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West Windsor Cemetery,
Windsor, NY
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Located on North Road.

This cemetery is an old one and many of the stones are broken, fallen or unreadable. Helen and Charles have tried to fill in the missing data, using Windsor vital records to help solve the mystery.

Andrews, George J. d.Jan.15,187(1?) @ 61yrs,10mths  
Andrews, Roxena d.May 6,1905 @ 93 years  
Andrews,Sylvester d.April 2,1827 @ 31y,4m,6days  
Andrews, Lydia d.May 13,1828 @ 27y,10m,1day  
Andrus, Reuben Jr. d.March 30,1857 @ 79y,2m,18days  
Barnes, Nancy M. d,Jan.13,1856 @ 30yrs,6mths wife of Norton Barnes
Benn, Julius d.Jan.10,1896 @ 63yrs,9mths  
Benn, Alzina E.,2nd wife 1842 - 1911 nee Ferguson
Benn, Ward J. 1867 - 1946  
Benn, Alice G.,his wife 1866 - 1936 nee Casterton
Benn, Helen, their dau. died 1895 age 2 ?  
Benson, Lucy J. died 1846 dau. of ___ Benson
Broat,Gertie died 1881 at 6 mths dau of J.C. and Laurie Broat
Chase,N.S. no dates legible  
Chase,Charity d.June 16,1844 @ 26 yrs wife of William ,nee Van Kleek
Chase, Clarissa, daughter Sept.29,1841 @ 1yr,smths  
Chase, Daniel K. June 13,1849 age 28yrs  
Chase,George Feb.22,1834 @ 4mths,14days son of John & Clarissa
Chase, John died March 13,1841 in his 47th yr  
Chase, Daniel d.March 1850 ? age 79?  
Chase, Catherine,his wife Jan.8,1825 @ age 53  
Chase, Daniel Esq. d.Aug.11,1860 @ 60y,8m,19d  
Chase,Delila,his 1st wife d. March 19,1845 @ 40y  
Chase, Mary A.his 2nd wife d.Nov.16,1882 @ 68y,2m,9days  
Chase, Phidelia no dates dau.of Daniel and (Delila ?)
Chase, Sherman d.Dec.23,1869 age 39 son of Daniel
Chase, Almaretta,his wife b.July 6,1828,d.Jan.18,1903 dau.of Barnabus Alden
Chase, John G. no data  
Chase, Walter H. d.Oct.23,1881 at 23yrs  
Chase, Bryon d.May 20,1887 @ 28y,9mths  
Chase, Hannah O. d.Dec.22,1881 @ 44y,5mths wife of David Chase
Curtis, Judson d. Feb.22,1867 @ 25yrs  
Devine, ------ --------- son of E.S. and V. Devine
Dyer, Charles W. 1818 - 1897  
Dyer, Pheba, his wife 1820 - 1863  
Dyer, Alma d.July 1855 @ 1yr,1mth daughter of D.and Lydia Dyer
Dyer,Rose d.March 7,1860 @ 3y,2m,24d dau of Loren & Sophronia
Estes, Richard d.Oct.3,1861 age 90 veteran of the War of 1812
Ferguson,Ozias b.Sept.17,1809,d.Feb.26,1889  
Ferguson, Mary A.,wife b.April 26,1817,d.June 6,1893 maiden name Titus
Ferguson, Edgar b.Jan.28,1838,d.Oct.28,1839  
Ferguson, Sidney W. b.Nov.8,1853,d.Nov.11,1872  
Ferguson,Gertrude died 1894 age 1 dau.of Marvin and Mina Ferguson
Finch, David died 1810< age 80 years  
Fish, Sally d. Dec.4, 1837 age 36 wife of Rufus (?) J. Fish
Garnsey, Hannah M. b.March 15,1810,d. March 18,-------  
Garnsey, Eleanor d.Feb.11,1849 age 37yrs wife of Jacob Garnsey
Gray, Lydia died April 2,1844 @ 36y,2m,26dys wife of Jonathan Gray
Griggs, Polly died May 23,1835 age 63yrs wife of Noah Griggs
Guernsey, Edward 1877 - 1950  
Hall, Elijah died 1890 age 86 (?) son of Sam & Roxy Hall
Hall,Mary Mariah died Feb.18,1849, age 41 yrs. (wife of Elijah) nee Markham
Hall, Lynn died June 1983 son of Mark and Electa (Woodard)Hall
Hall, Marcus/Mark 1837-1878 son of Elijah, buried in ColesHill Cem.,Colesville,C.W.Vet.
Hawley,Lucy d.Jan.11,1834 wife of James Hawley
Hawley, Leaman d.Feb.6,1841 @ 19yrs,5mths,25days  
Heath,David B. d.May 5,1865 at 49 yrs  
Heath, Daniel, his son d.May 15,1842 ?,age 1yr.6mths,21days (mother:Calista Knowlton)
Hine,Corp. Wm. R.(Riley) b.abt.1843,d.Dec.31,1862 137th Rg't,C.War,d.in Baltomore inservice
Hines,Harriet d.Jan.1854? age 49? wife of Ambrose Hines, nee Loveland
Hoadley,Sammuel 1817 - 1893 son of Chauncey
Hoadley,Barbary,his wife 1827 - 1903  
Hoadley,Hannah, their dau. no dates  
Hoadley, John d. May 5,1872 @ 59y,9mths  
Hoadley, Rebecca,his wife b.Oct.9,1816,d. 1893  
Hoadley,Egbert,their son died 1857?)  
Hoadley,Edmond D.their son died 1855 (?) age 13yrs  
Hoadley, Lyman C.their son d.Oct.7,1840 age 2yrs,7mths  
Hoadley, Julian 1843 - 1924  
Hoadley, Mary, his wife 1843 - 1925  
Hoadley, George M.their son d.June 18,1863 at 8mths,22days  
Hoadley, Theron 1845 - 1909  
Hoadley,Martha,his wife 1844 - 1926  
Hoadley, Allie,their dau. died in infancy  
Hoadley, Luvern,their son died in infancy  
Hoadley,Daniel W. 1856 - 19---  
Hoadley, Delphine,his wife 1859 - 1937  
Hoadley, Earl,their son died in infancy  
Judd,Mary Feb.5,1897 at 66 yrs dau.of Henry & Sally (Dyer) Judd
Keyes, Ezra d.Sept.3,1857 at 76yrs.  
Keyes,David d.March 27,1857 at 76 yrs  
Keyes, Ruby,his wife d.Feb.6,1851 at 68y,9m,5d  
Keyes, Levi b.Jan.17,1811,d.March 23,1897  
Keyes, Sarah,his wife b.March 25,1812,d.March 10,1884  
Keyes, Asa P.their son died 1843 age 6  
Keyes,Isaac P.their son, d.August 7,1881 age 32  
Keyes, Addie d.March 19,1886 age 9 dau of Isaac and Alice Keyes
Keyes, Israel d.Dec.1(or 4?),1868or 1869 age 60  
Keyes, Cyprian b.1735,d.June 18,1802 American Revolution Veteran
Keyes,Charles Cyprian 1841 - 1923 Co.M 1st NY Cavalry, Civil War
Keyes, Etha L.his wife d.Oct.21,1886 age 37 maiden name Ackert
Keyes, Charlie, their son d.Nov.12,1884 at 15 yrs  
Knowlton,L.W. d.Nov.3,1905 aged 80  
Knowlton,Harriet,his wife d.April 9,1888 at 61y,5m,10days maiden name Brink
Knowlton,Austin C.their son March 26,1865 age 15y,5m,12d died in Civil War
Knowlton, Laura E.their dau. b.1849 - ---------  
Knowlton, Jemima d.Feb.15,1856 age 89 wife of John
Lockhart, George .1839---------  
Lockhart, Anna,his wife 1840- -1903  
Loveland, Clarinda ? d.Feb.9,1843 age 61 wife of Arnold Loveland
Markham,Jane E. died 182-- dau of Wm.(?) and Susan
Markham,Edwin A. d. Oct.11,1853 at 2 yrs son of Calvin and Roxy
Markham, Clarissa Marion d.Nov.16,1846 a7 7mths,21days? Dau.of Calvin and Roxy
Markham, Elizabeth d.May 15,1864 at 72yrs wife of Aaron Markham
Markham, George no dates  
Markham,Betsey no dates  
Markham,Paulina E. no dates  
Mathewson, Amanda d June 7,1842 age 19 wife of James Mathewson
Miller, Mary E. 1847 - 1918 Wife of Charles Miller
Mott, Henry L. died 1861 at 21yrs? son of Marinda and ---- Mott
Nichols, Elihu d.Aug.7,1890 at 78y,2mths
Oakley, Edwin J. born 1841 -----------  
Oakley,Edith Ann,his wife 1855 - 1908  
Oakley,Clarence E.,son 1886 - 1905  
Riley, Lewis d.Dec.12,1892 at 72  
Riley,Esther M.his wife d.July 2,1893 at74  
Riley,Freddie C.their son d.Jan.22,1877 at 18y,2m,17days  
Riley,Wallace(or Malissa?) ----------------- child of Lewis and Esther
Riley,Dewitt M. 1856 - 1929  
Riley,Vernis A,.his wife 1858 - 1911 nee Blatchley
Riley Sane (Sean?) no dates Reported to be buried here,Civil War Veteran
Robbins, Francis 1826 - 1906  
Robbins,Lucy, his wife 1824 - 1901 nee Titus
Robbins, Eddie E.their son d.March 6,1852 at 1yr,9mths  
Rockwell,Ogden d.Dec.24,1895 age 72  
Rockwell,Sarah A.his wife d.Feb.18,1891 age 59  
Rockwell,Isabel d.Dec.12,1880 age 18 wife of Smith Rockwell
Rockwell, Ruland S. d.Sept.13,1889 age 12mths,22days son of Smith Rockwell
Russell, ----------- 1830 ------ daughter of ---- Russell
Sherwood,Zadoc d.June 1,1849 age 62  
Sherwood,Russell H. d.Oct.22,1845 age 24y,1m,11d son of Zadoc
Sherwood, Wilson B. d.Sept.8,1892 at 79  
Sherwood,Julia,his wife May 10,1897 buried here per Windsor Vital Records,no stone
Sherwood,George R. d.March 8, 1841 (?) at 1yr? son of Wilson and Julia
Sherwood, George R. d.Aug.26,1844 at 2yrs,11mths son of Wilson & Julia
Sherwood,Barney W. 1824 - 1900  
Sherwood,Betsey Ann,1st wife 1833 - 1856  
Sherwood, Helen,his 2nd wife 1837 - 1907 nee Brink
Sherwood, Hattie J. no dates daughter of Reuben Sherwood
Smith,Clarinda Nichols 1832 - 1907  
Smith,N. H. no dates  
Smith,Sabra,his wife d,Sept.1,1894 at 62yrs nee Brink
Smith, Charles P. no dates  
Smith, Harvey b.Feb.22,1827,d.Jan.9,1904  
Smith,Ruth M.his wife b.April 19,1825,d.Nov.15,1884 nee Campbell
Smith,Jerry M.their son 1861 - 1921  
Smith,Ella A.,his wife 1858 - 1935 nee Sherwood
Smith, John no dates Rev. War Veteran ,no headstone
Snook,Mary J. d.May 20,1841 at 18y,11m,6days  
Snook,Elizabeth, d.July 15,1846 at 56 wife of Teunis Snook
Snook, T.H. d.July 30, 1853 (?)  
Snook,Charlotte Dyer d.Feb.27,1886/1895 ?age 81y,6m wife of Conrad Snook
Snook,Mary Jane May 5,1858 at 11yrs,6mths "Our Sister"
Snook,Edna A. d. July 7,1898 at 49yrs,10mths  
Stilson, Eli d. Aug.9,1848 at 84yrs,6mths  
Stilson,Abigail,his 1st wife d.Feb.6,1817 at 55yrs,10mths  
Stilson,Lydia, 2nd wife d.May 8,1856 at 79y,4m,11days nee Page,m.Moors 1st.
Stilson, Lyman d.Feb.5,1868 at 75y,9m,27d  
Stilson,Bethiah,his wife d.April 7,1853 at 58y,5m,13d nee Taggart
Stilson,George their son d.1841 at age 20(?)  
Stilson, Horace d.Nov.25,1848 at 51yrs  
Stilson,Desdamona,his wife d. April 30,1865 at 63yrs,2myhs nee Mooers
Stilson, Hezekiah d.Dec.28,1882/1883 age 64yrs,1m,21d  
Sweetman, Willard no dates  
Sweetman,Belle,his wife b.Sept.21,1860,d.Nov.12,1920 nee Knowlton
Taggart, Nathaniel d.Dec.2,1836 at 75yrs  
Terrell(Tyrrell),Elvira d. Feb.? 1857  
Titus, Abner T. d.Jan.4,1855 at 43 yrs  
Titus,Elizabeth A,his 1st wife d.March 4,1843 at 25yrs  
Titus,Ellen M. his 2nd wife Feb.10,1855 at 41y,10m,25days  
Titus, John d.March 27,1862 at 80yrs  
Titus,Lucy, his wife d.April 4,1851 at 62yrs  
Twitchell, Ruth Maud Smith 1855 - 1915 wife of George R.Twitchell
Twitchell,Willis d.March 20,1853 at 49yrs  
Twitchell,Betsey,his wife d. July 13,1887 at 80yrs,3mths nee Woodruff
Twitchell,Jane,their daughter d.Aug.19,1846 ?,age 1yr  
Twitchell, Samuel Riley,their son d.March 5,1863 at 25yrs,10ds Co.Y 89th Regt,Civil War
Unknown Soldier ---------- Spanish American War Veteran,no stone
Vail,Rev. Charles Luther b.Oct.21,1806,d.Dec.23,1887  
Vail, Phoebe,his wife 1819 - 1908 nee Collins
Vail, Cecily (?) no dates wife of ------Vail
Vail, Peter d.Aug.29,1869 at 91y,8m,3d  
Vail, Sarah, his wife d. Aug.8, 1847 at 69yrs  
Vail, Sally M.,their daughter d.Feb.21,1858 at 40yrs,7m,20d  
Weed,Hiram N. d. 1873 at 53?  
Weed, Vergenna,wife of Egbert d.Nov.9,1874 at 24y?,10m,22d nee Riley
Weed, Orrin d. May 26,1899 age 82yrs  
Weed, Mary Wilber,his wife d.June 5, 1890 at 69yrs  
Williams, Lucy,wife of Solomon d. March 13,1845 at 84yrs  
Woodcock,John d.Aug.30,1866 at 53yrs  

This information on the cemetery was compiled by Town Historian Helen Osborne and Village Historian Charles English.

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