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Towns and Cities of Broome Co. NY

Barker - 257 Binghamton Chenango - 2305    
Colesville - 644     Conklin - 483 Lisle - 376
Maine - 406 Nanticoke - 160     Port Crane
Sanford - 374 Triangle - 498 Union - 498
Vestal - 370 Windsor - 530          
The above is a table of the various townships of Broome county and the number of families listed on the 1855 census.4
(If there is no number, it means that the township did not exist in 1855).

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          Broome County was formed from Tioga County in 1806. Some of the orginal county was annexed back to Tioga in 1822 and the current size of the county is 706 square miles.

The county seat is located in Binghamton. Binghamton was formerly known as Chenango Point and was a "half-shire" of Tioga County previous to the erection of Broome County.1 Before that, it was part of Montgomery county.

Broome county has always been more populated that it's source county - Tioga. The current Broome county area had more population than the current Tioga Co. did in the 1800 census. In fact, French reports that there were 45 people in Chenango Town of Montgomery Co in 1790, while the current Tioga county had no residents.2

Early settlers were not only in Chenango Town, however. Some of the individuals that French lists as early settlers of Binghamton actually were censused in Chemung Town of Montgomery County in the 1790 census. For example, Joseph Leonard, one of the earliest settlers, was in Broome Co as early as 1788, but is found halfway down in the 1st column of page 106 of the Montgomery census. He is clearly in Chemung Town, along with other early settlers William Rose, John Butler, James Moore and John Sawtell.3

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