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Rogues Gallery Write-up for
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Various articles have appeared describing the rogues of the area:

From the "The Phoenix" abstracted to the Woodward Collection FHC# 1035592 - Item #9:
Mr. Whittlesey, paymaster; absconded with $30,000 of the militia payroll. He said he had been robbed but was overheard talking about the money with his wife. Eventually, the authorities found it quilted into his wife's undergarments. She was to have worn the clothing during a planned trip to CT the next day. After the discovery, she committed suicide by drowning herself. The original article appeared July 29, 1815.

        Note: No Whittlesey appears on the 1810 census of Broome County.

The same abstract talks about John Cory, who escaped from the local jail. The notice of this appeared in the Nov 21, 1815 issue of the Phoenix.

Also in the same abstract is information on John I. Manning of Lisle, an innkeeper who was arrested on suspicion of forgery, had escaped from jail. The notice appeared in the Jan 30, 1816 issue of the Phoenix.

And some rogues weren't content to stay in Broome County:

From the "Cuba True Patriot":
A man named Utter, from Broom[e] county, this state, came into town a short time since and went to work for A.V. Cole, Esq., near this village. -- While there, he made the acquaintance of Miss Banfield, who is said to be a most worthy young lady and after a brief -- too brief-- courtship, married her. Two days after the ceremony had been performed it came out that he had a wife and child in Chenango, and was accordingly arrested, taken before Justice Bement, where sufficient evidence was adduced to warrant the Justice in committing him for trial. He was taken to Angelica on Saturday last for lodgement in jail. That he may get his desserts is the ardent wish of all. [Cuba True Patriot, Vol IV, No 39, Mar. 30, 1866]

Sent up: At the late Court of Oyer and Terminer, young Utter, who was arrested for bigamy in this village last spring was sentenced to take uphis residence in Auburn for a few years, and labor for the State. One Tuesday last Sheriff Wright, started with him for prison. [Cuba True Patriot, Vol IV, No 52, Fri. June 29, 1866]

        Note:Additional notes from Susan Austin:
            Here is what I know: 'A. V. COLE' is Americus V. COLE, my ancestor. He was married to Anna Maria BANFIELD on March 18, 1856. Since the date on the article is 1866, I would have to assume that the 'Miss BANFIELD' would be an unmarried sister of Anna'a (of which there was only one at that time), Sarah Elizabeth BANFIELD (perhaps not living at the home of her father and step-mother because they had five children under 7 years old at the time). Sarah would have been 20 years old at the time of the incident. She later married Jehial Curtaindale in 1872 and then Henry J. Richardson in 1885.

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