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Disconnected family members are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to genealogy research. This can happen for several reasons, including divorce, remarriage or adoption. Sometimes family members don't even know about the other people. Other times, they know some of the facts, but the records are misleading or incomplete.

This section of the site lists parents who had children who were adopted out through the Springer Hospital private adoptions. This is to aid researchers find parents who had children not in family genealogies. WORK IN PROGRESS

If you, or someone you know, had a child at Springer Hospital during the first half of the 1900's, please consider sending us an e-mail about the situation. For the sake of future generations, that they able to correctly chart medical histories, and just to help shed light on personal mysteries, please do so. Time is our biggest enemy in this search as the years drift by. Memories fade. People pass away.

If you wish to not make contact with other end of this situation, that is perfectly understandable. Sometimes, all the adoptees are looking for is a way to chart the next generation before you and the one before that..... If that is your wish, we could treat the information delicately.

Michele Smith   is co ordinating this project. If you know of such a situation, please e-mail her with specifics.

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