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Ostrander Cemetery
Windsor, NY

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Located N.E. of Damascus on Ostrander Road in Windsor, New York.

Haynes, Allison 1817 - 1896  
Haynes, Anice 1827 - 1909 wife of Allison maiden name, Moore
Morrison, Lewis L. died 1862 son of J.H. and Mary E.Morrison
Morrison, Willie d. Sept.12, 1875 @ 3mths,26 days son of G.M. and Augusta C. Morrison
Ostrander, Bernie died 1880 son of George and Mary
Ostrander, Jacob d. May 4, 1849 @ 39y,5m,6days  
Ostrander, John R. d. Feb.28,1845 @ 2yrs, 8 mths son of Jacob and Betsey
Ostrander, Mary E. died May 15,1837 @ 16 days dau of John and Eliza
Ostrander, Mary d.June 22,1875 @ 48y,4m,8d) wife of George Ostrander  
Ostrander, Willie d.June 28,1868 @ 4y,2m,5d son of George W. and Mary
Page, Ellen R. no dates dau of George (?) and Marcy Page
Pike,Joseph d.Feb.12,1886 @ 76y,4m,14d  
Pike, Lucy d.Nov.18, 1879 @ 69yrs. wife of Joseph maiden name,Phillips
Seward, Milton R. d.May 9, 1888 @ 3y,3m,10d son of E.B. and H.E.Seward
Simpkins, Alanson died April 18, 1872 @ 71 yrs  
Simpkins, Betsey d.Aug.30, 1896 @ 89y,10m,1day wife of Alanson maiden name Thompson
Simpkins, Infant no dates son of L.I. and Z.H.
Simpkins, J.N. 1837 - 1896  
Smith, Edwin W. 1829 - 1900 @ 71 yrs.  
Smith, Mary J. 1830 - 1905 wife of Edwin W.Smith
Warner, Louisa d.April 10,1856 @ 65y,7m,5d  

This information on the cemetery was compiled and submitted by Town Historian Helen Osborne and Village Historian Charles English.

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