25-1892ÿsnipe(Twin Children of Emma John and Lyman Pierce)
Pierce, Irene Jimerson9/16/190112/22/1970beaverÿ
* Pierce, Jesseÿ
11-1-1879SnipeSon of Emma John & Lyman Pierce
Pierce, Lyman1843 or 1844ÿ3/1/1924
Co. M, Mounted Riflesÿ
Pierce, Spencer Webster5/1/191012/18/1953heronÿPFC; NY 1209 SVG Comd Unit WWII
Plummer, Maxine11/5/19293/1/1930snipeÿ
* Redeye, Anna Cooperÿ7/2/19137/3/1914Snipe(Daughter of Lillian John and Sherman Redeye)
* Redeye, Bennettÿ18498/5/1911

Redeye, Charles4/18/19104/2/1935Snipeÿ
* Redeye, DeForestÿ
7/5/1909Snipe(Son of Lillian John and Sherman Redeye)ÿ
Redeye, Elizabeth Iona9/22/19173/27/1925Snipeÿ
* Redeye, Evangelineÿ
4/24/1915Snipe(Daughter of Lillian John and Sherman Redeye)
Redeye, Fred4-27-18779/4/1964Turtleÿ
* Redeye, Henryÿ18724/20/1920Heron?
Redeye, Johnny19001902Snipe
Redeye, Lillian John8-15-18849/4/1962Snipe
* Redeye, Lucinda Jemisonÿ18227/4/1923Snipe(Relatives state she died at age 98)
* Redeye, Lucy
3-17-1911ÿSnipe(Daughter of Lillian John amp; Sherman Redeye)
* Redeye, Lucinda (Mrs. Bennett Redeye)ÿ

Redeye, Matilda10/24/19062/19/1923Snipeÿ
Redeye, Mitchell18991969Snipe
Redeye, Nellie19021903Snipe
Redeye, Ruth Frances6/27/192110/13/1921Snipeÿ
* Redeye, Sackett18411/19/1906Snipe
Redeye, Sadie Nina Pierce18836/13/1922Snipe
Redeye, Sheldon (Chick)5-11-187311/16/1940Turtle
Redeye, Sherman Cooper3-30-18848/16/1961Deer
* Redeye, Sherman18991902Snipe(Mitchell's brother)
Redeye, Henry
Shongo, Harryÿ7-30-18871/26/1942

Shongo, Howard18641913

Redeye, Susan Jemison
(Wife of Sackett Redeye)
* Shongo, Hazel Cooper Crouse7-4-189910/27/1920Heron
* Shongo, Lucinda
1830Heron(Wife of Lyman Shongo)
Shongo, Stephen18152-15-1875

Seufert, Corinne Titus7/20/192111/13/1973Heronÿ
* Swan, Lucille Crouse1918ÿ1920Heron(Daughter of Alice Crouse)
Titus, Dennis, Sr.186410/21/1933Snipeÿ
Titus, Dennis, Jr.6-4-18953/24/1933Turtle
* Titus, George
(Indian name Ga wah wen)
Titus, George6/22/19125/21/1927Turtleÿ
Titus, JohnNo Dates Knownÿ

Co. D, 132 Reg't NYS Infantry Volunteers
Titus, Raymond4/28/190310/9/1917

* Warrior, Mina Lewisÿ18901909Heron(Gertrude on Indian Roll)
* White, John18155-5-1875
(Died in railroad accident)

Veterans Buried in Horseshoe Cemetery

Charles Jemison 1841-190712th N.Y. State Vol.
Lyman Pierce1843-1924Co. M. Mounted Rifles
John Titus No DatesCo D 132 Reg't N.Y.S. Inf. Vol.
Spencer W. PierceMay 1, 1910 - December 18, 1953ENew York P.F.C. 1209 SVG Comd Unit World War II

Interesting facts about a few persons buried here

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