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Melded Families

Disconnected family members are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to genealogy research. This can happen for several reasons, including divorce, remarriage or adoption. Sometimes family members don't even know about the other people. Other times, they know some of the facts, but the records are misleading, unavailable or incomplete.

This section of the site lists undocumented stories related to families in the Broome County area. WORK IN PROGRESS

If you know of such a situation, please e-mail me with specifics and I will add it to this section.

Saddlemire - Gibbs   --     Clyde F. Saddlemire fathered a female child with a woman believed to be named Nina Gibbs in about 1926. The child was likely born in Endicott, New York. He did not deny responsibility for the child, and supported the mother through the time of birth. I understand that the child was given up by Ms. Gibbs while she was still in the hospital. The story is that a nurse offered to take the child. It is not known if any formal adoption procedures were followed. A friend in Endicott who tried to research this was told that "out of wedlock" records are not available to be seen. I would like to know if anyone has information regarding this event.

[email protected]   Gerard E. Saddlemire       Feb 22, 2001

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